Camp Update...

Monday, July 6, 2009

We had such a nice quiet day yesterday just the 3 of us.  We went out to breakfast, drove into the country and took some photos, and made a delicious quiche.  Dave and Kate taught me how to make homemade crust from scratch....


Dave and Kate cook/bake together all the time. This time they showed me how to make the crust from scratch.


I made the filling (with their help). Spinach, mushrooms, feta, garlic and onion. Recipe here. However, I only used 2 tbs of butter and it was perfect.


Obviously, this is not gluten or dairy free. That is why we could make it while the boys are away. We are probably going to have pizza this week too:)


It was so good!

But I must admit, I was wondering ALL day if the boys arrived safely at camp and what they were doing.  It is a Christian camp and I knew they would have devotionals and worship...but these are the photos that were waiting on the website for me


(they are small because I lifted them from the website)


I had to laugh! You might remember this post about Will where he wrote on his school application about how he wanted to try shooting games such as paintball, skeet etc. Leave it to my boys to find guns the first day even though I loathe them:)

P.S. Please let me know if you are actually reading this blog now that it is private. I know I am just staring to post...but I get the feeling no one is here:)


  1. I'm here sweet girl....sounds like a lovely day that the 3 of you had. I also love the pics of your sweet boys at camp and heading off to it in the post below! ;)

    Have a wonderful week! ;)

  2. Kim, Thanks for the invite! It ws a little difficult signing on but I am sure it was just me, LOL! 4 more days!

  3. Thanks for the invite Kim! I'm here!! The quiche looks yum and the pictures of Dave and Kate making it are priceless! So sweet!

    Love the pictures of the boys at camp. I'm sure they are having way too much fun! :)


  4. Ha Ha, funny, I just went to the baby shower of a first time soon to be mom of a boy, that was horrified that her nephew (17) gave the newborn a BB gun. Tried to explain I tried the no gun thing, and at three I heard Paxton yell "I'm hit Captain, I'm hit from the backyard". Boys are Boys :)!

  5. LOVE the photos..
    I am here.. wouldn't miss it for the world.. thank you for inviting me..
    I had to put your blog on my private list or I would forget...
    Have a great week..
    Love the photos of the boys..
    they look like they are having fun..

  6. Kim, glad you all are having special time together despite missing your little charmers! I love the first picture of them ready to leave for camp, they look SO excited!! I'm sure they're having a fantastic time, I had to laugh at the pictures from their first couldn't have been a photo from one of their devotional times, huh?! lol They are gonna come home with such great memories!!
    I love that Dave bakes, that's so awesome and what fun for your family! The quiche look YUMMY!! Have a great week, enjoy the quiet....enjoy the pizza....they'll be home before you know it!
    Thanks for the invite, so glad I didn't miss the boat! :)

  7. HERE!!! Hope the boys have a blast at camp. Camp is such a great experience for kids.

    The quiche looks awesome!!

    Enjoy your time with Kate while the boys are gone.

  8. Yes, I'm here and so glad you are posting again. I have missed you!

    I know the boys are having a blast!


  9. Thanks so much for the invite...I am so excited that I will be able to continue and follow you all! :)

    How hard it must of been to send your boys off but by the looks of it they look like they are having a great time...enjoy your time with sweet Kate!

  10. Thanks so much for the invite...I am so excited that I will be able to continue and follow you all! :)

    How hard it must of been to send your boys off but by the looks of it they look like they are having a great time...enjoy your time with sweet Kate!

  11. Hi Kim, Snick here...thanks for inviting me to continue to read your blog. :)

    The boys do look excited about sleepaway camp. It's so good for them. Sleepaway camp has the potential to really change our kids, in a positive way. In really profound ways. Something about it being in the outdoors, away from home, being stretched with new activities, moving through the homesickness, and coming out the other side---back to the parents. Wow!

    Mine is at daycamp right now (she's 8) and will go for a 4 day sleepover experience up north in cottage country. I don't know who is more excited...her, or me!

    I love that your camp posts photos! Mine does too. :)

    Enjoy all the gluten!! LOL
    Snick :)

  12. Hi Kim, You reminded me in this post about how quick my kids went from camp age to college. Looking forward to my 5 little ones going to camp because I use to send kaitlyn and Andrew to camp kanukuk and they loved it!

  13. We're here! We're here! We're here! (Horton hears a Who...!) Will is really changing - love the longer, surfer dude hair! Troubles coming...!!

  14. Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of your blog!! Your boys are going to have so much fun at camp, even though you will miss them terribly. Can't wait to read the post all about their experiences.

  15. Hi Kim!! Your post is too funny...that is something that would happen in our house. It seems the more I "loathe" guns, the more they find:) Enjoy your time alone with Kate. The quiche looks delicious -- your husband could give mine a few pointers...
    I hope you are staying cool and enjoying the remainder of your summer. Love, Michelle and Meaghan Grace

  16. I am here too! Thanks again for the invite!

    Cute daddy/daughter baking pictures! I love quiche (and pizza too)!

    It looks like the boys are having a blast at camp!

  17. So funny!! You both are doing forbidden things... you get to eat pizza and they get to play with toy guns :) Looks like they are having a great time. Must be a relief to see pictures of your boys having such a good time.

    Super sweet photos of your dh and Kate.

  18. I am here!!! So THANKFUL that you are allowing me to continue peeking in that front window of yours!!!

  19. Of course I am here to. I love reading your blog and my that quiche looks so yummy. Hope you have a wonderful time with Kate. Looks like the boys are have a great time away at camp.

  20. I am here also! And so excited to still follow along.

    I get the impression your boys are a lot like my son (or he is like them since he is the 5 year old). He doesn't have guns or anything of the sort, but the second he finds them, he gets right into the action. It must be in the boy genes or something. Great pictures, albeit ironic that it's a Christian camp! Glad they are doing well. Kate must be loving all of this one on one time!

  21. The quiche looks fabulous! Glad you had a great 1st day and the boys did too. Have another one today!


  22. Hi Kim, thanks SO much for the invite! I am so glad I can continue to keep up with you this way. I only discovered you had posted today as I clicked over from my google didn't update in my reader but maybe google reader can't show updates if the blog is private, not sure. So glad though to see you posting again. Love the pictures, the boys look like they are having a great time!

  23. hi kim,
    just wanted to let you know I got in - love the pictures of your future NRA members - going to try and check out camp before someone starts to scream - s

  24. I am here! I am here! :) Love to catch up and what a treasure to have Dave and Kate firing up the oven! Hannah was so excited, she hugged the screen and yelled, "Our peanuts!" So glad to be back with you, friend!


    The boys are fine:) They are growing and making friends and enjoying all things boy! We are praying for them (and you, my dear) all week!

  25. My oh my how Will is growing to be such a handsome young man! Look out! He will be a heartbreaker!

    Joel and I are definitely here! We love reading your blog and catching up with the fam!

    Michelle Pineda

  26. Hi Kim!
    I'm here but do not have any Internet until the 10th of July:(. Posting from my phone...
    Thanks so much for the invite. I'm so happy to continue to read.


  27. Hey Kim!! I'm right here with you! Thank you sooooo much for the invite!! I bet the boys are really enjoying camp as much as you, Dave and Katie Ru is enjoying the PIZZA LOL!!

  28. I'm here KIm...thanks for the invite...since you no longer come up as a blog I am following I have forgotten to I will remeber! What a blast the boys must be having...and wonderful bonding time with you Dave and little Miss Kate!!! Enjoy!

  29. Hi Kim! I'm here! Great pictures!! Funny enough, I just saw a waterbug at the pool today but didn't know what it was- so thanks for the identification! Usually (for some reason??) our pool is pretty bug free.

    Oh! And I have a book suggestion for you! Wild at Heart by John Eldredge... have you heard of it? I'm halfway through and enjoying it!

  30. Kim,

    Your photos are adorable. Looks like Kate really loves cooking with her Daddy. The boys look like their having fun at camp.

    I wanted to thank you so much for including me on your private blog. I'm looking forward to all your upcoming posts and enjoy reding each and every one of them.

    Your family looks like they are all enjoying the summer.

    Best regards,

  31. Don't you LOVE that camps now have pictures on-line so you can see what they are doing while they are gone? Peace of mind means so much!!

    The quiche looks great!!!

  32. I'm reading! Love catching up with you and the family. Kate seems so grown up! Would love to catch up on the phone sometime!

  33. The quiche sounds and looks yummy! Will and Harry look like they are having fun.

  34. I am reading. Thank you so much for including me.

  35. Thank you, thank you for the invite :D. This really makes my day! I started following Quiet Elegance but always wondering about the cute Peanuts. I'm so happy now to be able to follow along in your journey. Warmly, Kari

  36. I'm reading but didn't have to sign in or anything.

  37. I'm reading! I have always loved following your blog. :D Glad to see you posting again!

  38. Hello, Kim! I never received an invite, but I guess I was on your list since I can still view
    3peanuts! Yessss!!!! Love the photos. I have some catching up to do, though. Thanks for including me!

  39. I'm reading and loving it! So glad you are posting!!!


  40. So glad to have you back! Really enjoy you and your family.
    Rose in Dallas

  41. Hi Kim! Just wanted you to know that this popped up on my bloglines. I have been a loyal reader of yours for years. I just want to let you know that the blog in not private. If you search it on google it just pops up.

    Living The Florida Life!

  42. Hi Kim
    When you went private, I wasnt able to keep up with your beautiful family. I was checking my blog tonight and realized your blog (on my sidebar) had a current post and clicked and it actually opened. Did you go public again?


  43. I just realized that I could read your blog again. I'm thinking you've gone public again and I am SO glad to see your blog again. Best wishes and God Bless your family. I have a private blog but if you would like to follow our journey contact me at and I'd be glad to add you. We just got LOA and are awaiting TA for a beautiful boy.


  44. I would love to try that recipe. Of course, I would have to wait for my husband to be out at a function because according to him 'real men don't eat quiche'. Never understood but oh well...

  45. Hi Kim,

    I just happened to click on your blog (which is in my favorites) and saw that it came up again. I was not expecting it since I had read you were going private! I have followed your blog for several years. Thank you so much for sharing your family. Your children are so beautiful!!! I am always taken by Kate's beauty, we are patiently waiting for our sweet Lily from China. Our LID is 5/16/06 and I am believing we will get her before the year is up! Thank you, too, for sharing your recipes and you are an awesome photographer. What a talented young woman you are! Thanks again for sharing your family. I pray God will continue to shower you with His blessings!
    Susan in Georgia

  46. Yes I'm reading and throughly enjoying it:) Have a blessed weekend!


Thank you for your kindness.