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Friday, April 11, 2008
Kate can now put her own sock and shoes on (and she usually gets the right feet). Mary Janes aren't so hard but I am surprised that she can put her own socks on correctly. I don't think the boys did at this age . One day, I came out of the shower to find Kate in a pair of Dave's thick wool socks pulled up over her PJ bottoms. It was so cute!

Kate has begun saying Amen at our mealtime prayer. The other day when we finished a book and I said, "the end." Kate responded be saying, "Amen." Not sure if she was glad the book was over or just thought we were praying.

Kate despises the camera (okay this isn't really cute). She flat out refuses to look anywhere in my direction when I have it. She even pushes it away (Sean Penn style) as though I am the paparazzi and she is an angry celebrity. How am I going to get better at my hobby with such a reluctant subject? I need to practice!

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