Same story, different characters

Sunday, March 16, 2008
First, let me apologize if this post looks suspiciously like the last one but our week was more of the same. There was a lot of drama at our house this week. Seriously, I have important stuff at the bottom of this don't skip the end!

Our leading man....


Roles played:
The boy who missed school ALL week!
The Fever.
The Flu.
The Cougher.

Our leading lady...


Roles played:
Pyschotic toddler (so not kidding--see below)
Girl with lingering, antibiotic-resistant ear infection
Girl who loved soup (Soup courtesy of most wonderful friend, Tessa)

The handsome hero...


Roles played:
Only healthy one in the family for 2 weeks!
Excellent Destination ImagiNation team competitor!

Way to go Willie--we are so proud of all of your hard work! You were a natural leader yesterday!

(Destination ImagiNation is a program where kids work all year on teams for creative probem solving and critical thinking. Then they compete in instant challenges and other problem solving tasks where they are judged for creativity and teamwork and problem solving. It is a great progam and something more kids probably ought to be doing. I think it builds excellent leadership skills. Will's competition was yesterday and he did GREAT!)

The Mom...

Ugly Dog

Roles played:
Stir Crazy caretaker
Sick Mommy

(Yes, this IS how I look after a week of a stomach virus followed by a week of a sinus infection and two weeks taking care of sick kids. I am skinny and wrinkly and I have DARK circles under my eyes. But
at least I have some bling!)

The houseboy....


Roles played:
Rescuer at 5:30 p.m.
Night time bather and bedtime routine man
Sick Daddy

Isn't Dave cute when he is sick?

And now a word from our sponsors....


In all seriousness, we are an organic, natural remedy, homeopathic kind of family. But this week with soaring, endless fevers and other symptoms I will spare you from hearing about, we pulled out the big guns. One day I looked at this cast of characters on my kitchen counter and laughed out loud. I had to take a picture. For those who are interested in some of our favorite and very effective homeopathic and natural remedies, I will do a whole post on them after Easter.

Okay--here is the very serious part---

Sweet Miss Katie Ru had a severe neuropsychotic reaction to Tamiflu this week and last. I will not go into all of the details but she tried to hurt herself and me. She lost her words completely for 5-6 days. She would not hug or kiss us. She was not our child. She was angry, violent, and confused. She would walk up to the coffee table and bang her head against it on purpose. Dave thought she had permanent brain damage. She is slowly but surely coming back to us and we are so grateful. The day Kate was prescribed Tamiflu was the day I was at the ER getting IV fluids. So, we just gave it to her like the doctor told us to. I was so sick that I did not think about reading inserts and had not heard anything negative about this drug. No one warned us about these possible side effects. My friend, Diana mentioned hearing something on the news and days later when I Googled it, I found out that kids in Japan were very affected by this drug. So, after consulting with a few doctors and a chemist who develops drugs, I have learned that is is very possible that Asian kids metabolize this drug differently than other kids. Seeing what I saw this week, I would NEVER give Tamiflu to anyone. I am not a doctor but I would never want a parent to go through what we have been through this week.

Please keep Kate in your prayers as she has also had 2 seizure type episodes (she did not have a fever for either). One was just prior to the medication and the flu so we are not sure what is causing them. We will likely do an EEG in a few weeks. We are just waiting for everyone to get a bit healthier.

Then just when I thought this week could not get ANY worse, I find THIS.....


What is THIS, you ask? Well, THIS my friends, is my First. Gray. Hair. Ever. It was a brazen lil guy. I looked in the mirror (that was my first mistake) before going out of the house yesterday afternooon. I saw this thing sticking straight up at my part. It was as though it was taunting me. I screamed, ran downstairs and asked the houseboy for confimation. At first, he did not see it (nice houseboy). But then after searching...he did indeeed confirm it. I guess I should not be surprised. Most of my peers have had these for years but I felt like it was some small accomplishment that I had not had one yet. What does one do? I get highlights but now will I need to color my hair too? I know what caused this evil critter...the past few weeks!

Here is a funny little story for all you ladybug lovers. We live in an area where they did some ladybug experiment several years ago and so every year we get completely invaded by these lovely creatures. They cover houses and get inside by the dozens. I never kill them and just let them roam around. Last night as I am brushing my teeth, I feel a little bump on my toothbrush. I figured it is a bit of hardened toothpaste and keep brushing diligently (Dr. B would be so proud). Then as I spit....I notice a foamy little ladybug in my sink with her legs moving like crazy!!! Apparently, she was hanging out on my toothbrush (didn't notice-too tired) and I brushed her all around! YUCK!

Another little piece of ladybug info... I used to see them inside our house motionless for days and think they were dead. One day when I was about to vacuum them up, Harry said, "Mom, they are not dead. They are just sleeping." I thought that was very sweet but I wanted the dead ladybugs out of my house. Then Harry said, "watch Mom, if I yell at them, they wake up." So, to demonstrate his point, he got down on all fours and shouted at the ladybugs. Sure enough....they "woke up" and waddled a few inches. Since then I have let the ladybugs hang around. When the weather gets warm enough, they disappear.

Now for some shopping tips.... I have been cooped up in the house for 2 weeks straight and so I am starting to think (fantasize) about summer. I want to share my good finds...

My creation

I got these terry cloth cover-ups (not the dots one) for $9.99 at Target and then took them to the Monogram shop to have them monogrammed. I am so excited. They look so cute and I know Kate will live in them this summer at the pool and the beach. The dots cover-up is from Boden. And while it is not necessarily a cheap find, it is awfully cute and could be worn as a tunic top as well! I also got an adorable pink seersucker dress at Target for $9.99 and am having it monogrammed in lime green. Can you say bargain shopper? Thanks to this great shopper for the heads up on the seersucker dress below.


Now, go check out the GREAT quilt squares I got this week on Kate's quilt blog. They are truly awesome. I have recieved about 25 so I just need 75 more!!!! Come on, send us a square. Everybody's doing it.

Finally, thank you Elissa for the Starbucks deliveries this week. Thank you Colleen for the cough medicine and the postal service. Tessa, thank you for the miracle soup. Staci and Debbie and Denise and Nikki ( and any anyone else that would listen) thank you for letting me whine to you this week.

I am very behind on answering e-mails and reading blogs. There just has not been time. I apologize. I'll get there someday.


Denise sent these beautiful flowers on one particularly tough day.
Thank you!
Oh, I just realized that next week is EASTER!
I'll be back to my regular blogging:)


  1. I just got home from Mass and checked in on you :D We offered up prayers today for you guys. I have been so worried about the drug thing like we talked about and I am so glad that you shared this.

    I hope that by the time you read this you are feeling better, and so are the children. I have to comment and tell Dave that he is the most gorgeous sick man I have ever seen! Dan looks something more like the Grinch when he get sick :D

    Talk soon :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  2. Glad you guys are getting back to normal. I will keep sweet Kate in my prayers and let us know how the test turn out.

  3. I can't believe you are still going through stuff! I'm praying for all of you and especially Miss Kate. Thanks for the warning too about the medicine.
    You are one lucky sick lady to have that houseboy! :)

    I love Kate's swimsuit cover ups. I'm going to steal your idea for Olivia. And don't worry about your gray hair. I highlight mine and you can't see the gray ones...yet! :(


  4. Oh Kim, I think I need to send you a gift certificate for a total spa makeover after seeing that pic of you. ;) Bless your dear heart!
    Oh my about the tamiflu! I too am one that doesn't do drugs very often for this family either unless its a big must. I am so so sorry about this reation and it definitely confirms my reasons for being an organic homeopathic kind of person. I can't wait for your post. I would love to hear more about what you are using. After your email last week I looked in the fridge and I had tried AA over a yr ago with Jacob but after you saying the results you receive with it I decided to try again, and be very diligent with it. I might not have gave it a long enough go last time.

    I am praying Miss Kate gets over all of this with a complete recovery this week.
    I know that was so scary.
    Also I will try my best to get my square to you this week. I have my wish card ready. :)

  5. Hi, my daughter (she's 17!>)and I are lurkers but just had to post and say hope you are all well soon and so sorry about Kate's reaction to the medication!! That's just so horrible and scary too...PS:Gotta love that houseboy! :D


  6. OK, Now I feel even more guilty! I can't believe that I asked you about fabric(you probably wanted to jump into my blog and fry chicken!) So sorry. I knew you were all sick but that goes way beyond sick. I especially loved your post "a word from our sponsers" hilarious. GET WELL SOON!!!

  7. I hope you and your family feel better soon!! I will be praying for Kate especially!!

  8. Kim
    I am so sorry for all your family has been through this week. We too are a family who does NOT believe in a lot of over the counter meds - I'm sorry Kate had this reaction but I'm glad that many will read about this and question what we put in our bodies - There are adverse reactions to so many things but some people are afraid to question their doctors - we must ask questions, read inserts and believe that these reactions happen. Sorry to go on an on but this is a serious issue to my family. Praying for your family to have a healthier week.

  9. I will keep Kate in my prayers ~ I was so upset reading your frightened you all must have been, it gave me chills! I am glad she is coming out of it.
    I hope everyone is feeling much better and back to themselves this week ~ you guys have had it bad!

    I just bought the cover up at Tar*jay and am obsessed with monogramming them!!! They look awesome - great idea!!
    Take care!

  10. I have looked so forward to your Sunday updates... they are helping me survive our wait. I will continue to pray for your family to heal... :)

  11. Oh my word, what an incredible week. How scarey with poor Kate's reaction to that medication. That would scare me something fierce. I am glad that you all are getting back on the mend.

  12. Kim,

    It sounds like you had another horrible (illnesswise) week. I am so sorry. It is always so hard to be sick yourself and then to have to care for little sick ones.

    That is really really scary about Kate and her reaction to the meds. I will for sure keep that in mind-- like how would you have ever known? That is just a freak thing and how strange that it affected her like that-- really scary!!

    I hope you and all your kidletts and your house boy get back to normal this week. It is a special week for your family as I recall from your vigil last year to get Kate home by Easter because of how special the holiday is to your family-- really to any Christian family!!

    Enjoy your week and I look forward to next Sunday's post.

    Christy :)

  13. Sending good healthy wishes your way. Thanks for sharing the drug info, very important to know. Hope you are all 100% very soon.

  14. Home from church and checking in you. I was hoping to find all was well again! Unfortunately no. Your post was very clever but oh so scary. I am so sorry you have had such a bad week. I wish I lived closer and could be on the list of people that cooked and ran errands for you!

    I just emailed about our lampshade project:)

    Going to target and LOVE your idea of having target dresses monogrammed. I am jumping on that band wagon since I hope to get to the monogram shop this week!

    You all take care and know that your family will be family of the week at our dinner blessing.

    Oh, and the gray hair, join the club. I have lots at my part and with highlighting they just blend in. You should be fine for a few years!

  15. Oh my...what a horrible experience you had with Kate. That is just terrifying. Thank you for sharing (alerting!) and I am so glad you are seeing your old girl agian.

    It looks like this Easter season of rebirth is definitely what your sickies (and you!) need. I hope you are all feeling better soon!

    LOVE the monogrammed terry robe! What a fabulous idea...and it's never too early to start planning for swimming season, is it?

    Best wishes for a much better week!

  16. Hope you all feel better soon! Thankfully you've got a great houseboy! Thank you for sharing Kate's reaction to the medication. I will most certainly write this down. I am keeping a list of great tips/info that will help us when we receive our daughter. Learning from other adoptive parents is just wonderful. Take care and get well soon!

  17. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry you have had such a difficult week (or two or three). I have so been there with seizures (but my Christian's were fever related) and they are the SCARIEST thing ever. His lasted fifteen minutes! I thought he was dead. I hope you find out what is causing them. Christian has no long term effects and I know he and his twin had a few during their sicknesses years ago. Doesn't parenthood just shock your soul? I grew up with never going to the doctor, healthy as can be. Then the Lord decided that was too easy and gave me three angels with asthma. I didn't even know what asthma was. That is so scary that she reacted like that to the Tam*flu. My sons had a reaction similar to that to a steroid for asthma. Not good. Thankfully theirs was only for a few hours because it was a short acting inhaler. I can't imagine dealing with it for a week! You are such a trooper and your husband is a champ. We will pray for your family this week. My little Spencer can say prayers and it is the cutest thing ever to hear him pray for others. P.S. I noticed that your "non-blogging" time came exactly at the time when blogging would have been really hard for you due to sickness and other hardships (like gray hairs and drug reactions). Isn't that interesting?

  18. YAY you will be back to regular blogging!

    Wow! I am shocked about the side effects that Kate experienced. That is so scary. I am glad she is coming back to her sweet self.

    I LOVE all the monogramming on Kate's new clothes! I do that all the time with things I buy.

    Also, a BIG congrats to Will for such a wonderful job on his team! That is awesome and sounds like he just loves it!!

    I hope things begin to get back to normal this week for you all. I will certainly be praying!

  19. Kim-

    What a horrendous 2 weeks... That is so frightening about Kate and the Tamiflu... thank you for baffles me what is allowed on the markets in the name of big bucks and big business (i too am an organic, holistic FREAK). All at the expense of innocent, human lives.

    I am praying for you all... i can't imagine how you are feeling.. i know how i am feeling with a relatively healthy family and i am going nuts! :-) Looks like you are doing good retail therapy, though! Stay sane, girl, you are in my thoughts

    Take care,

  20. Oh Kim, I feel so bad that you have been through so much in the last couple of weeks! And through it all, your sense of humor shines through in your creative blog post. How scary about Kate reacting to the medication. Thanks for letting the rest of us know about this. I'll be praying that her ear infection clears up soon and that she has no more seizures. I hope this is a much better week for all of you. Congratulations to Will for doing so well in his competition!

  21. Oh, Kim! Sounds like a tough week! Thank God for your Will (and your really cute houseboy!) We have been sick too & my little guy was actually prescribed Tamiflu yesterday! When I read your post this morning, I read it aloud to my DH & he is hesitant to use to anymore (though our son obviously isn't Asian- who knows?!) I pray that your family will be healthy in time for Easter and get back to 'regularly scheduled programming'!! Hugs.....

  22. So,so sorry for all your family has been through. Kate's reaction to the meds is really scary. On a lighter note, gray hair on blonde is an easy fix--just get lighter highlights and more of them as you get more gray hair. That's what I've done, adn I get compliments on my hair all the time. The best part is that roots aren't a big deal.

  23. So much info packed into one little post.

    Hope everyone is feeling back to their perky happy selves soon!

  24. Sounds like a real rough , again, in your house. Hope everyone is on the mend soon.

  25. Goodness girls- that is one major post! I am so sorry you all have been so sick and so scared to hear what happened to Kate. I am so glad I know that now!!! I love the idea of monogramming outfits- I bought EK the same little dress @ Target and never thought to monogram- I am doing it now!!! Blessings of health to you and your family!!!

  26. Oh my what a crazy week. And how awful about Kate's reaction to the medicine. I can't wait to hear about your home remedies! Especially now since they don't recommend over the counter stuff for babies. Luckily we've never been sick enough to need an antibiotic.

    God bless your great attitude. I love that you can be positive about your week. It makes for fun reading.

    And I love the clothes! I have been looking at serveral of the little sundresses at Target. What a cute idea. A monogram can make anything cute :)

    Have a great week!


  27. Oh my goodness, I feel so bad for you guys, but I'll admit I just could'nt help laughing at the way you presented the whole ordeal. I'm glad you and your family are on the mend, though, and I hope and pray it will all be TOTALLY gone soon. I just got over a solid week worth of it myself, and it's no fun at all.
    Gin =)

  28. Your travails this week read like a Lifetime Movie Network made for television saga...has anyone ever told you your husband looks a lot like brad pitt...or am I just coming down with the flue...

    Sending up prayers for sweet Kate.

  29. What a clever post. I am so glad you can see the humor in all of this! I am hoping that you are all on the road to recovery! That is just awful about Kate! Welcome to the Gray Hair Club for Women! I made all of mine disappear this week! Thank you so much for the gifts for Myah, you are so thoughtful to think of others when you have so much going on in your life. She loved it and it is already packed and ready to take to the hospital. Glad you liked the quilt square, I guess great minds think alike! Love the monogrammed cover-ups, I just might do that if I can find a free minute!! Way to go Will, we have DI at our school and they always go to Nationals, I am amazed at how difficult the challenges are, keep up the good work momma! Give Harry a hug, poor guy, no fun being sick all week long! I will call soon!

  30. How very scary for all of you! I will keep Kate and all of you in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing this experience so others will be aware of it. Sending many blessings your way!!!:)
    Now, why doesn't my house boy look that good!;) Please don't stress about your gray hair.....I've had several for some time now and it's amazing what hair color can do! :)
    Hmmm, we are actually on our way to "T" now....will have to check out some of your finds!:)
    Have a much better week!!!!!

  31. I am stunned to have found someone that had a worse week than mine! You poor soul....I can't belive that about the medicine given to Kate.....I will always remember this post...and I will be very interested in hearing about your organic/natural healing post. I have just recently begun that journey myself....I hope this week is better.....
    Sending bigs hugs...

  32. I am soooo sorry to about the illnesses, especially with Katie and the reaction to the meds. Please continue to feel better!

    Thanks for sharing your shopping tips! You are very creative!!!!

    The pictures of Will and Harry are simply gorgeous! positively worthy of enlarging them for framing!

    I also can't wait until next week when you are back to daily blogging! Please keep us posted on Katie!


  33. So glad you are able to laugh at things now. I was cracking up at the pictures! Too funny!

    I'm sending out Kate's quilt square in the morning.

    Hope this coming week is much better than the last two!


  34. Oh my goodness Kim!
    I am so sorry you have been having another 'not so wonderful' week!

    The situation with sweet little Kate must have been and continue to be quite scary! I had no idea this med could cause a reaction of this magnitude. Very scary! I will pray for her and ask our Father to completely heal that precious little angel!
    Please keep me posted on her!
    Congratulations to Will on his leadership role! Bravo!
    Poor Harry...ill too! And you....sinus infection on top of everything else! Oh my!
    Bless your sweet heart!! least your houseboy is extremely aesthetic! woo-hoo! my dear have changed quite a bit from the last picture that I saw of you! Hum.... looks to me like all the hair fell out instead of turning a bit gray!(Funny note...on the little Chinese Crested... one of our dear friends has one of these not very pretty doggies...and it is the most humble- sweetest dog ever....even though she is not very pretty!) hee-hee!Seriously, I am so sorry you are not back to 100%..I will continue to pray for you as well!

    I hope this week holds immeasurable blessings for you and your sweet family....and that your Easter is one of beauty as we celebrate HIS resurrection day!

    Warmest of wishes to you my friend!
    Denise C

    (PS. Those flowers are beautiful.... the "other" Denise must be such a precious friend to you!)

  35. Oh dear! My goodness! You poor things! I can't image the week you have had.

    This one will be better my friend. And, I am so excited for Easter to come. Just because I love Easter time and also cause you will be back.

    Take good care of yourself.


  36. Sorry you've had such a tough couple of weeks. I will pray and trust that things will improve! As always, it's great to read your writing1

  37. Kim, I'm glad you have been able to keep your sense of humor after this past week~ you are in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  38. Oh gosh, I pray that little Ms (and the rest of the fam) is feeling better. I had never heard about this particular edicine, but after reading your post, I will definitely read every bit of literature before medicating my child!!!!

  39. Oh Kim - what a horrible couple of weeks! How frightening about Kate - I hope she is back to her normal self soon.

    I hope your house gets healthy very SOON!!! You and your family will definitely in my thoughts.

  40. How can you stay sane my dear! I will be praying for you this week and especially for Kate. I also would like to know where you got your houseboy? I'd like the same model you have ;]

  41. I forgot to comment on DI-how exciting for Will. My husband and all his family have always been involed in OM now DI. Jeff's mom coached their teams for years. She does something for the state now and will be coaching at World the end of May. It's a great program!

  42. wow! I can so relate to your
    week(s)! My counter...the same. Your appearance, the same! I am SO glad I decided against tamiflu. I hope they all feel better soon. They are all so good looking! Esp, the houseboy!

    Thanks for all the comments lately. I really do appreciate them.

  43. Wow, I must say I'm surprised to have found someone that had a similar experience with that same drug! It worked great for the rest of my family but for Lia it was not good! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  44. I found your site through Sarah's. What a beautiful family you have! Especially your hubby when he is sick (tee-hee)! But seriously, you have very cute kiddos!

    My daughter has seizures too. She was a few days shy of 1 when she had the first obvious seizure. In retrospect, we think she's had them since birth. We've had many, many tests run and all have been inconclusive. She was put on anti-seizure meds when she was 14 months. At 15 months she was overdosed by the pharmacy and it very nearly killed her. Scary stuff! She is 6 1/2 yrs now and has not been on anti-seizure meds since the incident. Good luck with the EEG - I'll keep Kate in my prayers!


  45. Sorry to hear you have had another rough week! We are in the same boat! I hope everyone is feeling better soon (including your hot house boy)!

    Love your Target finds. I was just there and almost bought the polkadot cover up for Kamree. I may still get it for her Easter basket.

  46. That is really scary. Thanks for sharing. You shouldn't disguise the drug name in your post so others can google it and learn from your experience.


  47. Wow, what a week you've had. And poor Kate... thank you so much for the heads up on this medication. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  48. Kim,
    Thanks so much for sharing the "medicine" reaction information, that could really help alot of other parents. I really feel for you..I myself had the crud for a few days and it was not fun, but being a Mom-in-waiting I didn't have any kidlets to take care of.

    I found the same "CUTE" dress at Target and it is in line to be monogrammed. Good idea your friend had on getting one for another year...when the cute classic clothes choices may not be so good. Take care.

  49. Kim, Oh my goodness!!! I'm so sorry you had such a rough week! I had a rough week also (thus no call from me again), but yours takes the cake...

    I am so glad you shared this terrible T*amiflu experience with everyone- who would have thought?

    And I will definitely be praying for Kate- hoping these episodes were a one-time thing associated with the flu virus.

    You are so amazing though- able to get this post out & make it so cute and funny after such a bad week!

    Biggest hugs ever!!!
    Shana :)

  50. Oh my! I'm SO sorry for all you have gone through this week! Adrienne once had a terrible reaction to a prescription cough medicine . . . it has made me so cautious about meds ever since. Scary, isn't it? On a lighter note, I too love the idea to monogram the Target items! I think I'll do the same!

    Hope everyone feels better soon, and that you enjoy a blessed Easter.

    Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

  51. Oh Kimber--- that is just so scary! I hope, hope, hope---& pray that Kate recovers from this nightmare quickly! Hope you ALL have a better week (& maybe you haven't heard, but gray is the new blonde!)

  52. Oh my gosh that dog!

    I am so sorry you had such a terrible week. Thank you for taking the time to email me and help me with my issues with Jack. You are always thinking of others KIm!

    I hope you all are feeling better this week and can get back into the swing of things. I love how you kept your sense of humor through all of this. Great post. I got a kick out of all your cast members and Dave is looking really good!

    Do something special for yourself this week!

    You are all in my thoughts!
    Lisa W.

  53. WOW...
    You have had an interesting week...
    Hope this week will be better..
    LOVE all the goodies..
    and Get better soon..

  54. I am so sorry to hear about the medication with Kate. That is certainly scary. I will be saying prayers for the EEG results as well.

    Stop by and say hi.

  55. I am so glad that you are all getting back to normal. How scary what you had to go through with Kate! She will be in my prayers...

    I have to agree that the house boy is just gorgeous while sick! LOL

    Great bargains too! Hope you have a good week!

  56. holy cow kim!!!
    what a crazy winter you've had..yes indeed, lets move onto spring!

    i'm a pediatric triage nurse....we had been told that tamiflu had been recommended by the cdc only for children with chronic illnesses due to the neuro side effects that had been seen. however many doc's are still prescribing it to children--ugh.
    i had never heard that about the > incidence with asian children. we have a staff meeting tomorrow & i will ask the director of our ED. i'm sure you were so frightened seeing her that way.

    i hope everyone is on the mend.

  57. We'll begin with the good stuff - way to go Will!

    On to the less than savory - Kim, thank you for posting about Tamiflu - who would have known??? We will certainly keep this tucked away for safe keeping. I tend to do homeopathics for illness, also. I remember the first time I told one of my girlfriends I was giving Em a mustard plaster for a bad cough - I think she believed I was vcertifiable, but it loosened the cough, no meds required!

    Hoping you are on the upswing, I know this is a special week for your family and I pray you are all well to enjoy. Mailed off the quilt squares on Friday , so you should have them today.

    Blessings to you all -

  58. Kim,

    Once you told us that your little girl had told "Thank you" without teaching it......You had tought it¡¡¡...children see, children do...
    Now, you demonstrate that you are such a wonderful person capable of having sense of humour in this circumstances....and I'm sure that your children will be fantastic as you are.
    Don't worry, I'm sure that little Kate will be "Kate" again soon.
    A kiss and a huge,

  59. WOW!!!! I am praying your week will ber a better one!! I will tell my friends that have daughters from China about that medication!!

    I have the fabric to send you for the Quilt square!!


  60. I almost didn't post a comment. I have read this post twice and saw as the comments grew and got intimidated ;-) But, I HAD to tell you that you have been on my mind since you first posted how sick YOU were and now to read what a difficult few weeks you have had. I am so sorry!!! Kate's experience must have been terrifying, horrifying and just downright YUCKY! Praying you are all on the mend.

    On a side note, I love how your sense of humor shows in this post! And yes, grey IS the new blonde!!

    Have a MUCH MUCH better week,

  61. I am not glad you have experienced the tamilflu reaction but I am sure glad to know it. I will try to make sure my baby girl is never given it!!

    The lady bug story made me LOL and chortle a bit!! Too funny.


  62. Oh My!! What a crazy week! I am very disturbed by the tamiflu. I can't believe that it would do that! Very scary.

    As for the rest of the post, I am laughing out loud!! You are so funny.

    BTW you have the best looking house boy on the planet!!

  63. Wow! That's all I can say! I hope you are all feeling better. I'm an organic/natural person too so I can't wait to hear your favorite remedies!

    Here's to a better week this week! :)

    BTW- So sad you can't wear Bonanno's. I like Bernardo's too but mostly likely you would have the same problem... if I think or see of anything, I will let you know!

  64. Oh Kim,

    How frightening and positively miserable this past week was for you! I hope everyone is on the mend and this week is a better one. :D

    LOVE the monogrammed cover-ups from Target. What a great idea!


  65. Oh no.... hope Kate is feeling better and the sun will come out for her to wear those darling outfits!

    LMAO at the picture you took of your first grey hair!!!

  66. So sorry about your week! No wonder you found a grey hair! Anyway I am so sorry to hear about Kate- that is so scary. I will keep her in my prayers and hope that she is on the road to recovery. I think we are all ready for some healthy households:).

    Your square will be there soon!
    Here's to a better week!

  67. Oh Kim, I am so sorry you have been through such a scary and terrible week! But the way you write about it makes me totally crack up! You are so funny and really adorable!!

    Thank you for such a sweet note on the quilt! I was very touched. I am keeping you all in my prayers!!

    Now I am going back to stare at that shot of your husband!!!

  68. Oh my goodness Kim so sorry to read about your week. Does not sound fun at all and poor little Kate. So Scary. Hope you guys are all on the mend. I will be praying for you guys.

  69. Oh, my gosh! where do I start? I just know I am going to forget something.. First... Big Hug!!!!!
    I hope and pray you are all feeling better. How scary about that medicine and Kate!!!! I will be praying and thank you for sharing! I need to remember that!
    WAY TO GO WILL! I know you are so proud!
    Harry, you are the sweetest ever and so smart!!!!!! Who knew!!!
    You are a hero to ladybugs everywhere!
    Dave, you are the best! I am certain they must give out awards for husbands/Dads like you! Thank you for taking care of your precious family and don't forget to take care of you too.
    Love all the little coverups and the polka dots too cute.
    I am so sorry it has been so hard on you all..... This too shall pass..... it is a promice from the Lord.
    You are in my prayers.
    Love you,

  70. What an awful week but glad to see you have have kept your humor and creativity through it all. What a fun post of a not so fun week. I hope Kate is doing better this week. Hope you have a wonderful week of good health and rest! Love the Target finds may just have to pick some of those cute coverups up!

  71. Hope you are well soon. I don't comment too often, but enjoy your blog. We had the same flu and our children missed 6 days of school.

  72. I thought I would drop by and let you know you and Kate are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your family is on the mend. Enjoy you day!!

    If it makes you feel better I found my first grey hair when I was in university ... dye is my best friend. :-)


  73. What a post...I began by smiling at the photos...feeling sad at the stories...then terrified at the stories...and then laughing so hard I was crying. You've definitely had a rough couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy Easter week and I look forward to seeing your regular posts again!

  74. Just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you Kim...and the whole family.

    Prayers to you - from Hope, too...not kidding! You should hear her "Amen!" So Sweet. :)

    Can't wait to read the next update and hear all about how well and healthy you must be feeling by now. I hope anyway that you're soon telling us all how wonderful everyone is doing. Thanks also for the important information. We always have more to learn don't we. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


  75. Hi Kim,
    My sister, Leslie has told me so much about you!
    I have been following your blog for sometime now. I pray that your family is on the mend and that things will be back to normal soon. Until then... Enjoy that Houseboy!!!!

  76. Hi Kim,

    I am so sorry to hear about all that you guys have been going through! You all will be in my prayers and I'll offer up a special one for sweet Kate.

    Hang in there!


  77. Kim~

    What a week. I am so sad about Kate, but hope she is on her way back to her old sweet self. Thank you for sharing your story. I,too love the way you write about life :) Thanks for sharing the clothes!! I had bought the coverup, now I have been looking for someone to monogram!! Looking forward to your "daily" posts.

    P.S. Your squares are on their way!!


  78. Wow - it sounds rough! I will watch out for the medicine you mentioned. That is so scarey, I hope everything is ok soon.

  79. Kim,

    I am praying for your Miss Kate. How terrifying. I am so sorruthings have been so rough at you place, but your house boy does look perfectly good:)! The quilt square is in the envelope, now to mail!

  80. I am continuing to pray for your've had a VERY rough time of it. And, you have handled yourself with grace, as always. And, one gray hair can't begin to take away from your beauty (inside AND out) know I think the world of you!
    Keep us posted on sweet Kate...

  81. I hope Kate is feeling better! What a scary thing to happen to her! I will keep you guys in my prayers, you have had a difficult few weeks!


Thank you for your kindness.