Our week in numbers

Sunday, March 9, 2008
Okay, I have updated this a few times.... Kate's picture is on Judy Blume's blog (see below). I added a quirky meme below this post and I want to thank Debbie for making this incredible slidehow of our weekend. You can see it on her blog by clicking here. She is a gifted photographer and she did a beautiful job on the slideshow. Thanks Debbie.

Sorry folks, this post is not too exciting. It was a tough week in our house....

6=number of days I was unable to keep anything at all in my system due to illness.

2= liters of IV fluids I needed due to severe dehydration.

104= degrees of Kate's fever from having the flu.

4=days after being diagnosed with the flu, Kate is also diagnosed with a raging ear infection!

150= times (at least) I asked myself who is this "she devil" pretending to be my daughter. My sweet, loving and gentle daughter disappeared this week and was replaced by a crazed, crying and angry child. I am sure it was the flu, fever and pain but it still made me CRAZY.

2.5=number of Popsicles (all fruit/no sugar) I forced Kate to eat per day to stay somewhat hydrated.

4= days Kate stayed in her pajamas all day.

1=field trip to Mt. Vernon for Will.

1=diorama due for Harry (what does anyone learn from making a diorama anyway? Please enlighten me.)

3=surge protectors blown during a wind storm.

12=pieces of expensive electronic equipment saved by said surge protectors.

9=beautiful quilt squares and wishes that arrived and brightened each day! Please go see them

1=lovely e-mail from THE acclaimed children's author Judy Blume! Harry and I e-mailed her one morning and told her about the picture in the post below. She came to the blog and saw it and e-mailed us back. Harry and I are reading the Fudge series now. We were very excited to hear back from her. She loved the picture that Debbie took. Apparently, Judy Blume liked the picutre of Kate so much, she put it on her blog. Go check it out! Thank you for telling me, Denise!

10=days that I lasted thinking I was going to let my hair grow before I caved in and cut it again! I have NO endurance for such things.

3=boys in our house who went to the Monster Truck Jam! Little boys love that stuff. I am SO glad I got to stay home with Kate:)

My creation

Harry and Dave took these with Harry's point and shoot!

In light of our less than stellar week, I also want to post my Thankful Thursday list.

I am thankful:

~for my friend Julie Anne for calling at the exact moment I needed a ride to the hospital. Julie Anne and I do not talk on the phone often but she said something told her to call me at that moment. This was nothing short of a miracle because my doctor had just told me to go to the ER and I was sitting on my kitchen floor crying (with no tears) and too confused to call anyone. Moments later, she was at my door and we were on our way. It was the first time in my life, I went straight to the front of the line. They took one look at me and took me back right away. I have never been so happy to get a needle!

~for my sweet hubby for taking care of all of us and the house and the homework and the meals and everything else.

~for my sweet boys for their prayers and kindness.

~for Will. One night we were snuggled up in my bed watching Wheel of Fortune and he told me I "looked like Vanna White except much younger and without wrinkles." That Will! I know he was just trying to make me feel better because in truth I looked liked death but still---he is sweet! BTW-- I look nothing like Vanna White!

~for the lovely basket of goodies Amber brought--chicken noodle soup, yummy bread, flowers, chocolate and the double "Oscar" issue of People! Now that is a good friend!

~for the cards and food others brought. Jennifer---thank you for the banana bread and soup! Lauren, your meal was delicious and just what we needed on our road to recovery. Clare and Melissa, the fruit basket was perfect.

~for all of the e-mails, calls, favors (thank you Shannon for looking for the muffins) and prayers for us this week.

~that a certain really cool Mom/photographer invited me to read her blog. It went private a few months ago and I have missed it so much. Thank you!

~ for TA for my neighbor, Rachel. She will be traveling to get Lily very soon. They live around the corner from us and we are so excited for their journey. We cannot wait to meet Lily!!

Please pray that Denise receives her TA very soon. She has been waiting way too long! Hang in there sweetie:)

I really did not take many photos this week. I have some "fuzz" in my camera and need to clean the insides (that scares me)... here are a few of the Easter decorations I have managed to put out.

My creation

I feel as though I don't really have time to focus on the little details around our house this year. I really miss that. Usually, I am all about the details. I just have my hands so full with the boys' activities and a toddler. I am working on appreciating where I am right now and not worrying about such stuff but it is hard.


Here is a picutre of Kate from a few weeks ago. She was in time out for purposely dropping a camera lens on our slate floor. I snapped it on to see if it was broken and shot this of her in time out! Luckily, the lens was fine. This is also my first meager attemt at using Photoshop. I got it a few weeks ago but I have NO idea how to use it and it is way too time consuming so I doubt I'll be using it much. I simply added a vignette around the edges and popped the color a little. Now, don't start thinking I am going to do this all the time because I am not...it is a lot of work!

I have another new post below. Read if you want to know the quirky side of me!


  1. I am so sorry that you have had a tough week :-( We have had one too. I love all the images that Harry is taking with his point and shoot :D He is a budding little photographer like his mommy! Hug everyone for us!

    Ladybug hugs,

  2. I admire the way you find the beauty in things despite the flu flogging you've gotten this week ;)

    I spy some Marshall's booty in those Easter pics!

    Glad you're on the mend, thanks to the many "mother hens" you have in your midst...what wonderful friends you have.

  3. Hope the coming week will be much better for all of you! So sorry to hear you and Kate have been so sick! My son had the flu last week. He is getting married this coming weekend! So we are busy, busy right now!

  4. Looks like you had a hard week. Nice to hear that Dave keept things going for you. Brady and Mikee love the Monster Truck Jam when it comes to town I usually go shopping or do a fun girls night when they go. Have a better week.

  5. what an insanely crazy week.
    isn't it awful when momma is sick?!
    glad ya'll sound like you're on the up swing.
    thanks for the precious note for my mil
    hugs kim!

  6. That is a truly AWFUL week, Kimber! I wish I could have come over and picked up your "she devil" (my own little banshee could entertain her for hours!)---praying that you get your strength back soon!Being dehydrated is SCARY! (Good thing you have that "houseboy" to pinch hit for you!) And I am with you on those stupid dioramas... mothers of America--- let's ban together and go on DIORAMA STRIKE!P.S. You are WAY cuter than Vanna!

  7. I am glad that you are feeling a little better and that Kate is on the mend. Please let me know if I can do anything, although with the sickness hitting us I may not be helpful to anyone right now!

    Thanks for your encouragement this week as I continue to wait on God's timing. It WILL come this week!

    Kate looks way too happy in time out...LOL!

  8. Sorry you were so, so sick. FYI in times of sickness, sugar in popsicles etc is quite ok. The point is to get something down, and if a child or adult isn't eating anything, the sugar provides much needed energy.

  9. Oh my -- what a week! Hope you and Kate are feeling much better soon.


  10. Oh Kim, I am so sorry you have had a difficult week. Hoping this one is better and both you and Kate are completely on the mend.

    We are in the midst of our own battles with illness, but it is not seeming nearly as hard hitting as what you have endured. Let's hope it stays that way.

    For reference, my brother whose children have now grown up, says the details come screeching back into your life way faster than you ever anticipated, so enjoy the "not so much about the details" time while it is there.

    Take good care and umm, diaramas, if we figure out the purpose, please clue us all in...the whole shoebox thing, just don't care for it! Hope Will enjoyed his field trip.

    Have a better week...

  11. oh Kim I am just so glad you are feeling somewhat beter! Take care of a baby that feels so bad is such hard work and even WAY WAY harder when you are weak yourself.
    I love that Judy Blume wrote you guys how neat! I loved her books too;)
    I am going to go take a peek at the swuares you received now.
    Praying this week is much much better.

  12. Oh my Kim, what an awful week! How awesome that God sent your friend right when you truly needed help! I'm sure that if you had felt better you wouldn't have been so stressed about Kate. They sure do get cranky when they are sick don't they!

    I do have to ask about those speckled eggs...are they decorative or are they chocolate like I'm hoping???


  13. So sorry to hear about the flu! I love the post though.

    You did a great job with editing Kate's picture. I haven't played around with editing pictures in photoshop yet...I've only done the digital scrapbooking. I need to learn! I'm sure you got lots of great pointers from the pixel fairy princess!

    Question: How do you layout your pictures 3 and 4 in a row? Is that easy, I've done a collage with like 4 or 9 in Picasa, but it is in a square and you have to have a specific number to do it or it repeats pictures.

    Also, I responded to your posts on my blog.


  14. Welcome back!!!! Sorry that Kate has an ear infection on top of everything else. I will be praying that you have your sweet lovable Kate back pronto!!!


  15. Hi Kim, oh you poor thing. Having the flu is awful!! I had it once about 15 years ago...dragged myself to the doctors after 3 days, and he said, "oh, you've got the flu". I thought I was dying!! Seriously.

    Glad to hear you are on the mend!!

    I've never made dioramas with my students!! I agree with you!! LOL

    Snick :)

  16. So sorry you and your sweet baby were so sick. It is so hard to be a Mommy when you are so ill with a virus!

    So thankful you are feeling better!

  17. Kim,

    I am so sorry to hear that you had such a yucky week. Being sick just puts a damper on everything. I hope you and Kate get better very soon!!

    I love the Monster Jam pictures. Harry seems so interested in photography, that is great!! His pictures turned out so good too!!

    Hope you all have a better week this week!

  18. Sorry you've had such a rough week, BUT it sure makes for a great Sunday blog post!

    I just can't believe you about Kate - no way that sweet looking child could do any wrong. :)

    Glad everyone is feeling better!

  19. What a week! So sorry you and Kate were feeling so bad - I hope you are on the road to recovery! I hope Miss Kate is feeling better and back to her sweet self. They are so out of sorts when they are sick. Here's to a better week!

  20. I am thankful your week in numbers is now in your past.... and that you had such dear family and friends to stand in the gap for you, at just the exact timing you were in need! I pray that you and Sweet Kate are both mending well!

    This was such a clever post...love how you organized your thoughts so beautifully! You have a real gift for writing....I look forward to reading your posts!

    I pray this week will hold moments of health, joy and calmness for you...you sure deserve a most wonderful week of "normalcy"!!

    Take care sweet friend....and thanks for being so gracious regarding the "Wish" I sent...you are so sweet .....I had no idea how it was to be done....and when I saw all the other wishes for sweet Kate, I realize how "wrongly done" mine really was!!

  21. Blah! No fun to be sick! Hang in there!


  22. OH Kim....I just went to Judy BLume's website then clicked on her blog....did you know she has MISS KATE's picture on there?????


    Congratulations to sweet little Kate for starring on the famous Judy Blume's blog....and to her big brother for submitting the precious photo!!!


  23. I am so sorry you had such a tough week! There is nothing worse than being a sick mom.

    I hope you are feeling better and sweet Kate too.

    Jack LOVED the monster truck pictures.

    I miss you. I am so impressed with your faith! I can't wait until Easter is here so we can get a few more daily doses of The Three Peanuts!

    Much love,
    Lisa in Denver

  24. Oh my goodness! You poor thing! You have had quite the crazy week at your house. It really makes you appreciate the "normal" chaos more!

    I am so glad you enjoyed the quilt squares this week. We had so much fun picking out the perfect piece for Miss Kate.

  25. WOW! What a week! I feel exhausted just reading about it.
    Yeah Dave!!!!!!!! Dad to the rescue! I so hope you and Kate are feeling better. How scary!!!! You are in my prayers...
    The picture of Kate is stunning! And I always love what she is wearing.
    Take care of yourself my friend and God Bless you....
    I pray this week is filled with laughter, good health and joy for you all.

  26. I am so sorry you and Kate were sick! If I'd have known, I'd have brought something. I'm glad you're getting better! And well enough to drop off a quilt square.

    Lily can't wait to meet Kate either (only she doesn't know it yet)!


  27. It is so hard when both you and your children are sick. My husband went out of town a couple weeks ago and I could barely cope. My two year olds eardrum burst (I didn't even know he had an ear infection) and I am on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. I hope you have a better week next week. Soon it will be Lent and we will get to hear all about your Easter celebrations. My kids are only looking forward to the baskets full of goodies. I think it is hard to teach them the true meaning of Easter and Christmas with so much commercialism in the air! Well, once again I hope next week is better for you. We sent you a quilt square, a book, and a ornament for Kate. I hope she likes it! Lisa :)

  28. My goodness!! I am so sorry you guys are so sick. That is really scary but God obviously arranged for your friend to call and take you to ER like that. AMAZING!!! I hope next week is better and that you guys start to get healthy. I will keep you and the family in my prayers.

    By the way, love your interesting things-- the right hand side thing is really funny!!!

    Christy :)

  29. So sorry that you had such a difficult week with illnesses. I hope you're 100% very soon and that Kate is feeling better. How cool is it that Kate's picture is on Judy Blume's blog!!

  30. Oh my goodness, you sure did have a rough week! I hope you and Kate are recovering fast. It's awful when your kids are sick and even a hundred times worse when you're not feeling well either!

    On a happier note, hurray for Judy Blume! I just love her! I have to say my favorite is Summer Sisters. That's awesome Kate's photo is on her blog!!!

    And YAY for Photoshop! I don't think I can live without it, ha-he! You did an awesome job with the vignette and color pop!

  31. Hope you all are feeling better! How exciting Miss Kate is on Judy Blume's blog! What a sweet brother for submitting her photo. I loved reading Judy Blume books growing up.


  32. Hi Kim,
    Thinking about you - lots of prayers and hugs from your bff in columbia who does not know her left from her right, loves diet coke, practically runs a laundry mat with the dryer going full time and to top it off loves both raspberries and bananas! But as you know, I definitely am quite quirky! By the way Judy Blume is my all time favorite writer since childhood and I am so excited to have my beautiful god daughter on her blog - this is about as close as I am going to get to my 15 minutes of fame - go Katie Ru!!!

  33. You must be so thrilled to have Kate's pictures on Judy's blog!! She's a star!

    Oh and thanks for posting the picture of the cup. How crazy is it that we wanted to see a sippy cup???!!! :)


  34. Kim,
    Sounds like you had a tough week - but you made it!! Sorry to hear you were so sick. Hope the upcoming week is more enjoyable :)

  35. I hope you're feeling better! What an awful week! :(

    I think it's wonderful that you still find positive things in such a horrible week.

  36. That's amazing - she's on Judy Blume's website! I think that is the 2nd time Kate has been featured on a site. No surprise of course, since she is so cute! Glad you are all feeling better now. Hugs, Dale

  37. Kim, I hope things are going better~ that's one tough week!
    Kate must have been really sick if you had to "force" her to eat popsicles! :) Don't feel bad about the pj's~ we've spent many a day in ours (all day) WITHOUT being sick!
    That's so cute the Judy Blume put that picture of Kate on her blog! I couldn't agree more about the Monster Jam stuff and you so do not look like Vanna White. :) Your boys are so sweet though. :)
    Hope you all are feeling better and that you get your energy back!

  38. Kim, I'm so sorry you and Kate have been so sick- I had no idea! I'm very happy you are on the mend though. :)

    I will try to give you a ring this week so we can really catch up!

    p.s. I am soooo intimidated after seeing all the beautiful fabrics & cards (especially that *one*) for Kate- but I promise to send one (it will be my first)! XOXO

  39. Wow it sounds like you were really sick! thank goodness - your friend may have saved you life! I hope this week is easier.

  40. I just adore you...sounds like you had such a painful week, yet you continued to give thanks! I hope (and pray) that you are all feeling much better over there. I'm also glad to hear that you were well taken care of.
    And WOW! about sweet Kate's pic being on Judy Blume's blog. How cool is that!?
    Your Easter decorations look wonderful!
    Have a terrific week.

  41. So glad you are feeling better....lots of fun things to read in this post! ;)

  42. I just got your e-mail - I went to the blog - I am speechless :D That was so cool - Ian is planning on showing everyone at school :D I will try to call today if my voice will allow :D

    Ladybug Hugs,

  43. I just love how you keep life real and honest, but always thankful. Your children will be blessed because of this. Just wonderful!

  44. 2L of IV fluid? Wow - you were really sick! Glad you are getting better and hope the household is back to normal soon. It is so cool that Kate is on Judy Blume's website - what an adorable picture! We are waiting for our TA for Eliana and hope to be in China soon. Take care!
    Laura Beth in VA

  45. How awful to be so sick!! It is so hard to take care of kids when you are not feeling good. I'm glad you're better.

    Too cool that Kate was on Judy Blume's blog. That is adorable.

    Hope this week is better for you!

  46. Your week rivaled mine except you sound like you were much sicker than we were! However, I can top you by the fact that I turned 40 this past weekend and we got 15 inches of snow!!... I may have to do a week in numbers recap... this is too cute and you are such a great writer!

    I decided not to buy the photoshop... it wa a little overwhelming and wasn't as quick and easy as I expected when I had the trial version! I hope you ge tit figured out!

    How exciting that Kate is a star on JB's blog!

    Hope this week is a huge improvement! Miss you!

  47. Wow...sounds like just the kind of week you would be glad to say good-bye to! So sorry you and Kate were sick. I loved the Monster truck pictures...we may be welcoming a bit of blue around our house soon! :-)

    Judy Blume....what can I say??? You just don't get any bigger than that in my mind. That is the MOST exciting thing ever! Fabulous!

    I hope this week is just better all around!


  48. Whoa! You've been through the ringer! So has your precious Kate... so sorry to hear you guys have been so sick! Hope everyone is back to their happy, healthy selves SOON :)

  49. Wow Kim, what a week. I am so glad you and Kate are feeling better...scary though...dehydration is sooo scary to me. I LOVE that Judy Blume emailed you...who doesn't love her books??? Kate's picture in "timeout" is just darling, I had to laugh knowing that was what she was doing when you took the picture. And that "houseboy"...they don't get any better than that!! Hope you have a great week~!

  50. This is a great post. I am sorry that you and Kate have been so ill. This has been such a bad year for flu bugs.
    I LOVE Judy Blume and Kate looks great on her blog!
    And yes, the monster truck rally...what boys could resist that?...even the big ones.

  51. nasty week for you. Love the positive that you always, alway bring into your writing.


  52. Kim,

    So sorry about your rough week and sickness!! It all comes at once doesn't it. I hope you are all on the mend!

    I know what you mean about the she devil... have one residing here at the moment1:-)

    I cannot believe you have Judy Blume reading your blog now! That is so cool!! She is one of my all time fav's- even as an adult!

    Take care of yourself~


  53. WOW! What a week! So glad to hear you are feeling better!

    Thank you so much for your camera help... apparently my timing was perfect... just as you were arriving home from the HOSPITAL! Geez! So sorry!

    I only wish I had known sooner that you were a reader- these invites are no golden tickets for sure! Everyone's invited! I look forward to reading more next Sunday! Take care!

  54. What a tough week. So sorry. The pictures are beautiful and a personal email from her, WOW!

    Photoshop is all about playing around (when you have time). But lots of fun!

  55. Kim,

    So sorry you have been really ill!!
    love the Fudge series by Judy Blume. How delightful she sent you some sqaures!

    Take care!

  56. I loved the picture of Kate on Judy Blume's blog! Sorry to hear about all the sickness at your house - our oldest went to the doctor today & came home with a diagnosis of ear infection & pneumonia.......here we go!!! Hope next Sunday brings a healthier family!!!

  57. Oh my goodness, sounds like a very rough week. Hope you and your family are all feeling better really soon!

    Your Will sounds like a sweetheart!

  58. Your post of numbers was just what I needed to cheer me up! I giggled out loud. We just got over the same flu here and I thought someone took my sweet son for a week and replaced him with a tired, soggy, crabby baby. Also, I agree on being "on the right" side. It drives my husband batty that I will walk into him if on the left! Hope you have a wonderful, smiley, healthy upcoming weekend.

  59. I love following your blog. Kate is so beautiful. And your photos are stunning and an inspiration to all! My family and I adopted my mei mei, Maura from China too. Kate reminds me of my mei mei! My blog is thejourneyofmyheart.blogspot.com
    I blog about my mei mei, Maura and living in Japan. I cannot wait to read your next post. I hope everyone at your house gets better too! It is hard being sick!
    God Bless,

  60. Oh Kim! I'm hoping you are all feeling better by now. It's no fun having a sick kiddo but it's even worse when Mom is sick. Praying for a speedy recovery for you guys.

    LOVE Judy Blume! One of her books is the first one that I can actually remember reading as a kid. The pics are great and we love the monster trucks too!
    Take Care!
    Kim and Katiebug


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