Thankful it was just the sleepies

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, the other day, the doctor tells me that the biggest thing to worry about with mono is a ruptured spleen.  She says, don't let Kate play at the playground and no rough housing.  Be careful even picking her up certain ways.  When she returns to pre-school, someone needs to really keep an eye on her on the playground.  Even a small blow to the stomach could rupture her spleen. Okay, I understand.

Yesterday, Miss Kate is sitting in her booster seat eating.  The seat has a tray but it comes off easily. She is pushing it with her stomach and I tell her very firmly, "Kate, don't push on that or you might fall."  She looks me right in the eye and pushes on it with her stomach.  She falls forward onto the ground with the tray cutting into her abdomen and her head smacks right into the cabinets. Now, I am not one who cusses at all.  I just don't.  But let me tell you I was shaking and cussing and crying.  I was terrified that she for sure ruptured her spleen.  So, I called Dave at the office and said " ruptured spleen symptoms and treatments." After a good 10 minutes of crying,  Kate calms down and we decided she is okay.

This morning, I go in to wake her up and SHE WILL NOT WAKE UP!  I cannot get her to open her eyes.  I am carrying her around the house....shouting KATE WAKE UP!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!  She was a little responsive but she would not open her eyes. I could not wake her up for 45 minutes! I start panicking....Does she have a concussion? She did have 2 goose eggs from the fall! Is her spleen ruptured and she is bleeding internally? Am I overreacting?  Maybe she is just really tired from the mono? Again I call Dave at the office!

Luckily, my housekeeper was here to help me because I completely panic in these situations. She got cold towels and we rubbed them all over her to get her to wake up. We finally got her awake and went to the doctors office. Concussion? NO.  Ruptured Spleen? NO.  Tired little girl? YES!  Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

My Arsenal

Went to Target to stock up on things to keep us busy:)

And 2 years ago today, Kate was placed in my amazing husband's arms....

Nanchengday1 012

Big Brother

Kate and Big Brother Will

We celebrate Forever Family Day on the day they came home (April 4th) because that is when our whole family was finally together.  But this was an important day too.  For the best blog post ever on three here.  My husband wrote it the day he got Kate and it makes me cry every time I read it!

So, this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for my darling Kate and her health.  And my Husband, who is my rock:)


  1. OMG, thank god Kate is ok. I have been so nervous about head injuries lately. Check out the story on my blog. I am going to post it today. I am happy beyond believe for your Kate and my Adam.
    God Bless,

  2. Ahhh... how scary! I think I would have been in panic mode for sure. I am pretty sure I would have called 911 after 10 minutes... good thing you didn't. I am not so sure what they would have thought of you if her diagnosis was just "sleepy girl." I would have understood though. :) Glad Kate is okay. I am praying that she feels better soon.

  3. I am speechless. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack when I was reading this post... I am so sorry this is all going on, and that she fell, etc... And, I am so very thankful that she is ok!

    Bless you sweet Kate and your sweet Mommy!!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!


  4. March 26, 2007 is a special day in my family also. That is our log in date. It is funny to think that your family was finally putting some closure to your adoption process and we were just beginning on the same day.

  5. That WAS a touching post. And oh, my goodness, I had mono with an enlarged spleen and strep throat when I was in sixth grade. NO fun! What a great momma you are getting some sick day supplies. Bring on the Chutes and Ladders!

  6. Oh goodness, I would have been a trainwreck. I'm glad that Kate is ok.
    I'm going to go and read your husband's post.

  7. Bless your heart, what a scare. Glad Kate is okay.

    Happy Gotcha Day!

  8. Oh KIm, I am so glad she is okay! What a scare. I am so so sorry you had to go through that!!

  9. How scary for you! Very happy gotcha day.

  10. Oh my goodness! I'd had panicked also (and you made me chuckle with the cussing part, I just can't see you doing that, haha!). Glad all is well and I hope y'all have had a nice day playing games.

    Off to read about the day Kate met her Daddy and brother!

  11. Damn Kim, that's scary!! I think you deserve a drink or three. So sorry..

    My email is, Emma highjacked my Google!

  12. So glad that she is feeling ok! Wow -- no wonder you were worried, I'd have been a wreck too!

    That is the sweetest post from your hub ever! Congrats on 2 years together!

  13. oh my goodness kim! i would have lost it, too! you are such a calm, cool and collected mother. i better be like that! praise the lord miss kate is just sleepy. no fun, though. i still cannot believe how much she's grown since she came home -- and she's still a little girl. i love that!

  14. Kim I am sorry to hear about your rough time. I pray Kate gets her strength back quickly. (and that you keep your sanity;))
    Big hugs and love on this special day.

  15. Friend, I would have been freaking out! I am so glad that Kate is ok, and that ya'll lots to do now :)

  16. I don't think you overreacted, that sounds very scary! It sounds like a bad fall too, I hope she's okay. What a way to celebrate your anniversary. Happy (almost) Family Day!

  17. How scary! Thank God she's OK!

  18. How scary!! I don't blame you for panicking. My cousin's 2-year- old little girl (whom I nanny) fell asleep in the car the other day, and I couldn't get her awake until after I carried her inside. I didn't panick, but it did make my heart speed up. I can't imagine 45 mintues!!
    You may have done this, but google rainy day activities and you may get some fun things to do with Kate. Also, google homemade playdough recipes. Lots of fun!! : )

  19. So glad that Miss Kate is OK. Have you played Uncle Wiggly or the Ladybug game with Miss Kate? Both of these are our Kate's favorites!! Just thought these might help pass the time . . .

    Hope things slow down for you a bit . . .

  20. Oh my goodness, Kim! I would have flipped out. Sounds like you handled it very well. I am so glad that she is just fine, other than the crummy mono, of course. Looks like you girls have some fun things planned. I love Chutes and Ladders.
    Ya know what I always love about your blog posts?... the way you speak so lovingly about your husband. So often people put down their spouse and it is nice to see a loving wife acknowledge her husband. You two give me hope that I will find my Prince Charming :)

    Happy Daddy and Kate Gotcha Day!

  21. OMG!!! What a horrible situation!!! Thank good she is fine!!!!!! I would have panic too!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

  22. i am so glad that she was OK, i would have been so worried too!! thinking of you...

  23. Thank heavens she is OKAY!!! And you too :)!

  24. Poor You!!! I hate those booster chairs. Ours does exactly the same thing (popping off). And my Brill does exactly the same thing with her tummy (ample though it is!). She can pop that sucker off in a second. And yes, twice she popped off with it! I'm not a screamer...but I screamed when I heard the thud. And that goose egg nearly had me calling 911!!!! Never mind the broken antique chair...

    Glad to hear that all is well. Hang in there mom!

    And I love reading that post about your hubby getting Kate. It's a beautiful post. Happy Kateiversary

    Snick :)

  25. First of all, let me say how thankful I am that Kate is fine! I know you were scared to death!

    Second, I am relatively new to your blog so I had not read your adoption story. I just read your husband's post, and I have tears in my eyes! What a truly heartfelt, raw, beautiful depiction of your "Kate Emerson Day"! I just want to squeeze Will and tell him what a wonderful young man he is! How responsible and grown up to make that trek and then be such a great help!

    Here's to many, many more years of celebrating this fabulous day!

  26. OMW......KIM!!!!!! I would have been freaking out poor girl and poor Kate....Oho how I will keep you in my prayers....


    P.S. did you get the link I sent you?

  27. Oh Kim - I would have been right there with you. I panic about everything...and I love (sarcastic) when people say, "Don't worry about it!"
    Oh sure - just stop worrying. I am a mom for crying out loud - I will spend the rest of my life worrying...
    but with happy endings like yours today - it makes me rethink the worry.
    I am just so glad everything worked out for you and Kate!

  28. I'm a pretty calm person, but that would have FREAKED me out, too! You poor girl ... my thoughts and prayers continue for you and Kate. Take care of yourself sweet friend!

  29. Whew, so glad all is well with Kate. Scary.

    It must be amazing to look back on those posts now that you know the little girl in those photos.

  30. OMG I would of been panicking too! Both my girls are sporting large goose eggs from falls : ( When I was reading that Kate would not wake up I thought OMG seizure. When Livi was two we went in to her crib because she was sleeping late. We could not wake her. I was panicking, screaming, crying. We have two doctors on our street. I went running to both of their houses in my PJ's crying hysterically. The ambulance came, IV's in my babies arm : ( Bottom line, a seizure. And Livi had fallen off the chair the day before.
    Kate is going to be very tired for a while. Kenny was tired for well over a month when he had mono.
    Happy Happy Kate Day!!!!! What a wonderful day!!! Celebrate!!!
    {{{hug}}}} Happy Kate got some fun games!! My girls love those games. Especially candy land.

  31. Oh my what a time you are having! I will pray that Kate is feeling better soon, I bet you are a nervous wreck.
    Happy Gotcha Day! I can't believe it has been 2 years already, I will never forget following along.

  32. Oh, you poor thing! Sounds like a very stressful morning. So glad Kate is ok- just sleepy:) Also, thanks for letting us know you cussed:) Ha! I lost my temper yesterday and have been having mommy guilt- thanks for letting us know it happens to the best of us! Take Care!

  33. Oh, Kim,
    I couldn't breathe as I read your post.... I was holding my breath and reading faster and faster. I am so sorry! I can't imagine how terrified you must have been both times! I am so thankful that she is ok. I just can't imagine.
    I will be praying....
    Happy Kate in her Daddie's and her big brother Will's Gotcha day!
    The pic of her and Will is so sweet. She was so upset and he was such a little man.... just so calm and looking like he was trying to soothe her.
    Thank You Jesus that Katie Ru is home safe with her family....please heal her Lord... keep her safe and thank You that she didn't hurt herself. In Jesus Name we pray,

  34. Poor Kate..and Poor Mommy!! I was getting very nervous just reading your post. I can't even imagine how you were feeling. Praise the Lord she is ok. Hope you have a restful weekend!

  35. Kim, Im so glad Kate is ok from the fall. How scarey that was for you!! have fun playing games and singing songs with her and blowing bubbles!!

  36. That is so scary Kim.....I would have been just as frantic. I am glad that your housekeeper was there with situations of crisis, it is always reassuring to know you are not alone, at least that is how I feel!!

    Happy Family Day.....what precious pics of her first moment with Daddy and big brother Will.


  37. I am glad Kate is ok. Don't forget to try and take of yourself too. You are a great mom!

  38. So glad Kate is ok...sorry you are having to deal with all this. I remember that it : )

  39. What a scary fall. Poor little girl and you too. I would have reacted JUST like you, I panic as well. Man, thank the Lord she is fine and was just sleepy.
    I love those little pictures of that swweeeeet girl! Thanks for sharing.

  40. So glad Kate is fine! Sounds like you handled everything great!

    Does Kate like to play with play doh? How about Memory? My little
    one loved memory when she was Kate's age (still does). I think its more fun than board games. Puzzles? So hard to be indoors all the time!

    I loved the post from your husband!

  41. HOLY MOLY!!! I couldn't read that post fast enough to make sure everone was OK. My heart was racing. Dave is never going to pick up his phone at work again. I have never heard of having such a difficult time waking achild up...WOW. I am so thankful everything and everyone is OK.Have a peaceful weekend.

  42. I am sorry that Kate has mono. I am so glad she is okay after falling out of her chair! I hope she is feeling much better soon. Take Care, Cindy

  43. I am so thankful that she is okay! How scared you must have been!

    On a happier note....Happy Gotcha Day...part 1!:D

    I also got your comment about the canvas a while ago and am sorry to just be getting to you about it...if you would like one just e mail me at

    Have a wonderful weekend Kim! I will keep Miss Kate in my prayers!

  44. Hello! (:
    I've seen your blog off of Peggy's at Everyday Life With Gracie, and I really enjoy reading it. Would you mind if I added you to my favorite blog list?

    Meggie (:

  45. Oh my goodness...I couldn't hardly breathe the entire time I was reading this post. Thank God it was nothing....I will be so thankful when she is ALL well! I continue to pray for her.

  46. How scary! Sorry to hear/read she has mono. Are you going private? Seems like last time I clicked here it was private and I was sad but if not great!

  47. Oh, my heart goes out to you. The same thing happened to Mia and I rushed her to the Emergency Room after she fell out of her crib - on her head - and was unresponsive. That just happened to be the one and only time she has ever chosen to be sound asleep!!

    I am so glad to hear Kate is ok.

  48. Wow! I'm sure that was scary for you. So glad to hear your daughter's ok.


  49. Oh, Kim, I am so sorry that sweet Kate is so sick! That is no fun for ANYONE. I hope that she turns a corner VERY soon and starts feeling better. Be sure to look after yourself too, Florence Nightingale!


  50. Hi KIm, I just found your great blog! What a scary thing to have to go through. I'm glad she is OK.
    Happy forever day. Your daughter is a cute little thing!

  51. That is just the scariest thing I've ever read!! I would have freaked out too!! Thank God she is alright. I had mono when we came back from China and I know it knocks you out.... but I would have freaked.

    Congrats on this wonderful anniversary!! What a sweetie!

  52. Wow, Kim, it looks like it has been a difficult time at your home. I have been away from the blogging world for the past few weeks but I just spent the last 15 minutes reading your updates. I am so sorry to hear of Kate's mono. The poor angel! I look forward to rejuvinated health in your home and wonderful spring pictures! A special congratulations on your two years. It feels like yesterday that I read your husband's post.(And oh, by the way, I LOVE the new look on the built-ins. We painted ours white in 2007and I have never regretted it).

  53. Oh I could comment on every entry. I will stop here only to say that I felt just like Kate did in this picture today! As always what a great family you have my dear!

  54. Thank God she's okay... That must've been so scary. huge hug to you guys.

  55. My goodness, I would have had the medics form two counties at my house!!! I am so glad the story has a great ending here. Pretty frightening event. Actually I'm not fond of those booster seats for that exact reason. I lowered the highchair to the lowest level and feel bad because we sit on these high pub chairs, so of course she's climbing up on my lap anyway!!!
    Well, glad to hear little Kate is okay, as you are.

    Happy gotcha day too! What a memorable photo. I love reading all the stories...doesn't it seem like yesterday?

    Stay safe ya' all.

  56. When I was a teenager, I ended up with mono, too. I don't ever, ever remember feeling as bad as I did when I had mono. And the exhaustion is unbelievable. It's no wonder she wouldn't fully awake when you needed her to. Poor baby. It takes a while to get back to 100%.

  57. So scary!!! I'm so glad she is OK!

    On a happier note, I hope you have a Happy Forever Family Day! So sweet!


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