A date with my Will

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This morning (after a particularly BAD night with Miss Kate) Will climbed into bed with me and asked me if I would like to go out for a date with him. I honestly wasn't feeling completely up to it because I have been a little sick and Kate has having MAJOR anxiety for the past several nights. She cries all night long. Essentially, I am burnt out. But I thought, "maybe this is just what I need?"

So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and asked my sweet son what I should wear. He was already donning a golf shirt and khaki shorts. He even had "nice shoes" on and he HATES nice shoes. He said that he really likes my green sweater (I have several green sweaters). If you remember his Mother's Day portrait of me, he painted me in his favorite green sweater.

Being the jokester that he is, Will told me that we were going to Sam's club for free samples and then to play paint ball. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I would never play paint ball. Personally, I have nothing against paint ball (spare me the comments). I am just not that kinda gal. I know it hurts (my friend, Shannon told me) and it involves shooting. I knew all along that Will was teasing but I played along and even pretended to pull into Sam's club.

The hotel he took me to for brunch was right next to Sam's club. We had a delightful brunch and went outside to look for spider webs and grasshoppers and cicadas. Afterwards, he suggested we go to Starbucks for a coffee. He knows that I love Starbucks and he was being very thoughtful. My stomach was bothering me so I skipped the coffee but he really enjoyed a double chocolate chip blended creme. He had never had anything like that before.

On the way home, Will wanted to go see the hedgehog at the pet store. He is obsessed with hedgehogs. We couldn't find the hedgie so we bought Scout a new bed (picture to come) and a new toy.

Will had excellent manners and was a true gentleman. He opened the door for me, pulled out my chair and paid the bill. He even figured out the tip. He does need a little coaching before he starts going on dates of his own...unless the girls are totally into star wars, hedgehogs, spiders, Avatar and Legos. He also asked me not to wear that pink stuff (blush, which I really needed today) on my face for our next date. Oh, the girls are going to love him! Most of all, I loved having special time just with Will. He is giving, smart, handsome and funny.

If you wouldn't mind praying that whatever is making Kate scream all night (all of a sudden) would go away--I'd be thrilled. I am not sure if the boys being at school all day or having a new sitter while I was at an appointment this week has scared her. But she is afraid and she cries all night. She is cutting 4 molars but that doesn't seem to be it. She only stops crying if we hold her. And we are getting tired of that in the middle of the night. Thank you.


  1. Your boys are so precious!! Praying for things to improve at night... :)

  2. Sorry to hear Kate is having trouble at night. My Sophia had night terrors for the whole first year she was home. It's tough. Get sleep any way you can.

    Your boy sounds so sweet, my son and I go on date nights too, but he can't figure the tip yet!

  3. Your date sounds so fun and I must tell you, you don't look sleep deprived:-) But I know your heart hurts for your precious girl, I will pray.

    Thinking of you

  4. Thank you Heather...it is make-up!!! I DO look sleep deprived underneath it!

  5. I will be praying for Miss Kate! I hope you get some much-needed rest, as well. Will sounds like such a gentleman! The only problem you will have when Will starts to date is keeping the girls away from him. ;-)


  6. Sounds like a wonderful day. Caitlyn would go through good periods and then have an upset period. THe first year. I am sorry for your lack of sleep. I pray she has peace tonite and sleeps well. He gives His beloved sweet sleep.

  7. Will is so sweet, it sounds like a special time together. :D
    I'm sorry for little Kate's fear, I know it's incredibly hard to not sleep at night and have to do so much the next day.
    I will pray for you all.
    The picture of you and Will is beautiful and you don't look as though you're up all night! :)
    Hang in there...sending a ((hug))

  8. What a fun date with Will! I think Lilly is right....you will have a hard time keeping the girls away someday!

    You will certainly be in my prayers about Kate.....hopefully this phase will be short-lived!

  9. Hi there!
    Just prayed over Kate and the boys, and mostly you and Dave. Hang in there! Pip

  10. What a special day.... your boys are too sweet! Such little gentlemen.
    I hope you are feeling better. And Katie Ru too. I will be praying for you. I think all that you said at the end of the post could be doing it. I know when Hannah is around a lot of people, (especially if someone holds her) she has rough nights, and wakes up crying ALOT!
    I hope you all get a good nights rest. I am so excited about the special package coming.... you shouldn't have... but I am so excited you did! teehee

  11. Thank you so much for stopping my blog as a resuly I am the lucky one who was introduced to yours.

    Will - what a special day- that you will always treasure- such a sweet boy- I was just looking at my little one thinking about your blog- knowing not to be sad when they grow up they do new things to surprise and delight you.

    With regards to your little girl- I will pray for her tonight that she sleeps in peace and is comforted. Does sound like something is going on that she cant identify- please do let us know how she does and how you might resolve it-

    Have you been to A Journey to Our Daughter? I did not see Lori on your blog roll- she is lovely- and a great mother as well like you- huge heart and lots of faith- if not check out her blog-

    Sleep peacefully.

  12. Oh your boys are just the greatest! You and your husband are bringing them up so well. Their wives will one day thank you for teaching them how to treat a lady.
    I love it that they take you out on dates. My husband takes my three year old daughter on dates and he plans to always do this with her.
    I will be praying for Kate and that you all will get some rest. Please keep us updated about that.

  13. Can I add you to my favorites list?

  14. What wonderful boys you have! Praying that little Kate sleeps better. We've been home for 10 months and Mylee still gets night terrors :0(

  15. Kim - I love your kids. Those boys of yours are such gentlemen, and they are awfully cute too. Will was right about your green sweater. And it's not the makeup. You're beautiful.

    So you know, I have been praying for Kate. I have been thinking of you, and poor sweet Kate.

    I know you're tired, but if you're ever up to it, I tagged you for a meme, but don't worry about that right now.

    Big hugs to my very tired friend. I wish I could help somehow. I can offer you my prayers and support.


  16. Kim,
    I am so sorry that Miss Kate is giving you such a difficult time at night. I wish there was some magic words that I could say to make it all better, but know that I will be praying that whatever anxiety she is dealing comes to pass quickly. Looking at the picture of you and Will ~ I would never be able to tell that you are exhausted, I guess a date with Will is the perfect pick-me-up :D Hang in there and maybe today you and Kate can both get a nap or Dave will let you go to the spa again for a recharge!

    Ladybug hugs,

  17. You and Will look just adorable together! ;) What a fun day and what a SWEET little boy.

    So sorry to hear about Kate. Sophia has gone through similar things....but now that she is older I just tell her to stop crying, Mommy needs her sleep and that I am not coming back in. Kate is probably too young for that yet. Do you have anything in her room to make noise and block out any sounds that may be waking her? Does she sleep with anything?

    Keep us posted. I'll being praying that whatever is bothering little Kate will pass and she will fall back into a regualr routine. ;)

  18. Such a sweet post. Sorry to hear about Kate. One of my boys had night terrors for his first 2 years home. You think they are fully awake but they aren't. It is really hard to deal with because your heart aches for them and you are so tired! I'll be praying for you both.

  19. It looks like you had a wonderful time with Will. I love his honesty--it is so pure and innocent. I admire you for how you have so much fun with your family collectively AND on an individual basis. It is really special.

    I am so sorry about Miss Kate. I know that is so scary and such a helpless feeling. I wish I had answers, but I don't. I just pray it is very short-term for all of you and for peace.

    Hugs of encouragement,

  20. What a sweetie...glad you had a good brunch : )

    Sorry about Kate..it really is heartbreaking when we just don't know what is going on. Hope it turns around soon

  21. You and Will look very sweet together. Sounds like such a gentleman.. even if he does like bugs, star wars, and no makeup!!

    So sorry about little kate. I read a blog where the little one has night terrors almost nightly. (not saying that is what kate is having but who knows) Blog Name: Just Keep Swimming. she is always willing to talk to people about it and I know she is very exhausted as well when they occur. Look her up, if you need the actual link, I think I have it on my blog or email me

  22. Your date with Will sounds so sweet! I will be praying for sweet Kate.

  23. He could give my husband a few pointers!

    What an incredible young man you have there.

    I'm sorry Kate is having such troubles. I hope you all can get some rest soon.

  24. Both times that my daughter, now 5, was cutting her molars, she had night terrors every night for an entire month. Once the teeth came fully in, her sleep returned to normal. I need help with how to get my new baby girl to sleep in her crib????

  25. So far, my prayers for you have been ones of thanksgiving. I am thankful that you are so open and honest, and share your life with all of us. It really helps me get through this awful wait. Your blog face lift is pretty, but all it really needs is you! Blessings and prayers from Illinios!

  26. I just love your boys! They are the sweetest children I've seen. I hope Miss Kate is sleeping better now.


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