First Swim Meet of 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Here is Harry (all 38 lbs. of lean muscle) getting ready to climb the block for his relay.

On your mark.

Get set...


Go Harry!

My cutie patootie

Cheering on their teammates. Harry is admiring a new friend. He really looks up to the older boys!

Brotherly love

Best buddies

The real reason my boys love swim team is the camaraderie!

I was really touched by all of the comments to my last post. I guess all of us Moms have these feelings in common at one time or another. Oh and let me say a few of my friends did warn me about how things were about to change.

I didn't get any good photos of Will swimming because his events are later and it was getting dark. Also, he was in a lane that was hard to photograph. Maybe next time.


  1. great photos. I remember the days of summer swim meets. My youngest dd continued on swimming for her high school as well. Good Times.

  2. WooooHoooo Harry! Lookin' Good...
    Wonderful photos!!!! the brotherly love on just melted my heart...

  3. OH! What a wonderfue picture of Harry! What a smile! Your pic are so good! We don't do swim team, but my good friend Lucy does with her girls! Swim meet are something else :D Looks like fun!

  4. Those are GREAT pictures! The shot of Harry is so good. I love the Brotherly Love picture. That is so cool!

    Good Job Guys!!


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