Seen and heard in "Newcity"

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Only in Newcity.....

One day last week, Kate and I were in the park and we saw a homeless man with a totebag that said, "I am a Human Being."  I liked that.  It made me think that people might look at him with more dignity. 

Then an hour later, I stopped by Target for diapers.   At the Target entrance I saw a uniformed chauffeur putting a woman's bags in the back of her Black Cadillac Escalade. He opened the door for her (in back) walked around and drove off.  Talk about two extremes.  I have never seen a chauffeur at Target!

Finally, today I went into a shop and saw a cute cotton orange dress that I thought would look adorable on Kate.  It looked a little small and they did not have a bigger size.  The clerk asked me if I would like to take it out on approval.  I said yes. I thought the tag said  "$38" but when I got it home, I realized it said $238.  Yes, you read that correctly---$238.00!!!  Well,
needless to say I did not keep the dress.  Who pays $238 for a cotton play dress?  It was cute but not special in any way. Sometimes, I think I have lived in a cave for the last 4 years.

I did however, splurge on this at that same shop...

Princess Crown Clippie

It looks so cute in Kate's hair.
And I might order these too...
(you can order them on-line here)

Preppie Clippie
P.S.  The sleepover was GREAT!  Thanks for all the encouragement. Also, since I claimed to be the queen of stain removal, several people have e-mailed me asking about my arsenal of products and methods.  I never thought to post on such a topic.  But I truly am obsessed with laundry and stain removal.  So, I am working on a post where I will share my secrets.  Tyler if you are reading this...go here for crayon stain advice (for set and dried stains).

ADDDED: Read "Red's" comment below to learn to make these bows yourself.  Thanks, RED!!!! I just might give this a try (but I am rather "Craft challenged.")


  1. LOVE the tiara barrette! Do they have an online store where I could order one for my little princess? The "newcity" sounds very interesting!

  2. Love the barrets. Too cute! I found a new boutique to day and had so much fun shopping for the girls. They had adorable hair clips. Yes I do think 238.00 is a bit for a play dress LOL
    I am queen of keeping baseball and football pants! Soaking them in biz before washing. Now don't freak, but I used to even wash my boys cleets (are you laughing at me yet). I hate stains on anything and I work very hard until they come out...and if they don't, it goes to the poor. I drive my boys crazy. Tyler had a t-shirt that he wore under his jersey on (football)game day. It was his lucky shirt. I was not supposed to wash it (I didn't know that). I washed it and they lost the game so it was my fault...I said who cares, your shirt stunk and now you smell better! : p

  3. What could be more perfect in the hair of a little princess! I might have to try and find one of those for my princess, oh but then the little prince around here would want one for his hair too!! I have found him with hairbows on several occasions.A two year old and a three year old ar so funny together.


  4. $238...think of all the Matilda Jane outfits you could buy for that : )

    Sounds like you are in a very diverse "newcity". I live in a cave, too (Nashville) and I sometimes wish we could experience more diverse people. It truly makes you appreciate all walks of life.

    I have been thinking of you and your family during your new transition. I just know great things are in store for all of you!


  5. Now, my first was a stain-free kid. Never spilled a thing on her clothes. ALL, and I repeat ALL her clothes were in exemplary condition to pass on to her little sister.

    Said sister stains them by simply looking a them. everything is stained. Everything.

    Don't get me wrong. I love a kid to have a good time and get their clothes dirty, but jeeeze, EVERYTHING???

    Do share your secrets, Kim :)

    Snick, Sunshine and Brill

  6. So glad to hear the sleepover went well!

    I love hearing all about your new city. I have lived in a cave ALL of my life! In fact, I would be dangerous if I ever moved out of the Midwest.

    The new clips are adorable! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  7. Glad that the sleepover went well.....
    I can't not believe the dress was 238.00.. I would never be able to dress
    LOVE the clippies...
    I LOVE THEM.. I will be going over to check them out...

  8. You crack me up.....can't wait for the next post....Sophia just wrote her name all over her wall in her bedroom the other day....she somehow snuck a purple crayon up there...little stinker....I can still see it on the wall....I told David to bring in the paint!

    As far as the dress...that is too funny....I don't think I'd spend that much for a play dress either....perhaps a coat.... ;)

    I'll be checking out the barrets...they are darling! ;)

    Have a good upcoming week...

  9. A Chauffeur at Target? I have to admit, I have never seen that around here.....sounds like an interesting "newcity"

    The little barrettes are just adorable....and the dress..$238...pure insanity!

    Can't wait for your stain post....I could use some help in this department:)


  10. glad it went well! Those clips!!! OH NO, I am in trouble!


  11. Wow interesting new city, never know what you will see next!
    Cute clippies, I wish they would stay in Myah's hair.
    Bring on the stain removal tips, I am horrible about getting stains out, with baseball pants and a little girl who loves the mud, I am stumped!

  12. those are the cutest barrettes ever! i so wish i had a girl :)

    glad to hear the boys had fun with their new friends and that ms kate enjoyed school. our preschool has a "uniform" yellow and navy tshirts with navy shorts. its much better suited for boys than girls, but at least the "nicer" clothes are spared the beating.

    happy weekend!

  13. Kim... you're what I call a real mum ...Your children are very lucky, sure.

    Thanks for posting about hair accessoires..They're great¡¡¡ ( I would try to buy but I don't Know if they will send them to Sapin...)



  14. Isn't stain removal fun?
    But I read you like to iron sheets and clean like I do so maybe it just goes along with that LOL.

    I am lucky that my little one doesn't get stained much and the big kids don't like ruining their teen clothes.
    So I have it easy these days.

    If anyone is interested in making those barrettes themselves cheaply, there are tons of sites to teach you how and even resources for buying high quality ribbon and supplies cheap.
    If you see a barrette, bow, anywhere, there's a free way to learn it yourself, who knew??

  15. Hi Kim,

    What an opposite end of extremes in your new place. How is the home buying going? I hope well! Weather is beautiful here, might take Bradley on the monticello trail after his nap:) Sending my love, Clare

  16. I hate stains!!! But I also hate treating the-a thorn in my side. I love oxy clean, but I would love to hear what you use too!

    Did you check out all the clips on that site? If you think $238 is too much for the play dress, how about $180 for a clip? :) I do love the one you got for Kate! I would pay just about anything (not $180) to keep Landree's hair out of her face! It drives me crazy!

    I would love 'newcity'! I love big cities and all the oppertunities they bring (and I'm probably a little partial.) Just think of all the teaching moments you'll have-you already have two :)

  17. Jennifer---Oh my goodness--NO I had not seen the $180.00 hair clip but I guess one woould "need" that to match the $238 dress (wink, wink). Kate loses so many bows (when Dad has her;) that I hate spending $7 for a big bow! NOw I am motivated to try to learn to make these!


  18. Sorry this is long ladies, but its good stuff :D
    If you all look closely at the green bow or even the pink one, they are just clippies with gross grain or velvet ribbon glued on.
    They ran the green ribbon then through the buckle etc..
    From there you can glue and create from little access or even more grossgrain. You can even make Mulan and other Disney characters!
    You can even learn a basic figure 8, and make the boutique bows, and you don't even need tools. Just your hands and glue.
    Look at that bow tutorials closely, you can see at the first phase you can stop, or keep going for another layer. They are like the nice bows from the ebay gals. They are very simple and classy.

    My favorite site #1 (free info)

    My favorite site #2 (free info)
    Also her site:
    same people:

    I can't grab my favorite supply source but its mentioned all over those 2 sites above.

    Other misc sites, (you can Google a ton more too!): (small fee I believe)
    free tute:

    If anyone is interested, I buy a lot of basic figure 8 bows off Ebay, but the lady is no longer there :(
    I don't buy the extra looped ones, I like the basic classy one.
    It was cheaper for me to buy them in bulk with her low prices.
    It would be a great business for the right gal!

    I would love to hear if anyone gets onto this :D

  19. I am FINALLY home and able to catch up with you! I LOVE the pictures of the old house!! I understand the space issues though. I do have to say though, that we usually eat at the dining room table anyway. I don't know why. If Ike hits here, we might head your way this time!!

  20. PS
    The Crafster site and

    are also good places if your just starting out.
    YCMT charges but their tutes are super super easy.
    I actually copied one of Kates shirts by using a pattern from that site.
    People go crazy over my toddlers shirts now.
    I make them from Heather Bailey Fabric and I can hardly sew a stitch! I was featured on Todays Creative if you want to see one of the shirts.

    Heather Bailey makes some new cute twist tie hairbows for those who would rather just shop :D

  21. I loved your telling about the homeless man with the bag. What a reminder, alongside the other extreme of the $238 child's dress and the Target shopper with the limo. I have a ministry with homeless people (including moms and kids) and am always struck by the contrast of extreme poverty and great affluence (and that includes my own). Blessings to you for mentioning this.

  22. I, too, make ALL of my own bows! It's addicting! People tell me I should sell them on Ebay and Etsy, but I don't know that I would have the time to make enough to it's ok if I make a tiny mistake on one for my own daughter, but not if it's being sold. But yes, I looked right at those clips and though WOW! What a profit! It was likely made for about $3.00 worth of materials - and that's ONLY b/c the rhinestone loop is the part that racks up the money. I SWEAR by hot glue though. But it really is like's addicting once you start! And the ribbons - there are just so many choices on ebay! I love the "korker" bows too! All SO MUCH FUN!

  23. I love the little barrettes! Perfect for your sweet princess, Kate.

    Hope you've had a productive and relaxing weekend.

  24. Too funny, after reading "Reds" comments - I had to come back and comment again. I started making hairbows today, korkers, etc. I have had the oven on (you have to cook the korkers to make them curl; and my husband has been cracking up:)
    I also used ribbonretreat, bowdesign and hipgirlclips; thanks for the other sites "Red" - I had a frustrating start, but a friend walked me thru it and it's so easy and fun!!

  25. I have been so busy I haven't been blogging... looks like you have been busy busy too.
    Love the barrette! Quite the contrast in people... My heart hurts for both of them to tell you the truth.
    Love you friend, you are in my heart and prayers.

  26. Hi Kim,
    Your homeless man comment made me think of a GREAT book I am reading called "Same Kind of Different as Me". It is about a homeless man and I rich man and his wife and how their lives intersect. It is a tear jerker though.....I don't know if you like to read but it is awesome!

  27. Oh, the barrettes are fabulous!!! I miss the days when my girls wore beautiful ribbons, barrettes and headbands...
    Kate will love the new barrette!

    So pleased the sleepover went well-you are brave to do it in such a short time.

    I love doing laundry! Ironing, folding, the baskets to put the laundry in-love it all!!! I just wish I had a laundry room-it's in the cellar...

  28. Awwww....these are so cute! I love the tiara barrette!

  29. OMG - $238!!!!
    Okay - that is crazy! Well, guess that is just NewCity for you. NewCity is a lot like this city - two very divers extremes. Love the clips! TOO cute - but even with instructions - I am no goo with a glue gun!
    Glad the sleep over went well :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  30. Those barrettes are adorable! And, I think I need a chaufer to take me to target, that would be awesome. I do have a teenage daughter chaufer at the moment, but its not quite as relaxing. The price of the dress is unbelievable! i'm curious us as to whether "Newcity" might be my hometown, Atlanta. I pray that you choose the right house, they are both beautiful, but my favorite is the older home. Have a blessed week!

  31. The barrettes are adorable! I believe you have on loan an orange dress that belongs to the woman being chauffeured to Target:)

  32. I would love suggestions for removing those stubborn yellow spots. These are the spots that appear on whites after they have been washed and stored away for awhile. Example- my eldest daughter's clothes that I get out for our new daughter to wear! Where did those stains come from and how do I get rid of them???? I've tried EVERYTHING (I think)! Would love to hear your thoughts!

  33. Thanks for the crayola site. A crayon melted all over the carseat and I had no idea how I was going to get it out. WD-40, who would have thought? Worked like a charm!


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