Thank you Lori!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I know I have said this before but I had no idea when I started this blog that I would meet so many amazing people along the way. Today, I was blown away by the kindness of someone I have "met" through blogging. Lori has two beautiful boys and she is waiting for a daughter from China. She is always posting beautiful things on her blog from cupcakes and bulletin boards to crafty creations and poetry.

One day, Lori posted a photo of some banners she made. I commented about how much I liked them and she offered to make me one. So when I saw a big box on my front porch from her, I thought "Hmmm... that is a big banner!" Much to my surprise, the box was filled with wonderful treasures (see the slideshow below). I simply adore everything you sent Lori. However, I am most moved by the sentiment behind the gifts. I am amazed that you would take the time to make these things for me and for Kate. What is also amazing is how " very Kimmy" (as my husband would say) these gifts are. Whenever he sees something that is very much my taste or style, he says, "that is so Kimmy." Lori, either you know my taste better than most people or we have exaclty the same taste.

Lori, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget opening this box and the joy that it all has brought to me. It felt like Christmas today!

I am also thankful this week for

~my impromptu visit with my friend Amie. I really enjoyed it!
~the adorable clippie that Leslie made for Kate (photos soon) and the pin from her sister, Melanie.
~the Matilda Jane order!
~The visit we had with our friends in DC (TJ, Tony and Lily).

~My phone calls with Danielle and the new blog design she did for me.
~The special conversations I had with Will.
~the rain we are getting. We so desperately need it.
~all of the blog people that have reached out to me either through comments or e-mails. It is so nice to know who is reading and what they enjoy.

Sorry the pictures are not so good. It is very rainy here so they were all very dark.


  1. oh my! what a treasure Lori is! What a special box full of the most special gifts... Gifts made with love.

  2. Oh that Lori is amazing, I don't know how she does it! Such a sweetheart. Kate looks adorable in her dress and the cape, oh my! My computer came back today so I will burn the cds for you.

  3. What a fun box of gifts! Each item is just amazing, and the little cape is so incredibly adorable! Do you think Lori ever sleeps? What a blessing she is.

  4. all of it and the pics are great. What a big grin she has : )

  5. Oh Kim, I had to come see Miss Kate in her dress, a couple of people emailed me about your post.
    I'm happy I get to see her in it, she looks darling, as always! Thank you.
    Thanks for the kind words and sharing all that you're thankful for.
    ps I'm bummed I missed that call from Kate!!

  6. How does she find the time???? She is simply amazing!

    I just love everything and Miss Kate could not be more precious - what a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress and beautiful cape!

    Very, very special - thanks for sharing with all of us!


  7. What beautiful gifts Kate received, and how thoughtful too!

  8. What incredible gifts...Lori so very talented and so kind. I just adore Kate's facial expressions in her new cape and dress...she is beaming! What a great thankful Thursday post.


  9. Isn't Lori AMAZING?

    I LOVE my Christmas cottage. I know you shouldn't love "things" but I have to say that the second I opened it it became one of my most treasured possessions. Every time I look at it I think of what a wonderful friend Lori is. It always makes me smile.

    My apron is also one of my favorite things. She is without a doubt the most talented person I know. When I opened both gifts I couldn't believe that she spent all that time to make something for me.

    I love the banners as well, and the baby blocks, and the bear....I love everything she does. She's a talented one, that Lori. And she's just so sweet.

    But that dress! And the cape! Unbelievable. She is going to get so many requests. I especially love the dress though. It is just what I'd expect from her. Classic and beautiful. It's perfect.

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I hope you know how thankful I am for you as well. You are such a great friend, Kim. Thank you so much for the talk today. Even with all the peanuts in the car you were there for me. I so appreciate your friendship.



  10. What a special package filled with love. I love all of them.... enjoy!

  11. What a sweet package to receive on a rainy day! Lori is amazing.....the things are all so pretty and truly made with love!

  12. Absolutly beautiful!!! I just could not love the dress more. It is so my MIa-- I need one!! Kate looks adorable in all of it as normal. Does Lori have a shop?

    Christy :)

  13. Kim,

    I love Lori's site too! Those houses are really cute!

  14. Friends are such true blessings.

  15. Wow, what treasures! Miss Kate is the perfect model (she was lovin' it!!)

  16. Wow, what treasures! Miss Kate is the perfect model (she was lovin' it!!)

  17. What a great surprise! I love that Happy Birthday banner, and it will be so much fun for you to use each year.

  18. That cape is adorable. Life is good when there something soft and fuzzy around.

  19. What a huge blessing, your little girl is so precious. Surprise gifts are the best aren't they?
    I am constantly blessing by the blogging friends I have made here too.

    Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us this week and for joining in with us.


  20. Kim, I am always uplifted here! What a wonderful thankful list and what treasures in children and friends!!!

  21. This is all just precious! God is so good to bless us with such wonderful friends and wonderful children. Your little gal is just precious!

    God Bless You!!

  22. What a beautiful girl! Thanks so much for sharing your list and your photos!

  23. A box full of beautiful treasures! How much fun!

  24. I would love for you to add me to your blog roll, thank you for visiting...
    I just love coming by and seeing your beautiful family.

  25. WOW!!!! What a fun Chistmas in October for you!!!! So fun to see Kate all excited too!!! Enjoy all your beautiful goodies!

  26. Many special things from one sweetie to another. I am glad you and Lori have found each other.

    It was fun seeing your goodies.

    Have a happy day,

  27. Ahhh, Lori is so super talented. Maybe she is who I need to talk to about my little business venture?!?!

    Little Kate is adorable.

  28. God is amazingly good and sends us beautiful friendships. Awesome.


Thank you for your kindness.