7 Quirky things

Sunday, March 9, 2008
I was tagged by Helen to list seven (maybe it was six but I am so quirky--I did seven) quirky/random/unimportant things about myself. I don't do a lot of memes but since I am super quirky, I decided to do this. Helen, I am sorry that it took me weeks to get to this.

1. I must sit, be, sleep and walk on the right side. I cannot have a conversation with people if I am on the left. I cannot think straight and I will trip. It is some weird balance/inner compass thing I have. What is even weirder is that my older sister has it too and so we walk circles around each other shopping to be on the right side. When I was a professor, I totally taught to one side of the classroom if that makes sense.

2.Speaking of inner compasses, I have a great one. Wherever we go, I can almost always instinctively tell where north is. I have a great sense of direction. I don't get lost. My husband is also good at this and he had a hard time believing that my sense of direction was better. But it is and he even admits it now.

3. I am so brand and product loyal (some might say obsessive). When I find something I love, I stick with it. I have been using the same mascara for about 10 years (Loreal, Lash Out in Blackest Black). Another example of my product loyalty is this sippy cup Will and Harry used that was very unique. We never had trouble figuring out which one was theirs at the park because no one had the same one as us. I love its design and how easy it is to keep clean. As with all great things, they stopped making it. So I went on a mad search to find them for Kate. I found four unopened sets on Ebay and bought them all. I have never seen another child with this cup.


Okay, I added a photo of the sippy cup because a few people asked (and it is Sunday--so I can blog my little heart out). It is not fancy and this one is obviously well loved (read -chewed on). It is probably 10 years old. The beauty of this cup is the design. There are no separate plastic pluggies to get lost in the dishwasher. The lid and plug thing are all connected. So it all goes in the dishwasher in one piece and comes out that way too. The other cool feature is the nubbies that form the grip on the sides. They look dirty in this photo but they are just scratched up. Tactile stimulation and function all in one:)

4. I hate raspberries. I know, people really find this hard to believe (especially my husband--he thinks I secretly like them but just pretend). But I think they are too strong tasting and I don't like the hairy, little seedy texture of them. I do like strawberries and blackberries though.

5. I have never in my entire life drank a coke or pepsi or any soda like that. I have a very, very occasional ginger ale or root beer (like a few a year). We never drank soda growing up and I never acquired a taste for it. I have had an accidental sip of coke (picking up my hubby's cup by mistake) and it made me gag. YUCK! To make it even more weird, I like my iced tea unsweetened (with lemon). Mostly , I drink water.

6. I hardly put any clothes in the dryer. I hang dry almost all of our clothes. That way they don't shrink or fade. I have even been known to bring my drying rack on vacation with us (crazy, huh?). I do dry sheets, towels, the kids pajamas and underwear though.

7. I would love to have my own call-in radio show or magazine column. I would take questions about relationships, communication, marriage, parenting etc. I am not saying I am the best at all of those in my own life but it is my professional background and I am full of advice;) I also have a few books in me dying to get out some day.


  1. What a fun list! Now I'm dying to see the sip cup!! I'm amazed that you've never had a soft drink and the walking around your sister is too funny!


  2. I think you would be great at that advise column/radio show. I hope/pray it 'falls into your lap' at just the right time in your life when you are ready for it, or rather, your FAMILY is!! lol

    I wish I had that inner compass!!!

  3. This was too fun! Quirky works, if not we'd all be the the same and borning!

    I'm an un-sweet tea drinker with lemon too! Everyone thinks I'm weird. They say you grew up in the south...why don't you drink sweet tea! There is actually a sweet tea line somewhere in Mississippi...where they just sweeten it in resturants. They don't do that in Texas. Just another great thing about Texas...

    What is your background? What did you teach?


  4. I, too, do NOT drink soda (I think it is what battery acid must taste like?)and I love ice tea ,no sugar w/lemon. I drink h2o by the gallons. I hang everything except towels,underwear,pj's and husband's construction clothes. I am very brand loyal ex. Tide w?bleach alternative.:) I bet you never get your right and left confused...me either.

  5. I hang up most of our clothes also, they last alot longer that way!

    I also don't like raspberries because of the hairy issue!

    I can't believe you have never had a soft drink! Good for you!

  6. I love learning new things about you Kim! How fun this was to read!!!

    You and I would complement each other perfectly.....because I ALWAYS get lost.... and I drink way too much Diet Mountain Dew....so while you figure out where we are....I will pour some nice refreshing water for you to drink while I have a can of Diet Dew! ;)

    Have a blessed Sunday!!

  7. We all have our quirks - you and I would be great walking/running partners. I can only do things on the left. Whenever I walk or run with someone for the first time they don't quite understand my left-sided quirkiness - they get used to it though! I love unsweetened tea with lemon as well! Although I enjoy a fountain soda every now and then I will never understand sweet tea- I guess it's a good thing that I live up North.

  8. I enjoyed reading your list! I need to hang with you because I have no sense of direction at all and I almost always get lost! I also drink way too much pop but I gave it up for Lent and haven't missed it too much. In fact, I think I am going to stop drinking it except on weekends! Water is soooo much better for a person anyway! I don't like raspberries either and prefer to be on the right side too!

  9. You are amazing....I love your little quirks! If you ever write a book count me in as the first one to purchase it. When things settle down with Kate you will be able to I am certain. Just think of all of us that are a MESS that you could help. lol
    I can just see you and your sister shopping... too cute!
    I can get lost on a one way street and I LOVE Coke.... do you still love me???? hehee
    Finally..... I can't believe you have the time, patience, and room to hang your clothes to dry.... WOW!
    You never cease to impress me.

  10. I would like to suggest that you open a new blog and give it a quirky name. Use it as a venue to the next step---national attention. You can do it. Just offer to give advice to anyone with questions. I would be glad to ask questions of you and welcome your advice!!!There alot of us out here who would. And alot of us who would reccomend you to our friends and family. I'm willing to bet I could find a problem every week to address.....Look for a really nice header or have one designed--maybe you looking all professional in a business suit with a desk and chair and some books in the back ground. A classy name---some Kimberisms----reference links....It would be so cool. I'm looking forward to it!

  11. That is a great list and I think you would be great at a radio call in show!! Maybe the next Delilah without the music!!!

    I too, hang almost all of our clothes to dry too!! For the same reasons!! And any kind of pop/soda/soft drink I can do without!! But I do like a sweet tea every now and then but drink mostly unsweet, And I grew up in the South!


  12. Oh what a fun list -- it made me smile. :) Wow, you've never had a Coke or Pepsi. I'm in awe of this because I'm hooked on Diet Coke. You'd be great at a call-in show. I'm envisioning it being called "Dr. Kimberly." I'll be one of the first in line, too, if you write a book.

  13. Jennifer,
    I taught at the Univeristy of Houston. Mostly I taught marriage and fmimly commnication and gender communication. Over the years though...I taught a lot of other stuff too. I published research too. Then I did seminars and private pracitce for a while. I miss the private practice marriage coaching.

    Sharon, Debbie, Linda, Sheri, Daleea--thank you ladies for the encouraging words. They made me smile. Maybe I'll get there someday. I LOVED doing marriage counseling! How hard could it be on the radio?


  14. Great list! I also hang dry most of our clothes, I love my drying rack. That's great that you don't drink sodas. I was never a huge soda person but have recently given soda, except for the occasional ginger ale. I need an inner compass, turn me twice and I'm lost.


  15. Interersting....

    *I could care less what side I'm on.

    *I have zero sense of direction, nor do I care to have any.

    *I'm not brand loyal. I will try anything once, if it blows...I move on.

    *I don't like the hair on raspberries either, therefore, I don't buy them.

    *Me luvs some diet coke, but that's it. I drink no other soda. Diet coke & water.

    *I don't dry clothes either. I have the McDaddy of drying racks.

    *I'd love to write a book. I've been titled, Dr. T in my time. I do give good advice.

  16. I really want to hear about the sippy cup, too! Would you mind sharing? Thanks!


  17. I too, hang everything!!I truly don't use the dryer very much, sheets, towels, jammies, underwear, pretty much it.

    My inner compass is good...not as good as yours!

    I like learning those little things we'd never know:)


  18. That was great! The picture I have of you and your sister fighting over who gets to walk on the right side is cracking me up.

    How nice it must be to have an inner compass - I get lost ALL the time. I make hubby drive anytime we're together. I'm pathetic.

    And, The radio talk show sounds so fun. I would love to do something like that to - and I also want to write a book (or 2 or 3) before I die...and some songs too.
    Let's do it!!!

  19. Love your blog and beautiful family. You are charming, witty and have incredible convictions. Fun quirky things, I love it!

  20. You are so funny.....this gave me some good early morning Monday laughs! ;) I'll let you know about the pictures. They should arrive today or tomorrow!

  21. Too funny! I can't believe the coke thing - I'm craving one right now!

    Can't wait to read the book!

  22. You would be a great radio host. I would call in for advice for sure. You have such a good head on your shoulders; especially about parenting and marriage!

    Lisa from Denver (Lily and Jack's mom)

  23. Oh what a fun list of quirky! Thanks for sharing! Radio personality....what a great aspiration!


  24. Excellent!!!
    I dont naturally have a special 'side' to walk on, but having spent 4 years with my bf, and as he is deaf in his right ear, i always have to walk on his left side, sit to his left etc etc so it now feels very unnatural to talk to anyone on the right hand side!
    Love your blog! xx

  25. I can't wait for the call-in show.


  26. I am with you on #6. people think I am nuts.

  27. I don't dry our clothes either and I have found the best thing ever. You may already have it, or someone may have already sent you the link, but here it is just in case. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5984252

    That is what is looks like on the Wal-Mart site. If you look it also has accessories where you can hang clothes on the sides too. I can't believe how fast my clothes dry with this. It just circulates cool air and even our jeans dry much, much faster. Shirts are dry in no time, with no heat. It is definitely the best thing I ever got. My laundry goes much faster now!


  28. What is the sippy cup called??? it is similar to some we have!


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