This is hard.

Monday, August 25, 2008
Our Family

I am posting this photo from the beach to try to cheer myself up and remember happier times:)

I always try so hard to be positive and I really think that a lot of life is the way you look at things. I know I am fortunate.  I have a great little family.  My husband has a job and I get to stay at home with the peanuts.  But I am not going to lie...this move has been HARD.  Have I mentioned before that I don't do well with change?

Will is getting migraines.

Harry is not happy here at all and misses his friends.  He is really acting out.

Kate keeps saying, "too hot" and "I want to go home."

I took Kate to the park this morning hoping to meet a Mom friend or two.  The park was filled with nannies and me.  The Moms seemed to be playing tennis across the street (and I am sure some were at work too).  I am not judging...just disappointed.  I did strike up a lovely conversation with one of the nannies.  She slipped me her number as we left.  I wonder if that was why she talked to me?

Then we went for groceries which spilled all over the parking garage as I tried to lug a tired 2 year old and several bags on the long haul to our apartment.  Some OJ was lost in the spill:(

Life with a dog in an city apartment on the second floor is VERY challenging. We actually thought Scout was sick (not eating or drinking and very lethargic) but the vet said she is reacting to the move too!  Even dogs don't like change!

I miss my house and my easy little life.

I have lived in a big city before but for the last 4 years we have lived in a sleepy little college town.  I have not readjusted to BIG city life yet.  I am still acting like a small town gal.  I hope it all comes back to me.  I am in culture shock.

The boys are at their first day of school today.  The "interview" was interesting and I want to post about it but not right now.  Dave is at his first day of work.  I hope they are all having a good day.

I have fallen in love with two houses but they are priced a bit too high so I am still looking.

Okay...sorry for the downer post but I needed to vent and I want to look back and remember things how they really were...HARD!


  1. Hi Kim,

    Just remember I am always thinking about you - me and your other best friend we were mentioning in our last conversation. love, Staci

  2. Hang in there! My mother had moved 18 times and says the first week is always the hardest. You are sure to meet many new friends once school gets into session and you move into your new home. As Elle Woods would say "keep it positive" in the mean time!

  3. I am so sorry you're struggling. It is totally understandable for everyone to be in culture shock right now. I bet the boys are having a great day and will come home with lots of new friends. Hang in there, as soon as you find a house things will be much better. I don't envy you being in that little apartment (especially with the dog!!) It's ok to be unhappy with things right now, and especially to vent about them. Hang in there. I'm praying for you!

  4. My heart goes out to you. Change is always hard especially such a huge change. I got tears in my eyes when you mentioned that Kate is saying that she wants to go home! How difficult to explain to her. I'm sure the boys will meet some friends today in school. Hopefully, you will also connect with their mothers. I'm sure that as each day passes, it will get easier. And it will make such a huge difference when you find a house to call your home. It will be fun to unpack all of your things, remember the memories and make some new ones! My thoughts are with you~


  5. OH sweet friend....I have had you on my heart so much I know why! I am going to email you, right now!
    Sending you tons of love and hugs!
    ~Denise C

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you're all having a hard time adjusting. I can sympathize. I once moved from Minnesota to Tennessee and it was like I had moved to another country.......everything was different. The words people used to express themselves, the accents, the climate, schools, stores, traffic.....EVERYTHING. I felt so lost and out of place. Thanks to lots of prayer, I got thru it and came to love Tennessee and everything about it. Maybe you'll find other moms in church and at school functions. I'm praying for all of you as you adjust to your new home. It will get better.


  7. OH I'm so praying for you!! I know what it is like, we moved here 19 yrs ago without knowing ANYONE in town. And I know how you feel. I hated it at first too and wanted to go "home" but we are still here and this is home.

    You will make it!!


  8. big hugs...
    I know it will get better...
    Beautiful picture Kim.
    Saying a prayer for you today.

  9. Oh, I am so sorry you are having a rough time, but it is so normal. Change is really hard and not just on the kids. It is too early to tell and too early to feel "comfortable", but in time you will. You all just need some time. I will keep you in my prayers...

  10. Hi Kim,

    Thats a beautiful family pic!

    I'm sorry things are hard right now, hang in there. Once you move into your HOME and the kids start school and sports, everything will fall into place.

    I know you're probably swamped with a thousand things, but you may want to ask the church community about mom groups or toddler playgroups... may give you a leg up in the getting-to-know-new-people department.

    All the best!

  11. Kim,

    I can't even imagine how you are feeling right now (very small town girl all my life) but I know God has a plan and things will get better.

    But all who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing, and shall have wonderful peace.
    Psalm 37:11

    I pray for peace and blessings on you and your family during this trying time.

    If you still have my email address please email me, we've started on one of the supplements and I have a couple of questions. Also keep us in your prayers, Emanuiel has his cleft palate surgery on Thursday.


  12. Your post made me smile. If you don't have times like these how do you appreciate the others? Be happy you're having them. It is like me an infertility. Boy, do I appreciate my 8 kids... even when I'm screaming at them. Read Romans 5:3

  13. Oh, I am so sorry...I will be praying for all of you. And do not apologize to us, it is ok to share and be honest here!

    And remember, this too shall pass~

    Love and hugs to you~

  14. I can really relate since we're in a similar situation with similar issues (and we'll probably have at least 2-3 more moves in the next 8-10 years!) Hang in there, you have lots of friends (and friends of friends) thinking of and praying for your family, and though I know it's not the same as having good friends close by, those will come, too. (Side note: I was filling out our new school forms today and had to put down a local emergency contact and realized we have no one... anyone out there from Ohio available? jk!) Though it's hard for the peanuts now, kids are incredibly resilient and before you know it they'll find their place (and so will you!)

  15. Kim,
    Your post made me cry. My heart ached for you...I know how awful I am with change and well, considering you are so much better with it, I can only imagine how hard this is.

    I know someday, not too far in the future, you will post thanksgivings for the kind comments and things will be looking brighter - you will tell us of new friends and of playdates and such. You will tell us of exciting new opportunities for the boys and a Moms group you have fallen in love with, but int he meantime, this is hard. Simple as that.

    Until then, we will lift you in prayer, we will talk via computer or phone, we will be here, caring for you and hopefully that will sustain you until all that beauty surrounds you once again. It may be in different faces and different surroundings, but it will once again be beautiful.

    Thinking of you

  16. Moving is tough! I STILL have a hard time and some days I just "want to go home" like Kate. You will do great and you'll meet tons of wonderful people through your kids. Hang in there! You'll look back on this post in a month and be amazed at how much more adjusted you are. You'll do great!

  17. Don't know what words I can offer you for comfort other than we are praying for you. If you are in the "hot" city of Orlando please call me and lets meet but I have a feeling you are far away from me.:(

    I hope Will doesn't suffer with the migranes for long and that Harry and Kate (and Scout) get as settled in as they can be. Sending lots of prayers your way.
    Kim and Katiebug.

  18. Bless your heart! I will be praying for you and for the peanuts that you will settle in soon and find things that you love about this new place.And I am praying hard for some REALY COOL DOWN TO EARTH Mommy friends, who have really cool kiddos! I am sorry this has made you sad and that the kiddos are having a hard time.

    Hugs to you all!

  19. First of all, your family picture is gorgeous! Second, I'm praying for you and all the changes you are going through. I'm so glad you feel comfortable to vent here. I remember crying and being so lonely when we made one of our moves, and shortly thereafter God blessed me with some amazing friends. God is going to honor you and your decision to support your husband in his new job. Hang in there!

  20. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear how hard it is -- big cities are very different, aren't they! Change is hard; hoping that it gets a little easier every day. Sending good wishes and prayers to you and your family.


  21. Oh Kim, I am so sorry that you are feeling this way! My heart just broke when I read on how the peanuts were reacting. I must be hard. I will keep you in my prayers and hope for better days to come!

    Love you family picture.

  22. Yes, it's so hard. You and your family are in my prayers. We've done many moves, and while things usually turn out just fine, it's so hard in the beginning. It feels like everything is a monumental task. ((((Kim and family))))

  23. No apologizes for venting Kim! Moving is tough on me too! It can only get better as time moves on....hang in there! At least your cyberspace friends are still here! :)

  24. Kim,
    I will be praying for you and your family. Moving is so very hard for Mom when you are trying to hard to be up for your children even though you are down. Hang in there!!! I hope your boys come home from school having had great days!!
    I love your blog and will commit to pray for your family.
    Paige in TN

  25. Dear Kim,

    It is definitely ok to tell us how you feel, because there is someone out there that feels the same way and needs to hear it from you to know it is ok to share. How else can others know that you need prayer which will help so much?!! Things will get better with time. Change is difficult and builds our character. I am praying for you!!!


  26. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry that you're having a hard time. It's so good that you can vent about it. It's so normal to feel that way.

    I was an airforce "brat" and had to move so many times that I can't even remember how many! I remember the "culture shock" period of every new city, that was always a hard time for me too.

    You are such a great person, you'll make friends before you know it!!! Have you checked out MOPS in your new city? Maybe that can help you find some new girlfriends. Also, once you find your house, I bet you'll meet some nice neighbors too. And once the kids start getting into school and activities you'll have plenty opportunities!

    Hang in there, I'll be saying some prayers for you and your family.

    P.S. Great family photo! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

  27. hang in kim....YOU are an incredible mom & i know things will all fall perfectly into place.
    i too don't do very well when i don't have my little life all in its little places!
    i know this must be so hard for everyone.....big hugs my friend!

  28. Hugs -
    It will be okay - It will.
    Praying for Will - It is hard - but this too shall pass.
    You are in my prayers,
    Ladybug hugs,

  29. I am sorry it is so hard. I think you are handling it much better than I would be. We too are from a sleepy little town and it is just a different way of life.

    I think it is good that everyone is feeling it. It would be much worse if everyone just pretended like the feelings weren't there because at least they are being processed and dealt with.

    It will get easier. Just keep telling yourself that.

    I have never met someone who has so many people just love them so much so you never know maybe some of your blogger friends will be near you and will become in friends in person.

    our prayers are with your family.




    CHRISTY :)

  31. stumbled in to see how life was going...hard it seems...and hot! It sounds like you might be living in my home state of texas with the heat! I hope not only that the new normal sets in soon, but that God floods you with a peace of what your purpose in this new place will be {and maybe a little rain too to cool things off!}

    btw...if you are in texas or even dallas...I could tell you some favorite spots!!!

  32. Oh, Kim, I am so sorry that this has been such a hard move for you and your family. When I first read about your impending relocation, I only thought about the LUCKY people in your new city who didn't yet know what a wonderful friend was in store for them. I didn't give enough thought to how enormously difficult it would be for you to be torn away from the wonderful home and community of friends you had established in Virginia.

    I am sure it must be quite a struggle for to be strong and brave and positive for your kids in order to help ease their adjustment when your very own heart is breaking too. I will pray that you meet a special friend this week who gives you hope of good friendships to come. I also pray that soon you will find a wonderful house with just the right price tag and with the promise of happy times and new memories to be made peeking out of each room.

    Hugs to all.

  33. Hi Kim,
    My name is Laura and I am de-lurking today. I am so sorry you and yours are having difficulties these days in your Newcity. I can't posssible add any more comforting words than what you have already received, but know that those who follow your blog are praying for you and the peanuts. It WILL get better. On a lighter note I wish to share a tool that helped me with apartment living and lugging groceries and all sorts of stuff from a basement parking garage to our apt. three floors up. It is a large canvas bag attached to a stroller frame...I wish I could remember the web-site I found it on. It was a life saver, and maybe Miss Kate could help push it. It was a home product type web site that offered all sorts of gadgets and what-not. Best $60-$70 I ever spent. Even used it at mall for Christmas shopping. Maybe a google search will help. Hope this helps, for it is all I know to do for a someone I don't personally know, but who enjoys reading/seeing about your life.
    Blessings to you,
    LID 10.30.07

  34. Hi Kim!

    I'm so sorry this move is so hard and is taking a toll. In time, it will get better. When you get settled in a "home" and meet your neighbors, it will all fall into place. You as a family will be much stronger and closer after this!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    BTW- When I moved to Rhode Island, I cried all the way there. When I left Rhode Island, I cried all the way here... Never ever imagined how much I would LOVE it! Funny how life is and how you view it all. :)

  35. Thinking of you all...I don't do well with change either, so I understand. Sending hugs long-distance...

  36. Kim -- You poor thing. You have been through so much already. I hope things get much better after you find a house. I can't imagine living in an apartment anywhere with three kids and a dog.

    I, too, hope you meet some other Moms really soon. Hang in there!

  37. Kim, hang in there. With change there's always an adjustment period. God brought you to it and he'll bring you through it.

  38. I'm so sorry you guys are having a difficult time with the move right now! Just know that it will get better once you've settled into a house and met some people. I will be thinking about you guys and I will keep you in my prayers.

    I hate change too!

  39. Kim,

    My prayers are with you and your family. We were transferred to NJ from Atlanta (where I had lived all my life) 2 years ago and it was one of the hardest things I've gone through. Now I see it as one of the best things that's ever happened to our family. I also have a HARD time with change and it really helped me grow as a person. It's really tough in the beginning but once you get settled things will fall into place. My prayers are with ya'll!


  40. You're STILL in the palm of HIS hand!!! Keep your eyes on Jesus!!! You are SOOO blessed.

  41. Moving transitions are so very hard! We moved every four years when I was a child as my father was in the oil business overseas. The initial adjustment never got easier, but each place eventually became "home." I hope that brings you some comfort. Right now my family lives in a HOT big city too, so I feel your temperature pains! I will lift your family up in prayer.

  42. Oh my, I am so sorry things are hard right now! And don't apologize for sharing that because everyone has a right to share the ups & downs in life!

    I know first hand how hard it is to move a grade school son to a new community and school. I keep reminding myself that kids are resilient, but with the first day of school approaching, I worry a lot about him feeling secure and liked. I bet a lot of the moms who visit your blog can relate.

    I am impressed your family took on the challenge of a new change. A lot of people would let fear stand in the way of an exciting opportunity. I will keep your family in my prayers...before you know it, you will be settled in your new home and the kids (and the pup!) will get into the swing of new routines. Hang in there! Be well!

    ps--BEAUTIFUL family picture!

  43. Kim~

    From someone who has moved several times, I know these are challenging times. There are so many changes at once, so much upheaval, and no one is truly settled yet and it'll be a while before that probably happens.

    I know it sounds cliche' but I think it is important to take things a day at a time and to allow yourself the time to mourn and miss what you had (without guilt)--the relationships, the beautiful house, the quaint surroundings. This move happened so quickly and that had to hurt like a bandaid being ripped off. I know as the big things fall into place like finding a home, other things will, too--like finding new friends, developing new routines, finding new places to eat, shop, experience...

    I hope amidst the chaos you're feeling, you'll work together as a family to find new joys in each day.

    Love to you~

  44. Kim,
    I was hoping to see something from you today. Just when things seem perfect is when God goes and changes them on us...reminding us that He is still in control. I am praying for you!
    I am praying that the boys both had great 1st day of school days. Keep your chin up, it will be better.

    Norah (Ruby's Fairy Godmother)

  45. Oh Kim,

    I'm a lurker, and adore your blog. I have to comment because your post just tugged on my heart strings. I can relate to this on so many levels. I made a move around 2 1/2 years ago. I too, am a small town girl and HATE change. It's hard. Change with kids is even harder. I heard somewhere it takes 3 years to settle into a new community. It's slow. But it does happen. It will for you as well.

    I've been following your blog for a year. I hope that doesn't seem creepy, but your family is just precious and you are so inspiring. One of the things I have noticed is that you and your family seem like the kind of people who seek happiness. You will find it. You will make your own. You will attract great friendships just by being the people you are. You will find a house and make it a lovely home. All of these things will happen.
    It just takes time. That's all. Patience and time...Hang in there. This is the hardest part. It will get better.

    Take care,

  46. Kim,
    This is Jane...your old babysitter from VA :) I check this blog from time to time to check up on my favorite VA family. You sent the address to me with Kate's picture a year or so back. I am so glad to see your dream of a daughter has come true so beautifully! I am glad to see the boys growing up so happily!

    I have never written anything because I am blog shy and didn't know if yall would remember me. Anyways, I wanted to say hello and wish you good luck with your adventures. I am in the Dallas area, and although I have no idea where yall are, if it is anywhere close, I would love to get in touch and help out any way I can. I have so much more to say, but I won't fill up your comment section ;) Hopefully, we can connect, if only in cyperspace. Tell the family hello!!! Blessings, Jane

  47. I am so sorry you and the kids are having such a hard time...I will be praying for your adjustment to a new place.....


  48. No two ways about it: moving to a new city stinks. We've had two big moves since we got married; the second one, to this town where we moved 3 years ago. I was SO sad to leave our 2 big dogs and acreage, for a home in the suburbs. It was HARD. Tough times reshape us and make us better people, but it still stinks.

    I'll be praying for the transition for your whole family.

    Thank you for your honesty....

  49. First off....what a beautiful family picture! I am so sorry that this has been a difficult time for you, your family and your sweet pup. It must be so hard and I really feel for you all. I'm sure it will take some time, but hopefully things will fall into place and you guys will settle in.


  50. I am sooo sorry..
    Sending BIG HUGS..
    I know it is hard just moving .. once you get your house and your own stuff and the kids stuff.. they will feel better and so will you..
    Thinking of you..
    Hope you find a house soon..

  51. Hey Kim,
    I may be in your "new" neck of the woods this weekend. I can't remember if you have posted it so you can email me privately....

  52. I'll be praying that things get better each and everyday. I am a teacher and today was my first day too - I hope that Will and Harry had a good day and I will be thinking of you all throughout the week!

    P.S. - Your family shot was absolutely beautiful - I love beach shots in white outfits!

  53. Kim,

    I am so sorry that you are having a difficult time. I am sure it has been extremely challenging managing everyone and the move too. You are a smart woman and have weathered many moves so I know you already know it gets easier as time goes on. I am praying that you find the perfect house to make your home. My thoughs and prayers are with you...all of you adust to this new life.

    God bless you,


  54. Hi:)

    I was in the same position as you...8 years ago. My husband's company decided to send three of their workers abroad. And guess what!?! My husband was chosen.

    So, along with my two kids and a cat, we moved to another country. It was indeed a VERY big culture shock as well. The kids had no friends for the first week or so, but things got better after a month. They'll get the hang of it; kids adapt faster/easier than adults (I think). I got into my routine at about 4 months time. But I needed a little over a year to truly love my new home.

    Now, I really do love my home. And I really do hope you'll soon learn to enjoy your new home and city too. Maybe you can join a club? I joined a baby and parent swim class--that's where I met most of my friends.

  55. Hang in there! We are thinking of you and hope things get better quickly. Will be saying prayers for all the peanuts and adjusting!


  56. I've been thinking about you a lot so I guess that should have been my clue to pray for you :) I will be praying for your family as you make this challenging transition.

  57. Kim,
    This brought tears to my eyes when I read it. One can only imagine what you're going through. Keep your chin held high, you will get through it. Hopefully you will find a house soon to call your "home". What a beautiful picture of you and your family! Kim

  58. You will find your grove and fall in love with city life again. Thinking of you guys and sending you a big hug.

  59. Moving is hard! You even feel like you loose your support system but that is why the bloglanders will come in handy. I have been praying and it will get easier. every one will adjust soon, okay mostly takes a year but, the kids will never loose their newfound confidence that they take with them forever, they are adaptable and can be flexable with change since there is no stopping it in this life. Hold on Kim!! All will be well...That can be a chant! ahah

  60. Oh Kim - I am sorry things are tough right now. This is the first week and everyone is adjusting to so much. Things will get better.

    I have been and will be thinking about you!

  61. ya'll are in our thoughts and prayers. i won't say i know what you are going through because as a newlywed without kids, i have no clue. but i will tell you that we are praying for you and hoping that things begin to feel settled, even if it's the simple pleasure of a good family dinner at home and morning at the park. prayers to you, and some smiles from the rauths.

  62. Thought I'd delurk today. I'm so sorry about feeling homesick. We moved to TX when back in 86 when I was a sophomore in high school AND we moved in the middle of the flipping year! I hated high shcool. I still miss the change of seasons in MN some 22 years later. Home is where your family is, just remember that. My next move was out on my own after college. I have been in SA, since 1994. I'm not one for moving either. I like my comfort zone:) Hang in there. It will get better.


  63. Oh, Kim! So sorry that it's been so difficult. I'm sure everything is overwhelming and everyone is overwhelmed! I pray the boys had a nice day at school and that you meet some lovely friends -- I know you will!

    Let us know if we can do anything for you. We will see you soon!

  64. Bless your heart! I am so sorry. I totally empathize-I remember moving to SC and how much I did not like it (at all) at first! You guys will get connected and your new city will become home too. Praying for better days and that you'll find a house soon. Oh, and the photo is amazing!

    Jennifer and Landree

  65. Sorry to hear things are off to a rocky start. On a positive note the family photo is great. It will get better just remember happier times are ahead.

  66. we're in Tampa... are you anywhere close?
    I can't imagine moving.. that's why we are here while my hubby is away in PA for a year. I'm not sure which would be harder, but you are in my thoughts and prayers...

  67. Kim - It sounds like that big city needs a warm and friendly person like you. :-)

    Please know that I have been praying for a wonderful kitchen in your new home.


  68. Oh sweetie..I am so sorry this is tough on all of you. Change is HARD. I know you will adjust and the kids will too. Hang in there. What a beautiful beach pic...Christmas card material?

  69. So sorry that things are hard right now. I know how hard it can be to adjust to a new place....and I did it without children so I can't imagine how much tougher it is for you. I'll pray the adjustment will be easier and you will find a house soon.
    By the way....the photo is spectacular!!

  70. Kim- Hope you're feeling better soon. It's hard to be the mom and have to "hold it together" when you really feel like falling to pieces.

    Just take it day by day or even hour by hour if that works better!

    Hugs and prayers-

  71. Hi Kim, I came across a piece of scrap paper a couple months back on my desk at work with the title "my family plan". On the scrap paper I wrote down when I should be traveling to China to get our daughter, when we would start trying for another child and when that child would be due...well my plan did not exactly jive with God's plan...we traveled to China to get our special needs daughter (not the route we had planned) a year earlier than planned when I was 4 months pregnant-definitely not as I had planned! :) We are now a crazy family with 3 children 2 and under and I would not want it any other way!! The reason I share this is this: remember it's God's plan-not ours and be confident that God has a purpose for you and your family in this new city!

  72. Big Hug..........
    I am praying sweet friend.... hang in there.... it will take a while but you will all settle in and things will look brighter. I am thankful that your precious family is there to be a blessing to each person you meet!
    God's Peace....
    love you,

  73. The picture is absulutely stunning! Wow!
    I am sorry the change is so hard for you and your family. It is a big (and sudden) change for all of you. I wish you the best of luck as you move forward from here. You have a strong family base and you will get through this. Again, though, I am sorry it is difficult for you!

  74. Sorry to hear things aren't going great yet. We are all entitled to bad days and we are certainly allowed to vent about them!! Hope things turn around soon for you.

  75. Kim,

    I was in your shoes 18 months ago (well, we didn't exactly move to a "big" city) but we moved nonetheless away from our comfortable life to a world unknown. With a dog. We were culture shocked. It really felt like wondering through the wilderness for about 6 months. Then, we got settled into our new church and I found a good Bible Study. The Lord really used the time to draw us closer to one another. We had to rely on each other for companionship and comfort & love. We explored our new city together - looking back it was one of the best things that has ever happened to us. I pray that you will feel the same way very, very soon!!

    Sending Love and Prayers from Colorado,

  76. Hi Kim,
    I'm so sorry you guys are having a rough time adjusting. I know it can feel downright discouraging and depressing. I know it's easy to say that it will get better and that time changes everything when I'm not the one struggling, but it's true. Until then, I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and your Peanuts and little Scout.

  77. Lovely photo!

    We just moved to a new city last month and you are right -- it IS hard! It's been stressful for everyone, including our dog (who didn't eat for days). The upside is that I've never felt closer to my husband and daughters. Home is most definitely where the heart is!
    Hang in there. : )

  78. I finally have my computer fixed and can't believe you have made the move. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. You are in my thoughts. I know you all will adjust but it has to be hard to watch the peanuts go through the transition. Until you all feel more at peace- remember- this too shall pass!

  79. I finally have my computer fixed and can't believe you have made the move. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. You are in my thoughts. I know you all will adjust but it has to be hard to watch the peanuts go through the transition. Until you all feel more at peace- remember- this too shall pass!

  80. I finally have my computer fixed and can't believe you have made the move. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. You are in my thoughts. I know you all will adjust but it has to be hard to watch the peanuts go through the transition. Until you all feel more at peace- remember- this too shall pass!

  81. Kim, I have moved many times in my life.. It seems like two years is a magic window to really feel completely at home for me... I know that is a lot of time but you were so very attached to where you came from, it may take awhile for the complete home feelings to be there. Of course, I hope it is much sooner!

  82. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry that you are struggling. I am not good with change either. It always takes me about a year to adjust. I remember how difficult it was to move to a small town after I married my hubby. I know really am happy, but yes... I would probably still go "home" if we were given the oppportunity.:)
    I am going to say some extra prayers for you!

  83. That DOES sound hard, Kim! We have moved our family many times over the years, for John's training. It is very, very challenging... on children, marriages, dogs, and especially on Moms! I wish I had something to say to make you feel better, but just know that I feel a great deal of empathy toward you, and I hope and pray that you will feel comfort and that you will find a friend. (I always think that as soon as everyone has made one friend, things just feel better!) I count bravery as one of my favorite character traits in others, and you are brave, for sure!

  84. Oh Kim! I just cannot imagine! You and your family are very brave. I have always lived here although I sometimes wonder what it might be like to take the family to another city, another adventure.

    Hang in there!

  85. Hi Kim,

    What a beautiful picture of your beautiful family.

    I have faith that you all will be smiling like that again soon. Until then, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  86. What a beautiful family photo! I can't imagine what it would be like to move away from family and friends. I still live in the same city that I grow up in. I will be praying for you all during this huge transition. Hugs to you and your family.

  87. Kim,
    I hope to encourage you! I love your blog -- it is always a highlight of my day to read it. I get so excited when I see an updated entry. Like many of your blog friends, we are an adoptive family of a little one from China. We moved (we live in Colleyville, TX)this summer and then 4 weeks later, moved my parents in with us. It has been the hardest time of my life, but I am beginning to feel our family life is starting to feel more normal again. Funny you posted your beautiful family pic because when I was overwhelmed with the move, I would place a family / kid pic somewhere in our house to cheer me up and help put things into perspective. It will be better soon!

  88. it's courageaous to move when your life is great on almost points!
    the first times are hard , you start a new life , you will built new friendships: time is the best friend !
    a thought from france

  89. oh Kim my heart bleeds for you. Change is hard no matter if it is good or bad. Hang in there.


  90. We have moved several times and it IS very difficult. Especially when you have such a culture change. That was the hardest part for me. You've moved before too so you know that it will get better and you will find friends. It doesn't make it any less painful right now though. Just think how much character you are gaining right now! :D I keep telling God I have enough character!

    I'm praying for you Kim, and your family.

  91. Change is hard. I try my best with it also, but often times I feel like you do now. Try to look forward and imagine peace in your new beginning.

  92. Dear Kim,

    You and your family are very brave.
    Now, in this hard moments, when perhaps, you're questioning your decision, you have to realize that you ( the mother) are the soul of your family....all your family depends on you...and so you must be happy, and relax ( I know this is very very difficult).

    I'm not sure but I think you told us that you were moving to London...aren't you?. I'm not sure and I would like to know because a friend of mine lived there ( in London)several years and I could ask things to do or places to go with children.

    A very very big Kiss ,


  93. Oh Kim, I am about ready to hop on a plane and come be your friend for a few days. My heart is breaking for you and your family, even Scout! Change is always so hard and your move happened so quickly, hardly enough time for it to sink in I bet. Pretty soon, you will be in a lovely new home, filled with your precious possessions, with new neighbors to meet, the kids and Scout will have a new yard to play in and ride their bikes. A new community to discover and explore with the kids. Once you find your new home you will be in your element, decorating, cooking, playing and creating a lovely haven for your family. Everything will soon fall into place and before you know it these difficult times will be a distant memory.
    We will all be praying for you!
    I love that picture of your family by the way! So gorgeous!
    I can't believe that about the nannies at the park, wait till those moms get wind that the "real 3 peanuts mommy" is in their presence, they will be knocking on your door to meet you! They must not know how famous you are! ;)
    Please feel free to call anytime if you need a friend! I am sending huge hugs to you! Hang in there, this is all so fresh and new, it will get better!

  94. Kim,
    I'm a Dallas mommy of 2 girls (ages 2 and 9 months) who has been reading your blog for the past several months. You have a gorgeous family and a wonderful story to tell. I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time with your move. I'm a small town girl living in the big city, so I can relate a little bit. I don't think you've told us yet where you've moved to, but since Kate was saying "it's hot" I thought you might be in Dallas. If so, I would love to meet up sometime and show you around. There are lots of fun family-friendly places around here. Email me or leave a comment on my blog if you're interested.

  95. I will pray that you will find some friends and get into the grove of city life. I'm a country girl myself and so I feel for you. I have lived in the city before, but don't like it.

  96. Kimber - Where did you go??? I'm just now catching up with your blog. Wow, I can't believe how much has happened for you over the summer. Drop me a line when you get a chance...I don't know how to get in touch with you other than through this site. Carpe Diem, Amy P.S. Hang in there, Coino. You're made of tough stuff. It'll calm down soon.

  97. Oh sending you lots of hugs. God has a plan for all of us and I am positive things will come around soon. ;)

  98. Hang-in there! The first few weeks (maybe months) of any move are so hard. I really sympathize with you and so know where you are coming from. I'm sure the boys have met some really nice kids at school and that should help. It can only get better:-)

  99. Im actually very sad that you're so sad..i think that once you move into your own house you're going to feel much better..Trust HIM...pray,pray,pray to help get you through your days...Blessings.

  100. I don't know where you are located, but if you are close to the coast of GA, I would be happy to meet up with you. I also have 2boys and a girl and have moved several times. Hang in there, it will get better. Karmen

  101. This is the first time I've read your blog, and my heart goes out to you. I am not one who does well with change either, but it does get better. Give it time...
    You and your beautiful family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  102. Hi friend, Call me. Lunch, play time with the girls? "Let's get together...yeah yeah yeah... "
    Original Parent Trap joke:)
    Love from,

  103. It WILL get better! Your family picture at the beach is beautiful!! You have a lot of people praying and thinking about you - hang in there!

  104. First of all great Christmas card photo!!!!!! I am so glad that I got to hear your voice 2x in one week!!!! I am praying for ALL of you! Even precious Scout!! As much as I loved being a city girl, I know it would take me a while to get back into the groove with the kids in tow! I will be forwarding the "messy barn" verse shortly! One day at a time, my friend!!

  105. Oh I totally understand what you are feeling. We moved last week, just 3 weeks after I had foot surgery (and a cast/crutches). It seems like nothing is getting done, I can't get out to explore the new neighborhood and the kids
    (2 boys and a daughter)are crazy.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family--I hope you all settle in and find your favorite spots and treasures in your new city soon.

  106. Thinking of you and your will get better....once you have found your home I believe you will feel more settled.

    I'll be keeping you and all your peanuts in my prayers sweet girl.....sending hugs....

  107. I am sorry you're having a hard time. My family and I moved cross-country about a year and a half ago and it was not easy. Making friends, finding people, scouting out the moms at the pool or park or grocery store, looking for friends! I am sure it will happen for you! You seem so friendly and open! Thanks for visiting me today, too! :)

  108. I am sorry. Give it some time. It will get better. You just have to lay down some roots. I think that your top priority should be to find a home. Once you unpack your familiar things that are filled with memories, you all will start to feel better.
    I will be thinking about you : )

  109. So sorry to hear your move is difficult. I am sure a big move, especially with children (and a dog) is very hard. Hang in there, I'm sure before long you'll settle into your new life.

    PS: Beautiful family photo!


  110. Oh sweetie, you have crossed my mind about a hundred times...I'll say a nice LOOOONG prayer for you all tonite.
    Change IS hard. Sounds like yours just downright SUCKS right now, but it will get better. You know it will, but in the meantime vent away - we're here.


  111. Oh I'm sending you hugs and prayers that things settle down and get easier. I think all things find their way of working out in due time.

  112. Hi Kim {{{{hug}}}} I know I have shared with you before that we moved 10 years ago from my home town of CA to Chicago. We moved our sons who were 15, 13, 10 and 7. It was very hard on my 15 year old and me. We were in a corporate apt for 4 months while our house was being built. It was awful. I feel for you. It took me a few years to feel like comfortable here in Chicago. Please give yourself some time.It does take time to adjust. My heart hurts for you. I joined all kinds of groups to meet people. We belonged to a country club, church groups, PTO...etc I met most of my friends through my children once school started. Although I hate Chicago winters this is now my home and I wouldn't leave here for anything. So please, hang in there. If you ever need to vent please feel free to email me. Have you checked the adoption community in your area? If you are in a big city I'm sure there are other adoptive parents near by. Just a thought.

  113. Kim,

    I am so sorry you are having a tough time! I'm not a fan of change either....

    It will get MUCH easier once you are in a home and you feel more established. Maybe google the FCC group in your NewCity in order to go to an upcoming event. This might help you meet some SAHMs too. We'll be thinking of your whole family!! Casey

  114. Oh goodness...change is so hard. Praying for you and that everyone adjusts soon.

  115. Kim, You have been on my mind so much. I think of you as my "test" pioneer girl. This last post has me a bit anxious about our future change. It all sounds completely normal just scary. I will keep you all in my prayers. Keep us updated, I know things will get smoother soon :)

  116. Hi Kim,

    Dedicated lurker here...but your post moved me to comment. I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better about the move. You don't give yourself enough credit - from what I read it sounds like you are handling this as well as anyone could.

    Thinking of you,

    New York, NY

  117. Kim, I'm glad you've had a glimmer of hope...things certainly will get better and I look forward to the day of hearing how you found a wonderful home and everything is unpacked and right where it belongs and everyone is happy with their new surroundings! It all takes time. My husband and I always say (regarding moving) that you take yourself with you, so if that's the case, you have brought your happy, loving, healthy family with you and it's just a matter of time before it all blossoms again. :)
    The boys are so cute in the before-school picture and what a lovely, lovely beach photo! Hang on to those happy memories and enjoy them because before long, you'll have many, many more to make room for!!
    Hugs to all of you. :)

  118. Oh, and regarding snack and water, both are encouraged here. I would find out their reasoning on that?!


Thank you for your kindness.