Great weekend

Monday, May 25, 2009
We had such a perfect "kick-off to summer" kind of weekend.  It was so relaxing and fun. On Friday, I was able to go to a performance and awards ceremony for Harry.  His play surprised me ...I had no idea he was such a humorous entertainer.  He could have a future in acting!!! I was also pleasantly surprised at his awards ceremony. You may remember that the boys switched schools Thanksgiving week so they have not been at their current school for very long. Therefore, I was not expecting Harry to win any awards.  I am SO proud of him.  He was given for the citizenship award which is presented to a select group of students who demonstrate the values of the school on a daily basis.  He also won an award for academic excellence across all subjects and a special writing award for a story he wrote. He won one other award too.  I do not mean to sound boastful here (and I hope I do not) but this serves as my scrapbook for my children and I want to remember this special day and I want Harry to know how proud I am to be his Mom!!!
Saturday we spent some time at the beach with our good friends.  We had the best day! (I was too afraid to bring my new camera around all the these are with my old one).

The kids LOVE playing in the sand. The boys build drippy castles.
Kate and her friend dig, dig, dig!
Kate loved putting sand in this water bottle:)
She does not have a boo boo. She just loves her band-aids!
Harry rode some waves with a big smile.

Kate was timid at first but jumped a few waves with Daddy!
Will relaxing (or as he says "chillaxin") on the deck.
I love this shot of Harry looking through the telescope. He looks like he did when he was cute.

Ahhh...Kate looks up to her big brothers so much.
I am trying to decide what to do with my blog this summer. I am enjoying this stage with my kids so much. The boys are independent and fun but they actually still like to hang out with me. Harry and I play baseball catch almost everyday and Will tells me everything. We have great talks. I know these days will not last forever and I don't want to waste time on my computer this summer. I want to relax with the kids, drink lemonade, read books, and hang out at the pool. However, I want to keep recording our memories. I am always feeling guilty that I cannot visit other blogs as often as I'd like.


  1. Chillaxin. Now THAT is a word I shall keep. Congrats to your Harry, too!

  2. LOVE the photos..
    Looks like an AMAZING weekend...
    I am sooo behind on my blog.. when you are busy you get behind or don't have time.. but I am getting caught up too..
    I use this totally as my journal..
    Hope you get to blog some..
    LOVE Kate's swimsuit.. like I wouldn't say
    Have a Great WEEK>.

  3. I love your description of your relationship with your kids. I would just use the blog how you want and take a few minutes here and there to record something special or post your favorite photos when you want and are able. Don't worry about visiting others. You definitely have a wonderful reason to be away from the computer...3 in fact :).

  4. We almost went to the beach this weekend. It's our favorite! Chillaxin' is used very often around this house from our resident middle schooler. Of course if I use it, I get a look like I'm such a nerd. Ha! Your blog this summer, just journal/blog once a week, a maybe visit everyone's blogs once a month?

  5. Landree has the same little white dress as Kate :)

    Looks like the beach was fun! I commented on flickr, but Landree is band aid obsessed too.

    I say blog what you want to have recorded maybe after the kids go to bed when you get a chance :) I love checking in on ya'll, but you're right these times won't last forever. Soak them up :)

  6. Sounds like a great way to start the summer! We had a fun weekend too!!!

    Bring on the LAZY days of summer, if you can call them that!!


  7. Congrats to Harry!

    Your weekend looks like it was so much fun and the pics are just beautiful.

    I hope you continue to blog. Maybe you should take the summer off. You can always make notes of what happens and then back date the entries...either way you guys are such a wonderful family and i really love to read about you guys!

    lots of love,

  8. OK! If those photos are with you OLD camera I am so jealous! They are great! What kind of camera is your old one?

  9. What a fun weekend! Cute pictures of the peanuts!

  10. Hey Friend! Great Beach Pics!! So glad you got a way and had fun!!!!

    Not quite as warm here, but a fun weekend too!

    Miss you!

  11. Love this post! Why not go down to one post/week for the summer? That way you can keep a record of your summer fun without taking too much time. You're right--this time is golden. It won't last forever. Enjoy to the fullest!

  12. Great weekend pictures! It is wonderful to capture the children relaxing and having fun. These are the photos that will remind them of their childhood moments. As for blogging...I love to follow your blog. Follow your heart...

  13. I can't believe how grown up Kate is looking :(

    Yeah Harry (but I thought everyone knew he might be an actor, he has that aura about him!)

    If you get a chance to blog once per week I think that is great! Enjoy your summer and your beautiful children. I have a little baby boy who will be a teenager in 6 days! These days go sooooooo quickly!

  14. Yay for Harry and for you for raising such a great son! Great photos! Sounds like you all had such a fun time! All of sudden, Will looks so much older and more grown up, doesn't he. You have the sweetest family!


  15. I think you should focus on spending time with your precious kiddos and not spend anytime feeling guilty about blogging (or not)! We all love reading what you have to say (and you are quite an inspiration as I raise my two boys) but, part of the reason you are an inspiration is that you are the mom that you continue to do that, and I look forward to reading about what you have time to post! (phew, stepping down now!)
    Oh, I love that Kate's recital didn't involve million dollar costumes that will only be worn for 5 minutes!!!


  16. what a fun weekend! So glad all were feeling well!!!
    boast away, I think its wonderful Harry has accomplished so much after a move!
    The cupcake party below looks like it was such a hit as well! What a perfectly divine idea!:)
    Have a fun fun summer Kim.

  17. I love the start of summer. I am trying to decide about my blog too. It is so hard, but really want to document for my family--I need to do so many other things, reading would be good too!

  18. Happy Summer to you!!! The pictures are fabulous...out of this world! I lvoe the drippy! And the band-aids...I so remember that stage...we bought box upon box of them last summer to keep Lia in business!

    I hope you have a wonderful summer. I know you will find just the right balance...

  19. These are GREAT! I love the band-aid on her tummy...LOL

  20. 1. Congrats Harry! You should never apologize for being proud of his accomplishments. Stop that...:)

    2. Love Kate's Swimsuit

    3. Love Drippy Sand Castles

    4. I could spot a Hello Kitty band aid a mile away...I have a box of my own

  21. You must one so proud of Harry....he has accomplished so much in the short time he had at the new school......that is so great!!

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend at the beach....i am dying to go myself....and I hear you on the blogging....I have slowed down tremendously, I just can't keep up these days. Do what you can and don't stress yourself out....they are only young once:)

    Have a great week!


  22. It your blog, do what you want...It's your blog-rogative! Can you tell I had a house full of teenagers at one time. Who also "in their words" use to love "chillin' like a villain" LOL...the things kids come up with!!

    Your "old camera" did a FABULOUS JOB!! Love the pictures of the kids at the beach, I LOVE BEACH PICTURES!!!!

  23. Great pics as always. Glad you were able to go to the beach. It is rainy here today...We ordered some things for Miss Kate today, so be on the lookout for an Amazon package. Hugs~

  24. Your kids are just beautiful! I love your blog! I think i had seen it before but didnt have time to read it! I read it over the weekend and just fell in love with it! Whatever beach you went to is gorgeous! If you like you can visit my blog! Thanks for sharing

  25. Great photos - and way to go Harry!!! You sure make your mom !Kim - as a teacher, you can never boast about your kids being well-mannered and caring in school - the teachers appreciate and YOU and DAVE should be proud to have raised such wonderful boys!!

    Blessings for a relaxing summer - although I do like popping in every once in awhile I understand your dilemma:)


  26. Love all the great beach pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  27. First of all, I really enjoyed the beach photos! I know you are so proud of Harry, and I would not worry in the least if I were you about bragging on him! What fabulous accomplishments!!!

    Secondly, I am right where you are about the summer and my blog. I already feel like it is a burden, but I really do enjoy it...just not enough hours in the day!

    I guess we will figure it out!!!
    I love my boy time too...they gave me a pink glove for Mother's Day so that I can play catch with sweet is that? I'm sure it won't last much longer. :)

  28. Great pictures of beautiful memories....I just did the same kind of post.....soemthing has to give and it might be the blog fo a while....and I'm into the photography so much that I need to get that organized soon!!!

    Enjoy your goes by too quick!


  29. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing beach weekend (yes, I'm jealous). Great pics of kiddos.

    Gin =)

  30. Looks like a wonderful weekend. I really miss the beach : (
    I so hear you on the blogging. I have really slowed down. Enjoy your children while they are young and still around. My boys grew up before my eyes. I plan on spending very little time on the computer this summer. I don't want to miss a moment of my girls childhood days.
    I was LOL at Kate's band-aid. We go through a ton of band-aids...mine are now in to the little pet shop ones.It's a fashion statment!

  31. Love the images! Goodness you have such a great heart as a mamma to your kids. I say record a little and enjoy much! Life is hard to balance but for some reason I think you have all the tools to do it all.
    Great summer to you!

  32. It looks like you guys had a fabulous time! What wonderful pictures/memories. In the end, do what makes you happy. If that means just recording memories and not reading other blogs, it's totally understandable. Your kids are only young once so make the most of it!

  33. Kim,
    I feel the same way! Cherish these days, they go by so fast! Even though I love peeking in your beautiful life ;)


  34. Miss Kate looks so cute in her little swimsuit!! Maybe you could post a weekly update once a week?


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