Thankful Thursday

Thursday, March 27, 2008
Many people have asked me if I really missed blogging during Lent. I honestly did not miss it that much. There were times I would think of something that I wanted to write but it felt good to be disciplined and to sacrifice something for Lent. I did really miss posting Thankful Thursdays though. I did take time each Thursday to count my blessings but there is something about writing them down each week that helps me keep a healthy perspective. So, here is my Thankful Thursday list. I am posting it tonight because I get to take the peanuts here tomorrow!! Woohoo! ( I do NOT like this place at all but the boy peanuts LOVE it).

I am thankful...

~that Lily is safe in her Mom's arms in China. I have loved reading about their journey and I look forward to Kate's new friend coming home soon.

~that my dear friend, Denise is leaving tomorrow morning for China! I met Denise in October and we became fast friends. She is a kind, giving, spiritual woman and I cannot wait to see her at the airport in just 2 weeks with Maggie (I am the unofficial photographer). You can follow her journey here (it is different than her regular blog).

~for all of the absolutely beautiful quilt squares I am receiving each day. My camera was at the shop being cleaned last week so I was behind in posting them but I caught up now. I still need more squares so it is not too late to send yours;)

~for the sweet e-mails I get from people everyday who for whatever reason prefer not to comment here. One such long time reader sent me some photos this week that she worked on in Photoshop. It was very kind of her. Thank you Anne. This is one she worked on


~that Judy Blume sent our family a personalized and signed copy of her latest book. We are so grateful!

~for the sweet gift Connie sent with her quilt square. After seeing that photo of me a few posts ago, she knew I needed some pampering and she sent some lovely lotions and cozy socks. Thank you Connie. You made my day:)

~for all of the sweet comments I get here everyday. I have learned so much from this amazing community of people. I appreciate all of the feedback, advice, and prayers that come my way. Now, I am off to bed so that I can fend off the wild animals tomorrow!


  1. oooh I think my kids would love that park! Wow! Have fun. Love the tinted pic! Lovely...

    I love your Thankful Thursday posts. I am off to see your lovely squares now, I have been waiting to see them ;)

  2. As a friend of Rachel and Jeff's, I am thankful that when Lily comes home, she'll have Kate as her playmate and that Rachel has you to to turn to for friendship and advice.

  3. I hope you and the peanuts have fun tomorrow ;-)

    Love the photo!!


  4. Loved your Thankful Thursday list. I hope you have a great time at the Safari Park today.

    I also enjoyed looking at the quilt squares. Kate's quilt is going to be just adorable!

  5. And, I am thankful that you are back!


  6. I sure hope you all have a great day @ the park. You are a great mom to take the boys. I love the photo your friend sent to you- just precious! Have a fun day!

  7. Hi Kim,

    I am so glad that you are again posting your Thankful Thursdays. You words are always full of inspiration for me.
    We have had a rather rough week so I have not yet sent your square. I do have it ready to go but every time I talk to Leslie, I forget to get your address. I am so sorry:(

    Enjoy your family time today!

  8. How fun! I am certain you will all have a wonderful time..... woohoo!
    I am thankful for you... your sweet hubby and your precious 3 peanuts...

  9. Oh Kim, where is your sense of adventure??? That park looks really fun! Hands on adventure, hmmm, sounds wild all right!

    LOVE that picture!

    See you soon:)


  10. I have enjoyed reading your recent posts. I hope you and the peanuts have a great time today. We have something similiar to that place about 2 hours from here. I am not fond of it either. :)
    Loved your thankful post as well. Very touching.

  11. I always love your Thankful Thursday posts ... they were the inspiration for my own. I think it is so nice to pause during the week and give thanks for all the little miracles in our lives.

    ... as for the park I would LOVE to be going ... it's my idea of a perfect day!


  12. Love the picture! It is beautiful!
    Wonderful Thankful Thursday post! It was great to see your friend in China on Gotcha Day.. brings back sweet memories!

  13. Ann did a fabulous job on that picture of is beautiful! Hope you had fun with the peanuts AND the wild animals today.
    I love your Thankful Thursday posts, but mostly I just love your heart.
    (still praying here, by the way.)And still hoping to get a quilt square to you!

  14. Hope you had fun with the wild animals today! :) How exciting to have one friend coming home from China soon and another just leaving.

  15. Kim~

    Hope you and the peanuts had a good day with the wild animals...

    I enjoyed reading your TT post today and was sure you were taking stock of your blessings even though you weren't publishing them weekly during Lent.

    Can't wait to see Denise with Maggie! Glad you have each other to support one another!


  16. Kim~

    I am thrilled you are back to posting...I enjoy checking in more than once a week :)

    I have been following your friend Rachel, and Lily is soo darling.

    I am so anxious to see Denise with her little Maggie...these moments help to know it will be real for so many of us in the future, as you well know.

    I sent you a comment on your other blog making sure you received our squares...I hope I didn't put the wrong address.

    Hope your day at the "park" was more fun than you expected...even though you always have fun just being with your peanuts!!

    P.S. I got good news today!!

  17. Connie IS such a sweetie, I love her too!

    I hope you guys have a great time tomorrow, at least they will sleep good tomorrow night!!

  18. Hi Kim,
    It was nice meeting you the other day at Rhonda's house. I think I am going to wear out my computer refreshing Denise's blog even though I know logically she will not have posted yet! :) I love your blog and will be back visiting often!

  19. Kim,

    Hurry up and get that other b**g :) going...I can't wait to see what you do there!!!

    Leslie's really inspired me...and I thought it would be so fun to share.

    P.S. I designed it all by myself...not great...but it was fun to try and figure out!!

  20. I think my Things would love the park! The tinted picture is just darling....I need to learn how to do that.


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