I Scream, You Scream

Saturday, April 19, 2008






We all srceam for ice cream!






Most of these are out of focus (not sure why this keeps happening?) but we rarely eat ice cream so this was a very special and spontaneous treat. It was Kate's 1st ice cream cone (of her own) and she LOVED it!

Claire, Kate's dress is from the Baby Gap. I got it a few months ago but it is this season. I hope you can find one:) Also, Janie and Jack has a pink and green patchwork dress that I hope to buy soon. You might like it too.


  1. Love the pigtails!
    Lisa W.

  2. I adore these photos of your sweet children. I can tell that Kate is loving her ice cream cone. I am sure it will not be her last. LOL.
    Mallory saw these pictures and loved them. She thinks Kate is soooo cute and loved her piggy tails. I love her madras plaid dress. Looks like a fun time was had by all.
    Also, thanks for answering the questions. :)

  3. The picture of Kate and her big brother eating the same ice cream cone is the cutest thing EVER! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just love it!!! I am not what one would call a clean freak, but I would have gone crazy with all that dripping ice cream. However, the picture is precious so I might just have to let Darci do this just once.

  5. Looooooooove the pigtails!! Mia will not eat ice cream...yet. I cannot wait to see her eat and hold her own cone like Kate ~ very sweet!

  6. It's a good thing that Kate had one all to herself! Not quite sure who would want to share a lick with that messy cone!

    *great pics*

  7. Hi Kim,

    Great pictures! I love the hand with the melted ice cream!

    I don't think they look out of focus in general, but Kate's hands might look out of focus. You might have thought of this, but as an amateur who has taken a photography class I'll offer my opinion. Since you shoot in aperture priority maybe your aperture is too small and exposure time is a little longer than need be so any small movement shows as blurs.


  8. I think they are great shots!! Kate's hair is really pretty! Somehow, it looks like she is growing up and into a STYLE haha. Hope you are all having a great weekend!!

  9. Those photos are just darling! I tell you, she just warms my heart and keeps me going. I look at her and I know how you waited, so I know that if I am patient, some day my Sophia will come.

  10. YEAH! Miss Kate and the boys got their ice cream after all ;D After talking about ice cream we went to Brewster's last night after diner. BTW- You pictures are awesome!

    Loved chatting with you yesterday - you really know how to pick me up!

    Ladybug hugs,

  11. I LOVE those pictures! Especially of the three kiddos together...doesn't get any sweeter than that.

    I also really enjoyed reading all of your answers in the posts below...your family is so great! (and your husband is amazing. wow!)

  12. I love the mess my little Katie Ru is making - one of my "go Kate!" moments from her fairy god mother. Enjoying life in the moment - how precious (and sticky!)- love, Staci

  13. Hi Kim!
    I discovered your blog last Fall when I googled the name "Kate." I was pregnant with my third child and searching for baby names. Well, fast forward 6 months and now I have a 4 month old daughter named Kate Olivia and I am addicted to your blog. My oldest two children enjoy looking at the pictures with me. When we are out and see a Chinese baby girl they ask me if that is Kate Emerson. Thanks for sharing your story and you are leaving a wonderful legacy for your children.

    A couple of questions for you:
    1) If you had an afternoon of free time (without kids and houseboy) what would you do to relax?

    2) Are you obsessive about ironing all the laundry before it is put away?

    Amy B.

  14. LOVE Kate's dress! Love the ponytails - these are just too cute! The boys look like they are liking that ice cream too!

    Looks like you are having a great weekend:)


  15. Boy that ice cream sure does look good! The peanuts are adorable as usual. Love Kate's pig tails and her outfit. Too cute!
    Kim and Katiebug

  16. Kate knows what is good. :) Ice scream is the BEST. As are the pictures!

  17. Cute ice cream pictures. We love ice cream too!

    Kate's dress is adorable!

  18. nothing better than a yummy mess :O)
    'specially when it's ice cream!

  19. I don't think the pics looks out of focus. They look pretty sharp.
    I think you got some wonderful shots!
    Love how you let her enjoy it all the way to the end. :)

  20. I think they look great. Love Kate in pigtails! Love the pic of all three with their cones too!

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice cream pictures!! It makes me want to go out and have some! All the Peanuts look so cute in the pictures. Kate is looking so grown up. I love her hair parted on the side like that! She is such a DOLL!

  22. Cute pigtails!!! Love that big ole cone for tiny little Kate! Landree loves to get 'her own bowl' at Coldstone. We have them give her a half of a half of scoop because she feels like she should be able to eat it ALL. Love the pictures!

  23. OMG, the pictures are wonderful. I have a large picture of Amanda when she was about Kates age eating a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Precious.

  24. Oh, the pigtails are TOO Much! Here comes summer, Miss Katie Ru! The ice-cream looks like fun! Where ARE those baby wipes!?

  25. That looks like great ice cream! It's always better when it's all over you!

  26. Oh, that is one of our favorite places to grab some ice cream! They look like they are having a great time. I love Kate's pig tails...I can't wait for Maggie's hair to grow!

    See you this week~

  27. The photos don't look out of focus...they are beautiful. I love that Kate got all drippy as she made her way through the cone. And the pigtails are darling! They used to call me BUFFY (From A Family Affair) when I was little because I always had pigtails.

    Here's to many more ice creams this Summer!

  28. Happy ice cream faces are deligtful...one of the pleasures of summer in my book!! (second only to the actual delights of rainbow sprinkles and vanilla ice cream of course!!)

    Sweetness squared!

  29. What beautiful ice cream photos, Kim! And I LOVE Kate's hair in pigtails (but you know I love them)!!! She looks like such a big girl- goodness, they grow up so fast!

    Hugs from your homesick friend,
    Shana :)

    p.s. Found out yesterday that everything is FINE!!! :)

  30. Precious! Love the dress and pigtails - stylin! You would have had to hold me back to not wipe that mess off my son...ohhh, I've got to work on that! :)

  31. Looks like Kate & the boys thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream. Hope you & Dave did too. Great pictures, makes me want to run out to get some ice cream right now. I love the pigtails too!

  32. Those are great photos Kimber. There is nothing better then eating and ice cream cone. Reminds me of summer.

    I also enjoyed reading your questions and answers. You are a wonderful Mama.

  33. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

    Kim, would you mind sharing where you got Kate's dress??!! I had a dream (over two years ago!) of my future daughter wearing a madras dress. We are "next" for our referral and I would LOVE to buy her one, but haven't found any I love. This would mean so much to me.

    Thank you,

  34. Those are the best photos!! Kate's pigtails look adorable - and the dress is wonderful too!

    I also loved reading your Q and A posts!

    Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

  35. They are sweeter than ice cream!
    Absolutely precious...

  36. is it wrong to want to lick those yummy cheeks and fingers??

  37. What priceless photos of the kids! They are just beautiful Kim.....how sweet to have captured Kate's first ice cream cone!!

  38. OH yummy ice-cream with sprinkles!!! What a special treat!
    These are the cutest pictures! I love them all!
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. Just darling....and I love the piggy tails! ;)

  40. She is so cute and it looks like she really enjoyed her ice cream :)

    Love that dress. AnnaClaire has it and it's one of my favorites. In fact, she wore it today!

    Have a good day!

    P.S. love the pigtails!!!

  41. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!! These are absolutely precious pics of the 3 Peanuts and their ice cream!!


  42. Too cute and sweet - I love all of the pics!

  43. I love Kate's hair in pigtails....so adorable!!


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