A double surprise

Monday, January 19, 2009


The other day we had a wonderful surprise visit from Isaac and Ella!

Thank you for your prayers for them.  They are doing so well now.


The handsome Isaac


and beautiful and graceful Ella!


Oh man~ I love babies and I love seeing my husband hold a baby!


Don't you just love Harry's freckles?  I could eat them up!


We all got to hold the twins (except for Kate).  So she ran upstairs and got her baby doll.  Then, she imitated exactly what she saw us doing.  It was so adorable.


to Maggie Mae, Denise, Staci and Amy~ All my girlfriends who have birthdays this week.  I love you all!


  1. Isaac and Ella are sooooo ADORABLE....
    So glad they are doing well..
    Love the photos...
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Oh my word what adorable babies!!!!! And look at your handsome boys with those babies...how cute is that! Miss Kate looks so serious with her baby doll..what is her babies name? Addison has that doll (two of them, twins) and they both are named Georgia LOL
    Happy birthday to all your friends!!! I was happy to read that the twins are doing well. I have thought about them and wondered how they were doing.
    I also wanted to thank you for all the decorating blogs. They have been a big help to me...thank you.

  3. How cute are the twins....I am so glad that they are doing so well!! Seeing your boys holding them, brings a smile to my face....so precious!! Kate looks like she is having fun joining in on the baby fun....too cute:)


  4. Those babies, I could just gobble them up with kisses. I love babies as well! Darling and thank you so much for sharing.

  5. The twins are so precious and I love the photo of Kate holding her Bitty Baby (it looks like a Bitty Baby at least)! Also, you must give me more details on your visit- how exciting!!

  6. I'm so happy to hear the twins are doing well...they are SO cute! (as are all of your family members holding them).

    I am also very much looking forward to pics of Kate in all of her dance gear - I hope she loves it. Watching Lily dance brings me SUCH joy...

  7. oh aren't they darling???
    I too love to see hubby with a baby. I ADORE babies as well:)

  8. That shot of kate holding her baby doll is too priceless! The whole post is precious! Kim, I hope she loves ballet too!! Thanks for your sweet comment!! It is too funny when we are all somehow doing the same things!!

  9. What cute babies! I love that Kate went and got her baby doll when the twins were over!

  10. What precious babies! There is nothing sweeter than holding a newborn, except maybe holding two of them! It is so cute to see your boys with the babies and so smart of Miss Kate to retrieve her own baby.

    Great pictures.

  11. Seriously...almost more cuteness than one blog post allows. From the babies...to the freckles...to Kate and her "baby"...lokking so intent and serious...too much I tell you. It's hard to take it all in at once!

    I am so glad the babies are doing well...they are just darling...and I LOVE their names!


  12. They are adorable :) I love babies too......I love the picture of Kate holding "her baby". She is way too cute!


  13. Oh you can tell the twins are still so tiny! I did a two year fellowship in a NICU, and I just adore the little ones! Thanks so much for sharing an update on them!

    I think it is precious that Kate went to get her doll. She really is a girlie girl!

  14. so sweet! they are just precious!

  15. How precious! So glad they are doing well.

    Perhaps Cupid, the Valentine Fairy, will bring Kate some clothes for her baby!!!! (If Kate's anything like my Zoe, her baby's clothes don't stay on very long before we have to change to a new outfit!)

  16. Awwww....


    And of course. I want to know about Kate's dress. So sweet. I bet she can;t wait for her new dance class. Have fun with that. I do!!!

  17. Precious little ones. sweet Kate!

  18. Oh the innocence of a newborn! Precious.

    Love Kate holding her dolly.

    To cute.


  19. How precious are those babies....your boys look so sweet holding them too!

  20. Oh my goodness...aren't they precious gifts from God? I don't remember the last time I held a newborn baby...just beautiful.

  21. Between the twins, the boys, and Kate...I don't know who's cuter. They're all precious.

  22. ahhhh....the twins are so adorable!!......and the picture of Kate with her baby doll is too cute too!!

  23. ahhhh....the twins are so adorable!!......and the picture of Kate with her baby doll is too cute too!!

  24. I love the lipstick!!! My oldest wrote all over herself and our table when she was 3 with a Sharpie marker. I put her down for a nap and I fell asleep on the couch (I was 6 months pregnant) and she woke up very quietly and decided to make herself beautiful!! Oh I was sooooo mad!!! Sharpie marker is not easy to get off!! The twins looks great and seeing the boys hold them is just precious!!

  25. Oh that is sooooo cute that she was imitating you all. Love it.


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