Truly Thankful

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary."

Margaret Cousins

It has been a busy week and I am once again thankful for many things.....

quilt squares that arrived from all over the country last week. I think I have collected just over 60 but I still need many more. I am hoping to have a queen size quilt made because that is how big Kate's bed is.

~along those lines....I found two beautiful old white chenille bedspreads in a consignment shop this week for $15! I plan to use them in Kate's quilt somehow. I feel so lucky to have found them. They are truly beautiful.

~Harry asked for a prayer table in his room. He wants a small table to put his Bible, rosaries, holy cards, prayer books etc. on. I think it is so sweet that he wants this special space in his room and I have been looking at consignment shops for just the right thing. I am thankful for his faith and spirit. He truly amazes us.

Denise and Maggie come home from China tomorrow night. I will have the honor of being at the airport when they arrive and I even get to take photos of the event. I cannot even tell you how excited I am!

~ Rachel, Jeff and
Lily came home last night. I am thankful that they are at home with their boys and their soft beds. I look forward to meeting Lily and I know Kate will love having a new friend in the neighborhood.

~This weekend we have our adoption travel group one year reunion. I am really excited to meet some of the girls and parents that were on this journey with us. I have met many of the parents before but since I did not go to China, I have not met all of the girls. I know we will have a blast. I get to see this
darling family there too!

~ I am incredibly thankful to Leslie and Diana. These women are so loving and kind and inspiring. I have become such dear friends with them and they both sent sweet little packages to us this week to celebrate Kate's first year home. I am so busy getting ready for our trip this weekend (and charging my camera battery for the airport tomorrow) that I have not had time to take photos...but Diana sent a darling swimsuit and bow. And Leslie sent polka dot sidewalk chalk, a sweet smelling sachet, a great photo ribbon tote bag, and a fabulous magazine that I had been looking for in every store but had not found. It is called Life Beautiful. Another very sweet blogger who wishes to remain anonymous sent a very thoughtful gift as well. Thank you!

~I am thankful that Kate's EEG is finally scheduled (May 1st).

~ I am thankful that for the first time in well over a month, everyone in our family seems to be healthy.

~ I am thankful for the sweet people that checked in on me this week when I had not blogged for a few days. And to the people that have been praying for our health.

There are days that I seriously consider stopping blogging. It just seems like I could utilize the time better. But then, I am reminded of the incredible kindness and support I have received from many of you.

We did end up having a little fanily celebration this weekend. A few kind people e-mailed and said they wanted to see the old and haggard and grumpy, runny nosed photos anyway. they are unedited.

My creation

We took these outside last weekend.


We took Kate to our favorite local Chinese restaurant and then we had cake at home.


Some family fun...Dave is holding all three peanuts, Kate's little pearl earrings that we gave her for her first forever family day (pearl is her birthstone), we each blew out a candle to represent our whole family, this last "haggard" one is for you Dale:)


  1. Hi Kim, so glad to see/hear that everyone is finally healthy. We don't realize how much we miss Healthy until we get sick. We've all been pretty healthy here for some time now. It's blinking miraculous considering the 7 colds, in a row, that Brill had when she first came home. I never thought I'd see a non-runny nose again!!

    The pictures are all wonderful. You too Mom!

    I love Kate's dress!! Brill is a leggings girl but Sunshine wore the most beautiful hand-smocked (from England) dresses. I hope Brill gets to wear some of them when the weather warms up!

    Snick :)

  2. I always love your Thursday posts. How sweet is Harry? I love that he wants a prayer table - very sweet.

    We are looking forward to the weekend, as well.

    Have a magnificent time tomorrow - give hugs to Denise and sweet Maggie - we will pray them home:)

    And haggard...oh Kim, never in a million years - the pictures are beautiful.


  3. Kimber - For some reason, I don't think I've successfully posted a comment before. Hopefully it will work this time. Glad you are all feeling better. We've been through the ringer too :(

    I want to see a picture of Harry's prayer table when it's completed. Child like faith amazes me!

    In my prayers --- Mar

  4. oh I am so glad to hear everyone is feeling well. I think you all look wonderful, seriously. I don't see any haggard old people in these photos. Just a beautiful family in love. Oh you never did tell me, is the 50 lens working better for you now?
    I know I have thought about the time I put into my blog being utilized better as well, but then like you, I do love the true friends I have met here. Some of the most wonderful people that have touched my life in a big way. And the emails I get privately from people that don't blog but have been touched in some way by my blog, those things mean so much...We will just have to use our blog time wisely won't we?... ;)Plus I love using the blog as a scrapbook for the kids to have for memories...


  5. I love your list. I am so glad you are taking pictures of Denise when she gets home. I can't wait to see them.

    The reunion sounds like it will be alot of fun!

  6. As always, I love your Thankful Thursday list.

    I am so glad to hear everyone is healthy just in time for your reunion.

    Cute pictures from last weekend too!

  7. It is so hard to function when everyone is sick. The first year of Aiden's life we were all sick, mostly because he would never sleep.
    So glad to read that you guys are healthy.
    Oh and I think the photos look beautiful. Thanks for posting them. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I am so glad you are all well-- finally. It is so hard when illness invades your family and never leaves. Glad you are all well.

    Love the pics. THey are great-- totally blogworthy!!

    Have fun at your reunion-- it sounds like you guys will have a great time. Take lots of pics!

    Christy :)

  9. What a sweet and fun celebration. Have fun at your reunion... I imagine the little girls will have so much to talk about!

  10. Congrats on your one year as a family.

    We got our Pre-Approval letter today!!! One more step closer to our little Sophie.

    How lucky you are to be at the airport when Denise and Maggie come home and see the rest of their family!!!!
    Take care, Michele

  11. Kim,
    Where do I start - so much in this post :D OK - Kate's pearls are precious! I know that you were probably doing back flips to get them in ~ hope that she let you without too much trouble :D

    The weekend celebration - such a special time! The pictures are truly amazing and I still can't believe that it has been a year!

    What a relief that everyone is well - poor Little Miss is suffering from allergies right now and having the most terrible time sleeping - just miserable.

    I feel like I have so much to say - that means it must be time for a chat! Talk soon :D

    Ladybug hugs,

  12. Kim,
    You look no different...I think your smile might be bigger and I know your heart must be with all those sweet blessings. Thanks for sharing.

  13. That's so cute/sweet that Harry wants a special table in his room.

    You guys look great! I don't see anyone looking "haggard." Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  14. Dear Kim~

    Your list confirms you are indeed blessed...

    I am so thankful your family is experiencing good health again and hope it is here to stay for a long season.

    Sweet friendships were certainly one of the most unexpected gifts and blessings from this journey. I am glad you have made some that are strong and meaningful. Just this week I "met" someone new that I already know will be a gift in my life.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend visiting your travel group. I know it will be a joy watching the girls and marking their one year anniversary home. Can't wait to see some pictures (and of Denise and Maggie, too).


  15. I'm SO glad to know you are all well. I'm also glad you posted the pictures anyway...they are wonderful and I love seeing the celebration.

    Sweet Harry...I just love his heart toward God.

    And last but not least, if I looked like that when I'm tired I'd be thrilled!! :)

    Have a wonderful healthy week!!


  16. Love your thankful heart in this post! You are a blessed gal indeed!!

    I also love all the pictures of your beautiful family!

    You ought to look for an old prayer kneeler (there is an actual name for it I think, but can't think of it at the moment) for Harry. Maybe the kind that has a little shelf for books and such. It would be something he could treasure for the rest of his life! He sounds like an amazing little guy! You must be super proud!

    I can't WAIT to see pictures of Denise and Maggie when they come home! God is sooo good isn't He!?


  17. What wonderful pictures of your family. Happy one year to sweet Kate. She is such a precious little girl. Loved your thankful list and hope you all continue the good health!!!

  18. Kim,

    Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.I wish you a safe trip and alot of fun this weekend.

    I sent the email to you let me know if any will work.

    Oh and you all look great in the pictures from last weekend.

    Aunt Doonie

  19. I love your posts. Congratulations on being home 1 year. Doesn't time fly by? Kate is beautiful, as well as your family. Love those pearl earrings, just precious.

  20. What a very special and fun family celebration~ I still didn't see any haggard...must have missed it again?! :) Harry's request melts my heart, what a tender-hearted child and what a special faith he has. :)
    Enjoy BOTH reunions this weekend!

  21. Love your list! So many blessings.

    Glad you are all feeling better! I was getting worried about you.

    Have a great weekend with your travel group.

    Lisa Watson

  22. Kim,

    have a fantastic weekend.

    I wanted to say thank you, thank you, for the note you sent. You must tell me where you found those embossed notes. Love them.

    But, especially appreciate your time in writing and sending me that note. I was touched.

    I would miss you if you stopped BLOGGING but do understand that it is time consuming. i think I am addicted.

    Thank you again you are just lovely.


  23. very sweet....precious memories to last a life the new blog look too! ;)

  24. Hi Kim,

    As always your Thankful Thursday entry is so sweet and thoughtful. I love the pictures ... I love how happy everyone looks in your pictures!I can just feel the joy!!

    ... and your Harry is amazing!


  25. Sorry I get the haggard award after seeing your cute face in these photos! I am glad Kate got her gift! What a beautiful cake you had to celebrate her one year!
    I can't ours is coming up soon too! I have no clue what we are going to do!! Have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see pics of Maggie with her family! I am praying for them!! And, I know you are going to have so much fun at the reunion! Blessings for a great weekend!

  26. Dear Kim,
    Happy Easter! I can't believe it's been a year that I've been
    following the blog of your beautiful family :)

    I wanted to tell you how beautiful Kate's homecoming video is. The
    words of the songs are so powerful especially when looking at the
    pictures of the whole journey. Will and Harry are such beautiful boys - my husband Travis says I shouldn't really say that about boys, but I can't help it - when I look at my boys, they have such a beautiful spirit about them, they want to show and share their love, I love their humor and their faith - they are just beautiful and the pictures and stories of
    your boys remind me of that!

    I especially liked the music video to Kate's birth mom. I did pretty
    good while watching it for a little while - I didn't get too emotional until it showed the girl holding her new baby in the hospital...we just had our third son, Luke Peter, on Holy Thursday. That feeling of him
    resting his little round head, warm and soft in my hand is still so fresh in my mind. When my children are born I always tell Travis I can't believe that God just gives these little people away! I'm glad I have them for at least 18 years, it's going to take me that long to work on letting them go - I admire Kate's mom's courage.

    I could go on and on! I pray for your and your family and I hope you
    continue to have a lovely spring together!

    Kelley Twardowski

  27. I do not see a haggard picture in the bunch. I love the black and white of Kate and you.
    I would love to send you a quilt square. You can e-mail me your information if you like.
    npoellot24 at yahoo dot com

  28. I have 2 daughters for Harry. WINK. WINK.

    I wish my birth stone was a pearl. :) She is adorable.

  29. Haggard??? PLEASE! I could show you some haggard- and i don't have much excuse- just one little fireball of energy!! :-). Loved the photos! Glad everyone is well. I have Kate in my prayers hoping all is well on the EEG!


  30. kim you have an amazing gift of treasuring each moment. you are giving your children memory after memory by making each event a cause for celebration.
    i love it!!
    wonderful pictures

  31. So happy that everyone is healthy again and that you had such a beautiful family day.
    Hope you are enjoying your reunion - can't wait to hear all about it.

    The pictures are lovely, as always.

    Love you, girl!

  32. I am glad that you are all finally healthy, whew! Glad you had a nice family celebration, those earrings are precious! I think you look pretty no matter what! Glad you enjoyed the package!

  33. I am glad that you all are healthy! What a blessing that really is.
    I love your recent posts. They are so very touching. Kate is a tremendous blessing and a beautiful child.
    Your sons will be such fine men and fathers. Their hearts are always in the right place.

  34. Kim, I cried my eyes out watching your one year video! Simply beautiful. Did you say haggard?! Umm, not seeing it..

  35. Oh I love these. You look happy and that is the best look of all!!

  36. What a wonderful list of sweet treasures to be thankful for!!! You have such a precious heart!!! I am so happy to hear that everyone is finally healthy at your home!!! And you, my dear, look just beautiful!!!
    I can't wait to see pictures from Denise's homecoming and from your 1 year reunion with your travel group too!!!
    Have a most blessed week sweet friend!!!

  37. Hi Kimber!

    Found your blog by way of Denise & Maggie's - I did her blog design and am now a faithful follower! I noticed that you are friends and were able to meet her at the airport! That must have been an amazing moment!!

    You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed reading up a bit about your "life and times with little Kate". Your children are all so precious. (I love Kate's pearls!!!) I will add you to my bloglines and check in now and then, if you don't mind!!


    PS Those are the old, haggard and grumpy photos??!!!!

  38. What a beautiful Thankful list!
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. Just catching up on blogs -
    I love the pictures from Kate's celebration - especially the ones with the chopsticks! Cute cake as well. Glad you are all feeling better!

  40. What a sweet post. You'll be so glad you blog down the road when you want to read back on what your family was up to. Your kids will thank you too!

  41. Again, what gorgeous photos!

    Darn, I was really wanting to get some quilt squares to you and Lori and I didn't do it...:( I looked at some fabrics awhile back and nothing was quite right and then spaced on it. I'm so spacey these days! Sorry.


Thank you for your kindness.