Christmas Past~2001

Saturday, December 15, 2007
Our Christmas card 2001. I LOVED this card. It did not scan well but it was SO cute!

Trying to get that infamous Christmas card photo.


Harry was afraid of Santa so the whole family had to get in this one. Not our best family photo at all!

Okay this is a long story but you MUST read it... When we were going to the Galleria to see Santa, Will announced that he wanted to buy me a gift at the mall. So, as we strolled thorugh Neiman Marcus, he saw some rings in the fine jewelry case. He said , "Mommy can I get you a ring for a QWAWRTER (I wish you could hear how he said quarter). I said that I didn't think so. On our way to Santa, I needed to pick up a bracelet from Tiffany's that was being repaired. While I was in the repair section, Will approached a salesman and showed him his quarter and asked, "What can I get my Mommy with this qwawrter?" The kind gentleman paused, looked at Dave and said, "I have just the thing." He went and got a sample of Tiffany's perfume. Wrapped it in the famous blue paper, put a ribbon on it and placed it in the bag. Will then paid the man (and he took the qwawrter). Will walked through the Galleria as proud as could possibly be with that Tiffany bag. Will gave it to me on Chrsitmas morning and I still have the perfume sample. I will never forget that! Such a sweet memory.


You know as I look at this picture it looks like Will still has the quarter in his hand? Dave told me that man took the quarter and I have the bracelet on in the picutre above. HMMM.... maybe he had 2 quarters? Was he holding out on me?

Will had his first Christmas show. It was an all boy school. Very cute!


We celebrated Harry's first birthday.

Santa made a surprise visit to Harry's 1st birthday party!


Some of our best friends from Houston (and Harry's Godparents). We miss them very much.


This cake was so yummy.




Harry was not afriad of Santa in our house.


Brothers...the best gift of all.

Will putting the star on the kiddie tree.


Will reading Christmas stories to his little brother.


I wondered why Dave was not really in any of our Christmas pictures this year. I also have very few of Christmas morning or day. I looked in one of the scrapbooks (below) and I read that Dave was really sick that year. Then I rememebered. He was so sick. I took the kids to Mass by myself and he was in bed most of the time.


As a final working on this project, I have realized that I wear these lovely red plaid pajamas every Chrsitmas Eve and morning. Dave bought them for me and I have informed him that I need new ones this year. Believe it or not...I still have them and they are in great condition.


  1. Love the qwartwer story - so incredibly precious. Sweet boys you have there, Kim! Great memories!


  2. just found your blog through another reader and your kids are adorable. What great holiday memories!

  3. Wonderful pictures. And I own that same brown couch that is in one of your photos.

  4. That Tiffany story is so sweet. My son (8) still loves to go to the store with his Dad to buy me my gift. They have ranged from gorgeous emerald earings/necklace that he picked to jewelry from Walgreens now that he uses his own money :) I love them all! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love the pics and your PJ's are great.

  5. Great photos, and I love the TIffanys story! That's too adorable! :)

  6. I love, love, love the quarter story! What an amazing memory! I cannot get over how much Harry currently looks like Will did then! The resemblence is uncanny!

  7. Love - Love - Love all the pictures-past and present. I do alot of scrapbooking, too; though blogging seems to have taken over my world. It is great to be able to post these pictures to share with everybody-family members from coast to coast, friends at a distance, fellow bloggers. It's fun to see your children grow before our eyes. Being able to post the anecdotal stories with them so we understand the behind the scenes--awesome. It doesn't hurt a thing that your subjects are so good looking! Blessed Holidays to you and yours!

  8. I'm just loving this Christmas trip down memory lane! Thanks for sharing! And the Tiffany's story is SO sweet!

    Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

  9. I am so happy to read another installment of your Christmas Past series! You just have the sweetest memories...and your boys are just so stinkin' cute.
    I happen to love your jammies - mine never last that long!
    We have made it a tradition to get a new pair every Christmas (for us and for the kids)...
    thanks again for sharing!

  10. Such great stories and pictures. Sounds like Will was determined to get you a gift that year. How nice that someone was so kind to him to make that happen!

    You are inspiring me to start sorting through my tubs full of photographs and start working on the scrapbooks I have in my craft closet!

  11. You have the most handsome little boys, with biggest hearts! I just love how the true Christmas spirit lies neatly nestled on your web pages!

  12. Soooooo sweet... Priceless perfume indeed. The pics are precious and your boys have the sweetest hearts.

  13. I love looking back at all of your Christmases with you! They are full of rich memories and I love the pictures of your whole family with Santa...they are so cute! I too also love the Christmas Card. I especially love anything with a ribbon. In fact, our cards have ribbons on the top of them this year! Have a great weekend!

  14. Beautiful post Kim.....Love how you are reflecting!

  15. I love the story of Will and his need to buy mommy a present. What wonderful memories!!!

  16. Love the Qwater story too! It is just precious.....I am so glad that you have that one in it will never be forgotten! What a treasure!

  17. Thanks for sharing this, Kim! I LOVE seeing your boys so little! They are adorable. And that quarter story is precious! (And I love your comment on the photo below it about there maybe being a second quarter in Will's hand - haha!)


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