A million dollars and some kind awards

Sunday, October 19, 2008
Erin tagged me to play a little game.  She asked us to pretend we had a million dollars that we had to spend.  She specifically encouraged us to share things we would buy as sort of indulgent purchases (that is how I took it anyway).  Of course, I would want to help any families that needed help bringing their lil ones home from China and do some other philanthropic deeds. But I would not want to disappoint Erin, so here are some material goodies I would love to splurge on too.

So, here are some things I would buy....

I love this chunky photo bracelet by Monica Rich Kosann.
I have a similar bracelet but I really have been coveting this one for a while.  Maybe Dave will read this post and he will have birthday/anniversary and Christmas hints (they are all coming up very soon).
I would love this wallet from Kate Spade. It has tons of compartments for all of the stuff (receipts) I carry around. 

I would indulge in this nightgown for Kate Emerson from Leontine Linens

and maybe some of their gorgeous monogrammed bedding (below) too! 



And I would order 10 of these (with a different fabric) for my dining room.  We sold our former chairs and I need new ones.

Photo courtesy of Country Living

Or these.  I love the ivory linen but I would put the monogram on the back rather than the seat and I would have far fewer ties.  I love this concept though.


ho_pansies_integration_ 10x20_ oils on board_lg

I would buy another Quang Ho painting. These are two examples of his work above (already sold).  He does beautiful figures too though. We own one large painting by Quang Ho that we bought as an anniversary to gift to one another but I would love another.  Dave and I collect oil paintings but we have not bought any new ones in a few years.


Okay, we need a flat screen TV!  There is a media room in the new house and we need something.  This will be where the kids play Wii and Playstation and watch movies and television.  I have no clue how to pick one though.


A few years ago, Dave really wanted this car (BMW M6--it was an M5 then) but I made him be more practical and get something that would fit 3 car seats!  I would get this for him.

I would also like to take a family trip to Italy and France.

Of course, I would need a new Nikon D-300 to capture some great shots of our trip (and a new 85 mm lens).

Finally, I would hire a personal assistant to help me over the next month.  I have a mountain of work ahead of me unpacking and organizing the new house.  I am sure that will be no small feat with Kate Emerson under foot.  I also feel like I need help with birthday and holiday planning.

Okay, I have only made a dent in my million.  This was really fun.  It is  totally indulgent and I invite you all to play along. Leave a comment and I will come see your "purchases."  I will be doing some more fantasy spending later this week if I have time.

In other news, I was kindly given two awards recently.  Life is what you make it
gave me the "You make me smile award"  I am so honored. It was the first time I visited her blog and she seems so down to earth and so kind hearted. I love her life goals listed on her sidebar.  Go see them!  Thank you.


Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude.
This kind of made me laugh because I have not been as cheerful as I usually am. 
2. Must love one another.
I do truly try to find the good in everyone.  This results in a very eclectic group of friends.
3. Must make mistakes.
I am so good at this one!
4. Must learn from others.
All the time!
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
I hope so.
6. Must love life.
I really do!
7. Must love kids.
Most of the time!

These are the rules for the Smile Award:
1. The recipient must link backto the awards creator.
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must choose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.
See below.
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award.
think so.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
my pleasure.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.
and done.

I am sure that I am so late to the game and most of my buddies already have received this but here goes:

1. Erin at To Libby with Love always has a positive attitude despite the challenges she has faced in life.  She has a great sense of style and I love seeing what she is up to.

2. Leslie at Myah's Days has become a great friend to me.  We are kindred spirits and our conversations flow so easily.  Leslie is so thoughtful and creative.  In fact, she sent me an adorable little house trinket today and I love it!  

3. Kate at Living La Vida Lia is so sweet and thoughtful.  She leaves such heartfelt and specific comments to bloggers.  I often am at a loss for words whenI comment but Kate always seems to say just the right thing.  She is also a fabulous photographer.

4. Jennifer is a blogger I have had the luxury of meeting in real life.  She is warm and gracious and adorable.  I just know we would be the best of friends if we lived in the same city.  She has been so kind to me reaching out to our family during the hurricane and our move.

Then, Sebi over at Pearls and Grace gave me this award.  I admire her sense of grace and faith and style so much.  I was really honored that she thought of me.  Go on over and see her beautiful children.  She recently added a gorgeous little boy, Ashton to the bunch!
I would like to pass this award onto 

Diana at First a Pearl, then a Ruby because she is my friend and I love her.  She calls to check on me and she makes me laugh.  We have so much in common that it scares me. We were even in the same sorority!  Love ya, Di!

Debbie at the Pixel Fairy Princess because she is also my friend and she is brilliant too!  She is the most amazing photographer, digi scrapper and artist.  I want her to teach me everything she knows but I still would never be as good as she is.

Lisa at Osborn Odds and Ends is like Kate (above) in that she always writes the most poignant comments.  She really takes the time to listen and respond.  I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa in person and she is sweet and thoughtful in real life too.  

Wendy at Our five flowers was on my October DTC group and I got to know her just before our husbands traveled to China.  She is such an intelligent woman and she seems like a great Mom. She is very supportive and always leaves me thoughtful comments.  I feel like we could be very good friends as well.

Finally, I would like to give Heather at Our Little Ladybugs this award.  Heather is in my travel group and we met while we were waiting for Hannah and Kate.  She is such a thoughtful and kind person.  She is giving and insightful.  I wish we could spend more time together because every time I am with her, I am left wanting more time.

I always feel bad when I do these because honestly I could sit here all day and list blog friend after blog friend who is special in some way.  You all add so much to my life.  Thank you!


  1. I am not worthy, but thank you for your kind words and your award to me!!!!

    I LOVE your post about what you would do if you had $$$! I love those dining room chairs, and of course they are perfect for us with the "R" already on them! Your taste is impeccable my friend! How in the world do you find the time to even dream shop! I love all of the things you picked. I need to show Jeff that bracelet too!

    I forgot to tell you on the phone today that I would love to be your personal assistant this week. I WISH I WAS THERE TO HELP YOU!!!! I will be praying for you all week!

    Sending you hugs and a virtual meal when you get into the house!!!


  2. I loved all the things you picked. You have such fabulous taste and style. Of course, it will be fun to see what you do with your new house!

    Congrats on the award!

  3. You are really nice. I am flattered...I love your spendy picks... they all appeal to me too! Thanks Kim!!! And I am glad to see you maybe feeling a bit relaxed again. Are things finally beginning to settle down? We all want to see photos of the kids again! (It's kind of like how I feel when I haven't seen my nieces or nephews in awhile... I miss them!

  4. It was fun shopping with you Kim, you have such fabulous taste! I love the bracelet!! That's the same car my hubby wants, but unfortunately is driving a family-friendly station wagon! lol
    I wish I could "assist" you and I certainly would love to take Kate for the afternoon to do some girl shopping! :)
    I know you have a busy week ahead, I will be thinking of you!

  5. What a fun post! I love all of your indulgent purchases! I do hope the house boy sees that bracelet though. That is a must have!

  6. Thanks for the award!! You are too sweet. I love all the things you would buy, but I really LOVE that bracelet!!

    Are you going to be spending Christmas at home? We will be heading that way on the 26th.

  7. i love your list... we play a similar game about the trips we would take: a luxuriuos safari, driving down the amalfi or dalmatian coasts, etc.

    its fun to daydream, isn't it?

  8. Kim,

    What a lovely surprise!!! Thank you so much for your kind words...and for the award! You really made my day. I thought you might appreciate the fact that in addition to being Monday, I have already had a projectile vomiting "issue" (a student...not mine!)...so needless to say...these generous words went a long way in changing my disposition this morning!!! :-)

    Thanks again for including me!


  9. Thanks for sharing your list - could you please tell us where you found those chair covers? We really need something like that with little ones running around - but I agree with you the monogram should be on the top and less ties. Good luck this week - once you're settled, it will be all worth it! Blessings, Wendy

  10. I love all of your treasures you posted and your list of deserving ladies has some of my favorite people on it.
    I'm sorry you are having trouble with my blog. Do you have a mac? It seems that mac people are having trouble. I'm trying to remove some things in hopes that it will work better.

    I hope all is well with you and your family. You are a true friend.

  11. I love all the things you posted on your shopping spree. You have fabulous taste!


  12. Hey thank you for the Linen site. We are in the middle of construction and I will be redoing our bedroom (once the hardwood floors and new trim is all installed). I love the the monogrammed sheets : )
    We just bought 3 flat screens. 2 for my boys rooms and one HUGE one for our basement (where the kids play Wii, playstation and Xbox while rocking out to rockband LOL). All three are Samsung. We are very happy with our choices : ) My girls have Sony flat screens, they are very nice also. We have a flat screen in our family room (Panasonic) hate it and we will be getting a new one very soon (it's only about 1 1/2 years old) ; (
    I loved all the things you picked. Although I am ready to drive my BMW off a cliff...I love Kate Spade, such cute bags : ) I am so excited for you moving in to your new house : ) how fun!!!!

  13. You always know just how to put a smile on my face - I love you! I have to agrees with the comment Diana made - I feel so unworthy - but thank you. So many days I feel anything but brilliant.

    Oh the fun things you would buy! I LOVE the art! Love it! You have an amazing collection already and I can just picture this on your walls! LOL about the car! That is Dan's car too!We actually test drove one about a year ago when we thought we would be making a switch! Oh how I would love to get him that car! The camera - well Nikon Girl - If you must but I telling you a 5D is much better :D

    Ladybug hugs,

  14. What a great list - love all of your picks! I too have eyed those bracelets - I love them. Hoping there might be one in my future! Hope you're feeling better!

  15. I loved this post!!

    You have terrific taste....I really can't wait to see what you do with your new home!!

    Hope you are feeling much better Kim!


  16. LOVE the bracelet, love the wallet, love the paintings...love it all. Hope you're feeling much better.

    Gin =)

  17. Oh, how unworthy I feel, but I am humbled and grateful for your sweet words and your precious friendship. You are so deserving of these awards.

    I thought of you today...I have a sinus infection...but I am not moving - or caring for three children - or doing any of the other million things you are faced with this week. Please know you are covered in prayer and on the receiving end of many hugs today:)Hope this finds you feeling much better.

    And the treasures you would incorporate into your life...no words needed, they speak for themselves:)


  18. Congratulations on your awards my friend..... You are Brilliant and oh, how you make me Smile....

  19. Congratulations on all of your well-deserved awards. You really are an inspiration to many of us in soooo many ways! (and...please come decorate my house when you are done with yours!!!).

    Thanks also for your sweet comments! How did you know how much I needed that yesterday? I had been having a very frustrating, overwhelming and unproductive day (some days are like that with 5 kids :)). It was a great pick-me-up and reminded me to look at the big picture and gave me some faith when mine was feeling a bit low.

    You also gave me some great ideas for retail therapy (even if I can only dream). I love all the things you picked. I will tell you that when Pete was working very long hours at his fourth start-up company, the question of what we would do with a million bucks came up now and again. Well, my answer is the same as it was then...go to China and adopt another beautiful child. This time I think I'd add a housekeeper and cook to go along with that.

    Hope you have a great day and thanks for adding some sunshine to mine!!!

  20. Wow, you have great taste. I could shop with you!

  21. By any chance do have any more information about the slip covered chairs from Country Living? They are exactly what I have been looking for.
    My daughter who was adopted at age 6 has a very difficult time with change. Any time our routine changes her behavior becomes challenging. I am wondering if the change you all have been through has been more difficult for Kate and is affecting her behavior.


Thank you for your kindness.