My favorite things (right now)

Monday, September 8, 2008
Every now and then, I like to share some of my favorite things.  I love when other people do this too.  Here are things that I love right now....

I stumbled upon this little gem last week.  I was in a waiting room and picked it up. They have great articles on healthy eating and awesome recipes too.  This magazine is not about losing weight or cutting any one specific food out of your diet. Instead, it focuses on eating unprocessed foods that are closest to their natural source. The current issue has "15 minute school night" dinner recipes and a healthy Thanksgiving menu. It also has recipes for 30 days of meals and their accompanying shopping lists for the week.  I LOVE it! As soon as I have an actual address, I plan to subscribe. 

~Wedgits are about the coolest toy we have ever had!.  They have won all sorts of awards.  I love them because they are great for all ages.  Kate will sit and play with them for a long period of time and the boys will too. In fact, they fight over who gets to use them.  The label says for ages 3-103 and it is true! They are great for spatial relations, imagination, colors, etc.  They even sell a set that is all PINK!


Harry and one of his Wedgit creations.

~Paul Mayer Attitudes ballet flats


Now, I LOVE the look of Tory Burch flats but they are very uncomfortable as they have no support.  I found these adorable Paul Mayer flats here in new city and they are both stylishly chic AND comfortable,  They actually have some support.  I love a bargain and mine were less than the prices I have seen on-line.  They are pricey but I will wear these shoes a lot.  


In graduate school, I discovered the Freeman shampoos and conditioners.  They were reasonably priced, they smelled good and my hair was healthy and shiny.  Over the years, I could not find this brand in the stores anymore and I moved on.  However, a few weeks ago in CVS, I saw this "Shine Overload."  It is FABULOUS!  Not only is it GREAT ---it is only $3.99!  I use both the shampoo and conditioner. (In looking them up on-line, I read that they have been "gone" for about 5 years.)

Now, Miss Kate has funny hair and she uses this.... Schwarzkopf Bonacure Smooth Control Shampoo and Conditioner.  It is more expensive but for perfect for her hair.  It does last a long time (6 months for us).  Debbie told me about it and we saw improvement in Kate's hair immediately.


I bought the boys these for school this year and I love them.  The are the only water bottle that does not leach anything at all.  I heard on a radio show that recent studies on Si*gg bottles show that they even leach a little. These are good for the kids, good for the environment (no waste), and easy to clean.  I need to get one for Kate and one for myself now!  I am thinking we need pink!  I bought ours at Wh*ole Foods but you can order them on-line, I think.

(On a side note---but a few people asked---the boys are allowed to drink water throughout the day now.  I met with the principal today regarding some things we needed to know as a new family.  She is taking the snack suggestion under advisement but is concerned that parents will not send healthy snacks.  I volunteered to find a dynamic nutritionist to come give a talk about the benefits of packing healthy lunches and snacks.  We'll see what happens?)

What are your favorite things?


  1. Miss Kim,

    I have been trying to find these water canteens. I think that I am just looking in the wrong places. Where did you find/order them? We need them for soccer season!

    Thank you for any information.


  2. Thanks Kim for your favorites list.

    I was wondering about the Sigg Bottles?? I have heard about the Klean Kanteen and was wanting to check them out. Thanks for the link. Also the Wedgit. Looks like some thing both of my girls would enjoy. Simone loves Legos so I think she would love these too.

    My favorite thing write now is my Nike + I Pod combo thing that tracks my runs or walks. It is so much fun to have and motivating. Here is my link on my blog about it. You can also see two cool graphs on the side of my blog that show how I am doing working towards my 100 mile goal.

    Thanks again, I enjoy reading your blog!

    Take care, Michele

  3. I enjoyed reading about some of your favorite things!

    I have a weakness for pretty shoes (well, really for anything pretty), and I wasn't familiar with the Paul Mayer Attitudes. They would be perfect to take to Italy later this month. Now I just have to figure out who carries them here in Dallas.

    Hope no one was *hiding* before school this morning! Have a good week.

  4. How FUN!!!!
    LOVE the Wedgits.. I think Isabella needs the beginner one before she gets here..
    The Clean Eating Magazine looks very neat.. .
    Thanks for sharing..
    Have a Great Week..

  5. One of my favorites is Purology hair products. They are a little on expensive side but they are amazing!

    We love Playmobil in our house, we have single handedly kept them in business :)


  6. Ooooooo, I love this post - thanks, so many great ideas - cannot wait to get my boys the widgets (will make an awesome Christmas gift!) - my big guy just told me his teacher is environmentally friendly (that's a good thing:) and he needs some sort of sports bottle - now I feel like this is the right one!!

    O.k, I must second the Playmobil toys - my boys love them and I cannot wait to get some for Mia. I also love the reed diffusers from Pier *1, they last the longest and have a wonderful scent! Also, love Annie's mac * cheese - I don't know what I'd do without it!! We should do this before Christmas re present ideas!!

  7. wedgits are a fave in our home.

    it was fun reading your list. must check out those shoes. i LOVE flats.

  8. Serendipity! I was just coming over to your site to get your e-mail address so that I could e-mail you this new site I found;

    She is a desinger and has children's dresses; there are only four, but they are beautiful; I thought of you instantly (currently on sale).

    My favorite thing is a e-mail service called Daily Candy, which is where I found the site above.
    You pick the cities and they e-mail places to shop, things to do, restaurants, etc.

  9. I love when you do your favorite things!!

  10. LOL - I had three people e-mail me over the weekend about what I use on Li Li's hair for shampoo and conditioner! It is still the Bonacare :D I think it was because of the images I posted.

    I love all your favorite things :D I will have to check out the shoes - i love the flats and need a little support. I love the image of Harry - he looks so relaxed and happy - hope that is a sign that things are getting better!

    Ladybug hugs,

  11. What fun! Your list is great. I am going to order some of those Wedgits & try the shampoo. My current favorite things are Dark chocolate dipped Altoids, my Instinct (Samsung) phone w/data and GPS. And, my Finn Comforts Phuket (shoes. They are not at all stylish but my feet and heart melted when I wore them. I went back and bought them in different colors.

  12. We love wedgits in our house, too. Dylan got them for his 4th birthday and all 3 kids will play with them.

    One of our favorite things are freeze dried strawberries. They have nothing added to them, the kids eat them like candy, and they don't go bad so their a good stand by if you're out of fruit! You can buy at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, but I buy them in bulk here:

  13. ...reading your blog! ;)

    Snick, Sunshine and Brill

  14. My favorite products right now are:
    1. Origins Step Lively Energizing Foot Cream
    2. Clarisonic Skin care system
    3. Pre-made pizza dough at the Publix Bakery for a quick dinner

    I'm going to look for some wedgits for my 3rd graders. Looks like fun! Thanks Kim!

  15. fun post. Thank you so much for sharing. U r the best with your info.


  16. What ever happened with the water bottles and snack at school?

  17. Hi Kim,

    I love this post...those shoes look so cute and what a bonus if they are comfy too!

    Also, never saw Wedgits...will have to check them out for the kids!

    One of my favorite things....Cliniq@e Face Soap and Cl@rifying Lotion...I use it every night....have tried tons of other products and this is what works for me!

    The other is the Willi@ms S@noma Hand Soap and Candles in the Olive Oil Fragrance....have to have it at the kitchen sink!

    Hope you have a great week!


  18. I love my Sigg, but I'm in need of a new one. My neighbor found the Klean Kanteen in a clothing boutique.

    My favorite thing is my click it II software. It's been a dream come true with organizing my thousands of photos. I had no idea digital could be this simple!

    I have a few questions about something that I'm going to send you an email about.g

  19. you are so fun..... what wonderful little things.... I HAVE to get Hannah that shampoo and conditioner!!!!!! I confess I didn't believe you until you had us try it! AMAZING and it smells sooooooooo good too.
    Glad you are finding happy things in NewCity. What a difference you are already making. That is great about the water in school.
    Big Hug my friend,

  20. Great post! I have so many favorites.
    Here are my must haves.
    1. Coconut body butter from Body Shop
    2.Love Purology shampoo and conditioner.
    3.I love Louis Vuitton. I have a purse obsession ; 0
    4.I get migraines from a lot of scents but I love Sud Pacifique.
    5.Witches Brew and Pumpkin Spice coffee from Harry and Davids.
    6.Joe's jeans they fit me great!

  21. Kim - I love the 'favorite things' and your focus on being grateful. One of my favorite things is our Mother/Daughter Book Club. It keeps me and my tweener connected through all the ups and downs of puberty, including slammed doors and bad attitudes (and that's just my poor behavior!). We are reading a book right now called THE BREADWINNER by Deboral Ellis about Afghanistan. It is a difficult book (because the subject matter is so sobering), but a must read for all moms. I'm beginning to appreciate America in a whole new way.


  22. I love this post. I am really anxious to go check out the shoes! We know what you've been doing since the boys are in school;) I'll have to think about my favorite things. I found a Pantene hairspray that keeps out the humidity (we need that around here). I am a purse fanatic, but I haven't found "the one" for the fall yet!!

  23. Batten down those hatches.
    It looks like you may have another visitor headed your way.
    I just saw Widgits for the first time this weekend. Very cool.

  24. I can't wait to check out the magazine, the toy, and the shoes! Thanks!

  25. I just found Clean Eating magazine this past weekend. I loved it too. The rural area in which we live some things are hard to find. Thanks for sharing some of your favs...It looks like you have found some my family would enjoy. I hope your house hunting is moving in your favor!

  26. Great list, I am glad you found that magazine, I think it is the one I mentioned to you a few months ago.
    I have never heard of Wedgits, might have to get a set, Myah loves her princess lego (big legos) set.
    I am loving candles right now and fall smells, I posted on my blog about my favorites. I also am in love with my panini/griddle/grill.

  27. LOVE Wedgits! We have Wedgit wheels and they are super fun too. The boys love building Wedgits that move. Another super creative and fun toy are Zoobs. You can create all sorts of cool things. These were the two toys we shipped ahead when we moved to Germany and they both got tons of use.

    Ditto on the Tory Burch Reva flats, so uncomfortable. I'll have to check out the shoes you love.

  28. thank you for sharing:)
    Love a few of these ideas!
    Glad to hear the boys can drink at school now.

  29. We are definitely going to have to get some wedgits. Eli is now playing with K*nex, but I think they are too old for him.
    Love the hair barrets for Kate and her little school dress.
    I hope you all are hanging in there ok. I cannot wait to see the new house.
    Wish we lived closer.

  30. Okee dokee, first things first, how did your plan of attack work for the sleepover - I am assuming fun was had by all:)

    Secondly, must get me some wedgits and that amazingly safe water canteen. Em has been taking her drink to school in a different kind, but the pink one would be perfect - thanks, Kim.

    Three of my favorites right now are Cricket magazines (they come in all ages, Babybug, Ladybug, etc.)and they keep Hannah very happy while we wait in car line for Emily.

    And Panera Bread Mozzarella, Tomato Foccacia because it is approved for Weight Watchers, he he.

    And finally, these products.

    Thanks for sharing, hopign things in Newcity are getting happier by the moment:)


  31. great post! My favorite things at the moment are:
    1. Spoil Me instant hair restyler by Bed Head. It's perfect for a quick spruce up when driving morning carpool.
    2. Sliced "on the vine" Roma tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
    3. My Mighty Bright booklight. I love to read late into the night.

    Any house news??

  32. Kim,
    I missed you sooooooo much ! Thanks for sharing all your favorite things.

  33. Love the post...I wish you could elaborate on Kate's hair...our little one from China has the most dry/brittle/coarse hair I have every felt! To make it worse she "rocks" herself to sleep (a self-soothing technique she learned in the orphanage)which makes the back of her head just a complete tangled mess! Maybe this shampoo/conditioner is what I'm looking for!
    At the moment I love Pediped shoes for my newborn daughter! So cute!
    Jeannine Whitacre

  34. I love Kleen Kanteen! They are the best. You can also get them at REI online and Kleen Kanteen is also making them for LL Bean it just has their name on it.

    Seeing that we are just getting ready to travel to China to get Eliana I'm wondering about the shampoo. Does that beautiful black silk not come easily? If you have time I would love to know more about Chinese hair. :-)

  35. Hi Kim, I just read your addendum about the snacks. Yes, that is what will will bring trash to can't stop that...but does this mean the kids who WILL bring healthy stuff to eat, can't? This reasoning is nuts! My dd would totally lose it if she couldn't eat anything from breakfast up until lunch. She eats breakfast at 7:30, has a snack at 8:45 while outside waiting for the line-up bell to ring, then has another snack at recess two hours later. Lunch comes one hour later, and yes, she's eating again. She always has a snack for afternoon recess too. They are always fruit, so it's always healthy.

    When I go get her at 3:30, I *must* have another snack with me to give to her! Learning burns a ton of calories!!! And you should see how skinny she is!!!!

    Glad to hear about the water. THIS is progress!!

    Snick, Sunshine and Brill

  36. Okay, so I can add your blog to the "things I love" list in my life! Your family is just beautiful. I've been following you for about 6 weeks now and you've been a blessing to me. Thanks for the sweet comment about Kennedy. She amazes me...well, Jesus amazes me in our daughter! Thanks for stopping by. I really don't think that many people read our blog but it is so cathartic to put everything down and get it all out. Is that silly?

  37. Oh Kim, seeing this post makes me sad. I realize more and more how much our boys would have liked to play together. We have had both legos and wedgits a-plenty...we may have to just have the boys exchange pix of some of their creations. I too am slightly obsessed about my hair - so thanks for the Freeman suggestion. Haven't found anything that I really love yet...and with CVS right around the corner here, will go and see. Hope new city is treating you well...the cave is still the same :D Heather

  38. Oh Kim, seeing this post makes me sad. I realize more and more how much our boys would have liked to play together. We have had both legos and wedgits a-plenty...we may have to just have the boys exchange pix of some of their creations. I too am slightly obsessed about my hair - so thanks for the Freeman suggestion. Haven't found anything that I really love yet...and with CVS right around the corner here, will go and see. Hope new city is treating you well...the cave is still the same :D Heather

  39. I found this a while ago while I was searching through etsy, and I thought of you and Kate! I just wanted to share it with you!!!

    Can't wait to hear which house you pick!!

  40. Thanks for sharing some favorites Kim!! I am definitely going to look for the Wedgits - I am on the prowl for good toys right now.

    And I will definitely try that shampoo from CVS! I love trying new shampoo!!!

    The flats are cute. I just bought some Crocs "Patra" sandals and they are DIVINELY comfortable.


  41. Hi Kim,

    I'm so glad you back blogging.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite things. I love Bonacare for myself. Didn't think to share mine with Can't wait to see what bathtime brings tonight, and pray not to get it in her eyes.

    Praying for you guys.

    When you have time, can you email me I would love to talk to you about something when you have time.

  42. Loved your post. I need to check out the Klean Kanteens. A couple of my favorites are:
    *Purology products
    *Arbonne skin care products

  43. Thanks for sharing your favorite things. I will have to check out the Wedgits and the great magazine.

    You are the best!


  44. Thanks for the great post. I always love reading things that people have bought and liked. I ordered the wedgits for Aiden for Christmas. I found them on ebay and got a great deal. Thanks for posting about them.
    Hope you guys are having a great week and the boys are starting to like school.

  45. Fun post! The magazine sounds perfect for me & the wedgits sound perfect for my son. He is into anything he can build and rebuild over & over.

    A few of my favorite things right's quickly turning to fall here so I just stocked up on Smart Wool socks for each member of the family (I LOVE cozy socks!) & autumn pie and cobbler spices from Penzeys. I also love the silhouette cards from babycakesart at Etsy & the Hello Chartreuse flat cards from Paper Source...I love, love stationary.

    I am glad it sounds like things are going well in Newcity!

  46. I dropped my Livi off at K this morning and as I was driving home I was thinking about you. I remember when we moved here to Chicago how lonely it felt at times. I remember missing so many things about CA that were not available in Chicago. As silly as it sounds I missed See's candy,The Prominade, In-n-out and Tommy's (in the Valley). For me I found comfort in finding places that reminded me of home. For instance I found a Pac Sun. My boys grew up hitting the beach and wearing a lot from Pac Sun. Once I found a Pac Sun it was a piece of home. As the years went on more and more CA stores moved to Chicago. A few months back we drove to the fairly new See's candy store. I walked in like I owned the joint LOL I knew exactly what I wanted. It was such a comfort to be in that candy store.
    I guess what I am trying to say is maybe if you can find some place that reminds you of home it will be comforting to you. For me it's all about shopping and food LOL ok shopping and candy.
    Just wanted you to know I think about you often and wish I could comfort are doing great! Hang in there {{{{hug}}}}}

  47. THANKS!

    I have been wearing ToryBurch flats but am in the market for a new shoe. I am so going to check those out. :)

  48. Ooooooo.....lovely things.....I'll see if I can come up with a snappy little post like my spare time! lol Hope things are going well.....any news on the a possible house?

  49. Great post!
    Lately, we've been loving:
    - Santa Cruz Organic Limeade (or anything "lime" really. Just seems so refreshing!)
    - fresh fish on the grill with tequila/lime seasoning from Whole Foods (there's that lime thing again)
    - I'm not sure about the rest of the family, but I love Louisa's new Morgan and Milo tennis shoes. So cute!

    Too bad about the Sigg bottles. Thanks for the tip!

  50. My 2 absolute favorite, must-have things in the world are:

    1- the eye-fi memory card. it's basically a smart memory card that automatically uploads your pictures to your computer AND your photosharing site of your choice (flickr, smugmug, shutterfly, etc.) No more cords, no more uploads, nothing. BRILLIANT.

    2 - powder sunscreen. Colorescience Sunforgettable powder sunscreen. It's mineral based, UVA and UVB, water proof and it's a powder!! It doesn't sweat, slide, sting, etc. My boys never complain about putting it on and I love it. You can get it on It's one of the few sunscreens that's rated well by those watch groups that review contents, effectiveness, etc.

    You MUST check these out!

  51. Thanks a lot for this fantastic list, Kim.

    I think I have a water canteen bought in Decathlon ( a sport shop). My older son (12) plays basket and uses it every day.

    Here, in Spain, we can't drink water during classes...Think that I'm living in the mediterranean coast and it's very hot, I have thought about it and next week I'm going to talk to the headmaster about it...

    A very big Kiss,



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