Thankful Thursday

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Please keep Robin's, adorable son, Emanuiel (pictured above with his sister) in your prayers today as he undergoes surgery to repair his cleft palate.  It is so difficult to see your child be wheeled off into surgery.  Stop by Robin's blog and let her know you are thinking of their family today.

I need to focus on the things I am thankful for:

~  My sweet blog friend Jennifer sent me these awesome little Lily sandals just a day or two before we moved.  She knew that I wear the sample size and sent me the cutest pair.  I was so surprised and so thrilled.  Here is a photo:
(Staci I know you are laughing at this picture of my feet;)

~My friend, Lauren's Mom also sent me an adorable gift just days before we moved.  She has started a business called Personally Gifted and she sent me this ladybug toy bin to store Kate's toys in.  I love it.  It folds flat for easy travel and it holds a good amount of toys.  We are using it here in our tiny apartment for Kate's toys.  Thank you for your sweet gift. Go over and see what else she has.
My creation

~Heather also sent us a thoughtful note and gift for our new home but it is packed so I don't have a photo but trust me it is perfect!  Thank you Heather!

~Thank you for all of the advice and insight regarding the water and snacks at school.  Y'all have been so helpful.  I did call the principal and I will let you know what happens.  I am on a mission.  I have found all sorts of initiatives for water in school and research citing better behavioral and academic outcomes from well hydrated students.  Thank you Moms and teachers.  You rock!  I have so much respect for you teachers out there.  I know what a hard job you have.  In my opinion, Moms and teachers have the most important jobs on earth!

~Thank you also for all of the advice and cheerleading and prayers for our adjustment here. Each comment and e-mail has helped in some way. Thank you to all of the friends (and my sweet sister) who called to check on me the moment they read my post.  I did not realize it sounded that sad.  I am blessed by beautiful friendships. 

~I am thankful that we have found two houses we really like and I think we will be making an offer tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.  The market here is actually going UP instead of down like the rest of the country---just our luck!

~I am thankful for my husband.  He is the glue holding our family together right now. 

Okay, so just when I was feeling all sorry for myself because the kiddos are really struggling, I got the amazing e-mail below. 

Hi Kim. Not sure if you remember me... we just met once at a craft day for the Moms club. Anyway, we talked a lot about adoption. My husband and I had been discussing adoption but he was very hesitant to do international (financial reasons primarily). I had kind of laid off and decided not to push it. Well, after talking to you that day I realized it was really what my heart wanted me to do! After casually mentioning it to my husband a few more times we finally had some in depth discussions and he came around! We are just starting our paperchase! I'm VERY excited, but quite anxious because it seems so overwhelming. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you... I am a believer in fate and as cheesy as it sounds think that I met you at the right time. The influence of seeing you and your daughter has gotten us to this point! Thank you!

I must tell you that although I do remember meeting this woman, I had NO idea that our conversation had any impact. I am so overjoyed that she and her husband and their children will welcome an adopted child into their loving home.  Another reason I am so thankful for her e-mail is that it came at the perfect time.  I was really questioning our move here and wondering if we had made a mistake.  She reminded me that things happen for a reason.  God has a plan. We don't always know what it is.  But He brought us here for a reason and I just need to have faith.


  1. You really have been blessed by kindness in a variety of ways. It is wonderful to see your gratitude even in these not so cheery days.


  2. Kim and Family

    I am so glad to hear that you found a house you might put on offer on. It seems like everything is moving right along. God does work wonders at the right moments even if wonder about his timing. We are keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. You are one truly blessed woman to have all of these special people in you life!

    What wonderful little gifts of thoughtfulness!

    Sounds like things are starting to come together for your family, I will hold a good thought for you and for that beautiful little boy.

    The power of this adoption community continutes too amaze me daily....what a lovely letter.


  4. Crossing my fingers that you are able to move to your HOME soon.

    Hope things are looking up.
    Hugs to you.

  5. Wow - I can hear a much better tone in you this morning. You have been in my prayers. So glad that you are close to finding a house - that will make a world of difference :D My motto this week is from Kate and i am spreading it all over the place - make lemonade :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  6. I love the shoes, very darling! And I think it is wonderful that you inspired a family to adopt. You must feel so good about that. I will pray about your home and that your offer is exciting!!!

  7. So glad to hear things are moving along. I'm hoping that Newcity isn't on the Gulf Coast and praying for folks who are. I've done mission work in MS coastal towns and believe, me, they still have a long way to go to recover from Katrina. The last thing they need is Gustav.

  8. A beautiful Thankful Thursday Kim. Think of the lives that will touch you, and the lives you'll touch in your new city! True moments and blessings orchestrated by God.

  9. Hi Kim,

    Hope your Thursday is full of blessings. I believe, like you, that God brings you to a place (emotionally or even a city :) to bless keep the faith! I hope all goes well on the house offer.

    big hugs to you!

  10. Kim, I stumbled upon your blog through Footballs and Frid Rice. So crazy...I do Thankful Thursday's too!!! We have 2 boys (almost 9 and 6) and are waiting for our daughter from China (LID 11/13/06). Your pictures are beautiful and it gives me a glimpse of what our family will be like when we bring Sara Beth home! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!

  11. Kim you are so inspiring and amazing!!! I have been thinking about you all week. things have been busy over here, so I didn't get time to comment, but I have been thinking of you:)

    I think I know the mom you spoke with and that is awesome. they are such a loving family...and I think sometimes we don't know the impact we have on others. You are lucky to know that through her email and reaching out to you. How great!

    Sending you hugs!!! XO, clare

  12. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you all during your transition and the tough times.


  13. I love how you are thankful even in the midst of a hard time. It must be exciting to be househunting. I can't wait to see pictures!! Can you post what you are thinking about??? Sorry, I just love house hunting, haha

    I had to wage war for my B people's right to go to the bathrom so you will win, don't worry! Think of all the other kids too who will be so grateful and better off with water! Blessings to you Kim!!

  14. What an awesome email. You are so true. Even things that we think could never be for the good, God turns them into just that. There is definitely a bigger plan in play.

    Can't wait to hear about the house!

  15. What a great post! I truly believe God has a plan for everyone...even though at times it may seem unclear! Have a wonderful weekend and best of luck with your home search.


  16. cute feet kim - love you - staci

  17. cute feet kim - love you - staci

  18. OH thats WONDERFUL news about the houses!!! And what a touching e-mail. You just really never know how one seemingly insignificant conversation or action might impact the life of someone else. And in this case..the life of another orphaned child =)

  19. I am thankful for your Thankful Thursdays. They help me keep my focus and not get bogged down in the day to day *stuff*.
    Sending you wishes for a fun weekend exploring your new city and for a smooth safe closing on your new house!

  20. You are such a blessing in so many ways. I pray that God will pour out all kinds of blessings on you during this time of change. I pray that faithful new friends will cross your path and that more life long friendships are created.

  21. Kim, you're an extraordinary person, this post means that you're able to thanks in difficult moments...Yes, You're extraordinary....

    A very big Kiss,


  22. So happy to hear things are looking up. Loved reading the blogs you linked in your post. Hope things work out with one of the houses! How fun it is to get in a new house and things organized and decorated- your specialty! Hope you all have a great long weekend!!!

  23. Oh, Kim - just the sound of your "voice" is reassuring that you are already adjusting better!! (cute shoes ALWAYS helps me adjust!!) Ok, so I know that's not it!! You are such a blessing to so many :)

    Let us know the outcome of the water & snack. We home school, but our kids go to a charter school twice a week, for only 3 hours. During that 3 hours, they have a bottle of water at their desk AND a snack. And they drink it all. And I think they need it. Since water evens out the electrolytes in your body, it would only make sense that that includes your brain!! PLUS, we just get thirsty. I drink ALL day (that sounds bad, huh?)!!

    I am so excited that you made an offer on a house!

  24. so much to be thankful for... and yes, my friend.... God has a plan! I am so excited for each and every person who will get to come into contact with your family because you are a blessing to all who know you!


Thank you for your kindness.