Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brothers off to camp:)

Will and Harry left for their first sleep away camp!  I am going to try to catch up on this blog.  I know that I am really behind. My plan is to catch completely up to date while they are gone.


Waiting for the camp bus...



Saying a final goodbye to Katie Ru!


Harry was tired...we woke up at 5 AM!


getting on the bus:(

I know the boys are going to have the BEST time at camp but it might be a little tough for me and Miss Kate. I miss them already~although it is nice and quiet around here.


  1. You are going to miss them.. but the boys are going to have SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN...
    love the photos..
    Can't wait for the catch ..
    Hugs girly..

  2. oh I know they are going to have a fabulous time! But I do understand the missing part too:(
    I am glad you got pics of the event:)
    I am honored you would ask me to be a part of your private blog Kim, thank you.
    I would miss the Peanuts, so:)
    oh, and have some wonderful girl time this week with Ms Kate!!!!!

  3. That was my exact thought - what did Kate think about this one? The boys will have a super time and they will be back before you know it!
    On a side note - I am so impressed with your photography skills! I love how you got Harry in focus but everyone else blurred in the waiting for the bus picture!

  4. Yeah, I cried! I know how much you are going to miss them.... and even though they are going to have the time of their lives, they will be missing you and home so much. That last photo of Harry is so cute... love him w/ those shades- too adorable! And the three of them together... pure love!

    Shana :)

  5. I cried when my boys went to camp too, but they had a great time! I'm sure Will and Harry will too. Have fun with Miss Katie Ru!


  6. Hope you're doing okay!!! I've been thinking about you TONS...but know how crazy summer-time gets. MISS YOU!

  7. Will's hair looks great!!! I know - that's what struck me...and how grown up they are to be going away to camp! (on a side note - we are in Findlay right now - so you guys have been on my mind a lot!)

  8. Cute pictures! I would have been crying too! I am sure the boys will have a blast at camp. In the meantime, enjoy the one-on-one time with Kate!

  9. Paige is snuggling with me while I look at blogs and she said, "awww, they are old are the boys?" Sigh...Kim, I think we're both in for it :)
    I know you will miss the boys and vice versa, but I am proud for them to be doing something so independent. Enjoy your time with Kate and your dh! The days will fly by!

  10. Oh Kim I know you will miss them but I also know they will have a wonderful time : ) of course they will miss their mama {{{hug}}} It doesn't get any easier when their bigger. I miss my boys terribly when they leave for college in the fall of each year. My house always feels empty when their gone.
    {{{hugs to you Mommy}}}}

  11. They are going to have a fantastic time, but I am sure it is tough for you!! It's always harder for us.... Can't wait to hear about the great time!

  12. Hope the boys have a blast and that you and Katie Ru have a fabulous week filled with girly-girl time :o). Thanks for the invite!


  13. Kimber - Sam and Katherine are at their first sleep away camp this week too! I didn't think I would miss them already...but I really do! OK - the quiet is nice, but I wish I knew what they were up to!

    Miss you!

  14. I'm here! Thanks for the invite Kim.....I love these pictures of the boys heading to camp! Hope you have a great week with Kate....enjoy all things girly! :)


  15. Wow! You are brave to send them to sleep away camp. I am not sure I could do it! I am sure they are having a balst and how nice for them to go together. Thank you for the invite Kim. I am thrilled to keep following the peanuts.

  16. Great pictures!

  17. Hi Kim! Taylor went to church camp for the very first time this year and she loved it! It impacted her so much she is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks. The boys look so grown up - especially Will. That quiche looks delicious too! Enjoy your summer and so glad to be reading the blog again.
    All the best,
    Kim and Katiebug


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