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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Added for those who have asked: You can buy coconut water at Whole Foods  (Vita Coco has high vitamin C). Apparently, a lot of athletes drink it. Coconut water has amazing more here --make sure you read to the end bullet points).  Off to add some to our lunchtime smoothie!

Stealing Mommy's smoothie
I have definitely seen some improvement in Kate...she is stealing my smoothie here (I was trying to get a photo for my 365 project).  We are drinking lots of fresh fruit smoothies with tons of vitamins and coconut water (excellent rehydrater--thanks T) and coconut milk for fat. Kate has lost weight as she has been sick for a month (between the pneumonia, upper respiratory infection and mono) Her throat hurts too much to eat so this is a good alternative for now. Her fever has broken but she is SO irritable.  I need patience.  I know she does not feel good but the major grumps get old fast.

A laptop of my own
I bought this little laptop at Target last week and was saving it for Easter or her birthday but I pulled it out yesterday.  She is even more bored than I am and keeps asking to go somewhere. We have tried playing games but she is a tad young and as I have said a million times before...Kate does not play with toys much at all.  So even though I am bored...I cannot accomplish anything at home.  I am mostly holding Kate or making something that she will not eat. Dave stopped home at lunch yesterday even though he had like 11 minutes to keep us company.  He is such a sweetie.

I am glad y'all liked the painted to answer some questions....

The Cape House asked

Here's a question, how do you keep your kids from destroying your lovely home? That beautiful china cabinet and all of those crisp white plates just make me cringe thinking of little boys running around crashing into things and throwing toys, etc. Or maybe my cousins are unusually active?

Well, I have a philosophy that if children are always exposed to nice (and breakable things) all of their life....they get used to them and learn to respect them.  My sofas  and chairs are from Quatrine and are machine washable slipcovers.  So, we have always had antiques and breakables out and our kids really have not broken any that I can recall.  Visiting children have broken a few minor things but such is life.  Also, our children have a playroom where they roughhouse (throw toys;), build legos etc.  This family room is more for watching television, reading, hanging out and playing board games.  Also, my boys are not really super hyper and rough and tumble.

Now, are you going to leave the door brown or will you paint them white as well?  

Great question.  I thought that I probably would need to paint them but I am not.  The very knowledgeable Layla said I did not need to and I agree. The doors are actually a beautiful walnut and they anchor the room and tie in a lot of the dark wood touches both in that room and the adjoining rooms and staircase.  Our floors are hickory but they are the same walnut tone so it looks good with them too.  I think it will stick out less once the wood blinds (which will tie them into the room too) and drapes are up.  

I have ALWAYS wanted to paint my fireplace brick but my husband has held me off, saying it's so permanent. What made you NOT paint your brick??

Another good question...Our home is new but the builder procured this antique Chicago brick salvaged from somewhere and he really liked it.  He used it in a few places around our house. So, at first, I just felt bad painting it.  However, now I love it the way it is.  It adds some texture and warmth to the room.  The colors are very soft and neutral. If it had been more red or brown or even that cream brick...I would
definitely have painted it. But the shades (grays, creams and pinks) are lovely and they blend well with the room.

Thanks for all the great feedback and well wishes and prayers:)  Y'all are the best!


  1. Hope Kate feels better soon..
    Love the questions and answers..
    Have a GREAT DAY..
    Hope you get to come out of the house...
    Love ya girly..

  2. Oooh that smoothie looks yummy!

    Regarding the fire place. If you did paint it, would you also paint it white? And do you have good suggestions for picking the right white?

    We're having a white mantel made to replace the current mantel & I would like to paint the brick. I've been searching for photo inspiration because my husband can't visualize it. All of our art looks bad against the red brick. My husband keeps shopping for new art to pop against the brick. The trouble is not the art, it's the brick!

    I hope you & Kate get relief soon!

  3. Hey Kim,

    I'm so glad Kate is better...that smoothie looks good enough to eat...or drink :-), I don't blame Kate for stealing it...I'd steal it too!

    The room looks great! I'm glad you didn't paint the door...and love antique Chicago brick!


  4. The brick really does go well with the has perfect colors in it for the room! Glad you chose to keep it that way. :)

  5. I love your philosophy about mixing nice things with children - I agree that the two can co-exist and your home is proof of that! I hope and pray your little Kate starts feeling much better soon. Thanks for your very sweet comment and have a great day!

  6. the smoothie looks just yummy!
    i've been adding flax seed with crushed blueberries to ours ( and a little agave nectar)
    must try the coconut too
    hope little one continues to feel better--that can make for quite the long day

  7. We too drink lots of smoothies...I have not thought of Coc. milk..i bet that is good. I usually use Keifer...and what is cocunut water?

  8. Where did you get the coconut water? Did you crack open a fresh coconut?? I, too, am starting my day with a health-full smoothie.

  9. That is one of the prettiest smoothies I've ever seen. Coconut milk... yum!

    I hope Kate feels better soon (for her and you).

  10. I meant to ask yesterday if you all take Transfer Factor? It is a supplement that helps the immune system. Actually, it is derived from colostrum (bovine, I think) and is a blue print for your immune system. Almost like being given the information like a newborn and helps regulate the immune system. We have used it in the past for my son with great results.
    And funny about the coconut milk. My family has been off and on The Body Ecology Diet for years and one of the main aspects is to drink fermented coconut water from green coconuts. This also helps the immune system as well as holding a huge amount of magnesium and potassium. I hope this helps you all on the road to recovery!

  11. That smoothie looks like the perfect way to start the day.

  12. You have a beautiful home! Came over from Layla's and really enjoyed the tour. Drop by & see me sometime.

  13. I feel so bad for Kate (AND for you;) Playing games is really hard for that age...except for maybe a memory game. Does she like the computer? Maybe have some great ABC fun. I know the frustration level is really high when they are sick. It is really high with Lottie on an every day basis...add sickness to that and YIKES!!!

    LOVE your cabinets!

  14. Mnnnn yummy smoothie. I am happy to hear that Kate is mending...slowly I know, but still mending.
    My boys never destroyed our home. The girls know what they can and can't touch. I don't agree with having to put everything up from children....although I did put some things up when they were toddlers LOL When my boys were young they were exposed to five star restaurants, our country club etc....they learned how to behave. Today as adults they have good manners...not perfect......but pretty darn good! The girls are still work in progress : ) We will get there.
    Please give Kate a kiss from me and tell her The Mooney's are thinking about her.

  15. Kim,

    I died and went to heaven when I tasted your chicken and penne dish!! It is AMAZING!!! I really don't think I'll survive if you go private- this recipe and the tortilla soup are both recipes that I could not live without. Our whole family ate the pasta dish which says a lot. I LOVE when you post recipes- they are always winners. Hope Kate continues to feel better- that smoothie looked delicious :)
    P.S. Sorry I don't have a name for the recipe, maybe "Kim's Incredible Pasta Dish" LOL


  16. That smoothie looks awesome and I love the painted built-ins. I agree in not painting the brick or the doors. Glad Kate is on the mend and sending hugs your way.

  17. Beautiful home. Beautiful family. And beautiful smoothie!! Hang in there... It's no fun having sick kids.

    Praying for Kate,


  18. I know how hard it is trying to keep a child company and active at home. Neither of my boys have ever been ones to play with toys. Occasionally they will go build Legos but not very often. They want my husband and I to be their playmates - both of them!!! It proves very challenging to get things done around this house when they are home!

    Good luck! The fruit smoothies sound DELISH!

  19. Darling photos of Kate :).
    I also never have/had any problems with my boys with our home. They learned from early on to 'respect' it and it's belongings. Even with 3 boys (big boys!), our home has always been quite orderly (except for their rooms!) and a 'non-loud' home.


  20. Poor sweet girl!! I had mono right after we returned from China and I have never been so sick... I hope she heals quickly. I'll be thinking of her.

    Your house looks wonderful. I love the paint! And I like the dark doors with it... pulls out the other wood accents like on the stairs, etc. Beautiful.

    Hope your family is well soon. Take Care.

  21. Kim,
    I hope little Kate is back to her usual self soon. Hang in there.

    Here's a question for about toy storage? I'm currently looking for inspiration on how to store the toys in our house. You are inspiring on other fronts, thought you would be on this one as well. (Only if you have the time...I understand caring for Kate is your first priority).
    Hoping for a full and quick recovery.
    Take care,

  22. Wow, I love the painted built ins! I missed posting earlier, but what a difference it makes in your room. Good choice about keeping the dark walnut around the door to tie things in & keeping the brick the same to add variety, it looks fabulous, so much brighter!
    I just finished accessorizing my new white kitchen, I'll post soon. Thanks for sharing, and so glad to hear Kate is on the mend. She (and you) have been through a lot lately, hope she's back to her healthy happy self real soon!

  23. It is lunchtime and that smoothie is calling my name, it looks so good and refreshing!

    I am glad that you see an improvement in Kate, but feel so bad that you are couped up in the has to be hard on the both of you. Hang in there.....looks like she loves her new computer, I bet you were glad you had that in the closet!


  24. I am so glad you mentioned that the kids know how to live in a house full of valuables. Mine do to. We parent much the same way, no?

    Lovely painted cabinets. I am happy Kate is feeling better. That smoothie looks yummy.


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