A family visit

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A few weeks ago when I took a break from blogging,  we went to Pennsylvania to visit family.  We had a such a great time with the cousins and everyone. Thank you for hosting Aunt Dooney and Uncle Moon.  The boys (6 grandsons) had so much fun together.  Aunt Tracey got to meet Kate for the first time too (she lives in California).  

As an added bonus, Heather and her family came to spend some time with us. Our families were in the same travel group and we share a unique bond.  Our husbands made the brave trip to China while Heather and I tended to children at home.  It was clearly the best option for both of our families and it helped to begin a bond that she and I share.  I love our friendship and I look forward to many more years.  It is nice to know that our girls share a history.

Our close friends (Harry's Godparents) are visiting us right now and we are having such a great time. It is nice to connect with some old friends as we are about to embark on our new adventure.


  1. Good friend and good family are the best!! Glad you had a great time in PA and now with company!!!


  2. Looks like you had a great time with your family. So glad you got to spend some good quality time together with them. How fun that you got to see Heather again! Enjoy your company!!

  3. What a very special trip for all of you!!!
    There is absolutely nothing better than time with family...and friends!!!
    I must tell you.....I am loving the fact that while you were riding that "dirt bike" with Dave...you were wearing your pearls beautifully!!! You go girl!!!
    Dave is one blessed guy....you are one lovely dirt bike riding...pearl-wearing beauty!
    Love you sweet friend!!!

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a restful and enjoyable visit...just what you certainly needed!

    I loved all the pictures...but you know I have to say it...my favorite picture is the one of you and Dave on the motorbike....classic...and classy (pearls and all!)...you should definitely frame that one!!

    Thinking of you at this time and hope all is well!!


  5. Kim,

    It is so fun to see the happenings of your summer. I am glad you got to have a special visit with family. You even make riding dirt bikes look classy with your preppy argyle sweater and prize-winning smile. :o)

    I also am so happy you and Heather (and your families) got to spend time together. I know she loved it and the kids did, too. I know no matter where life takes you that your families will share a special closeness and bond and feel certain it will mean the world to Kate and Hannah in the future for they are a part of one another's history.

    Have fun entertaining this week! Take care of yourself and do whatever you can to preserve your strength.


  6. It looks like you had a great time! Spending time with family is the best!

  7. What are your secrets? How can you be so calm, have time to blog, and have fun visits on top of selling a house, packing, and taking care of 3 kids? You're amazing! Thanks for continuing to share with us in this very busy time! Loved the trip pics - the one of you and Dave on the bike is so cute - since you're usually behind the camera, it's a treat to see these! Take care, Wendy

  8. Ah, lucky you to have actually met Heather :)! And it looks like you all had a very lovely time together with your family!

  9. Well, you know I love this post;)

    Enjoy your company! Proabably th ebest time ever to entertain, a divine diversion from the events about to ensue!

    Thinking about you - praying for your family and sending some hugs your way, Kim.


  10. Hello!
    I found you through Diapers To Designs.
    What a beautiful family you have. Such gorgeous photos.
    And the words of you moving along with the song that started playing "Could Not Ask For More", oh-my-goodness!
    I have tears in my eyes.
    I'll be checking back with you.
    Good luck to you and your family!

  11. The kids obviously had a wonderful time, but I'm loving the picture of you on the dirtbike most, I think. You looked like you were really having a great time! You go,girl! You deserve it.

    Gin =)

  12. Ooh, I don't think it gets much better than that! Looked like a BLAST.
    I LOVE Kate's two-piece...she is just dreamy in that! (but, then again she's dreamy in everything)

    Enjoy your time with special friends, Kim.

  13. Hey! I have been trying to get over here all day!! First of all that dress on Kate is TO DIE FOR!! Can you link the place for that one? I think it would be another huge blogland hit!

    That computer was a gift at the shower and all it says on it is 'computer' so I can't even tell you what kind it is. It does have the lowest setting that is a small challenge still for Bailey but doable with my help. Then it has 4 more harder and harder settings. Does Toys R Us still have that display of computers up to try out? Sorry I am not much help.

    How is the move going? I am so glad that you are considering it an adventure because that it is! So many exciting new things to experience (even if it is not London....which your family would have been brilliant in!!..Maybe one day, you never know! I would meet you there, or Paris!) I hope you are taking all of us blogfriends with you!!! I want to make sure your fine!!!

  14. I love the picture of you and Dave on the dirt bike!! It looks like lots of fun!
    Thanks for sharing.


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