Saturday Night at our house

Saturday, May 5, 2007
My sweet friend Diana is in China now to adopt her daughter. She knew that I had wanted some of these outfits for Kate and Dave didn't get any (of this style) when he was there. So, today she got these for Kate and sent me a picture. Isn't that so sweet? The traditional Chinese silk dresses are cut very slim and they are not flattering to Miss Kate's healthy Buddha belly. I think these skirt/shirt combinations will look great on her. Thank you Diana!!!

So, it's Saturday night at 7:30 and I am in the pediatrician's office for the 3rd time this week. Will has croup. Kate's ear infection was not healing so we needed to switch antibiotics. Dave feels sick. I have a very painful injured rib (from coughing) and Harry has a bad "middle child" attitude.

We did take Kate to meet her Great Aunt Janice today. Dave's parents have both passed away so unfortunately Kate and the boys do not have living paternal grandparents. Aunt Janice is Dave's Dad's sister. She is the matriarch of that side of the family (affectionately known as the Grand Poobah). We asked her if she could be Kate's acting paternal grandma. She kindly agreed. We had a nice lunch with Aunt Janice today.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo (we lived in Texas for 11 years--it is habit), Dave made the yummiest enchiladas for dinner. Thanks honey! Kate Emerson LOVES enchiladas and organic refried beans!

Kate eyeing up the Grand Poobah!
They became fast friends.

Beautiful gals.

The whole gang. It was cold today or else Kate Emerson would have donned one of her girly dresses for lunch.


  1. LOVE the pictures - and your new dresses will look great on her!!! I hear you - our Chloe doesn't look so great with her belly in those slim cut Chinese dresses either - it's ok - we like chubby bellies!!!! :)

  2. Kimber,

    All is ever so well! I miss our group and just have so little time with Miss Jane. She is an absolute delight!!

    Kate is darling and I love taking a peek over here whenever I can :)! Looks like she made a great impression on the Grand poobah!

    Hope you all feel better soon!


  3. Hope your all feeling better! Dresses are adorable! I still didnt receive the "letter" in mail
    Love, Aunt Doonie

  4. Love those dresses! Feel better soon!

  5. Great pics and what sweet dresses! Can't wait to see her in them

  6. Great pictures....and very cute dresses! We brought quite a few home for Sophia! can add me to your side bar! ;)

  7. I think Harry looks absolutely adorable in that group photo!! No hint of the middle child attitude for the camera anyway. Hope everyone feels better soon. Thanks for sharing

  8. How wonderful that she got to meet her new Grandmother. I also loved reading your previous post about how well Kate is doing with your family.

  9. mm...Mexican food, my fav.!! We celebrated by going to an authentic Mexican restaurant! :)

    We got a ton of silk dresses and "squeaky shoes" for Sophia when we were in China as well. I'm sure Kate will look so cute in them!
    Cute's great for the kids to have a special realiteive like Aunt Janice when there grandparents are no longer around.


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