Christmas Past~2005

Sunday, December 23, 2007

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Christmas Card~ 2005
My friend, Elissa also took this photo. The cards were really cute. They scanned more yellowish but they were really a lime green with red.


We tried a new venue for Santa this year. I love how Harry is playing with his fingers. He did that at that age a lot.


Gingerbread men, elves, toy soldiers and the like we wandering around too.


On our way to Christmas Eve Mass.

Hanging the stockings


Harry with some of his nutcrakers. This year, Harry was very fascinated with pirates. He loved them. His birthday party was a pirate party with a treasure hunt in our yard. Unfortunately it was an icy treasure hunt. Anyway, I was lucky enough to find a pirate nutcracker.

Will was taking golf lessons and this year his nutcrakcer was a golfer. They open their nutcrackers from Mom on Christmas Eve.

Aug2006_picts 001

Just a few days before Christmas, Will decided that all he wanted for Christmas was Comet's antlers. Yes, that is right. He has a habit of these impossible requests. You can read more about them here. Anyway, much to our surprise... on Christmas morning, there were Comet's antlers with a very special note from Santa.


Aunt Susie came over on Christmas day. We gave her a DVD player. She seemed to like it!


Daddy got a new grilling book.

Aug2006_picts 005

We went to PA again on the 26th to be with family. Here are the boys with cousin Ashton.

Aug2006_picts 010

Harry playing with one of my Aunt Dottie's dogs. Harry loved this dog. In fact, she was the inspiration for Scout.


This year, the boys really wanted to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve. We let them snuggle on the couch wathing kids shows. This was a HUGE deal as our kids are asleep by 8 p.m. every night. Will made it but as you can see, Harry was kind of sleeping.

I have one more Christmas past and I will post it tomorrow. Now, we are going to attempt to make our gingerbread houses as a family. Wish me luck!


  1. have fun, Chloe went to Nana's to bake cookies, so Jake is going to make a gb house when I lay Caitlyn down. Was this a new pair of jammies on the stairs where you hung your stockings?;)
    Beautiful pics. Love the gingerbread men walking around and everything. How fun.

  2. Yes, kind of you to notice the different jammmies! I specificallt bought myself a new pair this year:<) ON sale no less!


  3. I love nutcrackers... the boys have the coolest ones ever.... LOVE that Pirate!!!!!!!!
    May you have a Jesus filled, joyous Christmas celebration.
    Jeremy, Daleea, Nicholas and Hannah

  4. I am sad that your Christmas past posts will be coming to an end. I so enjoy them!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and I will be checking in tomorrow for 2006~

  5. Wonderful photos. My son Tyler loves Nutcrackers and collects them. Have a wonderful Christmas Kim. Did you get my e-mail last week?

  6. Cute pictures! Have a great Christmas!

  7. How'd the gingerbread houses turn out? Did Dad use the grill book?
    What's his best recipe?
    Sometime, you'll have to post the boys nutcracker collections......


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