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Monday, December 17, 2007

My creation

Last Christmas, I participated in my DTC group ornament exchange. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our impending referrals and meet new people. This Christmas, I could not believe it when Kate hung some ornaments on the tree. I really thought she would be too young but she had a blast. I am LOVING this Christmas season with Kate. Last night we baked cookies (photos to come).

But I digress...These ornaments are so special to me this year. The pink dress I bought last Christmas at Macy's in DC. You know how I love clothes and this one seemed perfect for our daughter. It was fun to buy something for her then but to hang it on the tree with her this year was amazing.

The rocking horse is a Christopher Radko ornament that we bought last summer in Hilton Head with Kate. I really like Radko ornaments and Harry has one very similar to this. I will always remember our first beach vacation with Kate when I look at that one.

I saw the ladybug one
here and HAD to have it. I buy the boys a nutcracker every year for Christmas that reflects their interests of that year (and believe me this is not easy--looking for a hedgehog one this year!). I decided to get Kate a special ornament instead of a nutcracker every year. The ladybug is her ornament this year. For those of you who do not know~ladybugs are a sign of good luck in Chinese adoption.

The last one is a Lenox keepsake ornament that I also found after Christmas last year and put away for this year. It is a pink porcelain ring with silver booties. It just was the perfect baby girl ornament.

Here is my little angel hanging the ornaments. I take WAY too many pictures but one thing I have learned from having a 10 year old and a one year old is that it goes by so fast and you forget so much!





Hmm..where should this one go?


Yes, I think this is the perfect spot!

Kate was very gentle with the ornaments.


The finished product!


  1. Kim,
    Love the ornaments and the meaning behind them. Kate looks so sweet putting the ornaments on the tree. And, I love her shirt - want one in my size!!


  2. What a beautiful tree and ornaments Kim! Kate looks just adorable (as usual) in her MJ top! You have sure been busy blogging! Christmas activities have kept us so busy this year......I have to come back later to catch up on all of the posts that I have missed! Have a great week!

  3. Spectacular tree!

    Of course the LB is my favorite ornament.

    P.S. That is my favorite shirt of Kate's so far.

  4. I love this post! It is so sweet. The ornaments are precious. I love that this year when you look at these beautiful ornaments there is no longing, no sadness, no heartache... only JOY! Your baby girl is home! Safely in the arms of her loving family and trimming her first Christmas tree. God is so good and He is oh, so faithful! I love all the pics of your darling Katie Ru and oh, how I love little Kate...
    Merry Christmas friend.... May your hearts be overflowing with joy.

  5. what a beautiful tree! I love all of your special ornaments!
    A tree full of love and keepsakes is so much more meaningful than just a decorated tree. Love the pics of Ms. Kate as well! I too find myself emjoying Christmas through Caitlyn's eyes so much.

  6. Beautiful tree. Beautiful ornaments. And a very beautiful girl! What a special and blessed Christmas season for you and your family!

  7. That is so great that Kate is into putting ornaments on the tree. All Mia wants to do is pull them off and eat them. So this year we have a very top heavy tree. All the ornaments are on the top half of the tree so Mia cant get them. Glad Kate is old enough to really be enjoying it. I think we have one more year till then.

    Christy :)

  8. It looks beautiful!!! Next year of course she will be rearranging them LOL

    As you know, I did a tree post too and I love looking at ornaments and remembering what they mean

  9. Your tree looks spectacular. Kate looks so cute helping with the tree. I am going to try and find the ladybug ornament...so cute! Have a great week!


  10. I am sooooo glad you get to spend Christmas with Kate this year. She is absolutely adorable. She does look like she is concentrating very hard to find the perfect spot for each ornament!

    I love the MJ top too! She couldn't be any cuter in it!

  11. Kim,

    Kate looks so precious! That's so sweet how gentle she looks with the ornaments. The tree looks Great as do all your decorations!
    Love Kate's outfit!

    Harry's Party looks like so much fun! the pictures are cute.

    Aunt Doonie

  12. Beautiful tree, beautiful girl! The pink dress ornament is super cute!


  13. Love the ornaments! Weston's first ornament was the same Lenox baby blue shoes tied on a diaper pin. I love it.

    *And once again, I'm drooling over her shirt.

  14. I love it! Kate looks so sweet decorating the tree with those amazingly special ornaments and you can NEVER take too many pictures if you ask me! Keep taking them and PLEASE keep sharing them with us.

  15. LOVE the ornaments Kim. I may have to get the ladybug! I get special ornaments each year for our kids too. Kate did a great job decorating!

  16. Love the tree and beautiful ornaments!

  17. PRECIOUS! I too collect the Radko ornaments! They are simply stunning!

    Your baby girl is just precious! What an extra special year for your family of 4!!!

    {so glad you stopped by and said hello yesterday!}

  18. Beautiful ornaments, and how special! Your tree is just beautiful!Kate looks so adorable hanging the ornaments!Your so lucky to have this blog to journal all of this. I'd give anything if they had this when my kids were growing up.

  19. I am so proud that my god daughter actually got to hang ornaments on the adult tree. I told you she is a special girl! Love you both and ALL the boys too! Staci

  20. Hi there~

    Looks like Miss Kate was a big help!!! We have the same Lenox pink ring ornament. It came from my special friend, Denisa, in December 2005. I loved that it didn't say Baby's First Christmas.

    So glad you're enjoying the season!


  21. Beautiful ornaments, beautiful tree, beautiful Kate!

    Hope your week is going well. I am up to my ears in birthdays, Christmas preparations and my Dad visiting...I can't wait for January~

  22. Wonderful photos and the tree is gorgeous! Love her outfit too!

  23. How special that Kate got to help with the tree this year. I love it that each ornament has a special meaning. We do that too!


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