Kate's new chair

Thursday, October 25, 2007
You might remember that when we got Scout a new bed Kate was quite fond of it. In fact, she spent more time in it than Scout did. Click here to see.

So, I thought...maybe Kate just needs some furniture that is her own size. So, we got her this chair.


I even got an extra slipcover in case one is in the wash.


Kate loves her new chair very much and she is beginning to spend more time in it (and less time in the dog bed---Thank the Lord!).


A certain puppy began to notice that her best buddy was not around as much and she began looking for her....


Then, the puppy decided that Kate's chair looked even better than her plush, ultra-suede doggie bed.

I guess turn-around is fair play. Well, only long enough for a photo because then I kicked that puppy out of the freshly laundered chair!
No animals were injured in the making of this post.


  1. What a cute post. I love her new chair. She looks just right in it! Hit the road pooch!

  2. We have the same pink chair! Although just yesterday I was thinking of getting a new slipcover for it! Luckily our Standard Schnauzer likes her ultra plush leopard skin velvet donut dogbead too much to move into Piper's pink chair.

    I just realized we spoil our dog!

    is that wrong?


  3. I have been looking for a chair foe Maggie's room, please share where you got it from!

  4. Cute new chairs. Emma just got one this week too, but it is the hot pink gingham which they don't sell any more. Hannah has one, so I tracked down another that was left over in a store, but will have to find someone to put monogram it (like her big sister's). They love these and have been playing in and with them all week. They are great!!!


  5. Such a cute post! I bet Kate shares with the puppy when you arent looking!

  6. oh how funny. :) Caitlyn is the same way with the dog bed. Even though the dog is clean it just makes me feel like she is getting all yucky.
    I have considered one of these chairs for Christmas.

  7. Oh, My Gosh Kim.... that is about the sweetest post ever. Kate looks like a little Empress. I'm so glad Scout was not injured in the eviction. hehee

  8. Love the chair! But I REALLY love how cute Kate looks in the chair. She is such a beautiful little girl. And I'm loving her very stylish outfit.

    I am driving to A&C's house tomorrow to work over there. I am putting together the gift baskets for the auction, picking up a few remaining items, and helping their girls bake a cake for the Halloween cake contest.

    I'll call you in the morning when I am on my way over. Hopefully we can talk.

  9. Too Cute!!!!!
    Love the little chair...
    Kate is adorable as always...

  10. The best laid plans...

    Really, that is so cute! I am glad they know how to share so nicely.


  11. Love the chair and I couldn't help notice it was monogrammed!!! :)
    Both Kate and the pup look cute in it!!! Your living room looks like it came right out of a magazine....beautiful!

  12. your home is beautiful, and your daughter even moreso!

  13. How adorable! Kate looks like a princess in her new throne and Scout looked quite kingly himself! Looks like that might be a favorite chair for both of them :)

  14. I love it!
    Both look darling in the chair!
    Lily has the smaller version of that, but she doesn't have to share hers with a pup!
    (I love how HAPPY Kate looks sittin' there)

  15. I just bought Mia a chair. maybe it is chair season or something. Very cute and love the pic with Scout!

    Christy :)

  16. Very cute.....we have "special chairs" at our house too! And Sasha (our cat) is quite fond of Daniel's! ;)

  17. Very cute chair! However, I can't take my eyes off that adorable outfit that she has on! Those are my favorite colors!

  18. Too cute! The chair, the dog and especially Miss Kate!

  19. I love those chairs. Too funny about the dog! Also Loris stuff is amazing. I ca't believe she made that dress.

  20. That is adorable. Kate always has the cutest outfits on. Cute chair.


  21. What a funny post. Your daughter is darling!

  22. Too Cute!!! I love the pic of Scout in the chair (Miss Kate's pics too). Priceless!

  23. Looove the new chair and Kate's outfit is divine! Scout, well that little cutie is going to have to stick to her own bed!

    Hannah has a pretty strong affinity to Molly's bed as well, I think Santa may have a special chair to bring Miss H:)

    Happy weekend

  24. Darci has the very same chair, except it is not monogramed yet!!! Now if we could only hurry up and get her so she can enjoy her chair!!!

  25. Haaha, that's funny! I'm sure she's thrilled to have her own special place! I think you should get Scout one of her own, monogram and all!
    Both colors are pretty, I especially love the green!

  26. How sweet!! I love the post...and how Scout got in Kate's new chair! So cute! Scout has gotten so big!

  27. Love it!!!!! Scout looks cute in it too! Have a great weekend!

  28. What a great chair. Where did you find it? I love the monogram on it.

  29. Ahhhh! All princesses need a throne from which to reign!
    Love the new look of your blog.

  30. What a cute chair. I like the fact that it has slipcovers. Oh, and the monogram -- very "Kimmy!"

    Have a great weekend!

  31. That is such a great post. The chair is so cute.

  32. Just priceless and I have said it before but she is just adorable!

  33. Too funny! The chair is just adorable.

  34. New to your blog and just had to comment!! Your kids are just gorgeous and I LOVE THE CHAIR!! I had my baby a chair made like this, I wanted some "furniture" just for her and nothing "character oriented", I searched high and low and went to a second hand store and found the "perfect chair" for 5 bucks!! I had it recovered and had her name embroidered on (the slip cover) it and she had her first pics taken in it. The chair was a "hit w/the photographer" and her first pics were unique and one of a kind! I change the chair to reflect the seasons an I have taken some pretty neat pictures of her in it!

    PS Our mini-schnauzer loves Bree's chair as well!! I have the darnest time keeping that dog clear of her chair (LOL)

    Dawn P


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