A year ago....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Kate Emerson Ru
One year ago my brave and loving husband and my adventurous and caring son took the journey of a lifetime to bring our Kate Emerson home to our family. I will be forever grateful to them. They met Kate Emerson Ru on this day one year ago. My husband wrote the best post that has ever been on this blog about that day. Please take a moment to go read it here.

I will never forget sitting in my living room that Sunday night in March (the 25th) and talking to another waiting Mom (Snickerdoodle) and wondering if Dave had Kate yet. Then, the phone rang and it was Dave and Will calling from China. I got to listen to the whole thing thanks to some VERY generous and kind people in our travel group. Then about an hour or two later, Dave called from Skype in the hotel and I got to see Kate on the computer and talk to her. It was amazing. Our lives changed that day. God has blessed our family beyond measure.

We really celebrate our Forever Family Day on April 4th since that is when Kate came home and was with our whole family. I hope to have a very special homecoming video completed for that day but here is a small "teaser" of the footage of the day that Dave and Will welcomed Kate into our family. It is only raw footage as I am saving the music etc. for the longer video. I have never shared this before and I only watched it for the first time a few months ago. It feels very personal. Anyway, here is a little stroll down memory lane:

I'd like to thank, Jim, who is a friend of this sweet family. He traveled to China to help them but he was a big help to everyone. Jim recorded this special moment for us. Also, thank you to Teri-Lynn and Steve for allowing me to hear this moment by phone!!! That was priceless.

Nanchengday1 007

Will and Dave waiting to get Kate. They both look so excited.

Nanchengday1 012

Nanchengday1 015

Nanchengday1 017


Within the first day, Will had his sister smiling and laughing!


A few people have asked about Kate and how she is doing. Kate is finally back. That horrible Tamiflu stole her from us for about 10 full days. I cannot stress enough how dangerous that drug was for her. I even filed an offical report with the FDA. I received many e-mails from other people recounting severe psychiatric reactions to this drug in both adults and children. We are in the process of scheduling an EEG to find out more about Kate's seizure episodes. One of the seizure type episodes was before Kate got the flu so they seem to be unrelated to the illness or the Tamiflu. I will let you know more as I know more. Thank for your prayers.


  1. That's just beautiful! What a miracle for everyone involved!!

  2. I love this video!!! I remember waiting for those first pictures of Dave and Will with Kate. My heart really went out to Dave, what a guy! I can't believe it has already been a year, I would call you but I have a sore throat and I sound like a man on the phone, I would scare you! Just know that I am thinking about your family today and am so thankful that little Kate is yours forever.
    Love, Leslie

  3. Wow...it's hard to believe it has already been a year. I remember following their journey. Will has grown up so much and Miss Kate is absolutely beautiful and so blessed to have such a loving family. Although, I know you feel you are the ones so richly blessed.

    God is so good!

    Happy 1st gotcha day.


  4. Oh Kimber...
    Hearing little Will made me cry. The brotherly love and wonder in his voice are undeniable! What a moment! And little Kate looks a little frightened... unaware of the windfall of love that is about to come to her! Thank you for letting us see this. It is moving and spiritual. Praying for Kate, that her diagnosis will be clear and that you will have the courage you need to face whatever comes to your very special family.

  5. beautiful beautiful post Kim! I can so relate to all of your feelings as I stayed home while my hubby and older son traveled. Happy 1 yr! SO SO glad to hear Kate recovered fully after the drug reaction.

  6. That totally brought tears to my eyes. I remember following Dave in China and being so moved. It made it so amazing to see you guys get your Kate as it made me feel a few steps closer to my Mia (you brought Kate home during the time we had been skipped). Thanks for sharing the video-- I remember it all so well-- and my goodness how Kate has grown!!!

    Christy :)

  7. The video took my breath away ... you could just feel the love that was about surround precious Kate as your husband prepared to hold her for the first time. What a perfect, perfect moment ... and the fact that you were able to share in that moment all the way from home was such a blessing. Truly miraculous! Thank you for letting us share such a touching moment!


  8. Kim, As I watched your vido I am over come with emotion. In a few days my husband and I are traveling to Guatemala to bring our son home forever. We have visited him, but I long for the day he is "home". He is 16 months old. How old was Kate when she came home? I can't believe it's been a year already. I found your blog around this time last year and have enjoyed reading.


  9. Lori,
    As I sit here in tears watching your family grow, my heart grew as well. What a blessing to have the phone call and the footage from Jim... and your son was just precious. Thanks so much for sharing as we wait these last few weeks and days for our referral, sharing with others and seeing their special days readies us for what is to come. Thanks so much and look forward to the full video on April 5. Many blessings! It was around this time last year when my friend Jennifer (of myadoptionwebstite.com)gave me the link to your site. Thanks for the memories!
    LID 1/11/06 almost there

  10. Truly a miracle! I haven't yet watched the video but just the pictures evoke such beautiful memories of our own Gotcha Days and the beauty of God's plan for each of us!!

    Off to see the video....

  11. I just read your husband's post from gotcha day AND watched the video - full-blown tears down my face. What a BEAUTIFUL, amazing family you have. THANK YOU for sharing them with us.
    Happy gotcha day to the 5 of you :)

  12. Kimber, I have been reading your story for some time. What a beautiful family you have. This is so special, thank you for sharing this moment with us. It made me cry to see this incredible day on tape! What a blessing these special babies are! Praying that Kate is well.

  13. What a difference a year can make! Congratulations on this special day :D

    I am so glad that Miss Kate is feel better. She really did give us a scare! I will keep her in my prayers and hope that the EEg bring positive news.

    Ladybug hugs,

  14. Beautiful video. The post from your dh was the day I found your blog and commented. It gave me great hope as I will be traveling alone to China (one day, hopefully)
    Wow has Kate has changed! I'm glad she is feeling better.

  15. What a difference a year makes!!! Congratulations on reaching this momentous occasion and thank you for letting your blog family celebrate it and relive it with you.

    God is good!

  16. Wow. What a special video, capturing such an incredible moment for your family. I could just imagine you at home on the other end of the phone...

    While you were sending people over to Rachel's blog recently, I came over to your blog via Rachel's (our husbands have been friends since they grew up together in the midwest) and I have been so moved by your story and your beautiful family, as well as by the wonderful network of international adoptive families that you all have established. It makes me so proud to be part of the sisterhood of mothers. Your blog is so well written and your pictures are gorgeous - I've been trying to motivate myself to blog, too, and you (and Rachel) have inspired me to give it another try.

    Congratulations on your first year with Kate - such a beautiful daughter who so obviously fits right in with your handsome sons. I'll be praying that all is well with her.

    Kirsten in CA
    Mom to Meghan and Katie (age 3 next month) and Elizabeth (14 months)

  17. Oh, I have chills! What a wonderful post - great pictures! A year alreay??! Wow :)

  18. Kim -- What a special day for you! I completely forgot how little Kate was when Dave brought her home. I started reading your blog right before you named her and I remember reading Dave's post that day so well! You are so blessed!

  19. I was very emotional watching this. I wonder why? As I have told you before, I so admire Dave for going to China to get Kate. He is one special guy!

    I am getting ready to have my agency phone conference and I am excited and nervous...this is really happening!

    I will call you later~

  20. Oh -- that was so sweet!! Amazing how much she has grown and changed in a year! Enjoy your special anniversary.


  21. What a gift to go back to the Nanchang Civil Affairs office with Dave, Will & Kate this morning! Thank you for sharing a piece of your priceless gift from one year ago! I am so grateful that I got to share it with you from afar one year ago. Blessings for another very special year with Kate Emerson!

  22. I bawled all over again.

    I loved that post of your husband's. I remember it all so well. It's these incredible moments that help shape who we are. *That* was an incredible moment. :) And our lives have been full of these incredible moments ever since...

    dd Sunshine 7 in May (Viet Nam)
    dd Brilliance 2 in June (China)

  23. Oh Kim! Thank you for sharing that! Your family is so precious! I just cannot imagine how that day is going to be!!

  24. How time flies. We are about to celebrate our 2 year EllaKate Day!!! I can't believe we have had her for so long. Your pictures are so wonderful. I am so happy Kate is feeling better.

  25. Your video is beautiful. I completely lost it when Dave said "Our daughter is beautiful!" That she IS! I remember this day like yesterday. You were posting on the DTC group site with the updates and I kept watching for the next one. I had my referral and was waiting to travel next. You helped pave the way! Thanks for the year of support!

  26. Oh Kim!

    I have tears rolling down my face after seeing that priceless video of Kate being handed to Dave. The SAME lady handed Lily Lu Dan Li to Tim and I. (Another great connection between you and I!) All the memories are flooding back. I will email you a photo of that lady with Lily.

    Thanks for sharing this day. I remember reading your blog for the first time and am so glad to have found you. Even though I have never met you, I think of you as a friend! You have such a special family and they are so lucky to have you.

    Enjoy this special day!

    Lisa Watson

    Praying for Kate.

  27. Kim -

    Hello friend. One year - wow! I cannot believe it. I am so thankful Kate has fully recovered from the Tamiflu exposure and I am hopeful that the seizures are just isolated incidents that you will not see again.

    The video is precious. We still have trouble looking at ours and Rob gets incredibly emotional viewing it. I, too plan to have a movie of receiving Hannah but I'm not sure I'll ever post it.

    I think what struck me most was how WIll has grown this year - he looks so young in this footage. What a brave and wonderful brother!

    Dave's post from those first days was magnificent and powerful. Job well done, Daddy:)

    Blessings to you all

  28. Thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful story with such a happy ending. Your boys seem like AMAZING men, especially little Will. I am sure he and Kate will always have a special bond. Congrats to your family on this unique and special anniversary. Best wishes for many more together. I'll keep Kate in my prayers.

  29. I am sitting here in tears. Can you imagine how bad I will be when I get to hold our own baby for the first time?! Thank you so, so, so much for sharing. I don't know if you realize it, but showing these videos and sharing these memories are incredibly uplifting to those of us still waiting. You are giving us such a gift. The gift of hope. God bless your beautiful family!

    I am praying for Kate.


  30. Wiping the tears away. I can't believe it's been a year already. The moments waiting parents are receiving their beauties are so tender and sweet. How scared they must have been but look at how wonderfully well adjusted and flourishing they are in these wonderful families. Thanks for sharing this Kim!
    Kim and Katiebug

  31. So thankful Kate is better! Thank you for sharing such a personal moment with us. I love the picture of her screaming bloody murder and then smiling at her brother the first day! God is so good.

  32. Kim

    What a wonderful video...you are so kind to share it with all of us. Will is just so precious...and what a awesome thing to have the whole "gotch" moment on video for you to see. I am so glad Kate is back to her little sweet self...and I pray for your Dr appts for her that all goes well.


  33. The tenderness in your husband's face melts my heart...

    Looking forward to the unveiling of the beautifully rendered homage to Kate.

    I so look forward to my sojourn in your virtual home and appreciate your willingness to be so open with the special moments in your life.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this precious video! It brought tears to my eyes seeing your beautiful Kate on the day she met her daddy and big brother. How incredible that you got to be on the phone with them when Kate was placed in Dave's arms. Can't wait for the rest of the walk down memory lane.

  35. kim...

    oh that beautiful moment when they called dave's name and all your dreams came true..she is a beautiful little angel and i can't believe it is 1 yr already..our family is so blessed..

    kisses and hugs to all my peanuts

  36. Kim....what a beautiful post! Sharing the gotcha moment thousands of miles away must have been amazing for you too! Those gotcha moments will forever be cherished in all of our lives!

    I am so happy to hear that Kate is back to her normal self again!

  37. I cannot believe it has been a year. I remember that I stumbled upon your blog just before you were going to china and right after you had received referral. The journey has been incredible and you have been blessed beyond measure!!! Kate is a special blessing and I am so glad God placed her in your family. Congratulations on becoming a family.

  38. Ohh Kimber, how special for you to share such an intimate family moment with us. I cried through out the whole video... I can't wait to see the complete version...

  39. it is all so special. so nice to be documented. do you not travel? i don't travel, so i am intrigued. glad you are all better. we had the same nasty thing. i think i have gained my weight back. would like to keep a few pounds off -haha. as for the tamiflu, i was scared to give it, but had no idea. never heard of this! i was told the only bad side effect could be nausea. get the word out. do you feel like we can't trust anything we put in our mouths these days? ugh.

  40. Kim, I am smiling from ear to ear as I watched Dave receive Katie Ru. Knowing his devotion and care for you and the children I can see the tenderness and love in his smile as he gets her. I am moved. Happy, happy 1st anniversary on getting your littlest love. x's and o's, Tessa

  41. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

  42. What a lovely post Kim. Thank you for sharing. It helps to be reminded that these dreams do come true. And what an amazing husband and son you have. A beautiful story!

  43. I am still crying - happy, thankful tears! What a moment - so glad it was captured on tape! You will treasure that forever! Thank you so much for sharing! Absolutely beautiful!

  44. The video was so sweet, so raw and so true to the moment. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it and givig me a glimmer of hope that my time will come.

    Happy 1 year!

  45. Thanks for the goosebumps!

    What happy memories!!


  46. Very beautiful!! One day Katie Ru is going to treasure all of this!!
    She is so beautiful. Its easy to see how happy and loved she is with her family.

  47. Oh my gosh Kim...I'm just fighting back the tears! When I heard Dave say "I've got our daughter and she's beautiful", I had to stop the video and cry! So beautiful!
    I'll have to prepare emotionally for the full video in Aril! :)


  48. Oh Kim! What a year! What a husband! Thanks for sharing.

    And I'm worried about Kate! How scary... please keep us posted and I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

    PS Thanks for the sweet comment. You guys can come over for lunch ANYtime!!

  49. Congratulations to all of you! What a beautiful blessing to celebrate! :)

  50. Wow Kim I am so touched by your husband's post. It was so emotional to read his words of the first time Kate was placed in his arms and the hours afterwards. What an amazing husband and son you have been blessed with. God new the right family to place little Kate into.

  51. How wonderful!

    I watched the video first and then read the post that Dave wrote. I'd say both you and Kate are well taken care of by your guys! I love it!!

    Thank you for sharing this. As I'm waiting for my Karleigh Mei I can't seem to get enough of these sweet moments that others share.


  52. I just got finished crying like a baby. That was one of the most real and touching moments I have ever witnessed. Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to your April 4th post. Blessings!!

  53. Congratulations on your one year anniversary with Kate! I love the pictures and the video. The video gave me goosebumps as Dave and Will were in the exact same room that we were in last June when we met our sweet Lucy for the first time. The best day ever!! What a happy year for your family! I'm glad that Kate is feeling better.

  54. Kim,

    I can't believe I never saw the video before. That was amazing I new you heard everything. I was on the phone with you I think when Dave called. It is so wonderful that you have a video. I loved watching it. I can't believe it's already 1 year. Kate is so beautiful and precious. Good luck with her test we are praying everything goes well. It must be so scary. We also hope everyone is felling better!

    Aunt Doonie, Unc Moon & Ashton

  55. I am glad that Kate is better!!! Yes keep us posted on her progress and tests!

    I loved seeing your video! She was beautiful even then!!

    You are a very blessed family!!

  56. So sweet happy family day.


  57. I got teary watching the video. I hope that Kate is ok.

  58. Okay, I'm in tears now! Congratulations on this very special anniversary! I remember quite well talking to you around that time and checking your blog like crazy for updates- I just can't believe it's been a whole year! Kate has blossomed so much with the love of her family- and I do believe the rest of you have blossomed too! What a perfect family!

    I'm so looking forward to your video- I know it will be beautiful!

    Shana :)

  59. Gosh Kim, I cried thru that video. I love how much you were able to be a part of that special moment - even if you weren't physically there.

    Kate's sweet face just melts my heart. So glad that she is back to herself again - you all are in my prayers.

  60. Congratulations! I, too, remember following your journey and seeing all the first photos you posted of Dave, Will and Kate. Pete and Matt had gotten Emma about 10 days before and were still in China and I was following your story while I desperately waited for my daughter, husband and son to arrive back home. Thanks for sharing the last year of your journey with us.

    I'm glad that Kate is feeling better and hope that the seizure issue gets figured out. I don't know if you remember, but Pete spent a lot of his time in China trying to figure out if Emma had had some seizures. It turned out fine in the end, but I can empathize with what your are going through. Keeping you and Kate in my thoughts.


  61. Wow, these pictures are so poignant and amazing! I look forward to reading all your upcoming blogs about Kate and the peanuts! Amazing!

  62. OH my!!! Kim this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this precious time in your lives with us! I am deeply touched by this post! Your family is so precious and I pray for God's richest blessings upon you all!
    Kate's 1 year....is Chelsi's actual birthday!!!! I am moved to tears right now!

    Take care sweet friend!!!
    Denise Crockett

  63. Happy 1 year home with your family Katie Ru!
    I am so glad she is better and am praying about the seizures....
    What a special post.... the video, Dave's post, the pics....... how I love stories with happy endings....
    May you all live happily ever after.

  64. What a precious video. What a precious gift. What a precious girl! It's amazing how fast a year flies by. And what a great year you've all had!

  65. This made me cry (of course)! What a trio of men you have in your life! It is so strange to see Kate in that context again after just one year. I cannot even imagine Zoey in her past life anymore or what she would be like or doing- isn't that bizarre? So glad to hear Kate is back. That is so scary.


  66. Kimber,
    I'm thinking about Kate and praying a lot.


    Belén from Spain.

  67. Wow Kim, what an amazing moment in time~ this whole post is so wonderfully emotional~ I love the letter Dave wrote that morning~ how proud you must be of your guys. I feel so honored to be able to see that special moment of them receiving Kate and the expression on her face looking at her Daddy is just breathtaking! I'm not surprised at all by Will getting Kate to smile and laugh that first day. :) What a great job he did helping Dad.
    Thanks for sharing such a special and personal day with all of us~ Kate is just so precious and she has just blossomed under her families care and love. She is so beautiful~ what a blessing to your life. :)


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