Harry's 1st Holy Communion

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
I am so far behind in blogging and so far behind in everything. I have not been able to catch up with anyone. If you can believe it, Miss Kate Emerson is really sick again (I feel like this is all I ever write/say).  She has fever, pink eye, chills, and cough.  We have been to the doctor (twice) and she was swabbed for flu but it is either a relapse of the mono or a virus.  When Kate is sick she is extremely high maintenance and simply wants me to hold her all day.  She is down for a quick nap (she does nap when ill) so I am going to play a little catch-up....
Saturday was Harry's First Holy Communion.  It was beautiful.  He was so reverent and so excited.  The night before, he asked me to pray the rosary with him.  So sweet.



Harry's Communion Class


His good buddy, Bennett.

We bought him an olive wood cross from Jerusalem.


And a silver cross  (which he loves). Aunt Waukita and Uncle Joe gave him the silver cross ring.

This is when Kate started getting sick...but she look adorable anyway;)


Harry chose our favorite Mexican breakfast spot to eat after the service. Uncle Joe is being his usual fun self and sticking his finger in Harry's ear for this shot:)

We also had a FABULOUS Mother's Day and we celebrated Harry's 1st Communion then  too at brunch at the Four Seasons (blog post to come).

P.S.  I am so excited....my friend, Diana is coming to visit this weekend.  We are going to have so much fun!!!!


  1. I hope Kate is feeling better soon! You're whole bunch is so handsome all dressed up :) I love Kate's purse.

  2. Oh my goodness, Kim... the photos are amazing!!! I especially love the one of Mr. Harry with the olive wood cross- beautiful! And he is SO handsome in his suit- oh I just want to hug him! Both boys are just so adorable! And you look beautiful too! And little Kate with her handbag- I love it! I'm so glad you took a few moments to post these- you definitely captured Harry's special day well! Let me know when you post pics from Mother's Day- I can't wait!!! Glad Kate is napping- hope you are both feeling better! ((Hugs)) :)

  3. Such a BEAUTIFUL family you have!! :)

    God bless! <><

  4. Such sweet photos of Harry's First Communion! Such a special day for him and the whole family.

    Hope little Kate feels better soon!


  5. Congratulations to Harry on this important step! Hope Kate feels better very soon.

  6. Congratulations Harry! He looks handsome in that suit! Thanks for sharing his special day!! The photos are beautiful!
    God Bless,

  7. Great photos.. looks like Harry had a great day...
    Sorry to hear that Kate is sick again..
    Have a great time with Diana...

  8. Beautiful family!! I just love your photography skills!!! Hope Ms Kate is feeling better! I noticed her "her cheeks" and the "freckled-like rash"! My little one suffered the same symptoms as Kate and it was discovered she had DOUBLE ear infections coupled w/seasonal allergies! We were given three Rx's including some for the rash (which was really bad, it looked like a sunburn) and overnite the rash was cleared up. The sticky like eyes/fever has also vanished!! I still don't know why her face broke out the way it did, but luckily no scarring was left.

    Hope Kate has a speedy recovery!

  9. Kim,

    I am so sorry that Kate is sick again - poor baby :(

    Harry is adorable, Congratulations! what precious memories.

    Your photos are totally amazing - great work!!

  10. I am sorry to hear that Kate is sick again. I hope she feels better very soon! I am glad you had a lovely Mother's Day and that Harry's 1st Communion when well. Harry's new olive wood Cross is very nice. Nice family photo of your husband and kids. You look great too.

    Best wishes, Cindy

  11. Wow, these are some amazing shots, you're really mastering that camera! I'm so sorry Kate is sick again. Poor baby. Harry is adorable, and I love all his new crosses. I have that same ring.

  12. Feel better Kate...and what a beautiful family you have! Look at my M's communion pictures. I think they would make a lovely couple some day!!

  13. What are you talking about? These photos are a great recap of Harry's very special day! He looks so handsome!!!!!

    And, of course I must comment on Miss Kate's dress!
    Beautiful on her!!!!

    Can't wait to see you all soon!


  14. Harry - may God Bless you as you celebrate this very special milestone in your special relationship with Him. Great choice for breakfast - I love it & wish I was there with you!!!!

  15. So hope she gets ALL better soon. I get to see/meet Diana and Ruby next week. Have a fun weekend!

  16. Kim,

    These photos are incredible- you did such a great job!! Harry looks so handsome- he is so precious asking you to say the rosary with him. Hope Kate feels better soon.


  17. You have really gotten to know that camera Kim! These photos are, as everyone has noticed, remarkable! Harry is a very humble and kind person. You all look so happy! What a day to remember. One of those days that makes parenthood so fulfilling!

  18. I hope Kate gets to feeling better. I love all the pictures. The one of Harry and Bennett is sooo cute!!

  19. Congratulations Harry on an important step in your journey of faith. I hope that Kate is feeling better and that you and Diana have a fantastic girls weekend together...give her a hug for me!

    *Did you get the pics I sent you? I really want your input, even though there is nothing I can do now~

  20. Oh, forgot to mention how much I love your dress! You look simply beautiful!

  21. Blessings Harry! What a special day for you and your family.

    Kim - beautiful pictures!

  22. What a handsome family and special day for your son.
    I wish to thank you for your kind comments on my blog and wish you to know from EVERY post that you submit you are an awesome Mom. Goodness, I hope if I am ever blessed with a family that I take some of what I have learned here from you and just your love for your children and husband and apply it to my life. Precious you are.

  23. I love that Kate is wearing one of Lori's dresses. The whole family looks lovely.

  24. You all look so beautiful all dressed up for Harry's special day! What an exciting event in our children's lives....I remember Nick's like it was yesterday....I was so proud of him.

    Hope by now Kate is feeling much better....enjoy your company:)


  25. Congratulations to Harry on his First Communion. I loved the group picture, brought back memories of my First Communion many, many years ago :)

  26. Ahhhh! Congratulations Harry!!

  27. Congratulations Harry on your First Communion! What a special day and you looked so handsome!!

    I love Kate's dress from Lori! Sorry she is feeling so sick, so is my Bug... need to get rid of all this ickiness!

    LOVE all the pictures... they are so crystal clear! I really need to start working on mine... you are such an inspiration!

    Have a great weekend! I bet it will be so much fun!

  28. You have an absolutely precious family! I love your blog. :-)

  29. Oh what a happy day!! Could Harry be any cuter? WHat a precious little family you have!

    I hope Kate is feeling better! She looks absolutely beautiful in her dress...is it from CHarlotte English Boutique??

    Take care.

  30. I know that restaurant! many a coin was put in that fountain! Congratulations - what a wonderful day!

    Sunday - maybe!!! don't look too hard though - if I'm there - you'll see me for sure from a mile away - just look for a large lady in white linen!!! hahahhaha!!!!!


  31. What an angel! Congrats on his Communion. Hope Kate starts feeling better soon.

  32. I love First Communions!! They always make me cry. Precious, precious children, striving to serve our God. Beautiful photos, Kim ... really. And poor sweet Kate -- I hope she's feeling better soon, for her sake, and YOURS:).

  33. Kim,

    I am sorry to hear about Kate...Oh you must be worn out!

    Congrats on your Harry's First Communion!

    As always, your family sparkles. Miss you. Not enough time to get to all my blog faves!

  34. Oh Kim. On Saturday 9 ..It was my third son First Comunion as well¡¡ It took place at school (catholic school)and then we did a very big fiesta with our family, friends and boys and girls...( more than 60 people). It was fantastic...

    I would like to share with you some of my photos but unfortunately I don't have a family Blog.

    I pray for Kate.

    Lots of love,

    Belén from Spain.

  35. Congratulations to Harry. I love your pictures....you are rockin' out your new camera for sure. Hope Kate is feeling better soon..hate to hear she's still under the weather. Enjoy your special weekend with Diana!

  36. I am so sorry that she is sick again....I will be praying for a very healthy summer for her.

  37. I have been waiting for this post!! It just brings back so many memories of barrington at that age. That class pic..I have the exact same one, I swear!. LOVE your dress Kim. So cute.

    Gorgeous shots too. Nothing like being a talented photographer when capturing such important family memories. Bailey was dedicated this Sunday but I was not thrilled with the shots. (I had such a hard time letting the christening go and doing what our new church does) Anyway, so sorry about Kate. I hope the summer air works its magic soon! I will say a prayer for her little self. So pretty in her Azalea dress!! Can't wait to see Mother's Day post. I am thinking about you.

  38. Congratulations on Harry's first communion!! What a special time!! I love the pictures and especially the one of him with the cross that you gave him.

    God bless your family!


  39. Blessings to Harry on this very special day!! My prayers are with Kate. I hope she is well soon and summer brings with it some time for fun, family and relaxation. (At least the mom of 3 version of relaxation.)
    Thinking of you in NY.

  40. Congrats to Harry, he looks so handsome!! I love your dress too:) I am so sorry that Kate is sick, bradley is sick too. and I am just stressed, so I know how you feel!! xo, c

  41. i really enjoyed reading your blog. Your pictures are fabulous! I can relate to the girl's clothes obsession :).


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