Preppy Christmas Cards

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love preppy things!  And I always have.  I also LOVE Christmas cards and I start shopping for our family card very early.  I typically have them printed and ready to go by Thanksgiving (not sure that will happen this year).  So, I found a few adorable preppy styles for this year.  I am still undecided about which card I'll be using but I think they are all fabulous.

These are all from Fine Sationery:


Who doesn't love madras?  These woud be perfect for a beach photo.
Align Center83897
All of my favorites, pink, green toile and brown!
This one is kind of mod---but pink and green!


This one is from Kim's custom cards (not me) and I used a similar one in 2005 (see it here). Kim's cards are very reasonable and cute!  She was a teacher and started this business.  I love to support her small business. Her customer service is superb and she was a finalist in Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers contest!  She sells other cute things too (like those pink and green damask Scout bags)  Check her out:)

Then from Tiny Prints....I LOVE their stuff and my last two Christmas cards have come from them (see them here and here).

They usually have coupon codes so check the web for some or call the company and they'll tell it to you over the phone.


Argyle is so classic.


I think this one is more modern prep.  Love it.

Toile and gingham---so cute!

This one is my favorite. It is called "Posh Pearls"  I LOVE it.  It is exactly my style.  As Dave would say, "it is so very Kimmy."  BTW--No one else is allowed to call me Kimmy-- ever. But I send about 140-150 cards and that extra postage (square envelope) adds up! Also, the photo I was thinking about using isn't quite right for this card. Still thinking about it...

Now onto holiday party invitations....When we lived in Houston before we always had a big Christmas party.  I think we are going to have one this year.  It will force me to stop procrastinating (by looking for cards on-line) and get this house together.

I adore these from Fine Stationery...




I will likely order this one.  Although I like the one right above it too.

I took the whole day off yesterday from unpacking.  I had my eyebrows waxed (boy did they need it.  I looked like an old man).  I took Kate to the park and I sat and looked for these cards while she napped (and cooked chili). Then I got a migraine.

Okay, now I really need to get back to work.  You people are a BAD influence on me:)


  1. Love them all! I used Tiny Prints last year too. I think they have tons of super cards. My sister is doing our card this year. She's started designing cards as part of her blankets and banner business.
    I'd love to know any move tips you might have. We have @7 months until we move back to the states. I'm already stocking up on Zip Locks for all my drawers. Can't wait to be in NC!

  2. I have used tiny prints in the past. Last year I used shutterfly because we did a Brady Bunch theme. You can see it on my blog if you scroll down. I am trying to come up with a card that is as good as last years...any ideas? We have always done a picture card. This has been a tradition since I was born...ok that's a lot of years let's not talk about it LOL

  3. Wow I love them, not sure which is my favorite, more traditional for sure!! I am sure whatever you pick will be perfect!!


  4. Oooh! Fun post...I love picking out stationary. many good choices! I especially love all of the toile cards & the "Mix, Mingle and Be Merry" invite. (You are reminding me that I need to get on top of our Christmas cards soon!)

    I bet it is a great feeling to know you are finally getting settled into your new home & will soon be ready to entertain. Maybe Kate can make cheese sticks for the party! :)

    Have fun planning!

    (ps--I hope this doesn't post many times. My computer is giving me a lot of problems!)

  5. I love shopping for Christmas cards. I could spend hours looking at them. I have such a hard time deciding on just one design, so I usually end up with a few designs. All the cards you chose are adorable. I especially love the red toile with green gingham.

    You showed a few Christmas cards from years past. I too had the Christmas tree cards one year. I adored that card. I wish I would have kept one card every year to put in a memory book. I know a woman who has her Christmas card framed every year. Her cards are remarkable!!

  6. A great collection of cards and invitations...I can't believe you send out that many cards! You are way better at sending than I am. I love that you put so much thought into it. It really makes a difference when cards are personalized.

  7. I also love Christmas cards and just ordered ours. You have exquisite taste BTW! I'm a lover of toile from way back when.

  8. hello! i just have to again how much i love your blog!!!!

    my vote goes to the toile and gingham ones. they are sooo pretty. (i love your style)

    i went back and was catching up on posts. i too dread my sone finding out there is no santa ect. i do hope i can pass on to him that the magic of the season is what (insert mythical figure here) represents along with the meaning of the season.

    I LOVE YOUR CLOSET!!! i really want to have a closet like. i organize mine by color too, but it still looks messy because it is small.

    good luck on unpacking!


  9. Your choice of cards and invitations are wonderful. I found some cards last month. I am laughing out loud at your eyebrow comment. My eyebrows are not as bushy as they are loooong it can be pretty frightening.

  10. Hi Kim,

    What a fun post!

    I am so behind on this item....I think I have my card picked out(polka dot, I just need a good photo of both of the kids together! I had hoped that while we were on The Cape this summer I would get a good shot to use, but none of them turned out as well as I had hoped.....

    All of the cards/designs you have picked are beautiful....I can't wait to see which one you end up with!

  11. oh I am trying to figure out what to use this year too. I always love your taste Kim. Very classy:)
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  12. Wow, those are to die for. Love 'em lots! I tried sending comments this morning, but nothing would post. :(
    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  13. I love all the cards. I used Tiny prints last year. I love their stuff. I guess I need to get busy on a picture :)

    I also need to get moving on invitation too. THanks for the push!

    I couldn't post a comment on your last post for some reason, but I printed out that recipee and plan to use it. I would also love the lime cilantro shrimp. I might just have to buy those recipee books. I love our jr. league books!

  14. I adore the Posh Pearls. It is just the right mix of festive and preppy. Can't wait to see pics of the peanuts in their Christmas outfits!!!

  15. You have such good taste, any of them would be perfect!! Can I say I just love your blog, Kim. You do so many wonderful things with it and I love reading it!
    Kim and Katiebug

  16. Omg - I love them all but I am very traditional for Christmas - so I tend to like the last ones you posted! Glad that you took a day off - but so sorry about the migraine ;-(
    Ladybug hugs,

  17. I love all of the cards that you picked out! You have such great taste!

    We are a bad influence on you, aren't we?!

  18. Thanks for profiling our cards!
    We have tons more styles this year than last so have fun shopping. Just announced a new Tiny Prints partnership with babyGap, perhaps worth a look.

    To be fair the competitor's cards are very nice as well, I like the plaid ones from Fine Stationery best.

    Of course contact me if you need a coupon.

    Rick @ Tiny Prints

  19. Oh I LOVE all of these! I just did my today on Shutterfly. I had gum surgery yesterday so I decided to use some quiet time and do the card! If I give it too much thought it gives me a headache so I just picked a picture and did it!!!

  20. U r the absolute best for taking time out to share all the time!

    thank you.


  21. Hi!
    I love the Posh Pearls too! And, then I love the Argyle!
    Great choices this year.... Can you believe mine are done and actually sitting in my office... Perhaps I should address them!! :)

    When's the Christmas Party! Do you need 2 bartenders?

    Love ya,

  22. Madras, anything monogrammed, pink and it all. But toile is always my favorite. I'm like you, I always have my cards done early.

  23. all of the cards are beautiful kim! I love the madras, great for some of the fun photos you got at the beach. I am going to make all of my cards this year, I will post what I come up with. I am still trying to think of different ideas.

    THANK YOU for posting the tortilla soup recipe, i am going to try it ASAP!

    You deserve a little break, prop your feet up and watch the election coverage:)

  24. Thanks for sharing all these amazing cards..
    You always have amazing cards and parties..
    Have a Great Evening..
    Hugs girly.
    sorry about the migraine...

  25. Oh yummy! I love all of those cards but the first pink madras is my favorite!

  26. Sorry! I didn't mean to push you along in your Christmas card journey!

    But it is one of my favorite projects (and a project it IS with wrangling the kids for a picture!) all year! Good luck!

  27. We speak the same language, Kim! I love "Fine Stationary"... one of my fav's. I need to order some invitations too. Maybe it will inspire me to get going on the holidays!

  28. Ooooo I love them all!!! But I have to say the "Posh Pearls" is my fav too!
    I ordered our Christmas cards week before last....and they arrived very early SATURDAY morning via DHL delivery services! (Ughh....we really needed to sleep in!!!) Anyway....I just love them! I tried a little something new this year....and I have to say I am pleased! I'd love to send you me when you get a free minute!
    Denise C

  29. I am getting a little anxious about my cards. So many choices~!

  30. Love the posh pearls, but I think you are going to surprise us. My spare moments have been spent searching too! Fun post!

  31. you are SO on top of things. i just realized we don't a photo that i want to use for the christmas cards so we are taking one at thanksgiving. i have no clue what i'm going to do for many decisions. i've fallen for a few tiny prints. i'd love to use one of our wedding portraits but that was one year ago and nearly everyone on our list was at the wedding (yes, we are so blessed and lucky).

    i love the crain invites but the others are just as stunning. what did you decided?


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