A little laughter

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Cartoon by Dave Shelton at www.daveshelton.com

I am really excited to close on our house tomorrow.  I am so busy sorting out paint colors (it is being painted right now) ordering fabric and window treatments and getting our stuff together. Friday is moving day.  I know that I will be overwhelmed unpacking and getting organized so I might not have time to create posts for a little while.  However, I got an idea from Sippycups that I might "borrow."  There are so many blogs out there and I have discovered a whole new treasure trove that are not on my side bar. They are mostly photography or decorating blogs but there are some Mom ones too.  So, In lieu of posting about my own life next week, I will post a link so you can discover someone new. Because we all need to spend more time on the blogs, right?  

Today, I decided to share some places that made me laugh.

So today, let me introduce you to Happy Meals and Happy Hour.
I just stumbled across this blog the other day when I was sick in bed reading blogs for hours (Sunday--no good TV).  I laughed SO hard. Go back and read some of the old posts if you have time.  Sue is really funny. (I had to come back to tell you my favorite recent posts here are Waiting Room time suck, Halloween 101, and the Cleaning Ladies).  Be ready to laugh! You are going to want to be her friend because she is so darned funny!  I know I do.

Also, there is a very funny video here at Mom 101.
Go down one post. I am still undecided about who to vote for so I could laugh at it (and LAUGH I did) but there were some in my little family that did not think it was funny. I'm just saying...

There are some days that I feel like I am not doing this stay at home Mom things as well as I'd like to.  I love to cook and nest and decorate for Halloween and I cannot really do that in our little apartment very well.  I stumbled across this  video though and it made me laugh out loud. Even Martha has bad days...

P.S.  Just because I link to someone does NOT mean that I endorse or approve of their religious, political, parenting or decorating views.  This is for entertainment purposes only.

Another P.S.  Is it bad that I am letting Kate eat goldfish (a breakfast appetizer?) and watch Diego (she seems to have developed a rather unhealthy crush on the young man) so I can post this and pack?  Wait...don't answer that!


  1. Well, that is the coolest thing ever! You made my day. - Love your blog (I'm especially coveting your header - love those colors- my whole house (and blog) is done in reds, greens , tans & golds.

    P.s. the 3 peanuts? Adorable.

  2. All I can say is "GO Diego GO"!!!

    Do what you have to girl to get moved!!!!


  3. Oh wow, what great laughs to start the day!!! Happy Hour's "buy crap party" post...I laughed so hard, there were real tears in my eyes! (And I found the video very funny.)

    When all else fails, sometimes a little bribery with snacks and tv is essential.

    Good luck with the packing!! I think I speak for everyone when I say, I can't wait to see more pictures of the new house!

  4. Good luck with the move!!

    I will be checking out the blogs you have linked....always like to find new places to visit!

    If it makes you feel any better, Sarah is eating M&M's....I now have an addict on my hands....all thanks to bribery during potty training!!

  5. Great idea! I look forward to reading other blogs (of course my husband would think this is a very bad idea!) :)

    It's funny the comment you wrote about not doing the "stay at home thing as well as you had wanted"...I just posted about not doing the "working mom"- thing as well as I had hoped! I'm still trying to find some sort of balance...Maybe we are just too hard on ourselves!
    Take care, Jeannine

  6. Will definitely try and check out those blogs. Goldfish for breakfast and Diego never hurt anybody, so go for it! Sending good wishes for your move!


  7. LOL! Good to know I am not the only one reading all the fun mommy blogs! Wish I had one iota of wit compared to them! There are some gifted bloggers out there! Thanks for the new link! I am already laughing my head off at one of them!

    Hey... did you know the birds flying with Diego are Quetzals... the national symbol of Guatemala? I consider Diego a social studies lesson aimed at preschoolers - LOL!

    Good luck packing Kim! I just LOVE the unpacking part and finding new places for all our stuff. And, it is a great time to purge some of the things you don't really want to unpack too!

    Off to read more!

  8. I loved the video on Mom 101! Thanks for linking to it.

    Good luck with your move, and don't worry about the quality of snacks or a little junk tv right now.

  9. Great idea! I will have to go and check out your links. And Maggie says to tell you that Diego is cool...of course, Dora is waaaaay cooler! (She can't count to 10 in Chinese anymore, but she can in English and Spanish...yikes!)

    I can't wait to see your new home~

  10. Aren't goldfish a necessity for Diego? Go, Diego, Go!Some days you do what you have to:)

    I will have to check out some of your blogging finds.

    At least you can find the humor in life these days - always a plus.

    I supposedly have balance doing the working and staying home thing and I'm not juggling that all too well either! We are all too hard on ourselves and think about your last post and how magnificent the boys are doing...look at those wonderful peanuts when you think it's not going so well - they put it all back into perspective, you awesome mom, you!

    Hoping all falls into place beautifully.

  11. nothing wrong with eating goldfish for breakfast...i do that a few times a week. they are the only thing that calms my stomach...not pregnant yet, stress seems to do a number on me! =)

    so glad to see you are in better spirits! you have an exciting time coming up! if i lived closer, i'd come be your personal assistant for a month without pay just to learn a few things from you and help you ou.

    btw, i looked at the kate spade wallet at kate spade yesterday (the one you posted about)...i think i like it better than the hobo i posted about. i like the wristlet attitude, although i'd never use it that way. it's a cute feature. anyhow, i could stuff as much in the kate and i like the zipper. i think i'm going to get the red one...so thanks for that little find! =)

  12. Oh thank you so much for the Martha link. I haven't tried the others yet, but I will. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. (Guess I haven't had a good laugh in a while!)

  13. I have an idea on my blog come see or you can share with others. I would love to send you one. They are awesome and the asian warmer is on my foyer entry table. I to love finding new and fun blogs. Good luck the next few days with moving a lot of work but your making new memories.


  14. I think I told you that Ruby had a Chocolate Chip Cookie last week for breakfast... And, then she was so great at Target today, maybe she had some skittles for a morning snack... Not that I am saying it is "ok" but at least Goldfish probably have something healthy in them!!!! As for Diego perhaps Kate will be wanting a poster of him soon in her new room!!!

    So excited for your big day tomorrow!! Even though it is a lot of work, I have always loved moving into our new houses!!! Ready to sell this one, if the market ever improves.....

    I am going to check out Happy Hour Sue now!!!

    I will miss you! Have fun in the chaos!


  15. Kate might have some competition for Diego's affection... Emeili LOVES that show - much to my dismay.

    Last night Liam bought her a Diego book at his school's Book Fair and Em kept yelling, "I want to sleep with Diego" the whole time I was trying to put her to bed!! HA!!

    Finally I just let her put the book next to her on the pillow! Oh, boy.

  16. Isn't goldfish the breakfast of champions? Oh well, we sure go through a lot of them at our place.

    Hope the move goes well and all the unpacking. This should help make you feel more at home and finally settling in.

    Thanks for all the new links!

  17. Loved the Martha Video!. Will check the rest later...
    Good luck with the moving in!

  18. At my house she could have goldfish for breakfast and watch Diego THREE times if it meant that I could get something done! lol

  19. Thanks for the laughter!!! Hoping all goes well with the closing and the moving. You'll be unpacked and life will be somewhat normal before long!!

  20. Don't feel bad. TV is my best friend when I am making dinner for the girls.
    Happy decorating you have beautiful taste.

  21. I can't wait to see the paint colors and the house complete...
    Finally YOUR HOME..
    Have fun decorating..
    It will look beautiful..
    Hugs girly..

  22. Oh my I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes.... thanks for sharing!!!!

    Good luck with your move.... Blessings to you all in your new home!!!!!!

  23. Ok, thanks to your entry I've spent the last 30 minutes reading new blogs!

    Good luck with the move. I hope all goes well adn I know it will be so nice to be settled.


  24. Good luck with your move this weekend! I can't wait to see pictures of your house!

  25. I went and watched the martha thing and got a great laugh, thanks Kim!! I also was cracking up at the diego crush, When i read that this morning, Bailey was doing the exact thing except eating almonds instead of gold fish. (I had to come back to comment when I could get some more time!!) She has an almond and string cheese thing. I actually had to rent the deigo from blockbuster! Great comic too. If anyone deserves to get out of the hard work of this move, it is you!! haha

  26. Thanks Kim for the blog idea! As if I don't have SO many I read now? It's a wonder I get anything done around here! At least it stops me from watching tv and stuffing my face! Anyway, with Kate, the Goldfish, and Diego...hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! You know, my Carli actually loves Diego more than Carli. We call him her man!Get some packin' done. Congrats on the new house...what a relief for you! God bless!

  27. Ok, that was fun. I especially loved the Martha Stewart Bloopers. I laughed & I guess I needed it!

    I can sympathize with the move! Just moved for the 3rd time in 18 months :) BUT, I got all the kitchen cupboards organized today - packed 2 huge boxes of kitchen "crap" (that's a Martha Stewart word) for Goodwill!

  28. Thinking of you today with the closing and the big move. Can't wait to see pictures once you are settled in -- I need some new decorating ideas. Thanks, too, for the links -- can't wait to check them out.

  29. OK, Kim...I am cracking up at the Martha video! I watched it two times!!! I love it!!!
    Thanks for the introduction to these new blog friends...I will be checking both out today!
    I'll be thinking of you as you pack up and get ready to move into your lovely new home....with your precious family! I am anxious for a pictorial tour, my sweet friend!!!
    Hugs and love!
    Denise C

  30. First, let me say my daughter and niece walked in and wanted to know how I knew this cool song... playing on your blog. Second, email and I can help you get off the fence on who to vote for. : - )


  31. i have been to the happy meals and happy hour blog, love it! miss you, and i hope that all of the packing is going well. how else can you pack with a toddler without using the TV?

  32. Praying for you tomorrow! Hope all goes smoothly...I know you are ready for things to get in a routine again and be at home!

  33. Thank you so much for the fun!!!! I love finding new blogs - especially ones that make me laugh!!!

    I love the song you have playing. :) It's one of my faves. I never noticed it before because I had my speakers down all the time!

    Blessings as you get ready to move into the new house - I'm so excited for you!


  34. Soooo happy to read that you are soooo happy! It'll be busy, of course, but have a wonderful end of the week and weekend claiming your new home!

  35. Obssessed with your sweet family! I was led here from another blog and I love it. Good luck with the closing today. I LOVE the new house. I keep saying to myself, "do not covet, do not covet, do not covet!". BTW, My friend has a little girl named Emerson Kate! Weird, huh?

  36. YEAH!!! Move in day!!! I hope all goes well : ) Have fun decorating!!! We are doing a lot of that our selves lately...so share your finds : )
    I loved all the funny blog's you posted...although I am a McCain girl true and true I do have 2 boys that are O'Bama boys...that's what makes me so proud...my boys do what they feel and not what Momma feels : ) is that not awesome!!!

  37. I need some good laughs right now, so I am going to go check these blogs out while I drink my morning coffee.

    As far as Kate eating Goldfish and watching Diego? Oh Kim.....how could you? That is just terrible.....don't you think she should be eating eggs, bacon and toast while sitting properly at the breakfast table and listening to classical music??????! ROTHFLMBO!!!!!

    Kate would get along with Sophia and Daniel just great!!!! lol They eat goldfish all the time. You are so funny! Hope your moving goes well. Can't wait to see your new, happy home!


  38. I hope the move is going smoothly, and that your spirit is uplifted and soothed by seeing the things from your home again. Let us know how you're doing as soon as you unpack your computer!

    PS I'm having a 3-Peanuts-inspired giveaway in honor of my 100th post.

  39. Diego and goldfish seem perfectly normal and healthy to me! :)

  40. God Bless Goldfish! I think Diego is very educational, and who doesn't love a little cheddar cheese flavoring?!

    Hope yall are well and getting settled!

    Love, Michelle

  41. Thinking of you. Hope all is well and that moving is going smoothly! Can you see the light at the end of this long tunnel? Soon you will be in your home and can get everyone back on schedule and to "normal" whatever that is!

  42. You are too funny!! Heidy like goldfish for breakfast sometimes too!! I guess if you are bad, then so am I!

    Take care!

  43. Loving the looks of your new kitchen (boxes and all!).

    I enjoy checking out new blogs I'm unfamiliar with, so thanks for linking to them. Here's a political discussion site that you might enjoy



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