Kate Update

Friday, August 29, 2008
Another family made a better offer on the house we are trying to get.  PLEASE pray that we can counter offer and get this house if it is meant to be.  It is a house that I have a special attachment to for reasons I will explain later.  The market is HOT here and it looks like it could be a bidding war:(

She finds seashells at the sea shore

My little Kate is developing so quickly and I have not written down her milestones in a long time. I want to be able to look back and remember what she was doing at 2:

~As I write this, she is standing on the chair (behind my back) massaging my shoulders.  What a sweetie!

~She has been counting to 20 for several months now and she loves to count as she goes up or down stairs.

~Kate loves to sing. She mostly sings a cappella in the car. She sings her ABC's, Old McDonald, Twinkle, Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row your boat, five little monkeys sitting in the tree,  Ring around the rosie and more.  She has the cutest voice.  It is kind of deep and throaty when she sings.

~Kate is speaking is sentences (sometimes full, sometimes fragments).  She is quiet when she first meets people though.

~ Not only does Kate know her shapes and colors like a champ but she also can identify letters. She can point to letters  (in a book, on a  label, the keyboard) and tell you which letter it is.  She began doing this on a play dough label before she was 2 and it astonished me.  Many kids can say their ABC's but few can identify them at this age. I am not bragging here.....I give complete credit to an excellent show on PBS called, "Super Why."  If you want your children to pick up some pre-reading skills, it is a FABULOUS show. Kate watches it while I shower.  I've never been a big fan of TV for little ones but this is good. 

~Kate always asks to "draw on paper."  She makes millions of "o's and circles."  She can spend 30 minutes making o's.  I showed her how to write the letters of her name and she tries to imitate.  I think she'll be doing it very soon.

~When I am on the computer, Kate comes and grabs my arm and says, "Come on, Mom!" in the most happy and energetic way.  She wants me off the computer and with her.  I always oblige.

~She still tells us she is happy out of the blue.  She'll be sitting on the couch and she'll say "Happy, Mama."

~She loves dresses, ponytails and "beeewtiful bracelets."  She wants to wear them everyday.

~She also loves brushing her hair, having her hair brushed and brushing others hair (even Daddy's).

~Kate says, DEEEEE-lecious after pretend sampling her tea and cupcakes. (Target has this adorable pretend cupcake kit for $14.99 right now--not on-line though)

~Kate LOVES all animals.  She especially loves dogs and "kitty cats."  She will approach any dog  or cat we encounter (although I have taught her to wait while Mom asks if it is a friendly dog).  I cannot pull her away from animals we see throughout the day.

~Kate observes everything.  Yesterday, I could not find the rice milk in our apartment. I had no clue where Dave had put it and I thought I had looked everywhere.  I said, "Kate, where is that Rice Milk?"  She opened a cabinet and said, "Right here, Mama." Yikes.  I didn't even think she was listening.

~Generally, Kate is happy and sweet but she can THROW A FIT!  The other day, I took the kids to our newcity library to get cards and check out books.  Miss Kate did not sleep at naptime and she threw a vicious screaming fit in the middle of our new library. Many people were giving us the "stink-eye" and I could not drag her out with an armful of books.  Both boys were loaded up with books too.  Finally, Will took mine and I got her out.

~Kate still likes Dave and I to feed her warm milk in a sippy cup (as though we were giving her a bottle with eye contact) every morning and evening.  Then she likes me to hold her chest to chest while I tickle her back.  It is such a relaxing and bonding time for us.

~When Kate says goodbye to someone, she says, "Bye, bye, see you soon."

~She love calling people on  the cell phone and she now has pretend conversations.  It is so fun to here her talking to no one.

~She loves to take care of her babydolls (feed, change, rock, diaper).  She is an excellent Mommy.

~Kate still tells me about 20 times a day..."I want to go home, Mama."

You are my little angel, Kate and I am so glad you came into our lives. I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

P.S. We made an offer on a house yesterday and we expect to hear a counter offer today.  I think it will be a long weekend of negotiations.  I will keep you updated and I will post a photo if we reach an agreement. 


  1. She is one amazing little girl! How sweet. Hope the potential new house works out for you. Enjoy the long Labor Day weekend.


  2. Precious post on Kate! I am glad you found the library & maybe a house.

  3. How darling! What a sweet and bright little girl. I LOVE "happy, mama" that just warms my heart! She is lucky to be part of such a loving family.

    Good luck on your house offer! Waiting for the counter offer is such an anxious, but exciting time. I will keep my fingers crossed that it will be a fast negotiation so the next time Kate says "I want to go home" you will be ready to be in your newcity new home!

  4. Oh, I hope the house works out! Can't wait to see.

    The "happy, mama" is so precious. It must melt your heart. SHe is such a sweety. I still think of her coming up to me and hugging me when you got here the other day :) So sweet.

    I have had that exact experience in our library. We had armfuls of books and Cade decided to pitch a huge fit. SO embarrassing. I will never forget that.

  5. Lovely post--what a sweet girl. Glad you got to the library--it's the first place I've always gone in a new town. Good luck with the house!

  6. I loved reading about that precious Kate's accomplishments and attributes. With her smarts and that entrancing smile, she's bound to go far in life!

    My *special* daughter Vivian (who is 14) tugs on my arm when she wants me to get off the computer, and she says, "Make it say 'good-bye,' Mama" because AOL always says "good-bye" when you log off. That always makes me laugh and is usually very persuasive.

    I hope all goes well with the house purchase. I bet having a new home to focus on will distract you from your homesickness and lift your spirits.

    Hope things are improving at the boys' school, too, and that they're making some nice friends who just happen to have wonderful, friendly mothers!

    Have a good weekend.

  7. Awww, this is such a sweet post! Your beautiful Kate sounds like a little angel! You know what always amazes me about adoption...how we always get the child that is SO meant for us. God is good like that.

    Hug your Kate for me and tell her that I think she is beeewtiful! Good luck to you on your house.

  8. Your Kate sounds perfect (from fits to hugs)-just like my two girls!

    Good luck with the house!!

  9. Kim, I just love reading all of Kate's milestones. I really need to do this for Lucy because they seem to be coming very fast.

    Hope all goes well with the house, cant wait to hear good news.

    P.S. I stole your song for my blog :) hope you dont mind...it is just so perfect for this time in our lives.

    ((Hugs to you))

  10. A great post! Loved reading all the things Kate can do. EllaKate loves to watch Super Why and Word Bird every day. She watches them after we walk and I am taking a shower too! It really is amazing how they pick up things and make it their own. Sure hope the house negotiations go well! Had a similar fit this week when leaving Madelyn's house after our playdate- not fun! Try to enjoy the nice long weekend!!!

  11. Just wonderful little snipets of what makes Kate tick!! She sounds like a delight...practically perfect in every way!! (as Mary Poppins likes to say! :-)) Even the fits.....gotta love a girl that knows what she wants!!

    Your love for her pours from this post...a love letter to your sweet gal!!

    Will be keeping fingers crossed on those house negotiations!!!


  12. Kate is a super smart little cookie - not to mention adorable too! Hope the negotiations go in your favor. Having room to spread out eases the tension and I'm sure you are all ready for some space!
    Take care,
    Kim and Katiebug

  13. So sweet! She is very smart and so aware!
    VERY GOOD LUCK with the house! My fingers are crossed for you and your family!

  14. What a sweetie she is...I miss her!

    I will be praying about the house~

  15. Kate sounds just so precious. Emma and Kate sound a lot alike....down to the tantrums ;^)! I can't believe how fast they are growing up and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this age. Emma will say, "I want to go homey" in a very pathetic voice when she's had enough otherwise she is full of energy and always on the go.

    Good luck with the offer on the house. Keep us posted.

  16. I so hope that you are able to counter offer on this house, especially if you feel a special attachment to it. Hopefully it is meant to be!! You will be in my thoughts~

    p.s. love the update on Kate.....she is such a sweetheart!

  17. I am praying. Please keep us posted!

  18. Oooo, I am praying you get the house that you want! Keep keeping in mind that there is a better one where God wants you more if this one falls out.

    I read every word of the Kate update. So many things are so similar. Bailey writes Os and little squiggles too all over. I have never seen this before.

    Thinking about you!!!!!

  19. Will say a prayer that you get the house you want.

  20. Praying for good blessings with the house!

  21. Hope you get the house!!

    Kate sounds like an amazing little girl....very smart and very sweet!

    What a wonderful post for her to look back on one day!

    Try to enjoy your weekend!


  22. I sooo hope that you get the house that you want.. YOU deserve it ..
    Love the picture of Kate..
    It is amazing how much she has grown and developed in such a short time..
    She is sooo beautiful and smart..
    Hugs to you girly..
    Keep us updated....

  23. I just love how you describe all of her sweet characteristics...she is absolutely incredible! And SO smart, too!

    Keep us posted on the house situation - I'll be praying.
    And, of course, I will be praying for the boys' school situation...

    And, that is so cool about you inspiring someone to adopt - it's the best feeling, isn't it! God certainly DOES have a bigger plan!

  24. I'm joining the others in praying that this house works out! Keep us posted.

  25. She seems like a very special little girl. Smart, sweet, and beautiful. Keeping my fingers crossed about the house.

    Gin =)

  26. Cute-Cute-Cute...and that goes for the whole family!

    Just hoppin' through.


  27. We got Landree that cupcake set at Target and the kitchen for her upcoming birthday. I can't wait to give it to her. She played with it in the store for 20 mins. Good luck on the house bidding. Can't wait to see pictures.

  28. Hope the house situation works out.
    Kate is an amazing girl..cute too!

  29. Kim,

    Of course I will pray...I'm sure that this house will be for your family....

    A huge from Spain,


  30. Kim,

    Best wishes on the house hunt. When we were transferred from ATlanta to NJ 2 years ago we were introduced to those crazy bidding wars. We could not believe how it worked, in Atlanta nobody would have even paid asking price for a home, much less competed for it. We thought we found "the house" here in NJ and lost it in a bidding war. We have been blessed beyond words in the house we ended up buying and know things worked out according to God's plan, not necessarily our plan. It's a stressful time but it will all work out the ways it is meant to!

    Emily in NJ

  31. I enjoyed reading Kate's update. It sounds like she is doing fabulous despite the fact that she is hot and wants to go home! The poor little thing!

    Hoping and praying that you get the house that you want.

  32. Love the picture of Kate on the beach. We're all praying here you get your house!


  33. Good luck on the bidding war! I can't wait to see photos if you get it!
    PS--Kate is adorable!

  34. We will pray that you guys get this house. Bidding wars are no fun! Kate sounds to be doing excellent. What a sweetie she is. Have a wonderful weekend and please update us on the house situation.

  35. I'm praying that you get the house! Keep us posted!

  36. praying lots for you friend. Not only that what is right will happen with the house but also with this transition!


  37. She is as smart as she is beautiful!!!

    I hope you get the house you want!!


  38. Great post on Kate. What a dream.
    Good luck with the house wars! I hate bidding on houses. So stressful and it can so easily become personal. Isn't it silly how we can allow ourselves to feel like a success/failure over whether or not we get a house?
    Keep your perspective, girl, and take your time. Apartment living is dreadful, but so is realizing the house you bought isn't the right one :)
    I know it will work out for you.

  39. So sweet! I am praying you get the house!


  40. Just thought I would check in and see if the house was yours yet - had hopeful thought :D I am sorry that another family has been thrown into the mix.
    Keep your spirits up :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  41. Love this list! Especially, "Happy mama"! Davis's favorite show is also Super Why!

    Best of luck with the house!

  42. What a smart little girl! As a teacher I would LOVE to have her in my class!

    Good luck on the house, I truly hope you get it. If not then it wasnt meant to be and something else will come your way!


  43. Oh I loved ALL of these! I feel like I know her so much better now!

  44. That picture is amazing.... just beautiful. I have my favorite picture of our special day together posted on my blog.
    Oh, Kate Emmerson.... you are one precious, smart, funny, beautiful, sweet wonderful blessing!


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