My Will is 12!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yes, my sweet Will celebrated a birthday shortly after Miss Katie Ru!  And while her b-day was the ultimate girls celebration his was one for the BOYS!  In fact, I did not even go to his party! And this is why.....

Align CenterDSC_0510

It was a dreadfully HOT summery paint ball party! Will asked me when he was 7 or 8 if he could have a paintball party and being the gun loathing Mom that I am (a theme recently?) I always said no. Then one day after tons of nagging on his part, I said, "Maybe when you are 12!" Well, he interpreted that as a promise!

His best friend from Virginia, Logan (and his Mom, my good friend, Amber) even flew in for the weekend! We had a GREAT time with them!!!!

Harry was technically too young to play (and he is only a whopping 42 pounds!) but they made an exception to let him play at his brother's (who is his best friend) party.  According to Dave and Will, he held his own with the big kids!


Will had the time of his life even though everyone came home very sweaty and with a few welts!
These amazing photos were taken by I mean my wonderful husband:)


Will has definitely grown up a lot recently. He is looking more and more like a teen. He thinks about what he wears and how he looks and the girls are really drawn to him. He is also about the nicest boy you would ever meet.  I mean that too.  He comes home and asks me how my day was!  Even my husband ( who is the world's BEST) doesn't do that everyday.  Seriously, he is a GREAT GREAT kid.  I just hope the teen years don't ruin him.

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He begged me to take him shopping for aviator glasses.  He thinks he looks quite cool in them.  He is so retro!

Tomorrow~ a little update on my entrepreneur, Harry,  Then I think I will be all caught up!


  1. Well you win some and you lose some! LOL!!! Kids hold you to a promise, they don't forget anything!!! Wow, a friend all the way from Virginia!! Will is so very loved!! What a special young man you have there!

    PS Will has a uncanny resemblance to a young TOM CRUISE in the aviators!!! What a handsome young man!

  2. Happy Birthday Will! You are so handsome!! The paintball party is to the 12 year old what cupcakes are to the three year old set :)

    Love his new glasses!

    He really is looking very grown up (sniff)!

    Hope they are having a great week at camp and that you have ways of keeping in touch :)


  3. How FUN..
    My boys LOVE paintball..
    Love the photos..
    What a Handsome young man you have on your hands..
    Have a great week.

  4. It is so amazing how much they change once they turn 12! My Land looks so grown up to me now. One of my friends recently asked me when did he turn into a young man??

    By the way, he loves paintball too!


  5. Happy Birthday Will!!! The party looks like a lot of fun. My ten year old son would love to have a paintball birthday party.

    Will looks very "cool" in the aviator glasses. I can see why all the girls are keen on him.

  6. ahh it seems as if Will has grown almost over night! I love how thoughtful he is, I think that characteristic is something special about him and he will never lose it. It is a part of who he is. He will be a wonderful teen, I just know it.:)

  7. So great to catch up with your 3 peanuts. You've had an exciting summer full of birthdays and camp. Looks like Will, Harry and Kate are having great fun!

  8. What a sweet post for your handsome boy. It looks like the paint ball party was a big hit!

  9. Paintball was quite a change from the cupcake birthday party! So handsome. I know he is going to stay such a sweet & wonderful boy even during his teen years. I can just tell!

  10. Will's party looked like the perfect party for a 12 year old boy. I know it is a day he'll remember forever. I think it is so special that his best friend and mom flew in for the occassion....shows how much you guys are loved!
    I know one thing, just looking at the pic of Will in his aviators automatically makes me think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Ummm, mom, you may want to make sure he isn't wearing those around the young ladies :) What a wonderful young man! I know you must be so proud.

  11. Oh baby watch out! You have got a real cutie on your hands. Take it from me with 15 and 13 year girls, Will would be the talk of our house. AHHH hormones:)

  12. Hmmmm....he is only 3 years younger than Emmie.....perhaps we could fly him in for her senior prom! ;)

    He is stunningly handsome Kim......your love radiates when you speak about him. (and the other peanuts too)

    Loved Kates little b-day pics.....she looks so grown up on her bike! WOW. Time goes by fast!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Happy birthday Will! Almost a teenager! Wow!
    At first when I glanced at the paintball pics, I thought they were from the camp and was shocked! Once you explained paintball - it made MUCH more sense. Being a third grade teacher, I know the kids LOVE paintball...their older siblings play it often! Gosh - even my 18 year old brother (yes, big age difference between the two of us) plays it frequently!
    Finally, you made me feel so much better when you mentioned that Harry is 42 pounds. My 5 year old is 36 pounds soaking wet and people often comment to me about his size - but like Harry - he is and looks healthy, so what's the big deal?!? Anyway - I had a sigh of relief when I read about Harry's weight!

  14. What a great party -- kids never forget those "promises" do they! Will has grown so much and looks great! My oldest was a lot like Will and we made it through the teen years with ease. I'm sure you and he will too. Have a fun weekend!


  15. Kim,

    Love catching up and am so happy to be able to check your blog again. I love the paint ball pictures. That is just absolutly my boys-- they love love love paint ball and have gone to many paintball parties. I love the pictuers of the kids and totally love how Will is becoming a teen with the self concious things. Ethan is almost 11 and he is the same way. He likes to look "cool" and girls are very interested-- I dont like that part--uggg! Anyway, glad to be here and glad to have caught up.

    Christy :)

  16. There his is in those glasses... what a romeo!!! He really is the sweetest boy- both your boys are! And don't worry about him changing as a teen- he has a good heart and wonderful values that run very deep... he will be just fine! I do predict many girlfriends in his future though (near future)! Between Will & Harry, you may have to get a 2nd phone line (so we can still talk just as much-lol)!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Will!!!

    Love, Shana :)

  17. 12!!! Quite the milestone I must say. My boys used to love to paintball.
    Will is so handsome : ) Aviatar glasses are in and Will looks adorable in them.
    Happy Birthday Will : )
    Kim I really enjoyed the teenage years with my boys. They were a lot of fun and have always been respectful. Will is going to be a wonderful teenager...look who he has for a mommy : )

  18. Oh Kim...what a knock out he is...Blake went through an aviator sunglass phase too...however his hair was long so he looked like Jim Morrison from the Doors!

    These teen years can be tough, but I truly believe the values and morals we instill in our children will prevail!!!

  19. I am really excited to see your blog open again, although I understand why you made it private. I've debated back and forth with myself whether to re-open our blog about adopting our son from China and/or starting another to document our life as a family of 4 (we are adopting a little boy from Taiwan who we hope to have home for Christmas this year). I'm hindered about putting our family information out for the world to see. More than likely, if I do, I've decided that I will do what some others have done and change our names for blogging purposes.

    Anyways, thank you again for sharing your family with us!!!!

    Take care.

    Linda (Bruce's mommy)

  20. Hooray for re-opening the blog. Now I'll have to get caught up. : )

  21. It looks like they all had a great time!

  22. Great action photos - are you sure you weren't there? Who WAS that photographer?

  23. Happy Birthday to your handsome son a few days later. I am trying to catch up because I was offline for a few weeks...


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