Saints among us?

Monday, October 20, 2008

The kids were off from school today and we explored the Japanese gardens (photos on the photo blog too).  I was chasing Kate and the boys were just walking like this.  It was totally natural and it made me so happy!  When they are not fighting, they really love each other.

The other day, Will got into the car after school with a HUGE smile on his face.  Since this is not a normal occurrence of late, I asked him about it.  He told me that his Math teacher pulled him into her office and told him that she was allowed to choose one student out of all three grades she taught to award "the saint of the month."  She chose Will.  The teachers were asked to chose one student who demonstrates the attributes of a saint.  I am so proud of him.

Moments later Harry opened his folder only to find out that his teacher had chosen him as well. She never mentioned it to him at all whereas Will's teacher told him in private and then announced it his class.  I am very proud of my boys.  They have been through a lot here but they are still behaving like moral, kind and compassionate individuals.

I must share something with y'all because it is something that has really helped us. Harry has really struggled with his new school. His past two teachers (in Virginia) were about the kindest, most compassionate, warm wonderful teachers you have ever met. We LOVED them.  His current teacher is icy. I could elaborate on this a lot but I have decided not to. Harry has so many feelings and he struggles with expressing them sometimes.  So, Harry and I have begun writing a children's book about a boy who changes schools.  It has helped us immensely.  It is fiction and we have had so much fun embellishing and making up the characters names.  It has allowed Harry to express his feelings in a productive way.  Who knows, we might even try to publish it.  

I wanted to share this with y'all because I could see it as a good way to process various issues that children face. 


  1. You must be soooo proud..
    Will and Harry are AMAZING.. all due to AMAZING parents..
    Have a Great Evening..

  2. First of all, LOVE the picture! Second of all, congrats to both boys on their behavior, and thirdly, I think the idea of writing a book is fantastic. I'm going to store that in my "use later with my kids" file. Even if you do nothing with it, it is a great way to problem solve, come up with creative solutions to problems, find humor in stressful times, etc. Great idea, Kim! Now, bring on the new house pictures. I can't wait to see them! :)

  3. How nice that both your boys were awarded the Saint awards - you must be so proud of them and you and Dave deserve one too for raising them so well! The book is a great idea! Blessings, Wendy

  4. Way to go, Will and Harry! You and Dave must be so proud of them!

    I think the book is a great idea. You will have to keep us posted on it.

  5. What a great idea. My son struggles in this area too and I had never thought of that. Thanks for the great idea!!

  6. Wow -- congrats to both of your boys! That is so sweet! I'm sure it has been a tough time starting a new school and all, but you all have done so great finding the positive in trying situations! Have a great week!


  7. Your boys are precious!!! I love the picture. I also love your book idea. Not only do you get to spend quality time with Harry, you are helping him deal with his emotions.

  8. I love the book idea. Our Asher has had a similar experience in our move here and it breaks my heart. Congratulations to your boys for doing so well in their new school!

  9. I'm pretty impressed that, with everything you have going on, you can think to do this with Harry. That is so Awesome!! I hope I would be willing to do the same, but I'm not so sure. How exciting that they were both chosen this month! That's all that hard work paying off.

    Love the pic. I love it when the love shows through!!

  10. Hi Kim- Such great accomplishments for the boys! Not because they tried and achieved something great (which is fantastic in its own way) but because they were recognized for just being themselves. You and Dave have given them such a strong foundation- and even during tough times, they live according to what is in their hearts, and at their core. And that's really what it's all about- being true to yourself, no matter the situation. I see that in your blog all the time and think that's why so many are drawn to you. You are so very blessed!

    The book idea is fantastic and has worked for us too. When Cooper's hermit crab died during the 1st week of school last year, he was a wreck. His kindergarten teacher had him write a book about it. It was a huge help to him (and to me!). Certainly not publishing material- but it's now on our family bookshelf! So glad that it's helping Harry as well.

    Have a great day-

  11. Wisdom is the word that pops into my mind when I read this post ... wisdom of two little boys as they make sense of their new world, wisdom of a mother who knows how to make their children feel safe and special ... wisdom of a family that finds joy and peace in difficult times. You inspire me!

    I love the idea of writing a book ... I have a link to a magazine that publishes children's stories ... I'll email it to you later to day.

  12. Way to go guys! Congratulations!
    That is such a wonderful idea to do the book-I think we will try the same-Thanks for sharing with us-

  13. Congratulations to those two handsome sons of yours!

    What a wonderful idea in writing the book. A great way to express their feelings.

  14. And you should be proud! Way to go Will and Harry. Great idea about the book~

  15. Wow! Woohoo! Have you been over to Denise's blog today?...very similar story there! You mom's are doing a great job with your boys! I know you are proud of them and it may be hard to pat yourself on the back...but you deserve one~so go ahead, give yourself a pat! Here's hoping I'll be as great mom to our soon to be son, Joel!
    Blessings to you,

  16. oh, I forgot....LOVE the picture! Priceless.

  17. Oh, Kim..... that is so wonderful and I can't say that I am surprised that your little men would be chosen....
    What a special gift you are giving to Harry with the book.... Having gone to several schools (probably more than 15) I think you two should publish it! I am certain it would minister to many children.

  18. That is such a wonderful idea. I'm going to have to think of something along those lines to help my children out, too. As they, too, are having their struggles at their new schools.

  19. Congratulations to all! How wonderful that their new school acknowledges their specialness. And I think the apples haven't fallen far from the trees! I love the idea of writing a book about the moving experience. My kids used their experiences in their college essays (both moved just prior to starting high school, one changed from private to public h.s. as well).

  20. Wow - I just love the book idea you and Harry came up with that is so creative and must offer some great one-on-one time for you two as well. Congratulations to your boys, I know you must be busting with pride, and rightfully so. :-)

  21. Hi Dawn! I remember you- I think a long time ago we followed one another, when my blog was "the mad race for macey"- but thank you so much for the comment on my blog and for the encouragement about love rediscovered.

    I love this photo and what it says about your boys, and how they were both picked as "saints"- one of the names I have on my "list" of names for my girl is Remi, after Saint Remi, in fact. But I'm stuck on Ellis and will probably stick with that :O)

    This is such a beautiful post. I hope you do look into publishing that book. What a wonderful way to work through those feelings with him!

  22. You might appreciate this hymn from the Episcopal hymnal: "I sing a song of the saints of God" Note especially the 3rd verse. You don't have to be famous to be a saint, and clearly you don't even need to be grown up!

    . I sing a song of the saints of God,
    patient and brave and true,
    who toiled and fought and lived and died
    for the Lord they loved and knew.
    And one was a doctor, and one was a queen,
    and one was a shepherdess on the green;
    they were all of them saints of God, and I mean,
    God helping, to be one too.

    2. They loved their Lord so dear, so dear,
    and his love made them strong;
    and they followed the right for Jesus' sake
    the whole of their good lives long.
    And one was a soldier, and one was a priest,
    and one was slain by a fierce wild beast;
    and there's not any reason, no, not the least,
    why I shouldn't be one too.

    3. They lived not only in ages past;
    there are hundreds of thousands still.
    The world is bright with the joyous saints
    who love to do Jesus' will.
    You can meet them in school, on the street, in the store,
    in church, by the sea, in the house next door;
    they are saints of God, whether rich or poor,
    and I mean to be one too.

  23. Oh Kim, that's wonderful that the boys stellar behavior is being recognized, and on the same week too! You must be so proud of them (and of your hard work to have them be the way they are!!)
    I am so sorry to hear that Harry's teacher isn't so warm and fuzzy. Your idea of writing a book with him is so great. I do think you should look into getting it published. I have a friend who is a children's book illustrator. Let me know if you'd like her contact information!! (maybe even if it just for your family)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  24. May I order one of the first copies??! What an incredible idea. Seriously, I think you should publish it. You never know! (I'll even pay extra for the autograph inside the cover :) Great job Will and Harry.

  25. I am so excited for your boys! What a boost to be recognized! You are raising fine young men...well done!

    I LOVE the children's book idea. Sounds like it is a productive and fun project to do together. It would be exciting to see something come of it for you two! I wonder if you could somehow scan the pages and make a Shutterfly hardbound book for him for Christmas!

  26. I've always loved using writing as a way to "heal" whatever needs healing. A rotten teacher, indeed! They shouldn't be allowed near kids!!

    If you write with your non-dominant hand, you'll have a direct link back to your own childhood and you can write a story too, as if you were a child. It's very very powerful stuff and your son will be amazed at what comes up! Try it!!

    Good for you for helping to work it out through a book.

    Snick :)

  27. I am so glad to hear that the boys are receiving some positive acknowledgement at their new school. I think writing the book is a wonderful idea, I would have never thought of that.

  28. that is such a wonderful thing to hear about the boys receiving the saint honor! WOW.
    I am so so sorry for the struggles Harry is going through right now. His smile always warms my heart.... I think your ideas to express these feelings instead of try to keep them cooped up is ingenious!
    Great job mommy!

  29. What a sweet picture. You must be so proud of their awards!

    My heart goes out to Harry about the teacher situation. I've been there, done that and it is not easy. The book idea is FANTASTIC! It is such a fun and creative way to let him express his feelings.


  30. Both of them.....that is terrific!!

    You must so proud!!

    You have done an amazing job with your children and it shows!

    What a cute picture!


  31. What great boys you have.

    I love the book idea, might have to try that one at our home.

  32. whats precious children you are raising and they look like precious friends to each other! what a testament to you as parents! It sounds like it was as much a gift from Him to you than even them that they were rightly picked as saints...I think God was giving the mommy a pat on the shoulder after such a rough week!

    thanks so much stopping by my blog!

  33. Kim, Your 2 boys are just precious and very handsome I may add. Moves are so difficult for us all and especially for children. I love that you and your son are writing a children's book!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind comments, they mean so much. I believe I found your blog through Kimberley's(Seventh Diamond).

    Take care,

  34. What a wonderful testament to the amazing family they have!

  35. I am not very good about commenting on blogs. My lifelong friends says it is just good blog etiquette. I say that unless a blog really hits me that I don't want to just say something to say it, but would rather say a comment when it matters. So, in that I wish to comment and say every time I get on your blog I am uplifted. You are real, you truly love your family and are just a blessing in your being thankful for your blessings and your friends and most of all your family. I just wish you to know that I love your blog and hopefully it is okay that I visit it often.

  36. You are so smart! Very creative! I was only wondering how "icy" is percieved by parents. I guess, like anything, it's different from one to the next. I always fear that strict is interpreted as "icy".

  37. Twinkletoes,

    No, I welcome strict but loving teachers. In this case icy means just plain mean and grumpy. She told the kids "learning isn't supposed to be fun." I was trying to be nice and gracious.


  38. What a priceless photo!!!!

    Will & Harry,
    Way to go! I too am proud of you!
    God is smiling down on both of you for glorifying Him at school and at home! We love you boys, and we miss you! Tell your Mom & Dad you need a trip to the lake! Harry,I think of you every time I put my dimond ring and earrings into my clay pot at the cabin! :)


  39. I wanted to say hello. I love visiting your blog, and like someone else said, don't post comments often. I always feel like you have so many to read! But I know how much I love reading comments on mine. I know you are proud of your son's, what an honor. We have been home for almost 3 weeks with our Cate. We have the same Halloween dress, and I love it! Have a great week. Love, Kim

  40. Amazing! You are such wonderful boys!

    Love the pic..amazing how they can act so kind to each other one second and be fighting the very next. Guess that's siblings for you!

  41. What a wonderful idea to help him sort through his feelings. How proud you must be of these two precious boys.

  42. Oh Kim, that is so wonderful! What a testament to you that they are doing so well amidst all the disruption. The book is such a great idea - good job for thinking of it! If you decide to publish, it would be a handy resource for other children going through transitions.

  43. I, too, love the picture..what a proud Mom you must be and how fun to consider the attributes about our kids that are saintly, rather than NOT... :) I spend way to much time considering what's wrong all the time!

  44. OH I know you are so so proud! I would be too!!! What amazing children you have, Kim! They are a direct reflection of you and Dave! Way to go Mom and Dad!!!
    Integrity and character....those are qualities that I really admire in children!
    And...I cannot wait to read Harry's book!!! Yes...yes...yes....publish it!!!! It will be a success...I just know it will!!!
    Have a blessed day, my friend!!
    Denise C

  45. kim, i love the idea of writing a book together, that is so wonderful. what a great way to process and deal with the move. i hope that harry is doing well, although it sounds like they are adjusting great! thinking of you!

  46. It's because they have such a WONDERFUL mother and father who stress the importance of being a kind, compassionate human. They have been taught manners and how to respect adults. You are their parents, not their friends!! Keep up the wonderful parenting!!

  47. What an honor!!! How wonderful it feels when others recognize the sweetness in our kids!

    And the book is a FABULOUS idea!! Mary Fowler has been struggling for the past few days with a *little* school issue and I think this may just be the perfect venue to get her to express her feelings. I'll let you know!

  48. As a former Catholic School teacher, my favorite time of the marking period was giving out the SAINTS award.. it truly takes that "special" child, the one who tries his/her best to do the right thing, honor his Faith, and tries his/her best with school work. I know what you mean by "ICY" because we had a few "ICY" teachers where I worked and LET ME TELL you TWINKLETOES you can break a child that way, dull his spirit and take the JOY out of school. School should be fun. Your child should look forward to it.. OK I am off my SOAPBOX!!

  49. I missed this post.... what a special honor!!!!!
    I can only imagine how that made them feel and how that made you feel as parents!! Wonderful!!!!!!!!

    I also LOVE the picture of them!


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