I was wrong

Monday, March 24, 2008
It doesn't happen often (LOL) but I was wrong on two counts. First, I thought today was the one year anniversary of when Dave and Will met Kate. Heather, whose family was in our travel group, kindly reminded me that the date was actually the 26th. In the US, it was the 25th and that is where I was at the time. So, you can understand my confusion. Anyway, I will post about that special anniversary tomorrow. In our family, we plan to celebrate Forever Family Day on April the 4th because that is the day Kate came home and was with our whole family for the first time. We are lucky to have so many extra days to reminisce and celebrate.

The other thing I was wrong about was that I said I would post last night. I am sorry if you checked back. Not that I think you were sitting at your computer waiting (like I am doing for my friend's daughter
Lily!) but still--- I said I would do it and I did not. Bad blogger. Between our lovely dinner with friends, cleaning silver, crystal and china (still not all done and put away), putting 3 peanuts to bed and catching up with her on the phone....I just could not get to it.

We had a very nice Easter. We went to the 8 am Mass so there was no time for photos before church. In fact, I never got a chance on Easter Day to get all of the peanuts lined up for a picture. After Mass, we cooked (me and Dave) and relaxed (the kids) around the house. Kate loved playing outside with the sidewalk chalk that the Easter Bunny brought her (in the slideshow). In the afternoon, two families that we are friends with came over for an egg hunt and Easter dinner. Harry said a beautiful blessing. We had a great day. Here are some of my favorite images from the day.... And then there is a long slideshow below.



Eveley Joy and her Daddy

Look at those gorgeous eye lashes!



I LOVE this picture. There is a lot of meaning behind it. My friend, Lauren is holding her daughter, Eveley's hand and the charm on her bracelet says Robbie, who is her beautiful son in heaven. This picture was completley spontaneous but seems so symbolic especially on Easter.


Kate with Easter Paper

This is the day before Easter. Kate got into the Easter basket paper and had a ball "playing" (spreading it over every inch of the kitchen) with it.

Paper, Mom?


Will on Easter Day.

If you move your mouse (or click) over an image in the slideshow, there are captions.


  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful children. There is just so much to be grateful for in life. I am glad that you had a wonderful Easter. I love staying in touch with you and your family.

  2. beautiful! Did you take any of these with your new lens? Love them.
    Glad Easter was such a wonderful day and Kate felt so much better. I know there are alot of special days to have to remember around here too, it is easy to get mixed up. :)

  3. Ok, I'll admit it - - I've checked a few times this morning, waiting for the 3 Peanuts Easter photos! As always, so sweet, so beautiful. Happy Easter!

    Now I need to get busy and post ours too!

    Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

  4. What a lovely day....
    Your photos are beautiful and the one holding hands and the charm is definately touching.
    I admit.... this is my 3rd visit since last night... hehee I am so excited you will be posting more regularly now...

  5. Beautiful photos... what a lovely and special day you made for your family. The table was sooo pretty. I love the photo of your friend's bracelet. I have one too, with James picture on it, and I would love to take a similar photo! Happy Easter... now maybe you can catch a little rest!

  6. Looks like you guys had a great day!! Love all the pics. Love the chalk all over Kates face-- too cute!!! It looks like you put on a really nice celebration and I love the China and silver-- very pretty!

    Chrsity :)

  7. Your table looks beautiful. Are you really back now?!!

    Have a good Easter Monday!


  8. Beautiful day! I love your table setting!


  9. Wonderful pictures....glad you had a good day!

  10. Happy Easter, Kim! I look forward to your regular posts now. Kate looks precious in her Easter dress (I bought that one last week just to have for summer so watch for it on Meaghan!) I hope you had a blessed day.

  11. It looks like you had a great Easter. I love the sidewalk chalk pictures of Kate! Your friend's daughter is adorable too.

  12. Kim~

    It looks like it was a beautiful celebration with your friends. Hope you are feeling loads better and no one else is sick.

    I am looking forward to celebrating your one year anniversary with Kate via your posts. What an amazing year it has been...


  13. Beautiful photos! Glad you all had a wonderful Easter.


  14. Well...your Easter pictures were definitely worth the wait. You set a beautiful table...really the stuff Easter dreams are made of. It reminded me of the Easter dinners my mom used to make. Setting a beautiful table is still one fo her favorite things to do. Just lovely.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day filled with good food and good friends...it just doesn't get any better.

    I am glad you are all feeling better!

  15. Beautiful pictures as is Beautiful Family..
    Looks like a Great Easer...
    Have a Great Week..

  16. These photos are gorgeous!! I love the tulips -- my VERY favorite flower and your children are precious. Happy Easter!

  17. I love all your pictures. I am getting Photoshop too, It was supposed to be here already!!

    What beautiful eyelashes!!!


  18. Everyone and everything looks so lovely! Happy Belated Easter and you're back to regular posting, right?!? ;)

  19. Happy Easter! And the Easter basket paper? I just tried it again this year after leaving it out of baskets for just that reason. Jane did well until last pm and it is now all over my house! Maybe next year!

  20. Just beautiful Kim. I know it feels good to do the pretty things again. Especially after dealing with so much sickness. All 5 Peanuts look great!
    I can't get over how long Kate's hair is getting! She is so cute! Can't wait to hear about your celebrations.

  21. What a blessed day you had...everything looked stunning.

    But what happened to the flower bouquets?

    P.S. I was sitting by my computer waiting ;)

  22. Has Kate completely recovered from her scary episode last week? I certainly hope so. Please update.

  23. What a beautiful Easter Kim....! Looks like everyone had so much fun too. Easter egg hunts are the best! Ours ended up in side due to snow! Yikes! So glad you are back to a more regular blogging schedule! :)

  24. What great pictures and your table was just beautiful! I am so happy you all had a great Easter!

  25. Happy (belated) Easter. Your pictures, as ALWAYS, are stunning! The photo of Eveley's hand with the bracelet is amazing - especially with the story behind it! Wow!
    I also prefer the unedited photo - more natural. All are truly stunning though!
    Did you make the chocolate bunnies or buy them? They look great!

  26. Looks like you had a lovely Easter. Everything looked beautiful, especially those peanuts! Glad you will be posting more often now...I always look forward to your posts!

  27. Sooooooooooooo cute! So flipping cute.

    PS. I went to Target today and got those cute pink terry cloth coverups. So my girls can match this summer. I am sending them off to get monogramed too. THANKS for the idea!

  28. It looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful Easter. Your pictures are great! I especially love Kate and her sidewalk chalk:)

  29. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing and Happy Easter!

  30. Love the photos. Your children are beautiful! I especially love the pics of Kate with her chalk...a budding artist:)
    I am sorry about the mix up with our e-mail.I am still using my old one. I will get a square out tomorrow!

  31. great pics! Love the eyelashes. Have you tired taking the close up and making it black and white? (The one where you tried to photo shop it)?

    And I LOVE the sentiment with your friend's charm bracelet and her baby in heaven. I so believe he was there with you all!!

  32. I thought I was going to the 3 Peanuts blog, but it looks like I somehow landed on Martha Stewart's website! GORGEOUS decorations and table setting...and the children aren't bad either. :) Great pictures!

    Have a great week!

  33. I have been working for two days on figuring out collage from flikr and I come over here and see you have a perfect one!! Well, your table ware is so lovely, how can you go wrong. Its like looking at a magazine! If you get a chance come and look at mine and tell me what I'm doing wrong!! (No pressure though)

  34. What sweet Easter pictures? Your pictures are amazing? Did you end up exchanging your lens? I'm looking for a new one!

  35. Precious pictures of your sweet children on Easter!!!! They all look beautiful....oh what a joyous Easter day you shared!
    Sweet Blessings,

  36. Kim, what a beautiful and special Easter~ the photos are just lovely. I love how the little girls always flock to Harry~ he probably does too! :)
    Your Easter table looks beautiful and all the kids are just adorable!
    Happy Easter!!

  37. Awesome pictures! I love the pink dress. Where did you find it?


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