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Friday, August 8, 2008




We were incredibly fortunate to find the sweetest part-time babysitter this summer (two actually).  A friend of a friend told me about Jenna.  She is a college graduate who was moving locations and careers at the end of the summer so she was looking for something until then.  She was PERFECT.  Jenna was easy to have around the house and Kate and the boys loved her too.  Jenna helped me juggle the demands of keeping 3 kids of very different ages and interests relatively happy this summer and for that I am so grateful.  Kate loved to brush Jenna's hair (above).
Kate and Jenna

Harry and his kindergarten teacher (she was going to be his 2nd grade teacher too).

Yesterday, Harry had a BIG day!  His kindergarten teacher (Mrs. B) came to pick him up in her cool V*olkswagen bug and took him out for the afternoon.  They met up with Harry's 1st grade teacher for ice cream.  Then they went to the bookstore where she bought him a book and bookmark.  I think it is incredibly special that his last two teachers wanted to spend some quality time with him before we move.  We love you Mrs. B and Ms C. and will will miss you very much! 


  1. That is so sweet. I love that Harry's teachers appreciate what a wonderful little guy he is.

  2. That is so sweet!! Harry will remember them both forever!!

  3. Oh how sweet about Harry's teacher. Elisabeth still e-mails with her 6th grade teacher Mr. McMahon...she will never forget him.

    I love these pictures and I know you are grateful for the extra help!

  4. These photo are so adorable and of course your 'subject' is just precious!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  5. Love the pictures of Kate.. she sure is FULL Of CUTENESS...
    Wonderful people to be around your wonderful children..
    Love the little dress Kate has on in Thurs. post..
    Great pictures...

  6. Thank heavens for kind teachers... and for loving & patient babysitters!

  7. I love that you are posting about the special people that you are going to miss.. We love to hear about these people that have made such an impact on your lives (and they will continue to do so, even when you move!)

  8. great pics, The lighting is wonderful.
    That is a very special memory about the boys teachers. Very special.

  9. great pics, The lighting is wonderful.
    That is a very special memory about the boys teachers. Very special.

  10. I understand your feelings about leaving such a great school. You are so blessed to have teachers who have taken such an interest in your little man. What awesome and caring teachers you have been blessed with.

  11. What an incredibly wonderful thing for the teachers to do for your sons. They *will* remember this forever!

    Snick, Sunshine and Brill

  12. THat Kate Emerson gets more darling by the day!!! Sweet sweet pictures!!

    I was so impressed that Harry's teachers came to spend time with him...it shows how much they love him, of course, but also what wonderful teachers, and in fact, people, they must be. How blessed Harry was to have them in his life!!

    I hope all is progressing well with your move...and that everything continues to fall into place with all the little details. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers....


  13. How special of Harry's teachers!! What an impression he has made on them, as I'm sure they have on him.

  14. How special of Harry's teachers!! What an impression he has made on them, as I'm sure they have on him.

  15. She is so cute -- couldn't you just take pictures all day long!! How nice that Harry's teachers came and spent time with him. I'm sure everyone loved your summer helper -- she looks like a sweet girl. Am sure you're busy packing. Take care and have a good weekend.

  16. What a fun outing for Harry! Cute pictures of Kate! I think all of your posts are going to make me cry until you move!

  17. Oh my gosh, what wonderful teachers! Harry looks so proud and happy in those photos! Miss Kate is just adorable as always:) Love, Clare

  18. That is the sweetest thing. My favorite teacher was my 2nd grade teacher. She lived down the street from me and I remember as a child going to her house to say hello.

    Good luck on your move. We too are moving. We are moving down to Florida. We miss the beach and Disney World. I hate being cold.

    Take Care

    Mother to Jack and Palmer 3 yrs old

  19. Very cute photos of Kate and Harry. Kate is really growing up! Wendy

  20. How sweet, and what a blessing to know they love him so much.

  21. How kind of his teachers to do that for him, that will make him remember his moving away with more ease!! That is special, you don't have many teachers that will do that.


  22. It's so wonderful when our children have GREAT teachers!!

    Love the pictures,

  23. What a very special teacher Harry had! That was so sweet! He will certainly not forget her! What adorable pictures of Kate too! She is growing up so fast! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  24. A special teacher is a Gift from God!! How sweet and how special he must have felt!!

  25. Oh, I just ADORE Kate's sweet face - I didn't realize she had such a sweet dimple.

    Glad you found such a wonderful helper for the summer - I can imagine it's difficult to keep all three happy during the summer months.

    And, I LOVE that Harry's teachers wanted to spend some quality time with him before you leave...your family is just so loved.

  26. I know it has to be hard. Seems that you will have so many wonderful people to leave behind. I pray you find wonderful special people in new your new place. And those pictures of Kate, I know you could just kiss that sweet face to pieces! Adorable.

  27. You are right.... those are sooooo cute!

  28. How do you stand all the cuteness? Adorable. Love the hair combing ;)
    That his teachers love him so much is also a testament to you for raising such a kind little gentleman.
    Hope that your packing is going as smoothly and painlessly as possible.
    Did I say how happy my computer time is now that you are back??? Thank you most sincerely.

  29. Hi Kim,

    This is my 3rd attempt at leaving you a note ... for some reason blogger kept erasing my comments ... hopefully this will work! :-)

    First I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers ... having moved a few times in my life I know how hard moving can be. I also know how rewarding and life changing it can be. I wish you nothing but happiness.

    I also wanted to thank you for recommending the book "Mitten Strings for God". It was just what I needed.

    I am glad you having a nice summer ... I love your beach pictures!!!



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