Kate's catch-up

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I never really posted about how Kate spent her 3rd birthday.  I have a lot of catching up to do...so this is going to be a VERY long post.  Sorry.  This is her scrapbook for now:)

So back to Miss Kate's birthday....before the boys were allergic to doughnuts, we used to let them have one in bed on their birthday...so since Miss Kate is not allergic, she started the day with a doughnut.  I think we had a pretty normal summer day (no camps for anyone).  I always let the children choose their b-day dinner and Kate chose pizza.  That was tough...we tired to encourage something else that the boys could eat but she was steadfast in her choice, so I cooked something else for them. After pizza, we had a b-day cupcake....



Then it was time for presents....

Aunt Staci and the gang sent a GREAT Disney Princess dress-up chest. Kate LOVES it!

Miss Di sent some fabulous books (Pinkalicious and The first Dog) along with some bracelets and CINDERELLA! Let me just tell you that Miss Kate is princess obsessed but Cinderella is by far her favorite and her DVD was scratched from watching it so much.  Thank you Miss Di for a new one!!!

A little kiss for brother, Harry!

Then, Cinderella danced with her Daddy!  In the movie, Kate thinks that Prince charming is Cinderella's Daddy.  In real life, she says her Daddy is the king! They are incredibly sweet together. (In case, you are wondering....Mommy is a princess along with Kate and Will is a prince and Harry is a knight according to Kate's little Disney fantasy world:)



After Cinderella, the Little Mermaid is Kate's other obsession.  So, even though I generally loathe these licensed clothes...I saw this bathing suit at Costco and knew Kate would love it...and as you can see she does! 

This is Kate's gift from me...a cupcake charm....

My plan is to buy her a charm every year (and write about its significance in a little journal) and then when she is old enough (maybe 8) buy her the bracelet and have them all put on it. I am even going back to get charms for her 1st and 2nd b-day. This year (and last) she was in love with cupcakes!

In other Kate news....

Kate disassembled her crib (with Daddy's help) and now sleeps in her big girl bed.
She can ride a bike....

And she catches butterflies!

She adopted her first pet!  Kate found this little waterbug in her pool and decided he would be a good pet.  That is, until Harry accidentally ran over him with his bike tire:(
Luckily, Kate rebounded form the loss quickly!

I almost forgot..she named her little bug "Happy Face"  So cute!

Yesterday, I took her to a little pool and we had a blast...


Whew~all caught up with Kate. Tomorrow, I need to catch up on Will (it was his b-day too). It will be much shorter though.


  1. OK - I LOVE the photo in the pink tutu sitting on your couch!! And, the recap of Miss Kate. I think your photos look fabulous!!!! I miss that little princess!


  2. It looks like Kate had a wonderful birthday. I love her bathing suit, Bella Ruth has the same one in the bikini style. She also has the same green dress that Kate is wearing on her bike. (BR just came up and said whose bathing suit is that, too funny!) I need to get your cupcake recipe. Two of my kiddos have glueten, dairy, and egg allergies.
    So glad to catch up with ya'll!!!

  3. kim - she is just beautiful - I can't believe how quickly she is growing up

  4. Hi Kim, Kate is looking so very three...so very grown up...it's heartbreaking in one way...our babies are disappearing! But thrilled that they can do so much. Love the picture on the bike!!

    When mine does something new, for the first few times, she runs to her big sister and yells, "I did it! I did it" (whatever *it* might be) LOL

    They are growing up!
    Snick :)

  5. What a terrific birthday post! I love your fantastic idea with the charms! Very sentimental and meaningful.

    Nice bokeh on the pictures, by the way!

  6. It looks like Kate had a great birthday! I love the charm idea!

    Kamree has the Pinkalicious book too! We read it almost daily!

  7. Yea, Katie Ru, we love you! Pinkalicious is HUGE in our home. Along with Purplelicious and now Goldilicious...Emily holds library time and reads it to the younger set...very cute!

    Both of our girls have charm bracelets. I have gotten them a charm every birthday and Christmas since Emily was four. They love them and quite honestly, I love them too! Kate will be so grateful for such a beautiful keepsake.

    Thanks for sharing her special day. They have lost the baby look, haven't they? Boo hiss!!

    Have a great rest of the week.


  8. Wow, imagine Kate is 3 already! Where does the time go? Love reading about all her important milestones - riding a bike, big girl bed......and the charm idea is such a great thing to do, so meaningful.

  9. What a great birthday celebration! Thanks for sharing - adorable photos!


  10. I was so happy to see the updates finally! Since we don't seem to get a chance to chat much anymore, I miss knowing what everyone is up to. My Dad just left and we are still playing ball, but I will try to call you this week. Hugs~

  11. Great job catching us all up on Kate. She is sure growing up so fast! Boo Hoo! Glad to see you posting again about those peanuts, I missed them!

  12. what a sweet post:)
    Our Cinderalla DVD is scratched as well. Caitlyn LOVES it too.
    Caitlyn is also very obsessed with catching butterflies and bugs. She is always sneaking out on the porch to find them.

  13. How precious! Kim, I just love the ideas you come up with for lasting legacies with your kids; you give me such inspiration for my babies! She has advanced so well over the last couple of months; we are so proud of her (and the boys!).

    Miss you all bunches and hope we can see you soon!

    Michelle Pineda

  14. LOVE THE CHARMS! What a fantastic idea! This birthday post is too funny, especially the "new pet entry"! That "waterbug" is considered a JUNE BUG in our neck of the woods! They only come out in June and they make me practically break my neck when they do! They blindly fly into you and cling to you!! OMG it gives me the eeby jeebies just thinking about it!! LOL!!! Katie Ru is a brave girl, My Bree would have had the poor bug meet a worser fate than "Harry's bike tire" she would have grab the nearest shoe and pounded the poor bug into oblivion! A girl after my own heart for sure!!!

  15. Perfect Birthday for a perfect little girl..
    love the photos..
    Looks likeshe had sooo much fun swimming..

  16. Great updates on the kids! They BOTH are looking so grown up. Love the dress-up clothes and the dance with daddy. Our girly girls are a lot alike! You enjoy them so much and it shows!

  17. LOVE, LOVE these pictures!! All of them are so great. I love the water bug and his name. What a sweet girl.

    And I'm stealing the charm idea... I'll have to go buy three now and start on her 4th b-day though. But what a super cute idea.

    And that pic of the dress up kit reminds me of Queen Cleopatra... so cute.

  18. A birthday fit for a princess!!! I am so glad her special day was filled with princess goodies, tiaras, dances with daddy, cupcakes, and all things pink. What a little treasure. I miss Paige being that little. I'll live vicariously through you :) Happy Belated Bday to Miss Princess Dimples :)

  19. Kim,

    Could you just move to Chicago so we could be real-life friends?

    I too loathe licensed clothing but my duo also have the Little Mermaid bathing suits from Costco.

    I also do a silver charm for them but I do it for each place we travel. Their first charms were from China and their second charms were US Passports. We love to travel and they are old enough now that they know they get to pick out a charm. I have a "travel bracelet" from my childhood and it's a fun memory.


  20. Happy Birthday beautiful Kate. Looks like you had a fun and special day! I am impressed that she can ride a bike and is the proud owner of a big girl bed. Beautiful pics!

    Gin =)

  21. Love all the pictures : ) Kate is so adorable!!! Look at her grow...riding a bike,catching butterflies and sleeping in her big girl bed!!! Wow!!!! What a big girl you are Miss Kate!!!
    Kim I love that you are buying her charms, I buy them for my girls. I have a charm bracelet and the charms are from my childhood. I love looking at the charms and remembering when I got them and who from. : ) Kate will love her charm bracelet.

  22. What a sweet girl she is...I LOVE the charm idea and just might steal it for Lucy.

    Sorry I am just now commenting...I wish there was a way to still "follow" once you go private...I will get better I promise!!

  23. It is so much fun to watch Kate grow! She is such a beautiful, imaginative, adventurous young girl!! Your photos will be treasured for years to come!
    I hope you are continuing to enjoy your summer.

  24. Oh Kim, I just had to tell you....After I hit send on my last comment, I said to Meg, "Do you want to see some pictures of Kate?" She was so excited as she has always enjoyed pictures of Kate (I don't know when exactly she started it but she calls her Katie Ru) but when I started showing her, she kept insisting, "That is not Katie Ru, it's Meaghan!" I insisted, "No, these are Kate." She began to cry and point and say, "No, this is Meaghan!!" I guess I am not the only one who sees all of the similarities:)

  25. Awwwhh! ...I've missed your posts! It's so fun to see these new photos and updates of Miss Kate...she truly is a Princess! I love the story of her Daddy being the King...how sweet is that!?! And your charm idea is a perfect gift! Love it all!! :)

    God bless! <><

  26. What a beautiful post! My baby girl is tuning 2 and I can see how much of a difference there is between 2 and 3. The charm idea is a great idea - I might just have to steal it from you!

    And to take apart the crib together, it's like a rite of passage!

  27. I love your charm bracelet idea! I am about 5 years late, but I think I might try to catch up!

  28. I love the wrapping paper. You always take such great pictures.


  29. So glad I'm still able to read your blog! Love your charm bracelet idea. And Kate's princess shirt is so adorable. I'd love to know where to find one.

  30. So glad you are back! I love the charm idea! I might have to do that for Landree. Cupcakes could be her 1st, 2nd and 3rd charm too! :)

    Jen :)

  31. I love the idea of the charm bracelet, so cute. I am with you on the license clothng. I love her black and white polka dot suit!

  32. Kate's charm bracelet is a wonderful idea! My girls received baby rings when they were born. I would like to add their monograms and a lovely diamond/pearl when they are older. My husband and I are still trying to decide on something special for our 6th month old, Henry!


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