Post Christmas Decoration Blahs

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Updated to answer Stacy's question:

Stacy asked if I ever use fake greenery or do I always use the real thing...

Well, I would say 90% of the time, I use the real thing.  I choose easy plants and ones that "clean the air" like English Ivy. I am just not a fan of the fake stuff.  However, I see more and more designers using it lately. 

Around Christmas, my hubby and Will get sick if I bring too much green inside.  Also, every once in a while, I see something that is not real that catches my eye and looks real (like the photo above~there are currently two on my kitchen windowsill).  I will say this though, if you use the fake stuff, do not pretend it is real.  

Original Post:
Lisa wrote and asked about suggestions to spruce things up after the holidays. You know what she means.... you take your decorations down and everything look so bland and uninspired. Well, I happened to be having coffee with another design loving decorating kind of Mom today and we were saying the very same thing.  

My suggestion is to buy some fresh flowers or plants.  I live near a wholesale flower district so if I venture there, I can buy bunches of bright tulips very reasonably.  If you keep tulips and other bulb flowers (hyacinths, daffodils) in very cold water they last longer.  


Or look around for an orchid plant (my favorite) Although they can be quite pricey, I have seen them at Wh*le Foods or my local supermarket for under $25 and they bloom for at least two months or more. I swear I had one in Virginia that I called the uber-orchid because it was always in bloom. Orchids are the best investments because I always have a few in bloom and they last for years and years (unless I move and cannot take them all with me). It is like constantly having fresh flowers in your home. They are super easy to care for too.  You simply water them once a week (warm or tepid water) and let them drain well.  Once all the blooms fall off a stem, cut that stem all the way back and continue to water once a week or so (not more) and it will bloom all over again in a few months or so.

Orchid 1
(this photo is shadowy but it was cloudy and late afternoon here)

I also love to have some ivy around my house.  This time of year, you can find some simple and pretty topiaries. Again, these are not difficult to care for at all.  Stick to watering once a week and tuck the growing ivy in along the topiary.

So, Lisa...those are my suggestions.  I had several orchids and plants in my old house and have not quite replaced them all here. I think I will take some of my own advice and bring some natural beauty inside this weekend.

I have saved everyone's questions and will get to them eventually.  The next post however is about my sweet Katie Ru.


  1. LOVE the ideas...
    The flowers are beautiful..
    Can't wait for the next post..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  2. That orchid is beatiful Kim! Wow! Thanks for the wonderful ideas, it's amazing how much fresh flowers and plants change a home- it makes such a difference I think. Looking forward to the post about sweet Katie Ru!


  3. Kim - I love the idea of orchids - maybe I could keep them alive! I will try to find some around here.


  4. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the ideas....I spent the morning arranging, rearranging and pulling little things out of the basement to spruce up the mantels and the top of my armoires and hutches.

    I love that photo of the tulips...they are so of my favorite flowers!! I just might need to go out and grab a bunch, put them in a pretty vase and place them on my kitchen table!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  5. Oh, tulips are my favoritest (if there is such a word!) ever flower. I just can't get enough of them. Thanks for the tip of keeping them in very cold water. Didn't know that.

    (My husband is a funeral director & I always tease him that the only time I get flowers is if he has any left from a funeral! I'll have to share your suggestion with him & see if he brings any home this coming week!)

  6. "Not difficult to care for …" Oh Kim, you don't know me and plants of any kind. I agree with Lisa that the house looks to blah without all the Christmas decorations. I get blue in January anyway, so maybe I'll try some real plants but I don't know about orchids. Maybe? Or maybe the ivy. Hmmmm.

  7. I just bought white hydrangeas and white begonias plants to cheer up my sad post holiday home. They definitely help. I find that the plants last a little longer than the cut flowers. Either way, flowers are my way of getting through these dark winter months.


  8. That orchid is so pretty. Is it really real? My house has been feeling bare too with all the Christmas stuff down.

    I love all your "tips".

    I ordered a couple of tshirts, one for me and a couple for friends who are having birthdays soon. Do you know how long she is going to give us the discount? I want to get a couple more for some other b-days :)

  9. Jennifer,

    Yes, the orchid is really real on on my living room tea table.

    I am not sure about the t-shirt deal but I need to order two tomorrow! I think you probably have a few more days.....


  10. I am feeling the bareness too - outside and IN!! I could use some color and nature inside too :)

  11. Great post!!! I love both orchids and Ivy. I have the blahs...I love fresh flowers...I need them in my house. It's so cold here and the fresh flowers help me to get through winter...that and a stiff drink....oh just kidding, : )

  12. Great idea! I currently have two orchids, but they are not in bloom now!

  13. I was at Target today and they had a display of artificial orchids for $19.99 each. They looked so real! Might be a nice investment and nice way to jump start spring :) Love the picture of the tulips.

  14. I read your post & smiled! I bought a great bouquet on Friday for this very reason- things seem so empty and sad after the holidays.

    It always helps me- thanks for the orchid suggestion. I'll have to give that a try when I'm feeling brave.

  15. Kim,

    Thanks for the great tips! I was wondering if you ever use fake greenery in your home or do you always stick with the real thing?

  16. i love orchids, they are so elegant. i have several growing on palm trees by our front door, and there are ALWAYS blooms around.

  17. Nice post and I really like the one in the windowsill shown. That is funny/weird that your friend lied about the orchid in her home. I'm embarassed for her.

  18. I'll love to read a post about children bedroom decor and/or playrooms. Thank you!

  19. I feel the need for some color also...although I don't miss all of the extra Christmas mess around here. Love all the flowers!

  20. I will take advice on decorating from you any day :)!

  21. Okay, I have seriously killed every live plant I have ever owned. But you have inspired me...I MAY try an Orchid. Or maybe you could just tell me where you got the fake ones! :)


  22. Kim, thanks so much for answering my question on the greenery. I felt so special when I pulled up your blog this evening:) I love to decorate but it doesn't come naturally to me so I love reading your tips! Take Care!


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