School Daze

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
First Day of School 2008
I know this is a terrible photo (the lighting NOT the adorable subjects!) but we were in the parking garage and running late.

Well, the first day of school was not so great.  The kids said it was way more strict than their last school (which was perfect by the way). They said they just sat at desks and did work. I think they are used to engaging teachers and a little more hands on learning.  I am hoping they were doing some beginning of the year assessment type stuff and it is not like this all the time. They did seem to make some friends though.  So, that is good. They said the second day was a little better and today there is a doughnut party for Harry and a pizza party for Will (to welcome new students)  They are not really allowed to eat doughnuts and pizza but I am going to let them today.  I am sure we will have some tummy troubles later.

Let me get some input here...are your kids allowed to drink water throughout the day? At our former school, the kids kept a water bottle on their desks and drank throughout the day (which is actually good for learning). However, at the current school they are only allowed to drink during lunch and one other time. Will gets dehydrated very easlily (like me) and needs to drink frequently.  I am concerned. Also, there is no snack.  They go 5 hours between breakfast and lunch without a snack.  Again, maybe this is normal but at their previous school they had a mid morning snack. Often they worked as they ate a healthy snack.  Poor Harry has recess in a courtyard with no grass. All of this information did not cheer me up about our new city.  In fact, I cried my little eyes out to Dave the other night.  I got it all out and I have a better attitude now:)

I am so grateful for all of the kind messages and thoughts you all left. I truly cannot thank you enough! They literally got me through the day yesterday!!!! I know this will pass. I already have some playdates in the works for the boys and me and Kate. I received so many uplifting e-mails as well.  I will try to respond to them all but it might take me a while.

Oh and I apologize for being such a lame blog reader and commenter lately. I miss catching up with everyone but I have very little computer time.  We are all sharing one laptop and this apartment is not "Kate-proofed" at all. Also, I am spending most of my free time looking for a house:)  I will catch up with y'all as soon as I can.  

I have very touching e-mail to share tomorrow regarding international check back.  Don't forget to let me know in the comments if your children have snack and water at school.   I  want to know the "norm" before I approach the school. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Kim,

    I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better! In regards to the water and snack, I was surprised by the boys school polocy. My son is allowed a water bottle to keep at his desk and drink when he needs to. It is especially important for us this time of year when it is still warm outside.
    The children also have a mid-morning snack which again I think is so important because many kids don't always have a great breakfast. Five hours is much too long to go without a snack or drink! As a former teacher I feel the morning snack and water bottle are important for optimal learning!

    Just my two cents for the day. Enjoy the rest of your week!


  2. My kids seemed to have midmorning snacks when in private (independent religious-affiliated school, not parish school) and not to have them when in public school (Can you tell my family moved too many times?). I think a good argument could be made on health grounds FOR snacks. Maybe that's something the parent org needs to take up. Good luck. Prayers continue for your settling in and finding a new home (house plus sense of peace).

  3. Hello Kim,

    In the community where we live a water bottle and mid-morning(and at some schools an afternoon snack)are normal. Most schools do not allow sugary or unhealthy snacks, but I know that would never be an issue for you. I strongly agree with you that children should be able to drink water when they need it throughout the day at school. I understand how important a faith-based school and education is to you and your family, but if the school is that strict I am sure you could find an alternative in such a large city. Always trust your instincts about your kids! If the school seems too strict or the kids are that unhappy, I would look for other private schooling opportunities. There happiness and health is the most important thing. Praying for you and all the peanuts.


  4. oh Kim I hope you know how much compassion I feel for you right now. I know this is hard when you loved your home and city so much.
    When Ryan did go to school it sounded more like what the boys have now concerning the water and snack. He was never allowed to have a water bottle through the day. Though I certainly agree with you that this is a wonderful idea.
    Saying a special prayer for all of you today. Your boys seem to be handling thigs so well, bless their darling strong hearts!:)
    I pray this transition is smooth.
    Much Love and prayers

  5. All of my children have always been allowed water at any time at their various schools. I think it is a bit archaic to restrict water at school. Snacks are allowed at recess or breaks. I hope all is getting better, Kim! I said a little prayer for you all yesterday.

  6. Oh, they look so handsome.

    When I taught at a private high school. There was no water in the classroom. No snacks inbetween. Very strict.

    I hope they find some great friends soon and get used to their new surroundings. How's the house hunting going?

    PS. Comment twice on my post. You will generate 2 comment #s for then.

  7. Good morning, I just stumbled upon your blog ~ it's beautiful.

    Regarding your new school, I find it very odd that there is no water or snack during the day. I am a teacher on the east coast, but have taught in several other states as my husband is a naval officer. We allow our students to bring water bottles to school to place on their desks (water only, not juice or such). In the warmer months, I supply bottled water to those that don't bring their own for obvious reason. Around 10am we have a "working" snack. I strongly suggest that this is a healthy snack and not something sugar based. If a student doesn't have one, they can choose one from my basket. To be honest, I need one by that time as well. I have noticed through the years that if we are busy and miss snack time, the student's behavior and focus diminish. I would be interested in hearing the rational for not having a snack. There has been more than enough research proving the positive benefits and energy restoration from a mid-day snack.

    Chin up on the move. I wish I had something magical to say that would make it all better. Unfortunately, time is the only answer. Each time we move, I go through all the emotional "stages". However, once we get settled, and find our new routine, life is enjoyable once again. Each newcity has something to offer, make an adventure out of finding it!

    Have a fabulous day,

  8. Kim,
    So glad the boys are making friends and you too!

    I am also a teacher and at our school water bottles are allowed. We actually had an inservice about the importance of drinking water throughout the day and the impact it has on learning. We do not have a snack in the uppere grades(I'm at a primary school) but we have lunch earlier in the day. So this is not a problem. Hope you can get all of this worked out very soon.

    I did FINALLY update our blog!!
    Talk to you soon,

  9. Hey girl,
    I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'm praying you find that house really quick.
    The only snack my boys are allowed to have is the ice cream they sell to them at recess (real healthy). I let them get it once in a blue moon. That happens after lunch in the afternoon. The water seems to vary. Braden buys bottled water everyday at lunch because he doesn't drink milk. I don't think he's allowed to have that in the class this year. Last year, he could keep it by his desk and take a sip now and then. Cade's teacher has parents bringing drinks everyday for them to have after recess because it's SO hot. Other than that, they aren't allowed water bottles either. I think it's up to the teacher where we are.

    I hope the school gets better. I know it's a hard adjustment, especially when you loved where you were.

  10. Cute picture of your boys!

    We go to public school here in Colorado and my son is strongly encouraged to bring a water bottle and a snack everyday.

    They let him have his water bottle at his desk all day and they have a specific snack time in the morning for the kids.

    Happy House hunting!

  11. No, no water or snack at our schools either unless you bring in a doctor's note... I would suggest getting a note for the boys if that is what they need!!!

    Hoping you find your perfect house very soon!! I am sure apartment living is adding to the stress!!

    Big hugs!!

  12. Kim,

    I'm glad things are getting better! We have had snacks and water at both of our schools. My boys are always thirsty and they usually drink a bottle of water at school each day. Five hours is a LONG time! Poor kids.
    When I taught we also allowed water and snacks. In fact, the school provided snack. They need energy to learn, right?
    Glad you have some playdates in the works. I hope it continues to get better:-)


  13. It sounds like things are picking up a little...I bet the boys are thrilled the kids were friendly. That can be the hardest part!

    My son went to a suburban public school last year where they had snacks & drinks in the a.m. and p.m. Depending on his teacher that year, snack was either done by a parent volunteer or it was brought from home. Along with snack, they eiether had a drink (100% juice or h2o) served by a parent volunteer or brought from home. I don't know if they kept water bottles out during the day, but all of his teachers were very easy going about letteing the kids go to get drinks or to the bathroom. (I am surprised to hear that at some schools the kids have to "hold it" for a long time!)

    We are going to a new suburban public school this year in a new community. When we went to orientation, I could not get a clear sense of whether or not they have snacks. My son needs snacks. He has major spikes in his blood sugar when he goes too long without eating & it either makes him VERY tired OR VERY cranky. I expressed concern to his dr. that I am not sure if they get snacks & she quickly offered to write a note explaining that he needs snacks. She said it is not an uncommon thing for her to do. I know you probably don't have new dr.'s yet, but perhaps your old dr. could fax a note that says Will needs water or they both need snacks.

    Update us to let us know what happens! Good luck! (And with the house hunting can be tiring, but the right one is out there!)

  14. Kim,

    At my youngest sons school (Catholic school), they are allowed to keep a water bottle (only water) with them to drink from throughout the day. They also have a mid-morning snack because his grade has a later lunch time. When my oldest attended there (only goes through 8th grade) it was the same. I think it is important to let them have drinks and a snack, it refreshes them! I'm sure that some feel if they are drinking alot of water then they will need to use the restroom too much therefore interrupting the classroom?? Just a thought. At my oldest sons school (he is a senior) he just came home yesterday and complained that the rules have changed from last year and they are not allowed to have water bottles with them. Apparently, a few students at the end of last year filled the water bottles with inappropriate beverages. Hence, the change in the policy. I understand but Ryan is also one that needs to drink alot of water so we'll see how it plays out.

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. Good luck in your house hunting!!

    Take care,


  15. if you get a note from the doc about dehydration possibilities you may be able to allow him to drink water all day. None of the schools around here allow it at all.

  16. We attend a very small school and are allowed to have water (only water) at the desks. They are also allowed to have healthy snacks while they work.

    I can't understand why schools wouldn't allow even just the water. It helps the children and reduces the amount of time they have to ask to leave the room.

    I hope you are able to find a new house (a home!!) soon. I think that will help reduce a good deal of the stress on the entire family.


  17. Hi Kim -

    Your post has some perk to it and that makes me happy.

    As far as the snack and drink - at Emily's school (private religious), the children are permitted to keep a water bottle on their desk (as long as it is labelled with their name)and they have morning snack. It is encouraged that it be a healthy snack. Usually, I send in carrots and cheese or granola or raisins.

    I send an extra water bottle for Em just in case she leaves one at lunch or someone takes hers by mistake. The teachers are really good about encouraging the children to drink.

    Though I do not understand the premise behind the rule (perhaps there is a really good explanation???)I think you are justified in ensuring that Will remain hydrated and that Harry receive what has traditionally helped him be successful in school. That being said, the boys SHOULD NOT be singled out for these to hope would be that the teachers would be understanding and compassionate.

    Thinking of you...

  18. I'm so glad that things are a little bit better for you all (save the school issues, but hopefully you can set the school straight soon!)
    We had a tough morning yesterday and when my husband was pressing me to commit to Thanksgiving travel plans (despite our current upheaval), I just lost it! But because of your honest post from the other day, I felt "normal" and justified in allowing myself to be upset - thank you!
    Hope things keep improving for your family. Stay focused on the many blessings your family has, and don't underestimate the potential for kindness and helpfulness from the people around you. On impulse, I asked a mom in the park for a pediatrician recommendation the other day, and the mom ended up giving me all her contact info and was as nice as she could possibly be... and today I phoned my husband's work colleague's wife (virtually a stranger to me) to ask if I could list her as my emergency contact person, and she sincerely agreed and seemed eager to help and to set up a playdate soon.

  19. Hi Kim, I haven't been to your blog for a while. I'm sending good thoughts as you all adjust to the move. Good luck house hunting. I'm sure you'll find just the right one, and before you know it, it will feel like home.
    As far as the school stuff, my boys attend a parochial K-8 school. They are allowed clear water bottles at their desks, to be filled with water only. I think this is important for the kids! Headaches and dehydration would be my concern, neither which is good for learning. Also, there is less interuption during class, if the kids don't have to get up and go to the water fountain. They are also allowed a small healthy snack, which can be eaten quietly at their desk. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time getting my boys to eat enough at 6:45 am to carry them through to lunch. Teachers seem to worry about the mess, but if it fits into a small ziplock baggie, clean-up is easy. I hope the school is willing to consider allowing your boys water and snacks! That can make such a big difference in how they perform during the day. Good luck!

  20. Hi Kim,
    I know new schools are an adjustment for everyone..My kids get nervous every year with a new teacher and new classmates...In our public school there is NO AIR CONDITIONING..Can you believe that? We live in a VERY nice area too. The kids are encouraged to bring a snack (but it has to be enough for everyone in the class) otherwise the teacher provides cookies to everyone. They are also asked to bring a water bottle to have on their desk. I think water is vital to feeling good throughout the day. I hope you are enjoying your new big city! Lisa :)

  21. I often read your blog, but havent commented before

    I've just finished senior school[middle/high school - i'm british] this summer [for ever!] and every morning break we had morning buns, also every classroom had water and fruit baskets which were replenished daily, even through to 6th form classes [senior year i guess?]

    maybe just have a word with the teacher, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a water bottle on the desk, so long as it was just water.

    [btw, your children are all simply adorable & will be some serious heart breakers when they're older i'm sure!]

    Emily xo

  22. Well Kim,

    Our public school here in rural Indiana does allow the children to keep water at their desks, and in fact, even encourages it. However, since my daughter started second grade there is no snack any time :-(. They can get an afternoon milk (and 99% of the children do) to help prevent tummy rumblings.

    I hope that this helps. I have thought often about you and your family since your last post, but I didn't comment because I wasn't sure that I could add much more than what your friends had already said. Please be faithful in God's plan. We are all praying for you and your family!


  23. Good luck with house hunting. My son goes to a private school(day school/prepatory) and they do allow water and he has a snack. Not sure what grade snack ends - he is in 3rd. Good luck.

  24. Kim - my son goes to a private prep school (6th grade) and they are encouraged to bring an extra water bottle with them every day. They post this both in their weekly note and on the website. Of course, we are in FL so it is extra hot.
    Also, they have what is called 'fling' every morning at 10:00 - just a 15 min break for them to have a little snack in the cafeteria. They can bring one from home or buy one (also a good break for a little social time!).
    I would be concerned about the water rule.
    Glad the boys are making some friends - best to you all during this difficult adjustment.


  25. Hi Kim,
    I think the photo of the boys turned out really well. They look very handsome.
    As far as Aiden school goes, each student has a water bottle on their desk and is allowed to have it refilled when it is finished. They also have a mid morning snack and it is encouraged to be healthy. He goes to a public charter school and at parent orientation it was stressed that water helps the body stay lubricated and that it is a must for learning. I always send another water type thermos with him in his backpack and it always comes home empty. I just asked him this morning if he had a water bottle on his desk and he told me right now it has Gatorade in it and when its finished it needs to fill it up with water. My son is in school from 8:00-3:15 and would come home with a huge headache if he was not allowed to drink water through out the day. So I think you are right in going to talk with the school about the whole water issue. Hope you have fun on your play dates.

  26. Kim,

    Most schools that I have worked in (elementary through middle school) have allowed the children to keep water bottles with them. But there have been a few that have not.

    However, the only getting a drink one other time is perplexing. Are they allowed to grab a quick drink between classes or are they in the same room all day? Maybe that one other drink rule is asking to leave the room for a drink...but it is okay to grab some gulps when traveling in the hallway???

    Hydration is actaully a pretty big you have mentioned...very odd, indeed!!

    Thinking fo you and praying for things to smooth out for you all.


  27. Kim,
    Before we began homeschooling....Chelsi was in school (and I taught there as well)... and she WAS allowed to have a water bottle on her desk....and a healthy snack out as munch on at any time throughout the day. I cannot imagine this not being allowed....and I too agree...water has been proven to be "brain food"!!! Our administration encouraged this "set up" so as to keep the children inside the classroom...comfortably learning. So...this is my "two cents worth" on this topic....I say approach the school...take physician notes if needed.....stating Will's need to be hydrated throughout the day....also....please know I am still praying and keeping you in my thoughts....I am praying that this transition time is going to pass quickly for all of you.... that you'll find your "perfect home"...surrounded by sweet neighbors....and all things will be completely comfortable again!
    Sending you hugs and love!
    Denise C

  28. Snacks grades K-5
    Water-depended upon the teacher-usually no

    Both of my girls are in middle school and high school-no water or snacks.

    I grew up in private schools and taught at a private boarding school-no food or drink in the classrooms.

    I strongly feel all children should have water with them all day-both of my girls are fainters and quite prone to syncopic episodes. Why dicourage a healthy habit?

  29. Hey Kim,
    My girls have always been allowed to have water bottles with them and keep a snack handy if they get hungry. As a teacher, I always let me kids eat and drink because I sure couldn't go that long without it- I would ask if the teachers are going that long without food and water- my guess is they have a break and get all they want... So glad things are getting somewhat better! Hope you find the perfect house!!!

    Love Shay

  30. Regardless of what the "norm" is, every person (child or adult) learns, works and excels in different environments. Teachers/schools should be very cognicent of this and cater to individual needs, as long as they are not outlandish (is that a word?). I think that if you approach the school in a very caring and concerned manner, with evidence to back up your claim, they should see the benefit, and allow this; they would truly be hurting the students if they did not do this. Private schools have much more flexibility than public, so there should be no problem with this! Good luck!!

    Also, if you need a break or something, I am off tomorrow, Friday and Monday (I am out of town Saturday and Sunday), so I would love to come and play with Kate so you can get some things done!

  31. Kim, I hope you find your dream house soon and things get better. Annslee is in preschool so I know they get snacks..I did have to tell them that she does NOT drink soda. To my knowledge she has never had one. I know she will someday but the longer I can hold off the better. She loves milk and water so why introduce it. Seriously, they looked at me like I was crazy!!! She is THREE people : )

    Oh, LOVE the pic!!!!

  32. I always attended a public school, and only the kindergarteners are allowed to have a snack. However, when I was in 5th grade my class had the very last lunch time and my mom kindly explained to the teacher about how hungry I got and that it made it so difficult to concentrate. My class was then allowed to bring a snack!! I don't remember if the principal had to approve it or not, but it did really help!!

  33. Hi Kim,

    Glad things are going better and you have some playdates lined up. My daughter started 2nd grade yesterday and she is allowed to bring a water bottle and they also have an afternoon snack (they have an early lunch, 10:45, which is why the snack is in the pm). 5 hours is a long time to go without a drink or snack! Hope things continue to get better and that you find a house soon!


  34. I taught elementary public school in Texas for 11 years and the children were not allowed water bottles or snacks at their desks. However, I can assure you that ALL the research in this area encourages frequent water and healthy snack breaks for productive learning.

  35. Hey Kim,
    I taught at a public school for several years before I had the monkeys (1st, 4th, 5th, 6th grades, and music) and my students were always allowed to have water at their desks unless they demonstrated through behavior that it was too much of a distraction. Children who are thirsty have a very hard time concentrating on learning. As for snacks, I always provided a 15 minute interval for kids who wanted to snack on something they brought from home. Studies prove that hungry children can't focus on much else.
    Jen and the monkeys

  36. Many times I think it depends on the schedule for the class and the location of the classrooms. My classroom is right near the bathrooms and water fountains. So when we break for lunch, PE, Recess, etc. (every 1-2 hours) we can go to the bathroom and get a water break. We also have a sink and water fountain in each classroom (a luxury I've never had before!). I'm a third grade teacher and only do snack depending on our lunch time each year. It's not been a problem in the past. Just make sure you know the daily schedule of the class and then if you still feel like they need water and snack speak to the teacher about it and then go from there. We (teachers) usually try to be aggreeable to these kinds of things! Good luck!

  37. Kim~

    I don't have input about the water thing except it seems VERY strict.

    So, I'll just send a big hug and prayers for brighter (NOT HOTTER) days.


  38. HI!
    My boys go to public school outside Houston and they are allowed to bring a water and a healthy snack. On certain days (like TAKS) the PTA would provide snacks/drinks. I believe it's essential to their learning throughout the day and teachers will say that too!

  39. Hi Kim.

    Bruce goes to public preschool for only 2.5 hours a day and his teacher encourages the parents to send along healthy snacks and drinks for the children because it helps to keep them hydrated and alert. It's difficult for me to imagine a school not allowing children to have a water bottle at their desk and a few minutes to eat a snack.

    Hoping that you find your new home soon.

    Take care.


  40. Your boys are adorable -- no matter what the light is like! They look so good! Glad to hear that it is improving a little bit. Sending good thoughts and prayers for more improvement every day.

    At my daughter's Catholic school, they are allowed a water bottle. Kindergartners get snacks during the day, but not the other grades. Take care.


  41. In my own classroom, I am totally fine with kids coming in with water and drinking it during the period. I'm not a fan of juice because it spills and stains. I think it' insane that your kids don't have snack time. I give myself snack time during the school day!

    Also, I really hope that your sons don't have to just sit and do seat work all year. That's so boring and they won't learn as much!

    Keep us posted on everything! I hope the school issues improve!

  42. I can't help you out with the school stuff but it seems harsh to me. I'm glad things are getting a little better! Change is always hard. Good luck finding your home. Just think of all the new wonderful memories you will make there! :)

  43. Dear Kim,

    Our children have attended catholic schools and they have always allowed them to have a snack (called the 10:10 break), all the way through the 8th grade. I teach pre-school/kindergarten Montessori school and I can't imagine not allowing younger students a mid morning snack and drink....unthinkable ...4-5 hours is way too long to go without a small snack. If you aren't getting the "warm fuzzies" from school, chances are, they boys aren't your instincts....I will say a prayer for you....Sheila

  44. Kim,

    My boys have a snack time and they are and have always been allowed to have water at their desks to drink throughout the day. Also, being in education for the past 14 years, all of my schools have always allowed a snack as well as water at the desk so I really think thier policy is wrong and they should allow them a snack and water.

    Glad you are feeling better!

    Christy :)

  45. We have water at our desks but don't get snacks-

  46. I know when I was in school (eons ago) if there was a medical reason, which it sounds like there is with Will, students could have water and/or snacks. I'll be thinking of you and the family!

  47. Kim,

    I am a fourth grade teacher at a school outside of Baltimore, MD. Our students are allowed to have water bottles (but not other types of liquid unless directed by a doctor). Most of my students don't bring water bottles so I always give them a drink after recess and then if they are thirsty all they need to do is ask. We are lucky, we have bathrooms and drinking fountains right in our classrooms. Our school does not have snack, but we eat lunch at 11:45am so we don't have that 5 hour stretch (which I find extremely long - even as the teacher and not a 10 year old!)

    My suggestion is to talk to the teachers or principal. Requesting that your child has water available is not an unwarrented request - and yes the brain functions so much better when it is fed and hydrated! There is research to support this and if you need some guidance on where to find it just let me know ( I would be happy to give you more "teacher" suggestions (ie. drink passes, etc) if you find yourself needing more "reasons to support your request".

    I continue to pray for your adjustment and let me tell you I wish you were in my neck of the woods - I would blessed to have your boys in my class and you and Dave as supportive and caring parents!


  48. Hi Kim,

    At my daughter's school they are allowed to bring in water bottles when it is hot. They usually put them in a sock so as to not have them sweat all over the place.

    As far as snacks they have not been able to bring them in. This year there was a mention of a snack but I think it is because she will be eating lunch later. I will find out tonight.

    Actually when it gets hot the PTC provides popsicles and water bottles to the students! It is kind of nice.

    Sounds like you are adjusting to the move a bit. Hopefully you will find a house soon. That will make things better i am sure.


  49. My oldest daughter attends a Catholic school here in Canada and the teachers insist that the children all have a water bottle at their desks. They also have a recess (15 mins. in the morning to run around outside and eat a snack).


  50. I'm so sorry that school hasn't been as good as you had hoped so far. Remember that the boys' acceptance here was God's sign to you to go forward with the move, so He has a plan for you there. I hope He reveals it soon!

    I had to wait until my kids got home from school to ask about the snack and water bottle situation at their schools, and both my high school son and middle school daughter said water bottles were allowed on their desks during the day (no "add-ins" like Crystal Light, though). My daughter eats lunch at 10:45 a.m. so her teacher allows a healthy snack in the afternoon. She plans to take some almonds or pistachios. The high school students can't eat in class but can eat something in between classes.

    Hope the playdates go well! Keep us posted on the house hunting and adjustment. You have a lot of friends out here pulling for you!

    Hugs to all.

  51. My children had snack up until Junior High and always have access to water.

    I think it is wrong to deprive children of water and a snack keeps their energy levels up.

  52. Kim,
    At Maddie's school there was a study hall built in, during which they could have a snack - as long as it didn't disturb other students. Change of classes was the only time to grab a drink....

    Maddie started her new high school on Monday - she loves it and has already made many new friends. She did however, run into trouble with her homeroom teacher... Orientation was taking place (first 3 days) and they had the kids in the auditorium all day. They were moved to their homerooms (brand new school - they are the first students to walk the halls!) and once Maddie was there she asked to be excused to the restroom.

    Homeroom teachers response "sign out and then sign in - if you are going to waste my time, I'm going to get it back at the end of the day." Maddie was in the restroom for 1 and a half minutes and the teacher said, "you need to sit with me for 1.5 minutes at the end of the day - find me."

    Maddie went to look for her at the end of day - teacher was not in the cafe., auditorium, classroom or office and she had to catch her bus...

    Next day teacher says " see me for 5 minutes today after class or you will get a lunch time detention". FOR ASKING TO USE the BATHROOM.!!! Catholic high school !!!

    Anyway, our first days have been filled with good and bad, just as yours. Let's keep the faith, bite our tongues and see how things go... I'm with you in spirit. My mantra is "things are going to work out, things are going to work out".

  53. Hi Kim,
    I commented earlier, but didn't think it went through. Apparently it didn't. I just wanted to let you know that I was so sorry to read your last post. I am sure life with three kids and a dog in a small apartment in the city presents many challenges when you are used to wide open spaces. I hope that you find a home quickly!

    My daughter is in the first grade and can take an afternoon snack, but not water. Now that you mention it, I think everyone should be able to do that. I couldn't get through an hour without my water bottle, let alone all day.

  54. Five hours? Crazy talk. My kids go to a private "independent" school. The JK kids don't have a snack, but the eat lunch at 10:45 and go home at 1pm. The first graders have a fruit or vegetable snack mid morning. They're allowed to get water from the sink in the classroom as needed (within reason). I definitely think this is an issue you should address.
    I certainly don't want to invade privacy here, but where the heck ARE you? I didn't realize you were in VA before! We live in Roanoke. The reason I ask is that I have tons of friends all over the country (many in big cities). I'd love to hook you up with friends with kids your kids ages if I could. If you don't feel comfortable I totally understand, but please feel free to email me anytime.

    Wishing you luck!

  55. Carson attends a public school and his class gets a snack in the afternoon. In addition, they have a water fountain in their room so they can get drinks, when needed. I think you have every right to inquire and/or complain!

    Hope you are closer to getting a home of your own!

  56. Hi -
    I am a school teacher in a public school. I teach fourth grade. We do allow the children to have water throughout the day - some teachers allow water bottles in their room and others allow frequent (every hour) breaks for a bathroom/water break. We do not have a snack break - not at our level. We eat lunch early though - 11:15! I do know in my son's class (1st grade) they allow the kids to bring a nutritious snack for during the day!
    Hope this helps,

  57. Kim,
    you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Since I am a mom in waiting I don't have school info to share. I do know that your children are watching and learning from you during this tough time. I have no doubt that they will be brave, strong, well rounded kiddos because of these big changes in all of your lives. The house is not as important as what goes on inside of it and you are an inspiration to me and so many others!

  58. Hey Kim,

    Check out my BLOG for some fun!


  59. Hi Kim, I'm sorry to hear that Day One wasn't so great. A teacher can make it or break it for a kid. I know. :(

    The water rule is ridiculous. The boys need to be hydrated. They need access to their water bottles, or at least the water fountain (but then I bet the teacher wouldn't let them get up and go to the fountain!)

    The also NEED a snack at recess! They simply can't go that long without food. Every two hours for kids, right? Don't they get an outside recess break? Can't they eat a snack then? Gosh, if they can't, then I'd be looking for another school for your boys. If it's so strict, it's punitive, then the boys won't be happy there at all.

    Food and water! For heaven's sake, it's basic human rights!!!!

    Snick :)
    P.S. Kim, email me. I have news to share about Brill!

  60. Glad you are feeling better.. Sorry the kids don't like their schools.. All of my kids are in high-school and they don't get snacks but they can have water and buy water..
    Cant' wait to see tomorrow's post.
    Hugs to you girly..
    Have a Great Evening..

  61. Kim,
    Here's some input from a teacher, not a mom. I've been teaching 12 years and for at least the last 10 I have always allowed my students to have water bottles at their desks. I also have always allowed my students to have a snack. I've had lots of training on Brain Based Learning and it says that the brain needs well as other things...ha! Here is a link to some info:
    You can also google brain based learning and water. You will find you lots of information. I say go to the school and discuss this with them....pull out your research if you need to! Good luck!

  62. Hi Kim,

    I'm so sorry to hear it's been a tough adjustment! My children's schools do have snacks mid-day (I have a 2nd and 5th grader), but water wasn't allowed to be kept at their desks, until I asked. My daughter gets dehydrated easily, too, so I asked the teacher if a water bottle could be kept at her desk. She gave me a bit of a hard time at first, saying that if she allows one to have it, then she has to allow everyone, and that leads to more bathroom breaks. I had to become a little more insistant, and it was never a problem after that. I made the same request of my son's teacher, and have done so each year. I agree that children should be allowed to eat and drink throughout the day - I couldn't focus well if I didn't! I think it's a healthier habit for them to snack on healthy things rather than load up at meals, or come home ravenous and want to fill up before dinner! Good luck, I will pray that everything works out!

  63. Hi Kim,

    I am a PE teacher in a k-5 public school. When my classes come to me most students come with a water bottle and if they don't and need water I send them out into the hall for a drink. The classroom teachers allow water bottles and/or they get drinks at drinking fountains. All students have snacks too. If they have an early lunch then they have healthy snack in the afternoon. If they have a late lunch they have a healthy snack in the morning. Our school has put out helpful information about nutrition so parents can make good choices and send ONLY healthy snacks. That seems to help and most parents really do a good job of sending healthy snacks. If they don't the classroom teacher just reminds them and works with that parent.

    Drinking water and having a snack is part of making them the best learner they can be.

    Sorry for all you are going through. Hope you find a neat home to purchase.

    Take care, Michele

  64. At all of the schools my crew has attended they had water bottles on their desks and mid morning snacks regardless of whether they had early or late lunches.

    I tell mom's this all the time when they enroll in my program - go with your gut! If you sense something is not right - it usually isn't. You are their only advocate so go get 'em!
    Kim and Katiebug

  65. I am so sorry to hear that the boys had a rough start :( As a (public school) teacher, I am personally shocked that they can't drink water throughout the day. Even if it's not a water bottle on the desk, there must be a fountain somewhere. I don't know what *I* would do, as an adult, without a drink for that long...and you are then expecting them to be active learners? People get migraines from not having enough to drink :( I completely DISagree with their snack rule too. That seems odd, especially at their young ages.
    Again, I am sorry it was not a good start and am confident the boys will make the best of it! GOOD LUCK!

  66. Oh Kim hang in there {{{{hug}}}} I wish I lived near you so I could help you out. I feel for you, really I do. You are me 10 years ago.
    My children all went to public school because we have a dynamite school system here. Yes they could drink when ever they needed to and yes they had recess (snack) and then lunch. My daughter who is 5 attends Kindergarten and she was lucky enough to get in to the choice school. It is done by lottery and the school is fantastic!!! The love in this school is out of this world. My daughter has a tiny little drinking fountain right in her classroom and she can drink when ever she wants. She also has snack time. She is only at school for 2 hours. So I would say not being able to drink is not the norm at least not for our family and my children range from 25-3. The only time my son was not allowed to drink and they were a lot more strict was when he attended Catholic school in CA. They had more strict rules on drinking and eating in class.d I think 5 hours is too long for anyone to go without a drink. I drink all day long. {{{hug}}}] Keep talking and venting it's good for you. If you ever need to talk you know where to find me. Good luck house hunting!!!!

  67. Hi Kim ... my girls get to have water bottles at their desk all day and they have a mid-morning snack before lunch. They still come home starving ... so I can't imagine them not having their mid-morning snack and water throughout the day! I would definitely bring this up with the school, because being well-hydrated and not hungry are critical to learning at their best.

    Let us know how the conversation goes.


  68. We live in Australia, but yes all 3 of my schoolkids take a water bottle and have a break for "morning tea". Your boys look so handsome in the photo.

    I hope things get better :)

  69. Our daughters school, hasn't ever let them have water at the desks, but can get a drink of water if they need to. Most classes have water fountains in the classroom. And snacks are only up to about 4th grade.

    I hope you are better now after your good cry! That always helps. I am praying for you!


  70. I'm so happy to hear things are starting to look up a bit for you. Surely the school will work out something for the boys,and I'm sure the perfect home will find you soon (can't wait to read that blog entry!) =)

  71. Hi Kim,

    I am glad that things are getting better...and they will continue to do so, as you know moving is just hard. I have done WAY too much of it and I am ready to stay in one place for a while. :)

    As for your question reguarding snack policies, my kiddos are not in school yet but I taught in West Texas and Houston. We allowed students to have water bottles at their desk and they had a morning and afternoon snack time. I was really shocked to hear the snack and water policy at the school the boys are attending. I hope you can get it all worked out and that boys continue to meet people and settle into their school. You are such an outgoing, bubbly, likable, and friendly person. I know you will find great friends for you & Kate. Hang in there.

  72. Kim, I'm so sorry to hear that the boys start to school has not been great. Like you, I hope that their learning becomes more interactive. Children learn best when they can work in groups and have choices.
    As a teacher(I teach in Fairfax County Va- I loved your VA picture, by the way), I allow my kids to have water bottles on their desks at all times. Only a few have them, but they all have that choice. Now that I teach 4th grade we don't have a snack, but when I taught first grade we would have an afternoon snack because we ate lunch so early.
    I hope your home search goes well. I am sure that you are anxious to get in a new home so you can get your peanuts (and yourself) settled in your new city.
    I'll be thinking of you all!

  73. WOW! I think that is wonderful that your old school allowed these things... the two schools that Nicholas went to before we began homeschooling him did not and would not have allowed this... I too always feared dehydration!
    I hope it gets better soon... I am excited that the boys are already making friends... having gone to I think 11 schools growing up I understand how difficult moves can be! I know your positive attitude will make a world of difference.
    Miss you friend,
    I am praying for you.... Hannah keeps asking for Kate. It is so sweet but sad too.

  74. Hi Kim,

    I am a teacher and we start at 8:35and they get a snack at 10. I allow my students to go for a brink when they please, of course not during a lesson! They are also able to keep a water bottle on their desk for the day. I think it is important for them to have that, I actually model it by having my own bottle of water on my desk and drinking it throughout the day.

    I would bring it up to the teacher, especially if he gets dehydrated quickly, that could become a medical concern at that point for him.

    Im glad to see that things are turning around slowly. Playdates are fun! And before you know it that will feel like home.

    Good luck with the continued house search, I hope its coming to an end soon!


  75. Kim,
    I am glad that you got the cry out of your system I am sure there will be another one until you get in a house. The stress of an apartment and three little ones is high I am sure. Brady goes to a private school also and sounds allot like your old one we do have water bottles on the desk to drink as often as you like we do get a mid morning snack and a afternoon snack and sometimes they will continue working while eating their snack at their desk. The school encourages healthy snacks and drinking plenty of water. Good luck maybe if you say something they will think about it and do it.

  76. I used to teach kindergarten and then first grade at an all boys school in NYC. We had snack every day! Water bottles were also allowed on the desks. I completely agree that five hours is way too long to go without food or water. I hope that you are able to find a new home soon.
    Beth Anne

  77. I seriously can't leave the house to run errands without a large cup of water. I find keeping well hydrated prevents over-snacking, migraines, tummy aches, stiff muscles, focus and crankiness. Not that I am perfect- far from it (am actually going gluten free for the next two weeks to see if it helps w my tummy issues). But keeping my body hydrated is so so important. If the school resists, I would get a doctor's note in a skinny minute for your kids. Even if the teacher insists that water bottles be kept up in the front at a specific location or something- the ability to have water hardly seems like a huge request.

  78. Hey Kim,

    We definitely let the kiddos have snack in the morning, and many of them drank water throughout the day. I think this should be allowed for any kid! I hope things turn around, but I am glad the boys met some friends, and you have some potential houses to see!!!

    That is exciting, can't wait to hear about them. Love, Clare

  79. Oh Kim....I am so sorry.....i will keep all of you in my prayers.

    I would just tell them that Will needs to drink....Emmie keeps a water bottle with ehr at all times....and little snacks in her locker...

    Thinking of you....

  80. Hey Kim-

    Liam (in 3rd grade) has a water bottle and a snack. I don't think they can drink water all day, but they drink after recess, during snack and lunch. Im not sure if that is helpful! I agree about drinking tons of water.... it helps Liam.

    Maybe with the stomach issues your children endure, you could get special permission to drink water all day. Liam has issues with chewing his shirt (He has focus issues and this helps him) and the teacher allows him to chew gum if he needs to do that in class.

    Good luck!! Casey

  81. We do have a snack at our (private) school, and just this year they started encouraging water bottles that they may keep at their desks, which I thought was a great addition. I hope everything has gotten better for them!


Thank you for your kindness.