Harry's Birthday Party

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last week was Harry's birthday party. We had it at an indoor play area for kids. Kate had a GREAT time. She slid...

she climbed up the tubes with Will....DSC_0132
she crawled through the nets...DSC_0135
she waved from inside the bubble (with Will)...


she shot some baskets!

She even climbed the rock wall (trying to keep up with her brothers)!
(Okay, so Dad helped her with the rock climbing)


Will was awesome at the rock wall. Where is Harry you ask? After all, it is his party. Well, he did not stop running, climbing, wrestling or jumping. He is a blur in all of the pictures until we sat down for cake.


Here is the birthday boy with his best friend and brother right next to him:)


What a cutie pie!


Harry did stop for one photo with his friend, Peyton.
All 33 of the kids seemed to have a GREAT time!
Harry had the party with a good friend and classmate who has a birthday the same week. It is the other boy in the front row with him.

Next year we are having a very small gathering ;)
If you haven't read the story about Will in the post below, take a moment to do so. It is one of my favorite Chrsitmas stories about the boys.


  1. Looks like Harry had a wonderful birthday party! How cute Miss Kate is trying to keep up with her big brothers. My niece does the same thing she wants to be doing what my nephew is doing...it's so sweet to see them play together. The Christmas story about Will is just too cute...what a sweet boy!


  2. great idea to go into together for the party, those places can be so expensive.
    Looks like everyone had a great time.
    I do love the story below I have enjoyed all of your Christmas posts. Its so wonderful to think back and remember all of these wonderful memories you have done a great job posting them all. Can't wait to See the next one!

  3. Happy Birthday Harry!
    Harry is such a cute little boy. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

    I enjoyed the chrismtas story about Will. So sweet!

  4. 33 kids! Wow, that's a big one!

    I love Harry's Life Is Good shirt. That's all my boys want, we were just at the Life is Good store yesterday picking up some gifts.

  5. What fun! Looks like everyone had a ball. Harry's little cheeks were so flushed...I would say he was working hard having fun!!! Too SWEET!

  6. Wow! It looks like Harry had a great party! We also have an indoor playground that we love during the winter time. It looks like Kate had a great time too! I love her holiday wardrobe!

  7. Looks like a super fun birthday party! So nice that you were able to combine the two together!

  8. What a fun day.....I sometimes like having the "big event" somewhere else besides my house as well. How great to share it with a buddy! ;) Are you whipped? lol You are 40 after all! *wink*

  9. Holy Cow - what an amazing party!! 33 kiddos?!?! What a turnout!

    WOW. I can see why next year you'll be having a small gathering...hehe
    Glad Harry (and the rest of the gang) enjoyed themselves!

  11. Sounds like you guys had a great time. 33 kids-- wow you are sounding like me-- crazy!! Glad Harry had a fun party!

    Chrisyt :)

  12. Happy Birthday Harry! Fun - Fun - Fun! I love the picture of Kate on the rock wall! LOL - Li Li is the same way and since she has no fear for thing like that she LOVE to climb with her big bro!
    Ladybug hugs,

  13. Sounds like it was so much fun! Kate looks adorable.

  14. Happy Birthday Harry! Little Miss Jolly looks adorable in her Christmas outfit too! Looks like she is going to be able to keep up with her big brothers!

  15. So many birthdays in December!Happy birthday, Harry. You are such a great big brother and a blessing to your parents!


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