The painting

Friday, January 9, 2009

A few people asked about the painting below. And yes, Jennifer, there is a little story....

Many years ago I was having lunch in the restaurant in Saks Fifth Avenue. As an aside, I just love when a good shop has a good restaurant too. Anyway, this painting was hanging in the restaurant and I was really drawn to it. I was young, newly married and not really in the business of buying paintings. Nonetheless, I asked as I was leaving about the painting. The maitre de told me the name of the gallery that owned the painting (Bernabe' Somoza). I called them later that day, we went to look at the painting and bought it.

I really do love it. It has looked better in other spots in other homes. The artist is a Russian woman named Olga Grigorievitch Koulagina. And the piece is called Blossom. There is some Russian writing on the back but I do not understand it. Every painting in our house has a little story and that is one reason I love collecting art. I have a few future posts planned on art and ways to incorporate art into your home (for all budgets) so stay tuned.


  1. Hey Kim,

    Can you take a picture of the Russian Writings on the back, and email it to me. Mabye my husband Larry can read what it says. He has taken Russain classes, and does really well with it. Also, our Russian interpreter from Ukraine, can also translate it for us, if Larry can't.

    That's if you want to

  2. Kim, I really like the painting and LOVE art. I wrote tiny snippet about you at my blog yesterday.

  3. Hi Kim,
    I have posted on your blog before and am still reading and enjoying it. Your family is just beautiful. I love your decorating style and your great hints.
    By the way, just for your information, Grigorievitch is the masculine form of this middle name. The feminine form should be Grigorieyevna. In Russian the patronimick(sp?) system is used for middle names. That means that every child has the Father's name for a middle name with either the masculine or the feminine ending.
    If you want, you can take a picture of the writing on the back and post it or send it to me and I may be able to translate it for you.

  4. I like having story's about pieces of art, that's nice!

  5. Love the story! The painting is beautiful, but I'm sure it's fun to remember the story each time you look at it.

    PS - Thanks for the discount on the Mom's t-shirt!! I'm trying to decide which color I want!! ;-)

  6. I love when pieces in our homes have special sentimental meaning and value, priceless!!.

    Have a great weekend

  7. Kim the painting is beautiful!!! I love the story that goes a long with the painting. I love your post!!!I am really enjoying the home post!!! I can't wait for you to post some home decorating sites.

  8. What a beautiful painting! I love that it *spoke* to you the very first time you saw it. I look forward to the continuing tour of your collection!

  9. I can't wait for your posts.... I just wished you lived closer to me so you could give me real pointers on what to do. We are beginning to re-model our "forever" home and there are soooo many decisions to be made!

  10. Kim of course it's ok to add me to your blog roll : )
    I have a few challenging area's in my house that I will be asking for idea's (OK I need help) I will be posting soon...I hope you will chime in : ) You have such wonderful taste! You really should be a decorator. In your free time LOL

  11. I have a friend who speaks Russian. If you can email me the writing off the back of the painting, I may be able to get it translated for you. annikaabel -at-

  12. What a great story! I love hearing about your passions.

  13. Kim-
    Stop by my blog... J-Man has something he wants to tell you!


  14. I love the "story" behind an it for your home or a piece of clothing, etc. Thank you for sharing! Also, my heart skipped a beat when I read that the artist is Russian! I cannot wait to travel there!

  15. Thanks for telling us the story! I love original art, no matter where it is from!


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