Monday, October 27, 2008

Today is Dave's Birthday!  Happy birthday, honey. You are the best hubby and Dad and I love you! Unfortunately, there are no cards or gifts or celebrations planned for today (yet...I will get some somehow).  I am a terrible wife.  Between hurricanes, strep throat, a car accident, a husband being out of town for week while I had a sinus infection and pneumonia and a move, I almost forgot.  Luckily, I realized the date 2 days ago and I did make him his favorite lasagna (gluten free but delicious) for dinner last night.

(Isn't my new oven pretty?)

 Which was a challenge considering our kitchen looks like this......


I need HELP!  I feel overwhelmed.  It is so hard to live with 3 kids while you unpack.  They still have school (we could not find their uniforms for today) and soccer (and it is our turn to bring drinks tonight) and sleepovers.  The house is a total mess and we still have to get our things from the apartment as well.  If there was ever a time I wish I had a magic wand, this is it.  We own WAY too much stuff. There are boxes and paper and stuff everywhere.

I know I should not be blogging but to tell you the truth my hands are swollen from unpacking and my legs ache.  I need a distraction.  If anybody wants to come help me with either unpacking, cleaning or keeping Kate out of the paper and boxes, please come!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  

My creation

P.S. I am not the worst wife.  I will salvage Dave's birthday somehow.  We actually decided to postpone the celebration due all that we have going on.


  1. Of course you aren't the worst wife ever! I am amazed that you are still standing! Can't wait to see pictures of your unpacked house... maybe in a few months?! Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave!! Kim - wish I was close enough to stop by and offer some help! You know I would love to bring Kate to play with Meg and imagine the work you'd get done -- It is funny, I just sat down to check in with some of my blogging buddies after cleaning my baseboards with Meggie hanging on my back, piggy back style, knowing there has to be an easier way! You've moved in!!! In no time, you will be "settled" and telling us all about your wonderful new home (I don't mean the house but the family and friends that make it home).
    Thinking of you!

  3. You know if I could jet on over, I would!!! You will not only salvage Dave's birthday, but if I know you, you will make it ten times more special just by being you and handling all that is going on with grace, style and well, if that fails, just by getting it all done. This too shall pass, my friend and you will look back on that kitchen photo and be thrilled with how quickly you settled in and the after shot:)

    I have cards sitting on my nightstand for you that have been there for weeks - at least now, we can have an address:) It will all be okay and look at that gorgeous little girl amongst the packing paper - just makes you smile when nothing else can huh???

    Hugs to the whole family,

  4. Oh my -- you are so incredibly busy, yet you still managed to get such cute photos of Miss Kate!! Your kitchen looks awesome and I know you will be all organized in no time. If only I lived closer, I would be so happy to help you out! Good luck with the unpacking.


  5. I have been there! (And, sadly will be moving again soon!) Can you hire someone to help you for a few days? Maybe and organizer type person to do other rooms while you do the kitchen, or just a helper? It is hard to move and I don't have any good advice, except the only way to the other side is through it, and I know that that sounds really aweful! Once you get the kitchen done though, it will be easier. Remember to take care of yourself too. A few minutes of blogging and tea are good medicine!

  6. Happy Birthday Dave...I wish that we could celebrate with you!

    And how I wish I could come over and help you unpack...hugs from Virginia~

  7. You are a WONDERFUL WIfe..
    Life is busy in your world.. I am sure he understands.. Love the pictures..
    And if I lived closer I would be over there to help in a second..
    Packing and unpacking is not fun..
    But you will be settled in soon..
    Hugs girly..
    Can't wait to see your house all decorated..
    Have a Great Week..

  8. I wish I was there to help you! Still keeping you all in our prayers.

  9. Happy Birthday Dave! You'll get everything done. I wish we lived closer so we could help. Have a great week!


  10. Oh my, I wish I could help! I love packing & unpacking....when it's not my own house!! :)

    Kate looks like she is having a blast with the paper and boxes!

    I have a feeling Dave understands that everything is a little crazy right now. He probably appreciates waiting until everything settles before you celebrate.

    Good luck!

  11. oh Kim I would LOVE to be able to help you, truly. I enjoy unpacking other peoples thing;)
    Somehow it never seems as hard work when doing it for someone else. I remember my legs aching both times I moved. Such hard work, I have to say I would probably cancel any sleep overs though! That would just be too much on my plate with a move!
    Try to enjoy nesting your new home...
    Have a good week

  12. Have also been there too with the moving thing and it's just awful. Hang in there, it will all get done. You've had a lot on your plate.
    If I lived nearby I'd be most happy to help.
    Hoping each day gets easier!

  13. are in your house! I love the photos of the kitchen and Kate. I am sure Dave's best birthday present is being back home with his family!

    I am so glad that with each day you are closer to being "home". Hang in there!

  14. Oh, Kim!! You are such a great wife to make the lasagna in the middle of your chaos!! I just finally got my cupboards organized & we've been here 3 weeks (4?) We did remodeling too, but my hands were so banged up & UGLY, I promised myself a manicure (still haven't got it, but that's another story!!) so - promise your self something when this is over!! And DO IT!!

  15. Oh my goodness! I SO know how you feel with all those unopened (and opened) boxes littering the entire house!! How I wish I were close enough to come help, although I think all my kids might be a bit of a hindrance ;)
    Hang in there... it HAS to get better :)

  16. Moving is pretty awful and you've had more than your share on your plate. It will all get done somehow. If I lived nearby I'd be more than happy to help.
    Hoping each day gets better!

  17. I wish I could help you :O)

    I love your kitchen!!!

    Even though you are so busy take time to enjoy your new house.

    Take care, Michele

  18. OH bless your heart, Kim!! I'd be so happy to help you unpack! Happy birthday to your hubby...and tell him that CHelsi wants a personal lesson in "all things Geology" when he has time!! hee-hee! She is one rock-lovin' gal!!!
    Take care....and have fun at the soccer meet!
    I'd be buying a big case of Gatorade and dumping it into a big rolling cooler!
    Oh...and the lasagna looks so very yummy!!!! AND YOUR OVEN DOES TOO!!!

  19. I think your husband will have a lot going on!!

    If I was close, I would certainly help you is such an overwhelming feeling to look at the sea of cardboard!!

    Give yourself will get everything done soon....

    Hope you enjoyed your looked fantastic!

  20. Hang in there. I just did this very recently, and it's no fun. The lasagna looks wonderful. Will you post the recipe after you get unpacked?

  21. Happy Birthday to Dave! You'll get it all done, slowly but surely. Wish I were closer, I'd come help!

  22. Bless your heart. Hang in there. You've had so much going on in a short amount of time. Don't put too much pressure on yourself...everything will fall into place. Take care.

  23. Kim,

    I'm amazed that you cooked with your kitchen in such disarray! I'm not sure I could have done it. I'm happy for you that you're finally in your house.

    I ran into your friend Melissa last week at a coffee shop and talked to her (and her friends) for a while .

    Kate looks happy to be on her bed!

  24. Every box you get unpacked is one step closer! I know it must be crazy there! I wish I could come hang out and help you unpack!! You have to be SO happy to be out of that apartment!!

  25. Kim~too bad GA is so far from TX! I'd be there in a hurry! I happen to love cleaning, straightening, decluttering, get the idea! I'd pop in a movie, turn up the surround sound and send you to the spa if I didn't live like 1000 miles away! It will all get done though! It will be beautiful! Hang in there!

  26. I'll be right over...oh wait, I'm 5000 miles from you! Rats!!!

    Hang in there, girl. One day at a time. One box at a time. One drawer at a time. It doesn't all have to be done in a day (although we love for that to happen, right?).

    You know, I still have boxes that haven't been unpacked from over 2 years ago. Books mostly. Must not need them!!!

    Happy Birthday DAve!!!
    Snick :)

  27. happy b-day dave! the house looks like fun, i bet kate it loving all of the stuff and boxes!! she looks adorable in the photos:) I am impressed you even made a home cooked meal, i might of picked up something! you will get there, just take it one room at a time. you are like me, i want it all done NOW, even if it means i am totally exhausted doing it all! wish you were close, i would come help, or at least bring over food.

  28. looks like a project that you will totally tackle! i wish hubby and i lived in texas, for many reasons, and if we lived in texas i'd be at your house in a heartbeat.

    i'm going to call my sister in law who lives in memorial. when she moved (with two little ones underfoot) she had two helpers that got her unpacked really fast. i'll let you know (or drop me an email therauths at gmail dot com and i'll give you the phone number.

  29. Ok My Dear Friend,
    You have to take a deep breath! You do not have to get this done in record time.. One day at a time has got to be your mantra for the next few weeks. It will get done! Please go easy on yourself!!!!

    Now, a plea to Kim's girlfriends that are close by! Bring a meal, and take Kate so Kim can breathe!!!! I am beside myself that I can not serve you right now! I hate long distance some days!!!!!

    Now for your Mr. Dave! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your Minnesota family!

    We love you guys!
    Di & the Gang!

    P.S: Kate, that tissue paper looks good on you!

  30. The lasagne looks scrumptious - the fact that you were able to do that amidst all the paper and boxes is admirable! I'm sure you will have loyal fans streaming to your door to help you unpack and play with Miss Kate. I know you are so thankful to be able to stretch out in your new place - so happy for you to finally be moved it! Happy Birthday Dave!!!!!

  31. Wow, you have already accomplished so much in that kitchen. I see lots of things already put away in those glass front cabinets. You are doing great considering all the illnesses, distractions, etc. You are certainly not the world's worst wife! Your husband totally understands I am sure. Hope everything continues to get better. Isn't it nice to finally be in your new home though!!

  32. Yes, I too was noticing the things all put away in the cabinets! you go girl!
    You are doing great! Wish I was closer to help. I called my cleaning person practically in tears when we moved in last year and she came right over and we did things together! What a blessing she was! It is very overwhelming, I know! My motto was just one box at a time.....


  33. Happy Birthday Dave!

    I know what you feel. I have gone through many moves (with the kids in and out of school). I am sure you will do great! Just try to get organized; prioritize. Start with one room (always did the kitchen first and the bedrooms for a minimum) and work your way througout the house. I know you will want to get everything done as quickly as possible but allow yourself some breaks. Just go out for coffee or something and come back re-energized ! :-)

    THe lasagna looks delicious! I am amazed you were able to cook him his favourite meal in the midst of all this! THis is awesome and I am sure he will really appreciate and love it! When you have a chance, I would love the recipe. My mom is still here for a few days and she eats gluten free.

    Kate looks so cute on those pictures. If she likes to color, just give her some crayons and let her color on the moving paper...

    Good luck in the next couple of weeks :-)

    BTW - I love your kitchen and can't wait to see the rest of the house!

  34. are more like the world's best wife (and mom, too). Don't be hard on guys have all been under tremendous stress. Life is like that sometimes, but I'm thrilled that you are in your new house and can finally start the process of settling in. Boy, do you deserve to feel settled again. It looks gorgeous, boxes and all, and in no time it will look and feel like home. Don't push too much, relax and enjoy the feeling of being home again. It will all fall into place.

    Pete's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't even gotten a card (though he did get a new ripstik a few weeks ago before the weather got too cold...he's trying to keep up with the boys). Keeping things simple is important especially when life is so full of other demands. I'm sure you and the kids are the only gift he really wants or needs.

    Congratulations on your new home and Happy Birthday to Dave!!!


  35. Girl, the lasagna looks FABULOUS - my oven is NEVER that clean!! And you are doing wonderful, keeping it together AND keeping it real!!! :) We have all been there! You should have seen my house after we moved. It took months to get everything put away... not to discourage you of course. :) Just get that kitchen done and you will feel 100% better!!!

    I love the photos you took. Your photography is always breakthtaking!!


  36. Don't let the Chaos get you down! It will pass. I'll have to post a picture of my living room/storage building as we hold items that need to move to the new house as the remodel progresses. My favorite is the 2 big boxes with a big toilet on the front! Now that is classy! Hey, at least they are in the box :-)

    Kate seems to be having a blast in the midst of the unpacking. Kids can find the joy in anything.

  37. I understand, moving sucks!!!!!!!
    Do not let yourself down, the food looks yummy, and Dave loves you
    Soon the move will be over and your house looks great!!!!!!!!

  38. Ok - I never want to hear you say that again! YOU are a TERRIFIC wife and I know Dave think so :D Only a Terrific Wife could have such a wonderful house boy :D Happy Birthday Dave!

    You new oven is very pretty and shinny clean! I wish that I was a real fairy princess at the moment and I would lend you my wand so all that mess would just magically vanish and everything would be right where it need to be :D

    Finally - I just placed my third MJ order! You have created a monster!

    Ladybug hugs,

  39. okay....I know you are busy but when you get a chance.....I clicked on the collage you took me to the this different than Flickr? Do I need to sign up and pay for this service as well?

    I'm sure Dave totally understands about his b-day.....just take one day at a time sweet girl....that's what I'm doing!


  40. Hooray! You're in your house and out of the corporate apartment! I bet Scout is happy to be able to wander outside without being on a leash. I know you have to feel better; hopefully the kids do too.

    Happy Birthday to Dave! His lasagna looks fabulous. I wish you'd share the recipe.

    I have those exact same ovens. They are beautiful - even after 5 years! One piece of advice: don't run the clean cycle with the racks in there - it ruins the finish on them and they don't slide as easily.

    Just take things one box at a time. You'll be unpacked before you know it.

    I hope you have some nice new neighbors to greet and welcome you. I wish I lived closer so I could help.

    Can't wait to see more "after" pictures.

  41. Moving is a very difficult, time-consuming prospect, but you will get through it. Just take it one day at a time.

  42. Actually, I enjoyed seeing your kitchen in such a mess....usually your home looks like a model home on the blog! Now I think you may be normal! lol

    I am sure he can live without a part, I think you are a little too busy for birthday celebrations my friend! Praying for you!

  43. Mmmm, that lasagna looks yummy! I'm so happy for you that you're finally getting into your new home!! I would so help you unpack if I was anywhere near. I love that kind of thing. Just remember that it will all get done, somehow, with time. I hope you're at least recovering some from being sick.

    Gin =)

  44. ok take a deep breath. It will all get done : ) I would gladly come over and take Kate or help you if I lived just a wee bit closer {{{hug}}} Don't stress over the soccer stuff. I would forget the sleep over and try moving it to another date. I don't think that anyone would expect you to have a sleep over with all that is going on. Maybe you can have it in 2 weeks? Hang in there...take breaks you need them. It will all get done : )

  45. Happy Birthday, Dave!

    Kim -- I am sure Dave will enjoy his lasagna this year and not expect anything more! You have just a little bit going on in your life right now. You are a great wife! Happy unpacking!

  46. I'm sure Dave understands and isn't expecting anything more than a great lasagna! So happy you guys got the house, can't wait to see it after you it's all unpacked and decorated. :)

  47. i would help if i could! I see a gorgeous kitchen peeking out!

  48. When it rains it pours and you friend have been drenched!!!! Better, happier, healthy days are ahead!!!


  49. Dang! I am impressed you made the Lasagna!! I want the recipe, my 14 year old niece is diabetic and celiac! I think you are way too hard on yourself you are doing a great job!! kate EMERSON(my daughters name) is cute as a bug!!

  50. You definitely are not the worst wife. Hang in there. If I lived close to you, I'd be right over. Moving is just crazy and it really takes some time to get everything in its place. It will all sort itself out, just hang in there :)

  51. Ugh. Moving is the pits! I wish I could be there to help you! Try to think happy how much fun it will be finding new places for all of your most treasured household goods!

  52. I've just been through the same thing. Don't worry I'm sure it will all come together. A move is a big deal. your kitchen's exposed beams in the ceiling and that lighting over the island is fabulous...Pottery Barn maybe?

    Hugs and Blessings,

  53. Happy Birthday Dave!!!

    Hope you can find some time to relax and breathe alittle!!!! Kate is just adorable in looks very spunky in the packing paper!!! At least now you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

    Lasagna looks great!!! makes me hungry :)

  54. Happy Birthday Dave!

    The lasagna looks delish!! Just think how awesome it will look once it is complete. I can't wait to see it.

    Max and Dave share the same cool is that!

    We're leaving for China next Friday to get our girl! I can't wait!

    I hope your house gets put together quickly, if I lived closer I would be happy to help!


  55. I's so glad to have found your blog again!! I've missed your posts so very much:)!


  56. I've so missed your posts and am very happy to have found you again!!!


  57. Lucy and Kate have something else in common - their Dads have the same birthday!!! Happy belated Birthday to Dave!

  58. Happy Birthday Dave.

    Your kitchen is huge and so posh. I am sure you are thrilled to be back in a big kitchen.

    Now take a break from unpacking and relax. ;)

  59. I have named you one of my Honest Blogs! Check out my blog to read more :O)

    Please do not feel like you have to do this.....Just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog :O)


  60. Hello, I hope you are doing well. I am very amazed that you even cooked him a lasagne with your kitchen in such disaray. I am sure I would just order out, so I think you are terrific.

    I am sending you this comment to let you know I have tagged you. I have never done this before so I hope you are OK with me doing it. I know many of you are very busy (either caring for sick spouses or in China bringing home your beautiful children) so please don’t feel obligated to do this. I just wanted to pass it on in hopes of meeting more people and learning more about everybody. I am very happy to be a part of blogspot, the people on here are so much more real to me then my friends and family on Myspace. I hope you all have a great day.

  61. I wish I could come help you!

    Have you thought about hiring some help? Most moving companies will unpack and take away the boxes for a fee. There are also people who you can hire to actually put the stuff away. It may be worth the money to save your sanity -- and your swollen hands.

  62. oh I hope his day was lovely! You are wonder-mom {and wife!} I bet it was a special time in your new HOME!!! hope its feeling put away and comfy soon!

  63. Oh I feel for you.... we are moving in the next 6 months and I am SOOOO not looking forward to the packing, moving, and unpacking of all the STUFF. How do we collect SO much stuff?

    You are fabulous for making what looks to be a delicious lasagna while trying to do so many other things!!!!

  64. I feel your pain...I have stayed up all night on more than one move to get my kitchen put together. It is the one room I MUST have done.

  65. Your oven is pretty, so is the lasagna. Looks like a magazine photo! Your kitchen is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished result.

  66. kim your kitchen is stunning! the exposed beams with white cabinets and dark island. that is our dream kitchen design for when we build. just imagine all the family memories ya'll are going to make there!


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