The Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry I have not posted these earlier. CLOSE your EYES for this next part Honey --that's you Dave---

but I have been spending all my free time shopping for Christmas presents on-line and spending exorbitant shipping fees to get them here on time. I have also been frantically trying to wrap gifts and get the Christmas cards out. I ordered more of those too and had to have them rush shipped. Where the heck did December go? I am going to be so much more organized next year. Hey, stop laughing. Seriously, I am.

Okay, now onto the parties. Let me set the scene for you....

This was what it looked like right outside our front door on Friday morning.
I stayed calm. But then, I looked out the window at about 3:00 in the afternoon and this is what the sidewalk in front of our house looked like....


I am totally serious. AND they did not fill it in before they quit for the night. Nor did they cover it. The workers just put some orange netting around it. Still, I kept my composure. Dave and I figured that our friends who really liked us would somehow get here.

Dave mowed a path through some neighbors yards and lit it with lantern candles (that did not stay lit). At party time, Will was outside with flashlights guiding our friends from adjacent roads to our house.

I put this sign outside our front door hoping people might leave their muddy, gravelly shoes outside...but no one did.

Me and my honey

Dave and I before our guests arrived.


With the kids just before the partygoers arrived. Will was outside guiding people to our house.

Harry greeted guests and was our coat check man. He took coats and purses and wrote last names on a post-it. Then, he put them all over our bedroom with the post its. I went upstairs at one point to find a mink or two on my bedroom floor (which had just been cleaned;)









I did not get that many photos of the party. These are from just as the party was beginning. Once people started arriving I did not have a second. And the ones I got are not very good quality (low lighting). There were A LOT of people. There were some people there that my husband never even saw.

It looked and sounded as though people had a great time. There was a lot of laughter and people complimented us repeatedly on the food, company and our home. My favorite parts were looking around and seeing all of our friends enjoying themselves and hearing so many kind things being said about Will and Harry. They really were super helpful and polite. This is the first party of ours where we have let them be involved. Our guests commented over and over again how respectful, cute and polite they were. Kate had a little cold and was upstairs asleep for most of the party:)

The next day was Harry's birthday party. More on that tomorrow.


  1. So glad the party was a smashing success! Loved the candles on the stairs and the small wreaths on your kitchen cabinets.

    But what I really loved reading about was Will and Harry. Doesn't it make you just swell with pride when you hear such nice things about your boys and what gentlemen they are? Whenever we hear that about Sumter and Jackson, it confirms that we are doing something right! LOL

    We just finished the Tour of Homes, so I know how you feel about being relieved that it's all over. I posted pictures too!

  2. Okay, the OUTside of your house might have looked, um, not great... but YOU look beautiful!! And the inside of your house... gorgeous!
    Way to pull it all together!!
    Looks like a wonderful time was had by all :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos.. looks like an amazing party..
    have a great week..
    Don't feel bad..I have not started shopping..

  4. it looks amazing!! You look darling in your dress, and your house looks georgous decked out in all of its holiday glow:) I am certain everyone enjoyed themselves and won't remember the construction site outside!!

    Good luck on finishing up your shopping and wrapping. Seriously where did the month go?? Actually where did 09'go??

  5. Wow Kim! I am impressed by your ability to stay calm! I would have been fah-reaking out (and it would have accomplished absolutely nothing, of course). I love that you had the boys involved! They are so handsome.
    I can't believe people didn't take their shoes off. Thank goodness you have hardwood floors, but I hope they were not damaged from the gravel.
    Good luck getting everything else finished. The month really did fly!

  6. Wow Kim! I am impressed by your ability to stay calm! I would have been fah-reaking out (and it would have accomplished absolutely nothing, of course). I love that you had the boys involved! They are so handsome.
    I can't believe people didn't take their shoes off. Thank goodness you have hardwood floors, but I hope they were not damaged from the gravel.
    Good luck getting everything else finished. The month really did fly!

  7. Despite the mess outside it looks like everyone on the inside had lots of fun!!


    I too am wondering where December went!!!

  8. Next year, I want an invite. :)

    Looks like an AMAZING party and everyone looks beautiful. Yay. Parties!

  9. Everything looks amazing! Especially you! I'm so glad it was so lovely even against all odds ,,or no road.. heehee

  10. Looks like it was a great party even with the front walk a mess! Your house looks lovely -- that was quite a crowd! The boys are just adorable and so is Miss Kate!

    Good luck with your shopping and wrapping!


  11. I looks like a great time was had by all. I'm sorry the street was a mess.

  12. kim!! your home, your family, everything looks stunning! congrats on a party well-done. and i'm totally coming to your for decorating advice when we are at that point! =)

  13. Looks like you had a fabulous xmas party. Your dress was absolutely stunning. And you should be very proud of your sons for being so grown up!

  14. Looks like a great party! Not sure if I would have remained as calm as you! Hope your floors weren't caked with mud! This month and this whole year totally flew by! You and your family looked gorgeous - that dress and color really suits you! Happy Holidays, Wendy

  15. Wow! Everything looks beautiful, and the food looked fantastic! I love that you even put wreaths on the cabinet doors. I'm glad it all worked out ( with a little help from those awesome boys of yours) It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.


  16. Your party looked like it went really well, Kim! And you looked so cute - I love the dress!

    Glad to hear the peanuts were good - they seem like such sweeties.

  17. So glad to hear your party was a hit. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  18. Everything looks great! I love your dress!

  19. oh, Kim, everything looks AMAZING! John and I a having a little party tomorrow, and now I have some great decorating ideas! And I LOVE, LOVE your dress! It is fabulous :)
    I am SO impressed that you remained composed despite the mess in front of your house....but I guess no use getting worked up over something you have no control over.

  20. Gorgeous Kim! I bet it was a great time for all! I cannot believe that your road was all tore up! It never fails!

  21. What a gorgeous party and hostess! You look beautiful and your dress choice was excellent!

    What a perfect year for the boys to be involved. Will sounds like he was just what you needed to cover the outside and Harry had a great job with the coat check. Love the post it idea.

    I'm so glad it turned out to be a great evening - I knew it would! Now I'm off to Target!

  22. Love the wreaths hung with the wide, white ribbon on your cabinets. Everything looked beautiful and your dress....gorgeous!

  23. Beautiful Kim- the party looked spectacular!! Everything looks right out of a magazine, including all of you. You look amazing in that dress- it makes me want to buy it! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  24. Your house looks so cozy and beautiful!

    And I almost bought that necklace on Tuesday! Looking at your neck I should have!

  25. You look stunning in the pics (of course) and your home looks LOVELY. I am so happy to hear the boys got to help out. It's good experience. My parents used to have me help when they had company over and it taught me a lot about being gracious and hospitable! I love love the PINK dress! So pretty!

  26. Looks like a great party despite the mess outside. Clearly a little construction is not enough to keep your friends away!

  27. i would have totally freaked about the outside mess too! But you looked gorgeous and that dress is stunning on you!! looks like a wonderful party!

  28. Did I just tune into the Golden Globes?? WOW, that STUNNING on you! Seriously.

    And I think you were very polite about asking people to take off their shoes, if it were me, it would have been a demand! :)

    Looks like you all had a great time, other than poor Kate, but at least she got some rest!

    Jill xx

  29. Ok I would have honestly been looking for the CANDID CAMERA CREW standing behind the WORK CREW outside! I mean it was kinda comical!! You did great through it all though!!! That dress was just absolutely gorgeous on you!! The party was a success!!

    I don't know what I laughed harder at...The mink on the floor, or the fact someone found it THAT cold enough to wear one in HOUSTON! *Dont tell your friends I said that okay* LOL!!*placing my bet that they HOPEFULLY don't read this blog, for they will find out the MINK was on the floor in the first place* LOL!!!!

  30. Kim, you looked absolutely beautiful that night. I know you were so disappointed about the street and sidewalk, but it doesn't appear that it hampered anyone from coming and enjoying themselves.

    Congrats on a successful party! I know you are so happy to have hosted, but I also know you are relieved it is over. :)

    Tis the Season!

  31. What a party!! You look fab in that dress, it's so you :)

  32. As you look back at all of your accomplishments in 2009, maintaining your composure when the front of your house was torn apart right before such a big party should be one of them! :)

    You look beautiful, as does your home and family. I love that Harry and Will were able to be such a big help to you. I bet they had a ton of fun doing it, too. Congrats on a successful party! And if you do find a good "over the counter" remedy for scratched dark hardwood floors, please post it!!

  33. Oh my gosh...everything (including you and your family) looks amazing. I'm glad your party was a hit- minus the mud! You inspire me with your gorgeous decorating and entertaining tips.

  34. Kim - I adore your dress...and want it!! ;). You look gorgeous and your home so beautiful and festive. So glad the party was a success despite the mess outside!

  35. You looked BEAUTIFUL as always!!! The kids looked GREAT as always!! Sorry the street was a mess but everything inside looked good and it looks like a great time was had by all. Sorry to hear about the floors, I would have removed my shoes in a heart beat out of courtsey to my host and hostess. Glad all went well and now you can move on to other things Christmas related like shopping and wrapping!! Merry Christmas!!!


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