Not so wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is what you get when you leave a 2 year old alone with a cheese stick
and a cooking show....


And this is what you get when you put said child down for a nap....
and leave Scout downstairs!

She looks guilty, doesn't she?

The unpacking is going very, very slowly. Kate is at such a busy stage but she is not independent right now. She wants me to take her for walks (the weather is GORGEOUS here) and have tea parties and play baby dolls. I love to do all of those things with her but these boxes don't unpack themselves. Tomorrow I will post the progress of a few (and I do mean few) small areas that are done.

Dear "And Lily makes Three" ,

Scout is a schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle mix) and she has never shed even one hair. She is hypoallergenic and smart. She was a little hyper as a puppy but she was house trained very quickly and is very well behaved (cheese eating incident aside;)


  1. That my friend is a daily scene at our house.. Caymus and Piper don't miss an opportunity!
    I am glad you are seeing some progress and I am glad that you are having gorgeous weather!!!!!

    I left you a VM..


  2. I laughed out loud! At least Kate is beginning her domestic duties at your new home:) Bless Scout's heart, probably one very happy doggy!

    Enjoy the weather and enjoy will get done Kim, maybe not as quickly as all of us type As would like, but the moments you wrote about, those are fleeting...the boxes, well, they are not going anywhere!

    Wish I could help...

    Love to you!

  3. looks like you are doing it with a smile! miss kate is so cute:)

  4. That is hilarious....Scout is adorable, I don't think I have ever seen him before!

    I was very thankful that Sarah was only 8 weeks old when we moved....we just carried her in her little seat from room to room as we unpacked boxes......couldn't even imagine trying to organize with a 2 year old...I feel for you!

    Keep up the good work...can't wait to see some pics!


  5. Hang in there! I love how you always put the family first. You are such a wonderful mother.

  6. Having just moved...I feel your pain. You were smart to paint first...we have yet to do that and now it will be major mess when we do.

    We are considering getting our kids a dog this year for Christmas and somewhere in a previous post, I recall you said that your dog is hypoallergienic. I am allergic to shedding dogs. May I ask what kind of dog he is? He's awfully cute.

  7. What a cute dog you have. I can't wait to see photos of your new home.

  8. Yep, I think I see some paw prints on that table. Maybe Scout just wanted to help out by cleaning up :-)

    Hang in there. Just take one day at a time or maybe one box at a time.

  9. Looks like Kate has made herself at home :) Our dog,Bandit is into something on a daily Scout isn't alone! Hope you're getting alittle accomplished at least. Can't wait to see the pics.

  10. So the pics of Kate's hand on the cheese stick and Scout's cute little face.

    At least you can get outside in the beautiful weather. :)

  11. I would come over and help you if I could, and Lucy and Kate could make cheese balls for Scout together :) I can totally sympathize...I truly forgot how trying to get a few things done turns into hours of still trying to get a few things done!

  12. LOVE this post..
    You know a doggy has to have some people food once in awhile.. even though we don't let ours either.. but once in a great while.. they sneak
    Can't wait to see what area's are done..
    You are doing great..
    I will come over and have a tea party with Kate..
    Hugs girly.

  13. Kate is enjoying cooking experiences early!!! That's a good thing! As for Scout (be very thankful) at least he goes behind them eating their little messes, drops, crumbs and drbbles that make their way to the floor. We had a Yorkshire Terrier for 13 years and I didn't realize how much she cleaned up until after she was gone. Now every crumb that lands on the floor(and with a 2 and 3 year old there are MANY) they stay until I can vacuum them up. Just think you have your own little clean up crew!!!

    Happy unpacking!!

  14. I'm sure unpacking is tedious and difficult to get done. Good luck! Take it easy -- there's plenty of time to unpack!


  15. My dog resembles yours a bit (mine is a mini-schnauzer), don't there eyes just kill you? She looks so sweet... and SO guilty! LOL I bet she enjoyed every last lick.

  16. Glad to see your sense of humor is returning! Hope the new house is seeming more and more like home to everyone as each box gets unpacked. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  17. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for making me laugh today!!! And just a thought...but Scout does look pretty darn joyful...maybe that's the shot for the Mamarazis??? I'm just saying...there is really a hint of a self satisfied smile on that dog....hilarious!!!

    If you e-mail me your new address...I will share my Swedish Grandma's Famous Italian Meatball recipe ( still tickles me after all these years....)...but it rocks!!

    Keep plugging away at those or two a day...and slowly but surely they disappear...slow and steady wins the race...although I can imagine your intense need to feel settled after all the upheaval...

    Sending good thoughts...


  18. This was so funny!

    I love your dog. I don't think I've ever seen a schnoodle, but we used to have a schnauzer that we loved dearly. Now we have a sheltie and a beagle that drives my husband up the wall.

    It's okay to take time to get those boxes unpacked. It'll all get done eventually!


  19. Too cute!! Try not to stress yourself out too much with unpacking. It will get done sooner or later. At least you are finally in your new home!

    I think you mentioned not having a baby sitter yet. What about testing out a few by having them come by for a few hours to play with Kate while you unpack a few boxes? Just an idea... Good luck- can't wait to see pics as things get put away.

  20. Ha ha ha!! I think I can almost see some of the cheese in Scout's whiskers. :o)

  21. Well, at least you didn't have to pick up the cheese! Can't wait to see the progress. You'll get there!

  22. Kate is a Martha in the making! How cute!

    Good luck with the unpacking & don't be too hard on yourself. It takes time!

    And thanks for posting about Scout, I was going to ask! That looks like a great dog for our allergy clan. We do have a lab mix that somehow does not bother our son, but he is allergic to just about every other dog.

    Take care!!

  23. Scout looks so cute-not guilty at all :)

    Can't wait to see the progress!

  24. I'm impressed Kate could do that with a cheese stick. It certainly has no resemblance of the stick part.

  25. Atleast she did not get out a stick of butter and decide to finger paint the hardwood floors! Oh my dear Madi :) Gotta love the 2's!

  26. It looks like Kate had a great time, at least! Scout is adorable! We have a goldendoodle who also doesn't shed a bit - I just love the doodles!

  27. Mnnnnnn Kate's creation looks yummy : ) Scout is adorable!!! I have allergies and we have a Bichon-poo named Lucy. Lucy doesn't shed but oh the potty training...not so easy.

  28. Oh honey... I am laughing out loud. With you. Yes?

  29. Scout says the dog from next door ate it, and he didn't want to bark to disturb you ;)

    Bless your unpacking! If I lived closer I'd take Kate for the afternoon to play... I mean, I would help you unpack.

    Excited for you!

  30. Hey I was really desperate when we moved once and used 2 ideas I saw elsewhere LOL.

    I made a "bean box" which is an inside sand box made out of lentils.
    It's all in a Rubbermaid container with a lid and easy to store.
    I only pulled out for desperate unpacking times :)
    The cool thing is if one lentil escapes you can vaccum them up quickly :D

    I also did the old shaving cream on the highchair table trick.

    Now not every child will stay at this for long but luckily It bought me about an hour each time if I remember correctly.

    Oh yeah, you can do salt on a tray too but only if you have a pretty clean child and the salt will stay in the tray.
    Otherwise the clean up is too much trouble for the benefit :D

    Please know I am an extreme clean freak so all of the above was VERY hard for me.
    But it did help in the moment and I could see where my toddler was every second :D

    I can't wait to see you make this home YOURS :D
    You are SO stylish!

  31. How funny. At first, I thought the photo was of a gigantic cheese curd! Welcome Home! Terri

  32. Too funny - your dog is darling!

    I posted a video of our journey on my blog - I hope you can find some time to see it!

  33. Oh Kim how I can relate...with three little darlings 3 and under, working full time and having just moved I have NO idea how to get everything done while trying to be a good mother...the other day Sophie wanted me to lay on the floor with her to watch a movie...I did and just laying there felt so strange to me!! That is when I realized it had been too long since I spent quality time with the the boxes won't unpack themselves...but it will happen. As much as I want my house unpacked...I know I don't want to look back and think of all the moments I missed with the girls either!
    Thinking of you!

  34. happy unpacking!

    could you hire someone to play with kate for a couple of hours a week while you get some stuff done around the house or will she insist on you playing with her? our church board usually has a couple of numbers for sitters and the like...

    Good luck.

  35. oh goodness...looks like quite the "helpers"! Hopefully nap time will be extra long today giving mommy some unpacking time! so glad for ya'll on your beautiful weather...snow fell early this season...yesterday!!

    thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my newest venture! They really are a special keepsake. I keep mine on a plate stand in the living room...hopefully your hubby will get you one to treasure!! happy early anni!!


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