Answers (part II)

Friday, April 18, 2008


We went to the local "Dogwood Festival' last night. Kate rode some rides for the first time ever! She even went on a few by herself. She is not really smiling but she loved each ride and kept asking to go again and again! Here she is on her first carousel ride.


A girl and her Daddy

I have really enjoyed answering the questions. Thank you for all of the kind comments and responses. Y'all are good for a gal's self esteem.

Anonymous and Hanna asked if we were planning to adopt again?
I seriously doubt it. Although I would love to give more children a loving home, I think that we are at our capacity. In my answer on parenting I stated that I try to really connect with each of my children every single day. That is a challenge for me with 3 children. I know that many people do it with many more but I think I would be too overwhelmed. I don't have a huge tolerance for chaos. And even if I husband says not only no.... but #@*! NO ! And that is a direct quote.

Lisa W. asked
What is your typical week day like? Give us your schedule and include when you clean! Your house always looks so great and YOU always look so great and put together. How do you do it Kim?

Thank you! First of all, people do tell me that I always look put together but that is not really how I perceive myself at all. So, I am still surprised when peple say it. In fact, my MOPS friends challenged me to see if I owned "lounge wear" and I wore it to one of our meetings to show them I did. I like clothes and I think from living in Houston all of those years, I just got used to getting dressed each day. I feel better and more energetic when I have something cute on. I am not vain but I am definitely more comfortable with my hair done and a little make-up on. I think this is how I was raised too. My Mom always had us dressed up. Remember this post? My sisters are the same way. I have gotten a lot more "casual" though. In fact, my new anti-aging secret is to not look in the mirror. Then I don't notice any changes! I fully realize that it is all about what is on the inside and that is the beauty I see in others.

Our schedule....

Alarm goes off at 6:30 AM. I gently kick my hubby and remind him to hit snooze. Then 10 minutes later we drag ourselves out of bed. He makes coffee and I wake each of the boys. I go into their rooms and rub their backs and tell them to get dressed, make their beds and come down for breakfast. They usually growl at me.

We eat breakfast (boys), drink coffee (parents), let Scout out and give her a pet, brush teeth and shuffle (sometimes there is whining (them) and yelling (me) here) them off to school. Dave makes their lunches the night before and he drives morning carpool. What a guy!

Miss Kate wakes up sometimes when this is all going on and it is a scramble to get her warm goat milk (another post) and a fresh diaper. Sometimes, she sleeps until after the boys leave (around 7:15). I notice that Kate has a much better day if she wakes up after the boys leave. That way, I sit and feed her milk from a sippycup but as though it were a bottle. I hold her like a baby and look into her eyes and stroke her face while she drinks. It is a special time. I think that connection sets her day off the best but it is not always possible if I am making the boys breakfast. When Kate first came home I fed her like that EVERY morning but as she gets older, it is more challenging.

After the boys leave, Kate and I get dressed. While I shower, Kate watches whatever is on PBS in my room and then she watches me dry my hair and get dressed. She imitates me and pretends to blow dry her hair or put on lip gloss. Yesterday, she put powder on my face for me. It was so sweet.

After that, Kate eats breakfast and we are usually off to Little Gym or MOPS or the park or to run errands. This morning we will are heading to a special birthday party. Many times we stay home and play but if we are going out it is always in the morning around 9-ish.

We come home around 11-11:30 , eat lunch, read a few books and go down for nap. (this is when I clean or blog or try to return phone calls). Kate usually naps from 12-2 or 2:30 and this time is very sacred.

After nap we either play, go outside or go pick up the boys from school if it is our day to pick-up.

When the boys get home (3:30-ish) everyone has a snack and does homework right away. I try to cook dinner while this is going on if I am cooking that day. If it is a Judo night or soccer night, we eat really early and this is a very rushed time in our house.

If it is not a Judo or soccer night, Dad comes home and immediately either cooks dinner OR takes over the kid duty. He is so good! We eat together as a family every single night. That is SO important to me.

After dinner, it is usually bath time (7:00). The boys shower and get themselves ready and Dave bathes Kate. I usually fold laundry or clean up dishes or catch up on stuff. Sometimes, I just hang out while he bathes Kate. We read to the kids. I usually read to Harry and Dave usually reads with Kate and Will but sometimes it changes. One of us starts a chapter book with a child and we read it to the end. Since Dave and Will are doing Harry Potter (they are on the last one), Harry and I are doing the Fudge series.

By 8:00 all 3 peanuts are tucked in bed. We snuggle, pray, chat with the boys individually before they go to sleep most nights. If we are running later that usual because of an activity the bedtime routine is very abbreviated. We think it is essential that they get to sleep.

Then, Dave and I race down to watch American Idol! I often have my laptop and answer e-mails, edit photos, look at blogs during commercials (unless Dave and I are talking). I am trying to really limit reading blogs to one night a week so I am sorry if I don't comment as much but my honey needs my time. I like to read at night too.

As far as cleaning...I am always doing it...I throw in loads of laundry at the start of the day or as Kate is going down for a nap. I clean the kitchen while Kate is eating in her high chair. I do not have one day or time that I clean. It is constant.

What activities do you do with Kate at home while "the boys" are at school? I am a big believer in "floor time". I have done it with each of my kids. I will say it was MUCH easier with Will though. I get on the floor with Kate and take her lead. Usually, she wants music and instruments. I find that if I spend 30 minutes on the floor with her and give her my undivided attention, she is much more willing to be cooperative as I get my other stuff done. If I drag her around on my errands and chores all day, it is not fun. So we sing and do LOTS of fingerplays. We have tea parties, build blocks, feed the babies, do puzzles. We go outside and blow bubbles, pick up rocks and leaves, sit in the rocking chairs, use sidewalk chalk. I am not very creative and sometimes it gets boring but I know that it is what we need to be doing...exploring together. I think if all parents did floor time, the world would be a better place. I will admit that it is not what I always want to do and there is not always time for it if we have an activity in the morning and it is my carpool day. But it makes a HUGE difference, trust me. I welcome any ideas/suggestions for more activities.

In Houston, we lived very close to the children's, art and science museums and the zoo. I lived at those places with Will and Harry. My kids knew what an oil painting and a sculpture were by 2 years old. Will could have given tours of the museums at that age too. I loved having all of that right there and for birthdays, we bought memberships. I really wish I had stuff like that here to do with Kate but I don't. So, if you live in a city---go soak up all of that great stuff! Sometimes you don't know what you have until it is gone!

Kathy Z asked about the pearls (see last post) and Is that a monogram in the middle of the strand on the silver piece? Yes, it is and I have had it about 10 years. I love it!

Leslie asked--- Ok, that is my question to you, how do you keep your closet organized? I am constantly rearranging mine and the kiddos! I know you actually asked for a photo of my closet and I almost took one but I can barely get into it for all of the luggage and shoes on the floor. Plus, I figured you could see it when you come visit! Also, I am not far enough along in my 12 step perfectionist recovery program to actually show you what it looks like in its current state:) But how I prefer to keep it organized is....(this seems so boring --are you sure you want to know?). I change over the closets twice a year. I put summer shoes up into clear plastic labeled boxes (or labeled shoe boxes) and bring out winter shoes to the bottom. I move skirts/sweaters/blazers etc to the more accessible parts of the closet. I keep all like items together and in color order. So, all of my shirts hang from light to dark. Within the color they are arranged by sleeveless, short sleeve and then long sleeve. All sweaters are folded and arranged by color on shelves. I attempt this with the kids closets too and they stay that way for a little while. I have done Dave's closets this way as a surprise for him (one year for Valentine's day) but he barely noticed. I really like this sense or order and organization and I will get back to it when Kate is in pre-school.
Another question, what is your favorite recipe? Oh, this is tough. I have so many. I will post one in a few weeks that is easy and I like to bring to people who have had babies. Remind me if I forget. I really will.

Oh Mommy asked...What is the one thing you love most about each individual kid?
This is hard too because I could write volumes on each one. But here is my attempt...

Will~ Will has incredible social grace. I almost cannot believe I just typed that because he was not always that way. But, he will ask how my day was or ask my Mom how she is doing. He feels bad when he does something wrong and really sincerely apologizes. He has impeccable manners and always rises to the occasion in public. He is good with little kids. Those are just some examples of his social graces;)

Harry~this is so hard because this kid is truly good at everything and he is so darned cute! I think I love his heart and his love for Jesus the most. He is our prayer warrior and he loves his Bible. Harry is a generous soul.

Kate~Kate is joyful and she brings a smile to most people. She is extremely gentle and affectionate with little ones.

My kids are so totally normal though and they throw tantrums (Kate) and speak disrespectfully (Harry) and get sulky (Will).

These are all from Adele:
How many times a week do you cook and eat out? We generally eat out once a week. It is hard because we try to eat gluten free and very little dairy. So, we have to cook most nights. I have gotten lazy lately and we have had a few lame dinners but I think overall my husband and I do well in this area. We do eat together every night and people told me we would not be able to do that as the boys got older but Will is almost 11 and we still do.

What is your family's favorite dinner? The boys love tacos. We make our own seasoning because of allergies but they are an easy staple in our house. Will loves chili and gluten free lasagna. Harry loves meatballs and gluten free pasta. Kate love Chinese food and beans. Dave and I love all food!

Do you have a fast and easy recipe that you use frequently? We make tacos a lot and black bean soup and tortilla soup. I also make a pasta and grilled chicken dish that I will share in an upcoming post.

What kind of snack and drinks do you keep on hand for the peanuts? My kids drink water. We don't have soda and they have OJ with breakfast. They like water. We have a HUGE bowl of fruit on the island and they snack on it all day long. Most "snack" foods don't agree with their diets (allergies) so we do have some gluten free snack bars and things.

How do you break up the house work? When do you get it done? I pretty much do housework every single day. There is always something to be done and I try to keep things picked up and in order so that it doesn't get out of control. I am just stealing Adele's answer here:)

Do you have any tips for getting it done faster/easier? Not really. I try the "Only touch it once" philosophy but some days I am just so darned tired.

Do you guys have a bedtime routine? Oh YES! We begin a routine THE day our kids come home from the hospital (or the airport). Dave thought it was so silly to read to Will when he was 2 days old but let me tell you...that kid was turning the pages to books at the appropriate time when he was 5 months old. I wrote about our routine above.

What is a typical day like for you all? I mean a break down time wise.

I answered this above too.

What kind of staples do you keep stocked in your kitchen? Fruit, OJ, coffee, gluten free bread, rice milk (for the boys) and goat milk (for Kate) and organic half and half (for me). We always have a very full pantry. We run out of fresh fruit constantly and we are always refilling the fruit bowl. I really do not eat much fruit though and need to get better at that.

How often do you go to the grocery store? Oh my goodness. We have to shop at 3 different stores for our unique dietary needs. So we seem to be at one of them almost everyday!

Do you have a special day for running errands or is it just when you need to? No, I try not to run errands;) It usually means that I spend too much money! LOL. In our house "errands" is a code word for "shopping."

Do you and Dave share any of the household responsibilities? Dave helps with almost everything. I don't do the yard work or take out the trash. I do most of the laundry but he does help out. He is a great cook (better than me--although I am not too shabby).

What's your best organization tip? Oh no! I am feeling a relapse into my old perfectionist days... I really cannot give any advice here because people in glass houses should not throw stones and all. I used to be so organized and I LOVE being organized but there are only so many hours in a day and I am spending less of them being organized!

What is your favorite cleaner(s)? I love the daily granite by Method for marble and granite. I actually really like all of the Method products and Old English wipes and Murphy's oil soap!

How far in advance do you start planning birthday parties and events.? I am not really sure. I have begun thinking about the June birthdays (Kate and Will). But nothing is completely planned or set in stone yet. I used to be better about this but time is a precious commodity these days and I have become more of a last minute gal!

Where do you find inspiration for all the fabulous things you do? Not sure I do anything very fabulously...but I like pretty things and I like to be surrounded by beauty. That inspires me to have a pretty house and to keep it clean. I love fresh flowers and I usually have them in my house. My faith inspires me to try to be a good person, wife, Mom and friend to others but I am sure I fall short a lot of the time.

How do you keep track of all of your events/to do? Big board list, fridge list, family calender? Ect? I have the Mom Agenda. It is GREAT. My friend Elissa introduced me to it a few years ago. Now, I just need to remember to look at it everyday!

Amy asked

1. You have beautiful fresh flower arrangements in many you create your own or do you use a florist? Thank you. I do not use a florist and I used to do much more elaborate arrangements. I read a book about becoming healthier several years ago and the author recommended keeping fresh flowers in your house(among other things). At the time, we lived very close to a wholesale floral district in Houston. So, I bought fresh flowers for very little money every week. Now, I still try to buy them often and I love arranging them. I cannot be very creative here because the selection is VERY limited where we live.

2. How do you make a collage with your pictures? I either make them in Picassa or FD's flicker toys. Both are super easy and self explanatory but if you need help, e-mail me and I will walk you through it.

3. Do you digital scrapbook? If so, what products do you recommend? Yes, but I am not very good at it and I don't make time for it so I have not posted any of my pages. I have lumapix photofusion and it is super easy! I also have Adobe but it is hard and time consuming and I have not had time to really learn it well.

4. What does your husband do for a living?
Oh, good question...I am not really sure but I know he is a Geologist. Over the years, he has worked in the oil business, he has taught college and he now does something with minerals.

OK, houseboy here to give a legitimate answer....there are a couple answers depending on what you're really getting at or curious about. First, I am a geologist - worked for an oil company in TX for a while, then got into 3-dimensional modeling software for mapping underground rock formations. At our current location, I've done a couple years of groundwater work and now am back into economic geology - minerals and rocks that are worth mining or quarrying. BUT, my real purpose is as a life-support system for Kim and Kate. I am the evening parent, the judo shuttle driver, the lawnboy, school lunch maker (every day), and overall servant to the girls and occasionally to the boys. Lastly, I am the recycler and pet owner. That's about it, though I am looking for more chores around the house to do in my spare time.

Lisa and Tate asked what I plan to do the the clothes Kate has outgrown...This is tough too becasue the houseboy really wants me to sell them on E-bay so that there is more money to buy new clothes for Kate. But I keep giving them away to people! I am a lousy business person. Even when I worked, I always did a lot of pro bono work. There was a time when I was helping a lot of friends decorate and people wanted to pay me but I could never let them. The houseboy did not like that at all. He would really like me to start earning my keep around here. I do plan to sell some of Kate's clothes though. I have a bunch of summer things from last year. I'll let you know when I list anything on E-bay.

I think I answered them all but if I missed yours, please just remind me:) And don't forget to go back and comment on the last post for your chance to win the giveaway.


  1. phew Kim, you are blogging away this week! Love all of your answers! Its great to get to know you a little better. :)
    You know I am the same way about getting dressed and a lttle make up on for the day. It makes you feel So much better.
    I love all of your little special thoughts about each chld too.
    So glad Kate had a great time last night! Her first carousel ride! How sweet! I am so thankful you are all feeling better and hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Amid all the answers about clothes and closets, it's so clear that you have your priorities straight! Eating dinner together as a family and reading to your kids are key. My kids are in their twenties and I've been able to see the fruit of such a way of life. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. love all your scoop.
    these are great entries--you & i have so many similarities!

    (i wish i felt i had more special time with each of my older girlies. usually its in the car running them here &there. i wish i could start over the teen years with my oldest...poor thing, she has to break me in!)

    wish you were my actually after seeing pics of your gracious home, i'd rather be YOUR neighbor!

  4. I so enjoyed reading all your answers! Like a little window into your home. :o) Your family sounds so wonderful! Great kids and awesome parents! Love it! I didn't ask a question before, but I thought of two as I was reading.

    1) Would love to hear of some recipes that you use frequently. Saw you said you'd post some later. I'l be looking for that!

    2) You mentioned that you liked to read before you went to bed. This is a part of my evening ritual for myself too. What are you reading now and do you have a favorite book you could recommend?

    Thanks for opening up your home to us!


  5. LOL! I thought you brushed Scouts' teeth every morning!!! I loved all your answers. My head is still spinning from houseboy's answer.He should be renamed Super houseboy. Finally, Sippycup's blog listed her ebay listings awhile back and she sold out fast. Your blogging friends are also your style fan base ,work it girl!:)

  6. First..... I just want to say, "I want to be you when I grow up!"
    You continuously amaze me my friend.
    I loved reading this post too and am learning some wonderful tips from you especially about the kids.
    I have to admit that my favorite part of the post was when you said you yelled at the boys..... It helped me to feel human. lol I have you so far up on a pedistal you could get a nose bleed from the altitude. hehee
    Dave, aka Houseboy, I think you are wonderful too....
    3 Peanuts........ Naturally, you ARE WONDERFUL!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love you and have a lovely weekend.
    One last thing..... you do not give yourself enough credit.... You truly are wonderful Kim.
    Ok, gotta go... A Poo Poo Platter has been delivered to Diaper Town....
    Duty Calls..............

  7. Wow, those were a lot of questions and I loved your answers.
    We do not promote pop drinking either. Water Milk and Juice.
    We do have assigned bedtimes and schedules.
    We need to eat out less though. I think once a week would be very good for us.

  8. My favorite answer is the warm milk in a sippy cup with Kate. Daniel will be two on Monday....and I still go up to his room EVERY morning and night with a sippy cup of warm milk for him too....I snuggle him in the rocking chair and I just LOVE this time he and I have together..... ;)

  9. After all the questions you've answered, I hate to ask one more. But I have to! How do you stay in shape/keep your weight where you want it? I don't remember any mention of exercise in your daily routine.

  10. OK Kim,

    I think you are just so wonderful to answer all these questions.

  11. Kim,

    How sweet that you took the time to answer all these questions. I honestly think you should do this type of thing for a living.

    My hat is off to you my friend. You are MORE than gracious!


  12. I found your blog as we prepared to go to China last year to adopt our daughter Lily. I've only posted once or twice, but I want to thank you for all of the good ideas, links to other blogs and websites, thoughts on parenting and just general positive outlook on things that you have openly and generously shared with myself and other readers.

    You inspired me to start my own blog to preserve memories on a "frequent" basis. (I'm not nearly as good at updating it as you are and it is not as beautiful as yours--but it's a work in progress!)

    I look forward to many more ideas and beautiful photos in the future!

  13. It was so fun learning more about you Kim!

    Thanks for answering all the ???. I loved Dave's answer too. He sounds very funny! He should start his own blog! He could call it "The Houseboy". ;)

    You really should look into having your own radio show like you mentioned a while back. You would be so good. So much better than Dr. Laura!

    Love the photos of Kate and her Daddy.

    One of your comments was from a woman asking about your reading. I also would like to know some of your favorite or recent books/novels. I am an avid reader and always looking for good recommendations!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lisa W.

  14. I'm exhausted just reading your post - you really are amazing!! As I told you previously, you really inspire me to be a better mom to my little ones, so thanks!

    Have you tried the Cherrybrook Kitchen line of baking mixes? We love the chocolate chip cookies and often make them for our friends with allergies (and also for ourselves, despite no allergies!!)

  15. Oh, Kate on the carousel is so sweet!! Glad it was a fun time - just even the festival name sounds fun!

    I do enjoy getting to know you better - love the beautiful thoughts you have about each individual peanut.

    Have a magnificent weekend.

  16. Frightfully, we are a lot alike. Our routines seem to be very much the same. Lots of info packed into one post. Kuddos to you for answering them all!

  17. Now that was a fun way to sip through my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing. You have a such a lovely family. I've taken note of your online shopping sites for Kate. Having three boys means I cannot wait to buy little girl clothes! I loved your son's prayer table. What a tender little guy. Your days must be filled with a lot of love and joy.

  18. Okay so Dave's aka the houseboy's comments are priceless! Dave and Tripp sound ALOT ALIKE!!! Tripp is even an environmental atty and does alot with natural resources like water and air. I wish we were closer! If you are ever driving back to Houston you MUST stop in Birmingham for a visit! Hey, I can even do gluten free since I was a GI PNP before going to teaching!

    Some of my favorite times are "feeding me like a baby" (jane and her sippy cup), reading in the rocking chair with both princesses and suggling in bed with everyone!

    EBAY selling is easy and I plan to start up doing this as the princesses have WAY TOO MANY things! They have so much that they would not wear the same thing twice in 6 weeks. I will be the first to admit my addiction. Isn't that the first step!??!!

    Oh and Walmart actually has some cute gingham shorts in pink, green, lavender and turquoise for like $3.50. They are garanimals and very cute! I bought nearly every color and then went to a local boutique for some smocked t-shirts and monogramed shirts to coordinate with them.


  19. Loved reading every word. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  20. Thanks for sharing with all of us! I LOVE the picture of Kate on the carousel and on her Dad's shoulders - too cute! Have a great weekend!

  21. Loved the answers. Loved Dave's input too. Thanks for sharing.

    The picture of Kate on her Daddy's shoulders is too cute.

  22. I loved reading your answers! I should have asked this sooner, but you mentioned in an earlier post that you would tell of your favorite natural remedies. I'd love to know what those are!
    You blog is great and it cracks me up that you call your husband the houseboy! LOL!

  23. Love it, Kim!!!

    PLEASE tell us if you list anything on eBay. I will be willing to pay $$$$ for Kate's beautiful wardrobe. :-)

    LID 5/14/06

  24. I love that you're doing is so great to hear about your family.

    Dont forget my ?? about Homeopathic remedies/treatments (not sure what you would call it :)

    LOVE the picture of Kate and her Daddy!!

  25. I love that you're doing is so great to hear about your family.

    Dont forget my ?? about Homeopathic remedies/treatments (not sure what you would call it :)

    LOVE the picture of Kate and her Daddy!!

  26. Hello! I'm not sure I have posted before, but I love your blog. Your children are so sweet, and I admire your grace in parenting.

    We adopted Emeili two years ago from China. Since that time I have become addicted to two things: little girl's clothing and adoption blogging. I completely understand. And - like your husband (also named David)- mine feels he is a houseboy too. That post was too funny!

    I hate to add another question, but I was wondering if you could share a bit about the glutten free diet. We have thought about changing to the GFCF diet for our son's sake, but it seems very overwhelming. Just curious if you had any helpful suggestions or books that helped you make the transition. Do you all eat the same diet?

    Thank you so much for sharing. You have a lovely family. Casey

  27. Wow you are wonder woman! Thanks so much for sharing all of these great answers. You and Dave are cracking me up, I love how he took over your blog for a minute! I think deep down, he wants his own blog! Hee Hee. He sounds like a wonderful man as well, you two seem very well suited together and I love how you raise your children together. So refreshing!
    Thanks for the closet description, I love how you dress, I too feel like I can accomplish so much more when I feel pulled together inside and out. You have a beautiful family and I love how you take the time for each child, that is so important!
    Love the pictures on the carosel, and with Daddy! That dress is so adorable as well!

  28. Hi Kim,

    I love all of your answers and getting a little insight to your wonderful life. I too love all of the method cleaning products, great for the little kiddos around the house too.

    I wish I had more time and money for decorating, it is something that I think I would be good at. The budget hasn't allowed for much in the new house, but I hope to get to do a few of our first floor rooms in the next few months.

    I love hearing about all of the kids, espcially since I don't know Will and Harry yet. I would love to meet them soon!

    I figured out my problems with my slideshow, it is working now. You were right about the size:)

    Talk to you soon, Love, Clare

  29. I love that you did this and I love that "Houseboy" wrote in too! Too funny!!!

  30. Wow Kim, what a post!! I loved getting to know you a little better, well a lot better!! I wish I could be half as organized as you are, but that isn't one of my God given gifts!!! Your family sounds wonderful, my hubby would love talking to yours, about jobs and interests, I can tell!!


  31. Wow... it is really helpful to hear about how other people schedule their days... it is always a challenge, and I like to have some new ways of thinking about it. Thank you! Great Post!

  32. Loved all your commentary. It's nice to have some "light" reading every once in a while! So, here's my question: Have you come up with any creative ways to store/keep Kate's toys handy for her to pull out and play with but easy for you to put up if company is coming over? I have tons of baskets but wondered if you had any recommended methods?

    [Thanks for all the pics!!]

  33. Hi Kim! I really enjoyed reading this post! Thank you for sharing!

  34. Enjoyed reading your answers and have bookmarked the pages on floor time and fingerplays. I figure during our long wait, I can learn and prepare for parenthood as much as possible. Thanks for sharing!


  35. What adorable pictures of Kate and her Daddy!! What fun to read all of your Q&A's too! :)

  36. I have a super easy ebay selling template that looks very clean and professional. I would be more than happy to email it to you. I've had tons of success with it (we're talking over $1K for 20 outfits). You can leave a comment on my blog if you would like me to send it to you!

  37. i'm reading some of your older posts and really enjoying them! my family ate dinner together every single night and we still do when we are all home. i can't think of a time when we did not eat dinner as a family, except wednesday nights because we ate dinner at youth group at church. i am sure there were nights (with sports) where dinner was random, but it's one of my fondest memories.

    i'd love some of your recipes. i'm on week two of gluten and dairy free and feeling a huge difference.


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