The first step is admitting you have a problem

Sunday, March 4, 2007
I know, I know....I really do have a problem. I am obsessed with shopping for little girl clothes. I admit it and in case I forget, my husband lovingly reminds me on a daily basis. Let me take a moment to explain how this illness originated.
This is a photo of my family in the mid-1970's. I am far left, front row. Our town hosted an annual Easter Parade. I don't really know what happened at the Easter Parade but legend has it that our family won "The Best Dressed Family" two years in a row. We were even featured in the local paper (this photo is from the paper). I think we stopped going after that due to some threats from other families who coveted the title;) My Mom took her responsibilities of this honor very seriously and we were dressed to the nines. The saleswomen at our local Macy's knew my Mom and all of our sizes. They would put clothes away for my Mom as they came in. So, the love of fashion for me began when I was just a little girl. Notice the white gloves, hats, corsages, purses and patent leather shoes. We had it all going on!
So, now you know that it really is my Mother's fault (and she has granted me permission to blame her). Oh, why you're here...glance down at some of my latest acquisitions. I really am trying to stop but most of my friends are enablers. Is there a shoppers anonymous? HELP! I also share some of the valuable tips I have learned over the years.

Everything looks good with a monogram.

Ice Cream Cones and pink seersucker--a great combination.

Accessories are key.

Every girl needs a tutu!

One can be cute even in loungewear (sweats).


  1. Kim,
    Oh my gosh!!! Our Mom's were seperated at birth!! I think I have the same Easter outfit!!! The monogrammed clothes are just precious. I can not wait to see Kate dressed up! She will be the talk of the town! You were just born to have a girl!!!! Soon your little girl will be walking around in your high heels and you will be taken pictures of that!!!
    Blessings, Diana

  2. Thanks Diana! I have never owned high heels if you can beleive that. That is probably the only part of me that is not girly-girl. I do LOVE shoes but cannot do the high heel thing. Can you stage an intervention for my addiction?

  3. Kim -

    It all makes sense now ;)

    With the beautiful outfits that you have picked out for Kate Emerson, I am sure she will be the best dressed girl in town. That monogram outfit with the two bows is SO cute! It is easy to see with her beautifully decorated room and all the love you put into each and every item that you choose for her that you love her so very much!

    While she may have a beautiful room, home, and outfits (accessories too)...the most important thing is that she has a beautiful, loving, and wonderful family! Of course, the cute clothes won't hurt :)

    Many many blessings! Prayers that you have Kate Emerson in your arms very very soon!


  4. I was also wondering if there are any places that you recommend looking for furniture. I am in California, but thought you might have some ideas or might know some online sites. I am going to order new bedroom furniture, and haven't really found anything yet. Anyways you have such great taste...thought I'd see if you had some ideas. The typical Crate and Barrel/Pottery Barn thing don't look too appealing.


  5. Hi Kimber, oooooooooooooh, those pink things are gorgeous! When dd1 was in the hotel in Asia, everyone would wonder what "new" pink thing would she be wearing? I had soooo many outfits for her, it was ridiculous! But I loved every single one of them, and I still have them too. Can't ever part with them. Uh, uh. :) There's is just something about beautiful dresses, especially smocked beautiful dresses! I have asked dd1 if dd2 can wear her lovely things, and she always replies, "sure mom, no problem!" What a girl.

    Have fun shopping now because once home, there won't be a ton of time to do that! Mind you, there's always time for online shopping, my secret passion!

    What fun!!

  6. Danielle,

    I am thiking about this furniture question. Why don't you e-mail me (I think you can do this through the profile page). Let me know the style/type of wood you are looking for. I can e-mail you some sources. I found Kate's dresser at a local antique/resale shop and painted it but that is the first time I have done that. I'd be happy to let you know some favorites of mine.


  7. O.k, I admit I have the same problem! But, isn't it fun?!! Now, I must know where you got the monogrammed dress with the bows by the shoulders!!!!!!??? Also the tutu! You are a great shopper!!!!

  8. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for leaving a message in the guestbook of our website and for sharing your blog. I love your blog and see that we share a love of all things pink :0) I showed my husband your site and he had to laugh at how similar our taste in clothes for the girls are. We recognized several items that I have purchased for our little Mylee. Wishing you a speedy TA and looking forward to following your journey.

  9. I am dying over these clothes!!!!! ooooh my goodness where did you get them from? --so so so so so so cute!!!!! I want to go shopping with you --You have great taste!!!!

    hey hey --I am so sorry this is so late but thank you for the comment on my blog!!! --I bought all of the polka outfits at Gymborree!!!

  10. Just look at your family! aesome and so pretty! Kim you were so cute!
    NOW look at Kate's clothes!!
    It's just a family addidction! he he!
    just wait until I have that first little grand daughter!
    can I buy kates's clothes then??
    these are so gorgeoues just like her heritage!!

    love ya!


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