Thankful for so many things!

Thursday, October 30, 2008
~I am thankful that Kate had school for a few hours this morning!  I accomplished quite a bit and I think Kate was very happy to get out of the house. Most importantly though, she was excited to go to school!  She happily waved goodbye and blew me a kiss.  She did not want to bring her "lovey" to school this morning for the first time. Her teachers told me today that she cooked blueberry muffins and she taught her friends their colors!

This is Miss Kate right before school today.  Doesn't she look like she is concocting some mischievous plan?

One of the other Moms e-mailed me these pictures of Kate cooking at school.  I was not there (bad MOM!). I was home unpacking! I am thankful she e-mailed these to me.


I am am thankful that all of our closets are unpacked!

My creation
I finished Kate's closet.  I still have some framed photos and special decorative pieces for the shelves but they are not unpacked yet.

I have been working very hard on my closet.  As I have posted before, I arrange everything by group, color etc.. So this was a daunting task. 

My creation

Again, I have several family photos in silver frames and decorative trays to hold jewelry and accessories that will go on the top of the drawers but I have not found that box yet. 

Guess whose closet this is?

~I am thankful that Harry is feeling better.  I did not share this (and I will go into more another time) but Harry was experiencing some serious health problems.  They are so much better and I am so grateful to have my sweet Harry back again.

~I am thankful for Harry's soccer team.  It has been the best part of his days here so far. Last night they had their final game.  His team was undefeated this season and he is one of the strongest and most consistent players.  I am so proud of him.  He has great sportsmanship.  He always congratulates his team and the other team's players too!  Here are a few shots from the season.

Before each game, the teams hold hands and say a prayer.  It is a church league.  I love that!




Harry gets a little nervous and is either smiling while he plays or chewing his nails!


Last night, Miss Kate put her hands on her hips and said, "I want a Gatorade."  We instructed her to ask politely and she did.  But it was quite funny!

This one was right before......

Harry was bitten by a dozen FIRE ANTS!




I love this one!  They just gave each other some skin.  I wish the lighting was better (it is very shadowy at these late afternoon games in the South) and I am thinking about cropping it.  Any suggestions?

What are you thankful for today?


  1. The look on Kate's face is priceless! Also, so glad Harry is felling better and that his scocer team had such a great season. Finally, you girls have the BEST closets! They are amazing and just pretty to stare at!

  2. oh, kim! i am drooling at your closets! look amazing...and so organized! how fun to get dressed in the morning! so glad things are falling into place!

  3. Oh my gosh, your closets are FABU!! I need your help to get mine so organized but alas I don't have the great set-up that you have. I can only dream. Love Kate's Halloween dresses, very cute!!

  4. kim, so much to be thankful for! i love the pic of little miss kate's closet. i just love all of the girlie clothes! harry looks like he is having a blast and making friends;) thinking of you!

  5. Wow -- you are super organized to get so much done already!! The photos of Kate at school are sweet! And your soccer player is so cute -- glad to hear that the boys are doing well. Enjoy your Halloween!


  6. What a fun post, Kate looks like she would be so much fun and full of personality!! The closets are amazing!!

  7. What lovely photos. I especially love the ones of your daughter. Her dress is absolutely adorable. I miss those days of dressing a little girl. My daughter is now thirteen and our taste are not exactly the same.

    Your closets are fabulous. Anytime you want to stop by and organize mine, my door is always open (heehee).

    Happy fall.

  8. I seriously need you to come and organize my closet. My husband (who is much neater than I am) says the only thing he would change about our house is to have separate closets - yikes!

    Your house is really taking shape, though. I hope that you're able to feel yourself making progress.

  9. I love Kate's first dress! I bought 2 pillowcase dresses off of ebay, they weren't Halloween related, but I love them.

    Today I am thankful that Cole received his best report card ever! I swear it has something to do with his eating. He's a walking Omega 3.

  10. p.s. Fire ants ranked right up there with palmetto bugs. Ouch, poor guy.

  11. The closets look great! It is always such a nice feeling when your closet is organized and everything is in its place!

    As always, Kate's clothes are to die for! She is so seasonal and just could not be any cuter!!!

    Sorry to hear that Harry has been under the weather. Glad he is doing a little better. He looked happy in the soccer pics! Love that last one! I think you should definitely crop it :)

  12. wow! your closets look great! i am jealous!

  13. I thought I was looking at Addison's shoes because I think Addison and Kate have the same shoes. I am happy to see that someone else color coordinates their sweaters and shirts...I do too and my friends find me anal : ) Now I can say I know someone else that organizes by color! Happy you are getting moved in and organized. My house is is so full of saw dust : ( I am ready for the contractors to leave.

  14. awesome glad things are going well....I love the last picture too....and Miss Kate's mischevious look! ;)

  15. Oh my Kim I need to buy a new computer because the drool just hit mine and shorted it out! I love those closets! It must feel so good to have everything in its place, at least you can look fashionable! So pretty! I finally figured out to leave comments again, I would hop on a plane in a second to help you unpack, I love to do that sort of thing!
    I hope you are loving spending time in your new home! Can't wait to see more!

  16. Kate is looking mischevious and adorable....I love that dress!!

    Looks like you have been very busy, the closets are in perfect must feel great to have all of your things again.....and of course a walk in closet to put them in:)

    What a perfect moment you captured at the game....great picture!

  17. I have closet envy. I think I will make this a project to complete over Christmas break while my in-laws are visiting. I miss talking to you and totally understand the overwhelming task of unpacking. I will try to catch up with you tomorrow. Love, Staci

  18. I would love to have a closet like that. Although mine, like yours, is organized by color! Happy thoughts and prayers being sent your way that the unpacking continues to steadily go on!

  19. Are those seriously your closets??? :) :) I have found you another job...personal and closet organizer!!! :) I love Kate's clothes too, and you need to share with us your favorite ebay stores..I am in search of the perfect Christmas Jon Jons for boys...

  20. I am glad to see you are making some progress! Kate looks like a doll as always, and great job Harry! I am so thankful to see that I am not the only Joan Crawford in this world ( NO WIRE HANGERS- YUK I can not stand those things!!!).

  21. Oh my...your closets are fabulous!!!! I am in awe!! Love the look on Kate's face and Harry looks great in action! Hope he's feeling better from the fireants :)

  22. Your sweet Kate is adorable in her pumpkin dress.
    Isn't it the best feeling when things are put away and you can actually find them?
    And finally I love the last picture that you mentioned you'd like to crop.

  23. Your closets look amazing! You do fast (and good) work!

  24. the pics are all great, I am so glad the closets are done! Great!
    I am so sorry for Harry's difficult adjustment time. I know its so hard as a mom to see your kids go through these things. I am so glad to hear he is feeling better.
    I am glad you have been having such pretty weather and had the time to go on walks with Ms Kate. You deserved some good weather!

  25. I love all of the closets and I love that you organize by color. I do the same thing in Mallory's closet. I just love the pictures of Kate cooking. I bet you were so glad to get those pics because she is just adorable in them. I also love that precious orange dress and bow that she has on in the picture where she is asking for Gatorade. Too cute!
    Love the soccer pics too. I love it when the team prays before a game. So important!
    Happy Unpacking,

  26. Everything looks so great Kim. Miss Kate could not be glad she is enjoying school.

    And happy Harry is feeling better - congrats to him and his team for a magnificent season!!

    Have a great weekend.

  27. You have my fantasy closet!! I'm drooling! I do the same thing- organize by item and color. I do that with everything actually- ribbon, markers, swearter, you name it.

    Love the cute pics of the kids! So cute!

  28. Way to go Harry and I'm glad your feeling better!! BTW did I ever congratulate the boys for being chosen as Saints a while back? If not, Congratulations Harry and Will!
    I love the sweet Kate pictures, and I want your closets! Feels good to have them organized doesn't it?

    Gin =)

  29. Love your closet...we have the same black Isaac Mizrahi flats!

  30. I now have closet envy!!!! In my opinion it was worth buying that house just for those!!!! Do those top racks come down? I have never seen them so high! Kate's is beautiful... Great job!!! Organized closets just make me happy!!!!!

    I love the pic of Kate with her hands on her hips. Ruby has been doing that a lot lately. Too cute!!!

    Harry! Way to go!! We are so glad you are feeling better!

    Kim, it is ALL coming together!

    Happy Halloween,

  31. Glad you are seeing some progress. Can't wait to see the rest...I have closet envy my friend!

    I remember meeting you last year on Halloween...happy 1 year of friendship!

  32. that one of Kate with her hands on her hips is too funny.

  33. I am coveting your clean, organized closets!! I love the soccer pictures - It warms my heart to see a team praying before the game - I always say a prayer for theair SAFETY!!!

  34. Kate is ahring her cooking show skills! How cute! (Don't feel like a bad mom, sometimes you can't make it to every school event & there will be many more in the future!)

    I am drooling over your closets! Even Kate's closet looks better than mine! It looks like you have accomplished a lot!

    I am sorry to hear that Harry has not been feeling well. I am glad he is getting better! He looks so cute standing in the goal.

    Happy Halloween! Rebecca

  35. Great pictures. I thought I was looking at my son's closet :) His looks just like that. We built shelves for him just to store his lego's. He is now building the Sandcrawler - 1,600 pieces. Your new home looks beautiful. Happy Halloween.

  36. It looks like you are settling into your new home....LOVE the closets too! It also looks like the kids are settling into their own worlds too...and that will probably be great for all of you! Happy Halloween to you all!

  37. Can i come live in your closet? The thing is i am not sure which i like better- yours or kates! :-) I am glad you are getting somewhat settled- that will make all the difference in the world to you, i think!

    Happy Halloween!

    So much to be thankful for.....
    One question my friend...... when can we move in????????? your closet looks bigger than our house. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    So glad you are in..... enjoy.

  39. Fabulous closet!!! I arrange by color closet is a little messy right now, but you have inspired me to tidy it up, so that is my chore for today!!

  40. Oh my goodness... your closet is a dream! I love it. You're so organized.

    Thank you so much for all the sweet encouraging comments you left me during my trip to China. You are such an inspiration to so many people. It meant so much to me that you were following my journey.



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