Kate sings in Hebrew!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Last year Kate Emerson attended a Jewish pre-school in our area. In fact, although we are Christian, all 3 of the peanuts have attended this pre-school at some point. It is a warm and wonderful place and my children learned a lot about the Old Testament there. They also all learned the Ha-Motzi. Ha-motzi is a Hebrew blessing over bread. This year Kate is at a Catholic Montessori school and I know she will soon forget her Hebrew blessing so I wanted to get it on video before that happens....I am sad that I do not have this from Will and Harry too.

( I am sorry about the construction vehicle in the background noise. They are repaving our streets and Kate would not give me an encore performance).

This video reminds me of funny story. Several years ago when Will was Kate's age we had one of our favorite parish priests over for dinner. He asked Will to say grace and although Will knew how to say a Christian grace, he said the ha-motzi instead. Luckily, the priest was quite impressed and we all had a good laugh:)

To my Jewish friends, I hope you had a peaceful Yom Kippur.


(These are the Hebrew words that Kate is singing)


  1. Kim and Kate!!!

    Great JOB!
    I think ALL 3 of your children are so very talented!
    I love the fact that she is knowledgable of the OLD testament as well as the NEW one too!
    And too we all have to live under the whole Bible as well!

    Awesome awesome awesome talents at such a little heart's age!
    Just to think you will have this forever for her to view!
    Loved the sotry as well about your son
    Will saying grace in Hebrew.
    Priceless precious!
    See your children will one day see that you "so did" indeed more for them than just take care of them!
    What a blessed mother and father they have been given!

    PS! love Kate's orange bow too!
    She looks so cute!


  2. Oh my, this is so cute. Her hair is really growing. I love the orange bow!

  3. That is the most precious thing ever!
    What a sweet little voice. And I think it's wonderful that she's learning these things.

    Gin =)

  4. So sweet! Hope you all have a great week!


  5. Good job Kate! So cute! Lily sings the Hamotzi every day at preschool, but she's not quite as good at it yet.

    This summer when she first started camp, she sang "Hamotzi lechem me'en ha'aretz, we give thanks to G-d for something" That still gives me a laugh!

    Have a good week Kim!

  6. Love this! I love her little voice and her excitement at the end, to see herself!

  7. Too cute! Thanks for sharing! Kate's hair is really growing out fast - the short hair is really cute.

  8. What a little blessing Miss Kate is! That voice...ahhh, like an angel! So sweet, Kim!

  9. CUTE :) I love when she says "let's see it"!

  10. Oh so cute! I loved hearing Kate's voice- it is as cute and sweet as she is!

  11. Yay, way to go Kate. She is adorable. I also wanted to put my 3rd in a Jewish preschool and still might next year because they have the best program around. Would love to ask you some questions.

  12. I love to hear Kate talk and sing. She has a little cute voice similar to Mia. Way cute!!!!

    Christy :)

  13. so so cute!

    love the fall colors :-)

  14. beautiful song, she looks adorable!

  15. Well that was just the cutest thing ever, and so thoughtful. :)

  16. How precious! She did an amazing job, what a lucky mama! :)

  17. Precious! The boys I nannied for while I was in graduate school went to the Jewish Community Center for pre-school and because one of the boys had autism (he was non-verbal) I stayed with him on the days his therapists weren't with him. We sang that same grace before lunch each day! Thanks Kate for bringing back some memories and sharing your precious voice:)

    Blessings, Ashley

  18. Kate you are just too precious for words!! Great job!!

  19. Very cute! What a sweet little voice she has.

  20. Just darling.....so sorry I haven't been by and commented....so much to do with my family and photography.

    Glad you are doing so well.

  21. Her voice is adorable....I don't think I have ever heard her talk before. What a cutie!

    The story about the priest at dinner is so funny:)


  22. PS The last paragraph was hilarious!

  23. Ohhhhh she is SO adorable!!!! And I love her hair with the bow... such a beauty! xoxo

  24. How sweet! Hope you are doing well! :) My mom did another post so please check back when you get a minute. She asked "has 3peanuts comments yet?!"

  25. AW...... this is just TOOO cute - made my night! This really brings back memories. Lizzy has been in a Jewish school since she was 10 months old and she graduates this year. :(
    it goes by too fast.

    btw - Stephanie Wise is my sister's niece- I had no idea she redid blogs - I've been looking to have mine redone, yours is precious! I'm going to contact her to look at mine for ideas.

  26. oops! there must be two Stephanie Wise's in this world! haha. gee - I was so excited! oh well.


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