Christmas Card Bloopers

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Dave trying to show the boys what I was after.

Kate is not loving this.

C'mon Dad...a little help here, PLEASE!


Oh, forget it! I am outta here!

I took pictures for our Christmas cards in October because I am like that. I like to send my cards out the first week in December before the big Christmas card rush. That way people really have time to sit and look at it before 10,000 cards arrive. Here are a few of the bloopers. I have some that are even funnier but they are in Kentucky with my sick comptuer. You know what else is in that computer? My Chirstmas card address list! So, even though my cards are sitting here waiting to be labeled....I have no addresses. When is my computer expected back? 4 weeks! I know in the big scheme of life, this is trivial but it still burns me up. I have waited 3 years to share Kate on our family Christmas card and now they may be going out for New Year's instead. Oh well, enjoy the bloopers.

Also , I do not have ANY of my e-mail addresses and there are so many people I want to e-mail (Leslie, Sheri, Lori A, Lisa, Diana, Heather and more). Please e-mail me so that I have your address in my hubby's computer. I feel very disconnected. I need to thank a lot of people for sweet cards and I cannot contact y'all.


  1. Kim,
    I can totally understand and relate to you! I too got our Christmas card picture taken in October and I have them all ready to go! Funny! So Sorry to hear about your computer and all of your addresses....Yikes!! At least you will be able to share sweet Kate this Christmas...better later than not at all!

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh...I love it...Kate cracks me up!! Sorry about the addys : (

  3. I sat and addressed mine last night. I was really lazy and used our family beach picture...I was too lazy to try and get another one! On that note, please e mail me your address. I have the street and #, but want to have the right zip.

    See you Tuesday~

  4. Those are funny....I'm getting ready to try and get my Things to cooperate for their Christmas card picture as well. ;) A Teenager, a Spicy Girl and a High Maintenance Boy....hmmmmmm...should be fun! lol

  5. I love it!! Too funny. I always get so flustered when they don't do what I want when I'm taking pictures. I haven't even taken ours yet. I'm trying to wait until the house at least looks finished. Mine might be new years cards too!

  6. Kim,

    Call the repair place and ask them to extract that one file for you. They should be able to pull it off your computer and e-mail it to you.

    Adorable photos as always.

  7. How precious. I'm sorry about your addresses. Even if the cards are late they will be treasured I am certain.

  8. These pictures are the cutest! I have all of my Christmas card envelopes addressed with stamps -- now I just need the actual cards back from my photographer! I like to mail mine out fairly early too.

  9. Adorable! We will have a good 20 bloopers before we find the one that works. I'm just happy if they all look in the same direction and are not crying!

  10. Kim,

    I know how much the whole computer thing is bothering you and I am sorry the timing is so horrible.

    I love these photos. Especially the one with Dave's hand on Will's head.

    I will try to call tomorrow when I am on my way to work. Thanks again for the talk last night.



  11. Even the bloopers are SOOOOO cute! That first one cracked me up!
    I'm sorry your cards won't make it out as soon as you had planned, but they will be treasured by their recipients when they do! Just precious.

  12. The pictures are so funny, I LOVE the last one...that was probably exactly what she was thinking! LOL
    The boys look like they were doing a great job and being good sports~
    bless their hearts.
    I'm sorry that happened with your addresses, maybe somehow you can get them sooner.
    I was looking through past pictures of Kate, I can't believe how much she has grown and changed!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  14. The card with your kids' picture will be one worth waiting for!!!

  15. People will wait oodles of time to see those beautiful children arrive in their mailbox! But, I do totally understand.

    The bloopers are adorable and even with the bloopers, you still have some miraculously compliant children on your hands - they look cute no matter what they do!

    Sorry about your computer, maybe you will get surprised and it will be finished early - here's hoping!

    In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family:)


  16. CUTE!!...I have to get on the ball and get pictures taken for our Christmas cards...what am I thinking...I hope you will post the picture you chose for your cards, I know it is adorable....can't wait to see.

  17. Precious pictures! Sorry to hear about your computer and not having your address to mail your christmas cards!
    I'll be looking forward to picutres of your 3 peanuts on christmas day!

  18. Love the blooper pictures! Thanks for sharing them. What a bummer that the computer is going to be 4 weeks. No matter when people get their Christmas card from you, they will be so happy to receive it. Have a great week!

  19. I just did a very similar post on my blog - we tried for our pictures over the weekend and it was HARD to say the least!! I hope you will post the one you picked...after Christmas maybe??

  20. Oh Kim...I have a stack of bloopers from this weekend and at least 100 more gray hairs from my picture taking attempts. I haven't even bothered to spend money on a professional photographer because Lindy won't cooperate for anyone I don't think. Lindy has the most beautiful smile but when it comes to photo time she does the cheesiest smile EVER or is sullen. She WON'T be still. Her hair is a mess and the bow is everywhere. She's started a new thing with lifting her dress...

    I am a freak about mailing my cards out early but I don't think I'll make my usual self-imposed deadline this year. Oh well...

    I am so very sorry for your computer woes. I have EVERYTHING on our pc,too. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to it. I hope this very important member of your family gets well soon.

    I'll email all my info today. Just know your friends and family will be THRILLED to get your cards anytime they come in the mail.


  21. Precious! So sorry about your computer. So not fun.

  22. Gosh, if they weren't all so darn cute you might actually have some bloopers, but they are all still adorable!
    cmg's mom

  23. Kim,

    At beach without access to regular e-mail so I don't have order conformation from orchid co. or your e-mail address for that matter - good thing you have this blog! I am 90% sure the company is ---- phone number---1-888-4orchid - I checked on the website and could not remember exactly what arrangement I ordered but I believe it might have been 810143 - I remember it was white and somewhere around that price - hope that they will send a new orchid - I am usually good with gifts - this birthday has been tough - at least kate loved her new bff - seeing them together warmed my heart - I will call when I get home early next week - have a wonderful thanksgiving with you family!!! Staci

  24. Kim,
    You could have gotten away with sending out that first picture, with Dave's hand on Will's head! It's hilarious! Your kids look adorable as always.


  25. Adorable pictures. Sometimes the bloopers are the best!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the "5" of you!!

  26. I still love the BLOOPERS!!!! They are adorable!! You have beautiful children!!
    Hope your computer is fixed soon!

    Debbie Wankel

  27. Your Christmas blog looks FANTASTIC!! Love it. And the bloopers are darling. I do the same thing you do, I like to get my pictures done and my cards out early.

  28. Thank you for your comment about my blog, and thanks for Danielle, she is great!
    Love your bloopers and sorry about your computer:( seams like at this time of the year thinks can get like that, in my case, my photographer went to Mexico with our Christmas photos, so I have not order the cards yet!
    Have you ever order the custom stamps with your own pictures? I've been using them for the last 2 years and I think that its a nice touch;)

  29. hysterical!
    my girls know the infamous "we need to get the christmas card" picture stress too!

  30. Beautiful!!!!

    Love the flub up ones-- they are great. YOu got me thinking I have to do my pics soon. Im alwasy one of the last cards to show before Christmas-- but thats just me :)

    Beautiful pics!!

    Christy :)


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