Ballet and Baseball

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As luck would have it, Kate's recital was at the exact same time as Harry's playoff game. Since we have watched tons of Harry's games and this was Kate's 1st recital, Dave, Will and I went to the recital first. I am warning a Mom...I LOVE this stuff, so there are LOTS of photos (long post).  A video of part of the recital is in the previous post.


Kate and Mom before the show.


Kate and Daddy


Warming up...



Waiting for their big moment!

Kate was so HAPPY and chatty. She could barely contain her excitement.


When the curtains opened and Kate saw us, her whole face lit up!


Part of the ballet routine:)


Flowers for the ballerina!



One of Kate's pre-school teachers came to watch the show.


Kate's Dance teacher, Miss Christina.


The moment the recital was over, we raced over to Harry's game.

When we arrived, our team was down by a few points. Apparently, they had been in the lead for the first 3 innings and then things turned around. They rallied and got the lead again only to lose by one point! This was their 4th play-off game and they were one game away from the championship game for their bracket. I am so proud of how hard they worked.


The coach saved a game ball from each game for every player. Coach is tossing Harry the ball here (the ball is in mid-air).


Harry made some great plays last night. He was GREAT at 2nd base.


They earn stickers (to decorate their batting helmets) for all the offensive and defensive plays they make.



Great coaches.



This last picture is sentimental. After every game, the players get a free snow-cone. The boys always get their snow cone, climb the bleachers and eat them while they watch the majors play. Although it is not a great picture, it is a special ritual that will be missed.

If you made it this far, I am impressed! Kate's little 3rd birthday party is tomorrow. Her birthday is not until June 3rd but we wanted to have her party before school got out. I will post photos of course;)


  1. What a wonderful time of year for the kids. You and Dave must be so proud, they are beautiful children! Can't wait to see the party pictures.

  2. Great pictures of a fabulous day! I can tell how proud you are of Harry and Kate for their special moments!

    As always, I LOVE your pictures, you always portray your family events so wonderfully through them.

  3. As I am sure you can imagine, I love love love the ballet pictures. Just precious.

  4. What a fun day! I love the recital pictures! I especially love the picture of Dave giving Kate flowers!

    Cute baseball pictures too! Harry is such a handsome little guy!

  5. Ok - I will admit it.. I cried when I saw the look on Dave's face when he gave her the flowers.... Just knowing the bond between them, it warms my heart! Precious photos of a precious night!


  6. Those pictures are adorable, especially the one of Kate all excited to see you guys in the audience!

  7. LOVE the photos..
    Looks like a great time..
    Kate is toooo cute..
    Have a great week..
    Can't wait to see Kate's party..

  8. Congratulations to Harry on his successful season! He looks so cute in his baseball uniform.

    Good luck with Kate's party! I look forward to seeing pictures.

  9. I love your dress in the first picture. Where did you find it?

    As a former dancer...oh how I loved my performances! She looks adorable :)

  10. I LOVE this stuff too ~ Kate looks precious and oh so happy :) We had the same thing happen last year with Mia's recital & Anthony's playoff game on the same day at basically the same time - it's so tough! But, it all works somehow. Love all the photos!

  11. Kim, it was great to see you and Di this weekend. I love the photos of the recital and of Harry's game. Looks like your getting the hang of the new camera. Kate is getting so big. can't beleive she's almost three. I have really enjoyed all your posts and you are just as lovely in person. take care. SAL Ps joni did go to the market but late...

  12. SOOOOOO so cute! Kate looks like a star already. Sorry Harry's team lost, but it sounds like they have a lot to be proud of!

  13. I absolutely adore these ballet and baseball photos! We are a Little League family, and I just cannot wait for dance lessons!!!

    Precious photos!!!

  14. YEah for Harry and Kate!!! I love the look on Kate's face when she see you in the audience and that VIDEO...I LOVE how loud Kate is cute!!!

  15. The ballet recital pictures are just precious. I love the one of Kate's face when the curtain opened!

    I am sad we're missing Kate's birthday party. Last year's was so fun and Lily would enjoy it so much more this year!

    Congrats to Harry on a great season. The stickers on the helmets are a cute idea.

  16. Preious! I could eat her up! I don't imagine that little happiness guru would be your son now would it? Your words are always so kind towards me. I think you and your family are pretty great myself! Hope all is really well with you!

    Blessings and smiles,

  17. I so remember Emma's first recital. She was only 3. This year will be her 4th year of dancing. She LOVES it. And we have spent many weekends at the ball diamonds with our boys. What fun.


  18. Such sweet pictures!! I LOVE the picture of Kate when the curtain went up and she saw her little fan club!! A priceless moment...

  19. What a great recital!! I want to get Lindsey into dancing but cant find a place that takes 3yo girls. She just turned 3. What great photos!!!!!

  20. Oh, I just love the busyness this time of year brings - because you said it right, there are just "rituals" about being a kid! Fun stuff.

    Kate was a beautiful little dancer - she wasn't scared a bit; you can tell you are going to have years to come of dance! Yeah!!

    Harry, a handsome baseball player (nice, clean uniform!) I know that my sons LOVE getting those stickers that represent what they accomplished over the season; makes them look "tough".

    Can't wait to see pictures from Miss Kate's Birthday party! If I know you, it will be wonderful!

  21. What fun photos! I LOVE the one of the girls lined up in the hall. Kate has so much excitement in her eyes!

    What a great season for Harry's team. The stickers are a fantastic idea.

    And your dress is beautiful in that first photo! What a great color.

  22. Oh Kim, I know that you cried seeing Kate up there on stage. I am going to be a puddle for Maggie's first recital! And way to go Harry on a great season. Our boys still have a few weeks left of baseball. I really need to do a post on baseball. Question...I notice that these pics don't show up on your Flickr do you hide them? I am interested in doing that with most of mine and just posting the ones I use for my photography blog.

  23. Kim thank you for the sweet comments on "The Mister's Room." That means so much to me considering what wonderful taste you have. Kate's recital pictures are precious. I hope I have a daughter one day to enjoy these type of memories with! Congrats to Harry's team, he is such a well rounded little boy.

  24. What a lovely post! I love photo heavy posts :-D Congrats to them both! x

  25. They are growing up so fast! Sweet Kate is turning into a little lady. Oh goodness! Hope the bday party is tons of fun!

  26. What great pictures!! I love things like that too, I have pictures to post from her Gymnastics performance.

    Great ball picture too!!


  27. That part of the ballet routine picture is just the sweetest! :)

    I like the snow cone routine, that is so nice - lovely pictures.

  28. Oh I can't wait until my little one starts ballet!! Kate is just too precious!! I just love the look on her face when she spots Mom, Dad and Will in the audience!!

    Harry great job and judging from the "stickers" on your helmet, you are one awesome player!!!

  29. Kate looked adorable! You are a great mom and it's wonderful that you are so involved in your kids' activities.

  30. Such exciting times for you all!!! Congratulations to Kate on her first recital and to Harry on such a great season!!! Your photos are precious!!!

  31. Well, usually I'm commenting on Kate's dresses, but this time I LOVE YOUR DRESS! She is so cute, I cannot wait to be sitting at ballet recitals :)

  32. You have such a beautiful ballerina!! Happy early birthday to Kate. She shares her birthday with our soon-to-be daughter.

  33. Awww.... what a little star. i loved the video. and im so glad to see she isnt dolled up in those horrible costumes and just in a simple leo. miuch like our recital.

  34. What a great night for you guys....first the beautiful Kate in her recital and then Harry's big game!! Great pictures of two wonderful events!! Kate's little face speaks volumes....nothing like flowers from Daddy:)

    Enjoy your holiday weekend and the bday party!!

  35. Are you sad baseball is over? We're not done yet. It's hectic, but I'll miss it!

    Kate looks adorable for her recital. The pictures are precious.


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